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    1. Free Omar Khadr Now Campaign
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      Free Omar Khadr Now Campaign

      Toronto, Canada

The Free Omar Khadr Now Committee is appealing for your support of their fundraising campaign to release Omar Khadr from prison. We urge you to contribute to this campaign by helping to raise funds for the legal defence conducted by Omar’s pro bono lawyer, Dennis Edney.
Your support to help Dennis Edney free Omar Khadr can be made via donation:
  • 2) By Cheque, please mail to:
    Free Omar Khadr Now Committee
    P.O. Box 57112
    RPO East Hastings Street
    Vancouver, V5K 1Z0
    B.C. Canada
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  • 3) By Bank Deposit/Interac e-transfer:
    Free Omar Khadr Now Committee
    VanCity Credit Union, Branch 13
    Account number: 531590
Dennis Edney, Omar's pro bono lawyer, desperately needs funds to continue the legal actions necessary to free Omar.  The Canadian government's intransigence in acknowleging its abuse of this young man leaves us no choice but to continue the legal battle.  In 2008 the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that Omar's rights under the Charter had been abused.  In 2014 the Federal Court of Appeals has ruled that upon his return to Canada, Omar should not have been held in a federal penitentiary since he received a youth sentence by the U.S. military commission.  The Court has ordered that Omar be moved to a provincial facility where he will have access to transitional programs and parole.  The Court ruling did not deal with the fact that the military commission was illegal and Omar should never have been detained in the first place.  A memo recently released by the U.S. Department of Justice reveals that the U.S. and Canadian governments knew that the charges against Omar were unfounded and bogus.  Mr. Edney has filed a court case in the U.S. to have Omar's conviction overturned.

The Rule of Law and the Charter of Rights apply to all Canadians.  We must not let the government choose whether an individual merits rights or does not. The Government must stop playing politics with Omar's life and rights as a Canadian citizen.  We must raise our collective voices and demand FREEDOM for this young man now.  Every day that he remains in prison is one too many.  Please visit

Thank you.

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    2. Every Canadian Deserves Justice. Even Omar Khadr

      Free Omar Khadr Now Campaign
      Petition Organizer

      Globe and Mail Editorial
      Jul. 09 2014

      Omar Khadr is often referred to as a convicted war criminal and murderer. In a sense, he is: In 2010, he pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy, spying and providing material support to terrorism, along with attempted murder and murder.

      But there’s a giant, glowing asterisk attached to all of that. The American military tribunal at Guantanamo Bay that convicted Mr. Khadr was not a normal court. It was a pantomime of justice, removed from the normal American legal system, and relying on made-up rules and novel legal interpretations. The main evidence against him was a confession, obtained years earlier under what any reasonable person would describe as abuse or torture. And before he pled guilty, it was made clear that unless he did so, he faced a lifetime of detention without trial. He had at that point already spent nearly a decade in American custody, held in places that were for a time entirely removed from the realm of law, where abuse and torture were standard operating procedure.

      Mr. Khadr was sentenced by a kangaroo court, one worthy of a Middle Eastern dictatorship or Kafka short story. Or as the Alberta Court of Appeal put it this week, in drily damning language, “the legal process under which Khadr was held and the evidence elicited from him have been found to have violated both the Charter and international human rights law.” The Supreme Court of Canada has also said as much.

      Mr. Khadr was a minor when the alleged crimes were committed; he was just 15 when captured on the battlefield, severely wounded. That’s why the Alberta court ordered that as he continue serving his sentence in a Canadian prison, he be transferred from federal custody to a provincial facility. Under Canadian law, when the things he is accused of occurred, he was a kid. Under international law, he was a child soldier, more victim – of al-Quaeda and his own family – than accomplice.

      There are some who seem to believe that treating Mr. Khadr anything other than harshly is an appeasement of terrorism, or a spit in the face of our American allies, or a shot against our brave soldiers who fought in Afghanistan. But what were we fighting for in Afghanistan except the hope that others might one day live in a society like ours: A society built on justice and the rule of law.


      Free Omar Khadr Now Campaign
      Petition Organizer

      The Federal Court of Appeals has finally released its judgement that Omar should not have been incarcerated in a Federal penitentiary. He is to be moved to a provincial facility.

      In April 2014, Omar's lawyer Dennis Edney had appealed a Federal Court ruling, arguing that Omar's 8-year sentence by the U.S. is a youth sentence. The three-judge bench agreed. Now Omar will have access to transition programs, education, and parole.

      Khadr's lawyer, Dennis Edney, said he's pleased the Appeal Court's decision gets his client out of "the hands of the Harper government."
      In a statement he said, the federal government would "rather pander to politics than to apply the rule of law fairly to each and every Canadian citizen."
      "This government chose to misinterpret the International Transfer of Offenders Act and place Omar in a maximum security prison, where he spent the first seven months in solitary confinement, instead of treating him as a youth as required under both Canadian and international law."
      Read more:

      The decision comes within days of revelations that the U.S. and Canada knew that the charges levelled against Omar by the military commission were bogus. In order for justice to be served, Omar must be released immediately and compensated for his immense suffering and the loss of his youth and young adulthood.


