Pass a member's bill for presumed liability between motorists,cyclists and pedestrians
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Pass a member's bill for presumed liability between motorists,cyclists and pedestrians

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      Cycle Law Scotland

The bill is designed to protect the most vulnerable road users and to reflect a hierarchy of road users. It would be applied in Civil Law cases for road traffic collisions between motorists and cyclists and similarly between cyclists and pedestrians. To that end, the campaign also sets out to highlight the dangers cyclists face from motorists and help facilitate a change in attitude amongst road users to one based on mutual respect and understanding.

We are only one of a very small number of countries across Europe (Romania, Cyprus, Malta and Ireland) who do not operate such a system of strict liability for vulnerable road users and yet it is not unprecedented in UK law.

Scottish Government
Please pass this member's bill for presumed liability between motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.

We need to change attitudes, create mutual respect and understanding amongst different road users and ultimately make the roads in Scotland safer for me, my children, my grandchildren and my friends.

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    1. Road Share Campaign reaches 6000 signatures

      We are delighted to report that we now have in excess of 6000 online signatures for the campaign.

      Whilst this is another key milestone reached, we still have a long way to go in terms of educating the general public of the key benefits that the introduction of presumed liability will bring for vulnerable road users on Scottish roads.

      We need to keep reinforcing the message that this will not alter the position regarding "innocent until proven guilty" which relates to Criminal prosecutions only.

      Good, conscientious and careful drivers have nothing to fear. Those who are less responsible should recognise the potential danger that their vehicle presents to vulnerable road users and look out for them at all times.

      Please keep sharing a link to this petition via e-mail and social media. Follow the Campaign on Facebook here or on Twitter

      Campaign for Strict Liability: Road Share

      Campaign for Strict Liability: Road Share. 1,430 likes · 100 talking about this. A Campaign led by Cycle Law Scotland to introduce Presumed Liability in...

    2. Reached 6,000 signatures
    3. Road Share Steering Group launched

      Since Road Share’s launch just over a year ago on 15 April 2013, the campaign has steadily gained great momentum. This petition now has over 5900 signatures and we now have the backing from major cycling groups, driving schools, celebrities, athletes and MSPs.

      Now that the campaign is firmly established, we have embarked on the next phase, which has been to gather together major stakeholders in the cycling and wider transport sectors to form a Road Share steering group on presumed liability.

      The purpose of the steering group will be to thoroughly and objectively research the benefits associated with the introduction of a presumed liability regime on road safety and to then take these findings to decision makers in the Scottish Parliament and Scottish Government. Such an empirical underpinning has been requested of the campaign by a number of MSPs
      and it is our hope that we will soon be in a firm position from which to argue for the introduction of a presumed liability.

    4. Quiet but not gone away

      Recent months has seen the debate over cyclist and pedestrian safety ramp up in intensity, with the issue of how best to safeguard the wellbeing of our most vulnerable road users emerging at the forefront of the public consciousness. A major catalyst for this has been the emergence of this Road Share campaign for stricter liability.

      The Scottish Government committed to explore the possibility of strict liability in the original Cycling Action Plan for Scotland but failed to give the issue adequate consideration. This has led to calls for SG to reconsider introducing a system of stricter liability to Scotland, a view backed by a number of MSPs across all parties as well as other outside groups.

      A new steering group on stricter liability is being set up. This group will comprise key representatives from the world of active travel and will provide a forum for discussion and a platform for debate while working towards the production of a common position on stricter liability.

    5. Members Debate on Stricter Liability - Summary

      Firstly, thanks to all of you who took the time to write to your own MSPs and encourage them to attend this debate. Many of the speakers referenced the number of letters they had received from their constituents which demonstrated to them the importance of the motion and the need to delate it in Parliament.

      The Members Debate was the longest one there has ever been in Parliament which shows the interest that members had in speaking and discussing the issues.

      A video of the debate can be seen here

      In conclusion Minister Keith Brown (SNP) said:

      "Although I am supportive of nearly all the statements that are made in the motion, I cannot support it in its current form, given the lack of robust evidence that stricter liability could have positive benefits for vulnerable road users. However, there will continue to be debate on the issue, in which we will continue to participate."

      Member's debate: Strict Liability

      Green MSP Alsion Johnstone calls for "strict liability" in road accidents.

    6. Reached 5,000 signatures
    7. 2000 signature barrier smashed

      Thanks to everyone who has helped us to smash through the 2000 signatures barrier and send us on our way to 2500.

      We will be building on this momentum and will continue to communicate our key messages, some of which are clearly still not yet understood by the motoring groups, more widely.

      You can follow the campaign on Facebook at and/or Twitter

      Thanks again for your support.

      Cycle Law Scotland - For Cyclists by Cyclists

    8. Reached 2,000 signatures
    9. We have reached 1000 signatures

      Thanks to all those who have added their signatures to this petition and enabled us to crash through the 1000 barrier. Your support is much appreciated.

      Your comments are also really helpful because they demonstrate that you understand how introducing a stricter liability regime in Civil Law will help to protect the most vulnerable road users and bring a much needed change of attitude to motorists on Scottish roads.

      Given that we have had 3 fatalities over the last 7 days including a 14 yr old and a pensioner, passing this bill can't come quickly enough.

      Please continue to share invite friends and family (via Twitter, Facebook and e-mail) to also sign this petition.

      Many thanks again.

    10. Reached 1,000 signatures
    11. Thanks for your support

      Just a quick note to say that signatures are being added to the online petition daily but it would be great if we could generate a little more momentum.

      If you could use the sharing options (Tweet, invite FB friends, e-mail friends) that would help us get the message out there more quickly.

      Thanks once again for your support.

    12. Reached 250 signatures


    Reasons for signing

      • about 6 hours ago

      I've lived in Holland for years and I can testify to the massive difference this makes to the nature and sociability of Dutch cites. It's not just about cyclists. It changes attitudes, it prioritises responsibility over convenience. it makes the protected consider the vulnerable. Being obliged to avoid being hit by cyclists or pedestrians will make you drive differently. Don't tell me you won't care if you kill or maim a child maintaining your legal right to the speed limit. Change the law so it won't happen.

      • about 7 hours ago

      I am a cyclist who sees the need for an all round change of attitudes to road use.

      • 1 day ago

      As a cyclist, I know what it is like to be bullied by cars on the road. Presumed liability would go a long way in helping to make our roads safer for all users.

      • 2 days ago

      motorists have to start realising their responsible over more vulnerable road user rather than blame them or try and make them stop using the road.. They need to be pushed to be more careful in their cars vans etc as they are potential killing machines

    • Janette Dickie GLASGOW, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 3 days ago

      It is not safe to cycle on Britain's roads, cycle lane provision is a joke, given that cars are usually parked over them ... We should be able to do better, look to Europe, holland!


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