Bring Back John Carter - Take Us Back To Barsoom!
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Bring Back John Carter - Take Us Back To Barsoom!

    1. Jan  Austin
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      Jan Austin

      Burbank, CA

Let's take John Carter Back to Barsoom!

 Once in a very long time, a film comes along that captures the imagination and transports viewers to a spectacular, previously unexplored world where they encounter cultures and characters that ignite the spirit and stir the soul.  Andrew Stanton's "John Carter", based on the visionary 1912 Novel "A Princess of Mars"  by Edgar Rice Burroughs,  is such a film.  

  Audiences worldwide have journeyed to Barsoom and are deeply moved and inspired by the world and the characters they have encountered there. Avid fans have seen the film  multiple times in theaters; others  are creating artwork inspired by the movie,  and a global community of engaged fans are making their voices heard that this first film should not be the last.  John Carter deserves a sequel!

 If you too have been touched by this movie and the world it creates; if you feel that you have not had enough of John Carter, Dejah Thoris, Woola, Tars Tarkas, Kantos Kan and the world they inhabit, will you join us?  Please add your name to our petition so that the producers of this rare and deserving film will know that in this instance, the film-makers have created something special, and deeply appreciative  fans are prepared to support future films in the series.  Let's give Disney Studios the encouragement they need to believe in this film, and the film-makers, and the fans who will nurture John Carter of Mars into a series that will inspire and entertain for decades to come.

 Let's take John Carter Back to Barsoom!

FaceBook Group:  Take Me Back To Barsoom! I Want John Carter To Have A Sequel!

Twitter @ JohnCarter, BackToBarsoom, TheJohnCarterFiles

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    • Alexander Crawford ABERDEEN, UNITED KINGDOM
      • about 13 hours ago

      Classic/Traditional adventure movies are still pertinent and valuable!

    • Robert Buchanan JEFFERSONTOWN, KY
      • about 16 hours ago

      Always been a fan of the John Carter series since a young boy in the 50's. Loved the first movie.

    • Christopher Dale STERLING HEIGHTS, MI
      • 2 days ago

      I'm signing because I love John Carter!! I've seen the movie six times in theaters, watched it on dvd several more times and have read at least the first book three times. This movie deserves a sequel it's awesome!!!

      • 2 days ago

      Parce que on veut la suite

    • ethan moore MARYVILLE, MO
      • 8 days ago

      John carter is by far one of my favorite movies I would love to see a sequel come out some day!


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