      Free Omar Khadr Now Campaign
      Petition Organizer

      By Gail Davidson, Lawyers’ Rights Watch Canada | July 4, 2014

      The U.S. designated Omar Khadr as an “unprivileged belligerent” in order to charge him with offences that are not crimes under U.S., Canadian or international law (whether or not he committed the alleged acts underlying the charges). The U.S. claimed ‘unprivileged belligerents’ could not claim combat immunity or the protection of the Geneva Conventions.

      A recently released memo establishes that the U.S. knew the charges against Omar Khadr were not legal, months before the U.S. offered a ‘get out of jail in 8 years’ plea bargain to him. The U.S. Department of Justice legal memo dated July 2010, says there is no such thing in law as an “unprivileged belligerent”. The memo was released by court order on the application of the American Civil Liberties Association and the New York Times.


      The charges against Omar Khadr were bogus and could never be upheld by a properly constituted court;
      Confessions were extracted from Omar Khadr through the use of torture and other prohibited treatment including threats, beatings, psychological torment, incommunicado and arbitrary detention, prolonged solitary confinement, denial of habeas corpus, denial of the right to legal representation, denial of timely and confidential legal representation; denial of access to a properly constituted, impartial and independent tribunal and denial of fair trial rights;
      Omar Khadr was and is properly presumed to be a ‘prisoner of war’ and is entitled to the protection of international and Canadian law including the Geneva Conventions;
      Omar Khadr was illegally captured, transported to and imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay in violation of all applicable international law and Canadian law;
      Omar Khadr was a child at the time of capture and as such was entitled to special protections ensuring all his rights including his right to liberty.

      The Government of Canada knew all these and other factors indicating that the imprisonment of Omar Khadr was not legally justified because Lawyers against the War and others told them on many occasions.


      Secret U.S. memo suggests no legal basis to charge Omar Khadr with war crimes By Colin Perkel, The Canadian Press | July 2, 2014;

      U.S. ‘drone memo’ offers legal ammunition in Omar Khadr case - If CIA drone pilots cannot be charged with war crimes, how could Pentagon convict former Guantanamo Bay detainee Omar Khadr? By Michelle Shephard, Toronto Star | 2 July 2014;

      UNITED STATES COURT OF MILITARY COMMISSION REVIEW | June 30, 2014. Lawyers for Omar Khadr explain in this court filing that the just-published US Department of Justice memorandum contains information that directly challenges the American government’s case against their client.


      Write to the Prime Minister and the Minister of Justice and Public Safety asking for the immediate release of Omar Khadr:

      Prime Minister Stephen Harper: and
      Minister of Justice Peter MacKay:
      Minister of Public Safety Steven Blaney:


      “Omar Ahmed Khadr pleaded guilty to heinous crimes, including the murder of American Army medic Sergeant Christopher Speer. Our Government supports the efforts of his wife Tabitha Speer and fellow soldiers to receive compensation for their horrible loss suffered at the hands of Omar Ahmed Khadr.
      We have vigorously defended against any attempt to lessen his punishment for these crimes.
      While Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau refused to rule out special compensation for this convicted terrorist and the NDP actively tries to force Canadian taxpayers to compensate him, we believe the victims of crime, not the perpetrators, are the ones who deserve compensation.”

      Jason Tamming
      Press Secretary | Attaché de presse
      Office of the Hon. Steven Blaney, Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness | @jaytamming

    5. Dallaire says bye to Senate, will advocate for child soldiers like Khadr

      Free Omar Khadr Now Campaign
      Petition Organizer

      On the occasion of Senator Romeo Dallaire’s announcement that he is leaving the Senate, the Free Omar Khadr Now Campaign would like to thank him for his unwavering support for Omar Khadr and his strong moral convictions in speaking up for the rule of law and human decency.

      Not many in our government have had the courage to speak on behalf of Omar Khadr who continues to be unlawfully imprisoned. Thank you Romeo Dallaire, you are a true hero in every sense.

      Romeo Dallaire spoke out in the Senate (June 29, 2012) about the abuse and mistreatment of Omar:

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    7. Do Tortured Child Soldiers Belong in Canadian Prisons?

      Free Omar Khadr Now Campaign
      Petition Organizer

      Dear Friends of Omar,
      The Free Omar Khadr Now Campaign has sent a letter to all Members of Parliament
      Please contact your MP and ask them to respond to the letter. All responses will be shared with the media and added to our website page under Politicians Speaking Out
      For Omar’s international supporters, we ask that you write to Prime Minister Stephen Harper - and copy the following people:
      Justin Trudeau (Liberals) -
      Thomas Mulcair (The New Democrats) -
      Elizabeth May (The Green Party) -
      Peter MacKay (Minister of Justice) -
      Steven Blaney (Minister Public Safety) -
      Howard Sapers (Correctional Investigator) -

    8. Reached 1,000 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • YONA Lasserre FRANCE
      • 2 days ago

      Il mérite sa liberté

    • Sarah Thok AUSTRALIA
      • 3 days ago

      Cause this is fucked

    • Syed Hussaini LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 4 days ago

      It is injustice with no practical foundation

    • Fabia Khan BRAMPTON, CANADA
      • 5 days ago

      This man was wrongfully imprisoned and inshallah, he will have his life back

    • Esperanza Hernandez EL PASO, TX
      • 6 days ago

      After watching the documentary it was obvious that his rights were violated. He was a child and confessed only under extreme torture. It is absolutely unbelievable that he is still incarcerated.


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