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Petition to Waikoloa Village Association

Protect the Rights of Waikoloa Residents and Neighborhood Safety

The Waikoloa Village Homeowners Association (Association) must enforce its covenants and uphold its purpose to promote the health, safety and welfare of its members. The goal of this petition is to hold the Association accountable: ENFORCE Immediately enforce the CC&R’s that are in violation by the extremists running  HOTELS/HOSTELS IN SINGLE FAMILY HOMES ex: capacity, nuisance, parking, maintenance, structure, etc. COMMUNICATE Directors, officers, board members and the general manager have an individual and collective responsibility to respond to communications of the residents of our community with answers in a timely manner. TRANSPARENCY Records of issued warning notices, fines/penalties levied/collected, legal counsel costs, payment of dues, etc. PRIORITIES Clearly show through ACTION that the safety and wellbeing of the average resident of Waikoloa Village is of priority. This posture is not against the residents who operate long term rentals or reasonable short-term rentals as allowed by the covenants of our Association; rather, this petition is aimed at the few who exploit their neighbors and abuse a lack of Association enforcement. The problem is the disrespectful neighbors who are listing 3, 4, 5, 6, accommodations in a single-family residential home contrary to both the letter and the spirit of the Association covenants. The houses with 3, 4, 5 rental vehicles and houses who develop public transit hubs in driveways on residential streets create noise, traffic and security issues. Houses zoned single family residences hosting 6, 12 even18 different strangers nightly have created sanitation, crime, security, health issues and emotional distress disrupting residents lives. Residents of Waikoloa Village are due peace, safety and management decisions that will maintain a positive and healthy living environment which will, in turn, strengthen homeowner property values.  Lots zoned single family residence have that zoning for a reason. Hotels/mini-hotels/hostels are inappropriate. While our visitors are important and should be shown aloha, we also believe the community created by our residential areas is valuable and should be preserved. These are places where we have our homes and where we live and work year-round. Where our children can go to school and should be able to play without stranger dangers lurking next door or waking them when they should be sleeping on a school night. #neighborhoodNOTstrangerhood  We, the residents of Waikoloa Village, pay our dues and as members of the Association, we are owed protection from the extremists who ignore community Aloha.  #WaikoloaResidentsFirst #neighborhoodNOTstrangerhood  

Waikoloa Residents
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Petition to Bill Peduto

Require City of Pittsburgh provide adequate notice to residents prior to road closures.

The City of Pittsburgh currently displays temporary "No Parking" paper signs to disclose road closures and no parking zones for construction and special events, sometimes with only 24 hours notice. This is not adequate notice for residents to plan to relocate their parked vehicles. As a resident who works from home for a trusted media publication, there are often multiple day stretches in which my vehicle is not moved, as is the case for many who work from home or work sporadic shifts. Since missing these signs, which are indirect conveyances of a mandate and rely on coincidence which results in towing and financial penalties as well as citations up to several hundred dollars, the City of Pittsburgh should hold the responsibility of adequately informing residents in writing with at least 7 Days notice prior to a closure or temporary non-recurring parking restrictions. This will ensure road work and events can go on as planned and also give residents adequate time to make alternative parking arrangements. My proposed plan: -City of Pittsburgh identifies road closures. -City of Pittsburgh posts a public web bulletin of closures weekly. -City of Pittsburgh sends written notice to residents with no less than 7 Days notice of closures within 100 yards of their residence containing both start and tentative completion dates as well as associated penalties for violation.  -City of Pittsburgh continues to place temporary restriction signs for non-local traffic.  This is a simple step the City of Pittsburgh can take to ensure smoother and more timely completion of city works tasks and alleviate residents from avoidable penalties and fees, which are unnecessary burdens.    

Timothy Evans
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