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Petition to United Nations, Donald Trump

End the cruel torture to dogs in Yulin, China

The Yulin, China dog festival celebrates eating dog meat. They raise dogs to be sold and slaughtered. What i want to do is save those poor animals and bring them to america, wether they will be free or pets.  This "festival" is an event that starts on June 21st of every year during the summer solstice and it lasts for 10 long horrifying days in which 10,000–15,000 dogs (as well as cats) are tortured and then consumed. However, it is estimated 25 million dogs are stolen, sold, bought, and eaten every year with the illegal dog and cat meat trade. A larger percentage of these dogs consist of pets stolen right from their loving families. The rest of the dogs are captured strays from the streets and some raised in dog farms. After these animals are stolen, bought, or captured they are then transported for days without any food or water, crammed in tiny cages together so tightly that they are unable to even move. At the yulin festival, throughout those days, these animals will be hung, burned, skinned, boiled, torched, dismembered, electrocuted and beaten...ALIVE..out in the streets for public view. But If that isn't bad enough, they intentionally torture these animals in front of the other animals in order to create even more stress and fear. The belief behind the torturing and slaughtering them while still ALIVE, is because the people of yulin believe the more adrenaline and fear that runs through the blood, the more tender and better tasting the meat will be. Why do they eat dog meat? Because they believe that if you eat dog meat it gives the men more sexual stamina, it will keep them cool during the summer's heat and it will ward off evil spirits. China's tradition of eating dog meat has been around for over 400 years. However, it wasn't until 2009 when the festival in Yulin began by dog meat traders in order to boost business. Animal welfare activists have been trying for years to get this horrible event banned. But the government of china keeps looking the other way saying there is nothing they can do. Petitions are being signed by millions of people. But we are a generation that realizes that is it 2017 and the common sense to know that these acts are immoral and inhumane. By signing our petition, you’re joining a global movement with like-minded people who want to shut down this heinous festival and trade. In the coming weeks and months, you’ll have the opportunity to be involved in both online and in-person events happening around the world.

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Petition to YuLin Government, Ambassador Cui Tiankai

Stop the Yulin Dog Meat Festival!

