Restore the model cows to the roof of Feltham Dairy Crest
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Restore the model cows to the roof of Feltham Dairy Crest

    1. Joachim Jellinek
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      Joachim Jellinek

      Surrey, United Kingdom

The Dairy Crest cows are a local landmark. Originally Job's Dairy had concrete cows put in their garden around 1935. Unfortunately time and exposure to the elements took its toll. Ears, noses and tails began to drop off and when the new extension to the dairy was completed in 1977 it was decided they had come to the end of their useful life. However, because the Job's cows had become so famous it was felt they should not be abandoned forever. New cows were created using fibreglass.

These cows remained on view and were kept by Dairy Crest when they took over the dairy.

For the past 37 years the cows have been a useful road marker and a talking point for local children and adults on their journeys. In addition, the road is used by many national and international travellers on their way into Twickenham to see rugby matches and beyond into London.

Dairy Crest have stated that the cows have become worn and their fixings dangerous and have removed the cows citing health and safety concerns. They have also said they can make no promises that they will restore or replace the cows.

We must petition Dairy Crest to act quickly to put back a well loved feature on an otherwise entirely ugly building. We should not rest until the cows come home!

Dairy Crest
Please restore the model cows to the roof of Feltham Dairy Crest

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    1. Success! The cows will return

      Joachim Jellinek
      Petition Organizer

      Thank you all for signing the petition and helping to bring this issue to the fore.

      I’m delighted to announce that thanksalso in large part to Councillor Richard Foote and his taking up the issue on behalf of all the Hanworth locals, the cows will be returning.

      For more details on how and why this has come about, please see the web site.

      Thanks again to all for leaving such emotive comments and helping make this happen. I'm certain that the power of nearly 8000 people has gone a long way towards making this happen.

    2. Reached 7,500 signatures
    3. Can you help?

      Joachim Jellinek
      Petition Organizer

      It's petition hand over day today. I'll be outside the Dairy Crest with the petition at 3.30pm, please come and be there if you are in the area and if you have a cow toy or cow clothes all the better! The campaign doesn't end though, the petition will remain open and we will continue to press Dairy Crest for answers.

      There are some other ways you could help the campaign, Salina Patel of The Hounslow Chronicle would love to hear from you if you have made any changes to your buying choices since this petition started. You can contact her directly with your stories and views on 020 3280 3211

      If anyone has any photographs of the dairy cows on the roof before they were removed, it would be very useful to see these and preferably have permission to allow them (with appropriate credit) to be used in any media articles. Please e-mail them to me in the first instance:

      Those keeping up to date on the web site will already have heard that the prime minister David Cameron was asked for his views on this cow situiation. Check out the web site for his response.

      I have contacted the local councillors and will post an update about this later today or tomorrow on the web site. I had a very positive and helpful response from Richard Foote who is very much behind the campaign to see them returned and said "Their loss will be immense and must be reversed"

      Thank you everyone, surely the cows will return!

    4. Media interest and Petition handover tomorrow

      Joachim Jellinek
      Petition Organizer


      Well, I have been keeping the campaign web site at updated as much as possible. For those that might have missed it, there have been a few mentions of the petition in the media, including The Richmond Magazine, Jackie FM Radio news & The Evening Standard.

      In addition, the Hounslow Chronicle have kept up daily news stories on their web site (following the frontpage article in the current paper issue)

      I have now spoken again with Dairy Crest who have agreed to receive the petition outside the dairy gates tomorrow (Thursday 17th) at 3.30pm. Everyone and anyone is welcome to come along (preferably with something cow-like in hand or worn!) although it is likely to be over pretty quickly. The Hounslow Chronicle will be there to photograph and report.

      I won't be closing this online petition until we have a definitive answer from Dairy Crest, please keep reading the web site at for more details.

      Many thanks to all who have supported, commented and signed this so far. Please let's try for one last push before tomorrow's first handover, get busy on facebook, twitter etc. and let's see if we can reach 7000.

    5. Reached 6,000 signatures
    6. The new roof cow supporters web site

      Joachim Jellinek
      Petition Organizer

      Hello again,

      Together we have amassed more than 5000 signatures, which can only be good news. To celebrate (and so that I can communicate better without having to send too many spammy e-mails out) I have created a simple web site for the Cow Campaign.

      If you're interested in more regular updates and thoughts, as well as an easier way to read all the amazing comments people have left, please take a look at the new web site at:-

      Also, keep an eye on the Hounslow Chronicle web site for quite a bit more news and photos. Their support is very appreciated and I will be carrying on working with them at least until we have some sort of proper answer from Dairy Crest about what is going on. Their web site is at and currently features a picture of me and my youngest son looking bemused and slightly defiant outside the dairy.

      Could we reach 10,000 signatures in the next few days? Please get all your friends and family to add their support and put your social networks to good use!

      Have a great weekend,


    7. Reached 5,000 signatures
    8. Thanks for the support!

      Joachim Jellinek
      Petition Organizer

      Thanks everyone for all your support and messages. We've already reached 2000 signatures and rising every minute. The Hounslow Chronicle have given their support to this campaign and I believe we can look forward to a front page story appearing tomorrow.

      Let's keep sharing the story and get as many people behind this as possible. My plan is to print out the petition and deliver it in person to a relevant contact at Dairy Crest, probably at some point next week. I will post more details so that anyone who wishes to come in support may do so.

      One or two people have mentioned concerns that the dairy may be finding it difficult to fund the restoration or replacement of the cows and have even suggested fund raising or donations.

      Dairy Crest are a market leader in an industry worth 50 billion pounds and sell well known supermarket brands such as Cathedral City cheese, Frijj milkshake, Country Life milk and butter and also operate the hugely successful delivery service "Milk and More".

      I find it hard to believe they can't find the resources to fund this themselves and am disappointed that they removed the cows before making a plan to replace them in the first place.

      Thanks once again and keep sharing and spreading the word.

    9. Reached 2,000 signatures


    Reasons for signing

      • 1 day ago

      I like cows!

      • 1 day ago

      An iconic landmark that brightened up my mornings. Bring back the cows for my daily commute.

      • 4 days ago

      I'ts iconic.

      • 4 days ago

      The cows were an iconic feature and acted as a 'welcome home' sign to us

      • 8 days ago

      I am 11 years old and I really liked those cows! Although I am young please listen to what I am going to say. First of all every time I go to my nana and grandpas with my family we drive past the cows, and all the time we count them and my dad says that one has gone for a sleep downstairs and that always made me laugh. Finally the cows were our landmark and many others!

      And then on our last journey to my grandparents we were horrified to see the cows had been taken down 


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