Only 23% of MPs are women. Please debate and do something to build a better, more gender balanced, representative House of Commons. #5050Parliament.
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Mr. Cameron, Mr. Clegg and Mr. Miliband

Only 23% of MPs are women. Please debate and do something to build a better, more gender balanced, representative House of Commons. #5050Parliament.

    1. Frances Scott
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      Frances Scott

      London, United Kingdom

There are 32 million women in the UK. They are a diverse majority making up 51% of the population, but only 23% of MPs. The UK is ranked 74th in the world, just below Sudan. There have only ever been 369 women MPs. Currently 503 men and 147 women have seats. So there are more men in the House of Commons now than there have ever been women. Unless something is done it could take over 100 years to get better gender balance. Representation shapes policy so we are asking for a debate and action to sort this out. We want the best of both, men and women, in roughly equal numbers forging legislation for the future. We would like it to happen one way or another, sooner rather than later. 

DO something to ask Party Leaders to Do something - SIGN NOW. Thanks!

Vince Cable the Business Secretary wants more women on Boards. Like him, we want more women in Parliament. 

People say that this is about justice, democracy, human rights, representation, equality and balance. Yes, and it is also about Parliament including women's experience, expertise, abilities, talents, knowledge and skills. Numerous moving reasons for wanting better gender balance are listed on the petition below.

"All parties are united in their belief that gender parity is crutical to having a modern, aspirational and representative Parliament" Women in Parliament APPG report.

Great words but what is the plan?

We need 'Deeds not Words' as the old saying goes.

I would like a modern, balanced Parliament, of around 50:50 men and women, within my lifetime, say by 2020. This is not an impossible dream. Only 178 more women are needed from a population of 32 million. Solutions range from 'Improving Parliament' (as recommended by the Women in Parliament APPG Report) to Constitutional Change (which the Director of Hansard says is required). The alternatives are outlined on our website. Other countries have shown that it can be done. 

Westminster should be a world leader.

Please sign the petition now, every signature makes a difference!

Thank you!

Frances Scott


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Please take a look at - for information & to comment.

Also, please see the Fawcett Society’s website – the UK’s leading organisation working to advance women’s rights in the UK – for more information on women’s representation, and other issues. Better yet, join Fawcett, to support their work to increase the number of women MPs.


UK is 74th in the percentage of women in national parliaments, some countries are ranked together so UK shown as ranking 64th but in fact 73 countries have proportionally more women in parliament so UK is 74th

Mr. Cameron, Mr. Clegg and Mr. Miliband
Dear Mr.Cameron, Mr.Clegg and Mr. Miliband, We need a more balanced House of Commons, around 50:50 Men and Women. Please collaborate and do something: debate and take action to make Parliament more balanced, like life.

[Your name]

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    1. 50:50 Parliament at Feminism in London Conference. 25th October. Please join us! ITV Tonight Programme are filming us.

      Frances Scott
      Petition Organizer

      Hello to all of you!

      Thanks so much for supporting the 50:50 Parliament Petition!

      We have some exciting news! We have been invited to run a workshop at the Feminism in London Conference on 25th October. This is an amazing conference with over 800 attendees and many wonderful workshops and speakers. It is very family friendly.

      The other GREAT thing is that ITV Tonight programme have asked to film us there. So it would be fantastic to have your support if you are able to join us. Tickets can be booked here:

      If you can come please pop over and say “Hello” or email if you would like to help out on our stall.

      We would also be incredibly grateful if you could ask one or two more friends and family to sign and share the 50:50 Parliament Petition. It is gaining momentum!

      Thanks again for being part of this important movement!

      Frances, Nathalie, Karen, Belinda

      Feminism in London

      Annette Lawson - Feminism in Context What does Feminism mean to me? Feminism is a four-letter eight-letter word. So is feminist. Why is feminism important? Why not just talk about equality between women and men? or gender equality? What does it really mean to say, I am not a feminist but...

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    3. 50:50 Parliament quoted in the Guardian Newspaper

      Frances Scott
      Petition Organizer

      " Frances Scott, of the 50:50 campaign for an equal gender balance in parliament, said: "Like many of the Daily Mail readers we like fashion, but this was an example of newspaper reporting trivialising women. A comment on an MP's dress should not exclude or preclude some serious comment about these amazing and accomplished women's abilities, expertise, experience and politics. This is more important information given their new appointments.""