Dear Ambassador Cui Tiankai, China's rich cultural and traditional history spans thousands of years and now China is fast becoming a recognized and dominating super economic power, with its citizens enjoying a high standard of living as the result of economic and social progress.  However, with great success comes great responsibility, and as a global citizen, I am truly shocked and appalled to learn about the cruelty and suffering currently being inflicted upon the helpless companion animals, namely dogs and cats, of Yulin, killed during the annual Yulin Dog Meat Festival. This medieval way of treating animals sits at complete odds with how China has progressed as a society in recent years.  This is not about cultural differences this is about the most basic of ethics and about treating animals with compassion. It's plain to see that the practices carried out at Yulin represent a new low for China. Those animals we choose to be our working companions, our eyes when we are blind, our guardians of the family home, to share our food and to be our best friends for hundreds of years are suffering and are being slaughtered in the most monstrous of ways. There are many videos on YouTube to evidence this, although they are not easy to watch. Despite how you feel about eating any animal, no living, sentient being should be abused or tortured for any reason, and no right-minded person can rationally argue otherwise.  Dogs and cats suffer unspeakable horrors at the hands of farmers, traders and butchers - beaten, torched with fire, boiled alive, etc.  Not all these animals are "farmed" - many are beloved, stolen pets.  The medieval treatment of companion animals in Yulin provides a cruel contrast to the slick, sophisticated, modern image that China tries so hard to portray to the outside world.  Until Yulin and the Chinese government officials begin to legitimately and aggressively police, enact and enforce the companion animal protection laws as a first step in ending this shameful industry, I will be protesting for the tens of thousands of suffering, neglected and abused companion animals living lives of utter misery and pain unto death throughout Yulin and other cities that supply these animals to Yulin. ---------------------------------- To learn more and take action, please visit: English: Ambassador Cui TiankaiEmbassy of the People's Republic of China in the United States of America3505 International Place, N.W.Washington, D.C. 20008 U.S.A.Tel: +1-202-495-2266Fax: +1-202-495-2138E-mail: Consulate General Luo LinquanConsulate General of the People's Republic of China in San Francisco1450 Laguna Street, San Francisco, CA 94115Tel: 415-852-5924 City of Yulin: Italian:  FERMIAMO LO YULIN DOG MEAT FESTIVAL  Spettabile Governo Cinese, La Cina, con la sua ricca storia di cultura e tradizioni millenarie, è ormai anche un paese dichiaratamente annoverato tra le superpotenze economiche mondiali, con una popolazione ad un alto tenore di vita frutto di un raggiunto benessere sociale ed economico.  Tuttavia, con il grande successo arrivano anche le grandi responsabilità e in quanto cittadino del mondo, sono scioccato e disgustato dalla crudeltà e delle sofferenze inflitte su inermi animali da compagnia, i cani e gatti di Yulin, uccisi durante l’annuale Yulin Dog Meat Festival. Questo barbaro modo di trattare gli animali si scontra fortemente con il progresso sociale raggiunto dalla Cina in questi ultimi anni. Le differenze culturali non c’entrano, c’entra la necessità di trovare modi eticamente corretti e compassionevoli di interagire col mondo animale. E’ sotto gli occhi di tutti che le inumane torture perpetrate a Yulin rappresentano una vera e propria macchia indelebile nella storia recente della Cina. Gli stessi animali che abbiamo scelto come compagni di lavoro, come nostri occhi quando non siamo in grado di vedere, come guardiani delle nostre case e delle nostre famiglie, con cui condividiamo il nostro cibo e che sono i nostri migliori amici da centinaia di anni vengono massacrati nei modi più mostruosi. Esistono molti video su Youtube, a testimonianza di ciò, che non sono facili da guardare. E indipendentemente da come la si pensi in merito al consumo di qualsiasi animale, nessun essere vivente senziente dovrebbe essere in alcun modo costretto a sottostare ad abusi e torture e nessuna persona dotata di logica e raziocinio potrà mai dire il contrario. Cani e gatti patiscono sofferenze indicibili per mano di contadini, mercanti e macellai venendo bastonati, bruciati e bolliti ancora vivi. E non tutti questi animali vengono “allevati” a questo scopo, molti sono animali domestici rubati alle loro disperate famiglie.  Il trattamento barbaro degli animali da compagnia di Yulin si pone in netta contrapposizione con l’immagine elegante, sofisticata e moderna che la Cina cerca da tempo di mostrare al resto del mondo.  Finché Yulin e i rappresentanti del governo cinese non cominceranno a combattere questa pratica con forza e decisione implementando una legge per la protezione degli animali da compagnia come primo passo per porre termine a questa pratica vergognosa, io protesterò per le decine di migliaia di animali da compagnia negletti, abusati e torturati, costretti ad una vita miserrima e pene indicibili e letali in tutta Yulin e in tutte le altre città che forniscono animali a Yulin. Distinti saluti,

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Petition to Edward Felsenthal, Eben Shapiro, Sam Jcobs, Kelly Conniff, Matt Vella, Siobhan O'Connor, Eliza Berman, Claire Howorth

TIME Magazine, Urgent plea to run a story on the Dog/Cat Meat Trade; Dog and Cat Holocaust

