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More Housing Now In Downtown Austin!

Our city is in crisis. Austin is experiencing an unparalleled housing emergency in which we are losing our class and racial diversity at an alarming rate, with the majority of Austinites (being renters) bearing the brunt of the cost. "Austin City Council passed a resolution in 2005... which reiterated the goal of 25,000 residents living Downtown in ten years" [Downtown Austin Plan (DAP), pg. 5].  We have fewer than 15,000 residents fourteen years later.  In fairness to a plan that helped accomplish much, modeling tools have improved dramatically during the Land Development Code (LDC) rewrite effort. The exercise the City of Austin is conducting: mapping to support our land development goals is a top priority and a goal of 25,000 Downtown residents is equally valid as the goal of 135,000 new residential units citywide. Clearly the more we go beyond 25,000 in the CodeREWRITE, the better we can achieve other goals related to opportunity, 50/50 mode share, and flood management. No part of downtown should be an enclave exempt from contributing to this goal, or that excludes people, families, or housing types. Accordingly, we ask the Mayor and City Council to enable the following: 1. Assign CBD or equivalent zoning to NE quadrant of Downtown Austin [from east of Red River Street over to SB I-35 frontage road.] 2. Assign CBD or equivalent zoning to NW quadrant of Downtown Austin [from west of Guadalupe St. over to North Lamar Boulevard.] 3. Due to often higher densities, recognize West Campus as the northern extension of Downtown Austin. 4. Within Downtown Austin, enforce “compact and connected” wherever possible in land development code. While Austin is engulfed in a housing emergency, preserving exclusive single-family zoning downtown creates de-facto barriers to class and race which is a betrayal of Austin values. What's allowed in many places downtown should be allowed throughout downtown. That's why we need MORE HOUSING NOW!

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