    4. Reached 2,500 signatures
    5. 50:50 Invited to APPG Women in Parliament - Improving Parliament!

      Frances Scott
      Petition Organizer

      Last Monday we went to the All Party Parliamentary Group Women in Parliament launch of their report "Improving Parliament". Great report and fantastic to meet so many people interested in making a difference!

    6. Wonderful Sharon Hodgson MP, Shadow Minister Women & Equalities with Tote!

      Frances Scott
      Petition Organizer

      The big news last week was that Sharon Hodgson MP, Shadow Minister Women & Equalities loved our cause and the new Tote bag and was kind enough to have a photo with it to show support!

      If you would like a Tote bag please send me an email

    7. Oxford University President and VP in the 50:50 T-shirt. Thanks!

      Frances Scott
      Petition Organizer

      Major thanks to Tom Rutland and Sara Pine, President and VP of Oxford University Student Union having a photo in our 50:50 tee to demo support. We wish them all the best for the future, keep in touch! See:

      Also another great #5050Parliament article with clear reasons why it's necessary by Ruby Lott-Lavigna on 'thefword' blog. Thanks Ruby and 'thefword' for the opportunity! See:

    8. Bristol University Basketball Team Wear the 50:50 T-shirt! :))

      Frances Scott
      Petition Organizer

      There is another photo up on Facebook that we are really proud of! Huge THANKS to Bristol University Basketball team wearing our 50:50 tee! Take a look here:

      If anyone knows of another team who would proudly wear our t-shirt please drop me an email:

      The 50:50 Parliament Youth Group has been set up with a private Facebook page. If you are under 20 and interested email Georgia :

      After all, AIBU (Am I Being Unreasonable), we just want a debate so that solutions can be found and action taken to work towards a 50:50 Parliament!

    9. Ben Bradshaw first MP in 50:50 Parliament t-shirt

      Frances Scott
      Petition Organizer

      Massive thanks to Ben Bradshaw, the first MP to wear the 50:50 Parliament T-shirt at the Exeter Respect Festival on the Fawcett Devon stand. Thanks both Ben and Fawcett! See loads of photos from the Festival at

      Also, Frances from 50:50 Parliament was on the radio, explaining the campaign to Hughie at Chat City, Preston FM. Listen to the link at

      And 50:50 Parliament was in The National Student, an article written by Katherine Hockley. Read on line at

    10. Reached 2,000 signatures
    11. Jenni Murray shows support for 50:50 Parliament

      Frances Scott
      Petition Organizer

      Jenni Murray, presenter of Radio 4's Woman's Hour and President of the Fawcett Society shows her support for our petition. How fantastic is that! see photo

    12. Reached 1,000 signatures
    13. 8 March - International Women's Day

      Frances Scott
      Petition Organizer

      Ruby Wax shows support for 50:50 Parliament. So does Lucy-Anne Holmes of the No More Page Three and Dr.Helen Pankhurst. Please take a look at to see all the photos. It would be very kind of you to like our page! It would really help.

    14. Reached 750 signatures
    15. Rosamund Urwin's Article : London Evening Standard

      Frances Scott
      Petition Organizer

      Rosamund Urwin "The lack of women in Parliament isn’t just a national embarrassment: it should be a national emergency."

      "A sexist stench still pervades politics. Women MPs face the same pressures as the men, just with added sniping and minus the chumocracy that gets you promoted. Politics isn’t a meritocracy. The corridors of power are like one long Vince Vaughn/Owen Wilson bromance: full of male buddy-buddying and back-slapping. And as we saw with the execrable handling of the Lord Rennard allegations, men can close ranks to silence women’s complaints.

      Miliband was right yesterday: representation does matter. A House of Commons where only 22 per cent of MPs are women is one where female voices are inevitably sidelined."

      Rosamund Urwin: A sexist stench still pervades British politics

      Ed Miliband, forgetting floods in favour of feminism, had packed his bench with female MPs. Though it neatly highlighted David Cameron's "women problem", there was something gimmicky about the stunt and the debate that ensued. Here were two men using women's issues to score points against one another.

    16. Reached 500 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Mercia De Bruin LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM
      • about 1 hour ago

      Parliament must be fairly represented. Currently there are more males than females representatives.

      • about 10 hours ago

      It's not.

    • sohila naseri HANWELL, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 1 day ago

      I am a woman;

      • 2 days ago

      Women and men should make the decisions that affect women and men.

    • Susan Fowler-Johnson BURSCOUGH, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 2 days ago

      More balanced and collaborative responses to local, national and global issues are required.


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