Time Magazine Editors, we passionately urge you to run a feature article or story on a horrendous atrocity taking place every day, 365 days a year. You are one of the worlds most widely read, circulated and beloved magazines; covering current events around the globe. Your readers are the people who would care about this issue. This atrocious event is current and happening as we speak right now. There is a scourge on our planet. That is the Dog and Cat Meat Trade in Asia.  (see live videos and still pictures directly below) China, Henan Province, Nanyang City. March 9 2017 illegal street LIVE skinning An Entire Live SKinning Process VERY GRAPHIC! (The above footage shot in Hothot, Mongolia China- note the agony visible in the dogs eyes. Note the paws are being cut off. This is a Chinese delicacy. Note the blood. Note the citizens standing there laughing, as if this were normal. Note the puppies, sitting nearby, probably next in line.) living dog, hanging from feet being skinned live dog burning while beating it down with stick  VIDEO: burning tortured dog trying to escape flamethrower dog being boiled while hanging from pincher type meat hook Every single year, an estimated 30 million sweet, innocent, loyal, trusting dogs and many cats worldwide are savagely butchered, to be consumed by the human species - by people who are not poor; nor hungry.  Not only during Yulin Dog Festival in China, BokNal Festival in Korea, but year round. Every 13 seconds in Asia alone, a dog; or cat -- is tortured in unimaginable ways then slaughtered. It is a multi million dollar black market business due to the criminal activity of traders stealing these dogs. Sadly, mans best friend - who would lay down its life for any human; pays the price. The meat market traders and consumers are not starving. There is plenty of other food to eat. Brits: The Angels of Yulin .... undeniably, best photos of the trade. The Seoul Times: great article about this trade video: man boiling large dog alive in open pit couldron, outside Betrayal of Humankinds Best Friend: very graphic LIVING dog electrocution We kindly implore you to consider bringing this story in its full unadulterated truth, to more people. There have been reports/stories put out there, in the United States; but none have gone into the horrific torture. The average person here, while they may have heard about this trade probably is not aware of the "real" story. U.S. news reports gloss over it or sugar coat it.  No one has shown the barbaric ways in which they are tortured first. That's where TIME Magazine comes in. I'm petitioning today to show YOU. Posting graphic images is not absolutely necessary but it truly catches peoples attention. These haunting images are what drive people to act. It should be mentioned that while we don't condone the activity, and we are not suggesting what they should or should not eat; we are only asking you simply address the issue of ending the inhumane, purposeful and prolonged killing - barbaric and so very unnecessary. Mr Duffy, Ms Gibbs; turning our backs changes nothing. The very leather gloves you might be wearing this winter most likely came from a dog skinned ALIVE somewhere in China. See the very top link. It shows the pictures. bludgeoned, slit throat, being skinned child cries next to her beloved roasted pet. This should be the poster child for the trade. FRONT cover worthy. Peoples lives are ruined by this heinous activity. Children are subjected to trauma and learn that this is acceptable, thus perpetrating from generation to generation.....No, its not. HERE IS A QUICK SYNOPSIS OF THE TRADE: Torturing the terrified animal for long periods of time is known as "tenderizing" the meat. To deliberately induce as much adrenaline as possible into the conscious animal's body, to ensure the meat is as tender as possible; under the ridiculous, unproven, false myth and misguided belief that fear driven adrenalized, endorphine rich meat passes greater medicinal value, cures cancer, tastes better and boosts men's libido. Nothing could be further from the truth. In most cases this unnecessary torture is witnessed by other caged dogs (and cats) waiting the same fate, thus increasing fear. If an animal somehow survives, it is often not killed immediately but given "round 2" of more - till it succumbs. It is absolutely and totally FALSE that "this has been tradition for centuries" as the Chinese traders, marketers, restauranteers and consumers will try to argue. This cruel practice is neither culture nor tradition! beloved pet hung by neck, witnessing dog in background dog boiled while conscious This trade involves intensely long and extremely violent animal cruelty, as well as flagrant criminal activity, in the theft of private property. Dogs (many stolen pets) are fully alive while bludgeoned by heavy metal poles then barbecued still conscious on grills, (seen above) set on fire, blow-torched, electrocuted in the anus, boiled alive in huge cauldrons of boiling hot water to de-fur them, disemboweled alive, paws sawed off, gouged out eyes, skinned alive, (they live approximately 10 agonizing minutes after a live skinning) crucified alive by nail gunning to tables or walls, debarked, ear drums pierced, pregnant dogs fetuses ripped out and thrown on the street to die....and unfortunately much more. skinning a live dog while it peers up in agony at its torturer South Korea has become the "Land Of The Morning Scream" as residents living in proximity to any dog slaughterhouse will attest to. Instead of natural beauty with clear waters running in tranquil mornings, South Korea is filled with piercing screams of live animal torture and blood running on killing room floors. Before the savage torture / slaughter take place however, animals must travel many days even weeks; from all across China, with no food or water; to the slaughter houses. Many die en route - they are the lucky ones. Crammed like sardines into tiny wire cages with broken bones from the force, crushed to near death with the weight of dogs on top of each other, they can hardly breathe. On average, 12 dogs per 1 meter square wire cage. Under no shelter, in the heat of summer sun or the freeze of winter. Ravaged with disease. Sick, starved and filthy. Feces covered. If they survive that long horrendous trip - they are then lead to slaughter at the meat markets and restaurants, in front of the public and young impressionable children too. Thrown around like rag dolls at market with no mercy or compassion to their plight. Sold to the buyer, then mercilessly clamped around the neck with forceps, dragged while whimpering with fear and killed. "You want fresh dog paw? I be right back...." One of the most disturbing facts about this practice is the Theft of Private Property. Tragically, so many of the these animals are beloved, stolen family pets still wearing house collars and name tags. Days prior to slaughter they knew nothing but joy and love. Then they are snatched by unscrupulous traders with poison darts. Once down and incapacitated, they quickly lasso the dog and whisk it away in waiting vans, before anyone sees. This happens mostly at night or when the owners are away. Activists in China tell of how the so-called police are nothing but corrupt greed driven crooks, who think nothing of taking a token payment in exchange for allowing trucks filled to the brim with dogs through checkpoints and onto slaughter, when they really are supposed to be arresting the dog traffickers and saving them. video: THEFT OF PRIVATE PROPERTY As world leaders in technology and development it is disappointing that China and Korea have no animal protection laws to guard the well being of it's animals. Fully conscious dogs are hung up while their lower legs / paws cut off with a dull knives, some hanging and in flames, then their eyes gouged out and are skinned alive, still conscious and writhing in agony as they hang from the neck, or one leg, muzzles tied shut with wire, unable to scream out in pain. Muzzled shut, dogs cant even cool off in the intense heat of summer.  Where is the humanity? PLEASE CLICK ON THESE PICTURES BELOW: fully conscious dog being burned to death beheaded dog; bludgeoned to death cats awaiting execution terrified animals muzzled / bound in cramped cages on their way to slaughter dog boiled alive fighting for its life "cracklin" dog Secondarily, the practice poses serious health risk to consumers and tourists alike, with the CDC and World Health Organization linking the trade to cholera and rabies. Many people have died eating rabid meat simply because there are no health standards in this particular unregulated food industry. In May 2016, U.S. Rep. Alcee L. Hastings (D-FL) introduced H. Res. 401 a resolution condemning China's dog meat trade and the annual dog meat festival that takes place in Yulin every June. It calls on the Chinese government and Yulin authorities to end the dog / cat meat trade and to better enforce food safety and animal transportation laws. This resolution stands to go the U.S. House of Representatives floor for vote very soon. The time to act is now! To see a full list of what the resolution entails go here: Millions of people and organizations around the world have signed petitions supporting H. Res 401 and back its cause. Since the advent of social media, there has been a global outcry and pouring of support from every corner of the planet, in condemnation; the likes of which are reaching historical proportions. It's an evil, deplorable trade that has no place in modern society. China, as one of the worlds leaders in trade relations, economy and commerce, must stop telling the world this is acceptable- because it is not. The world is watching them. And when Seoul Korea hosts the 2018 Winter Olympics, if it even happens, attendance will plummet. The world is watching them too. Boycotts against tourism, the 2018 Seoul Olympics, and the products these countries produce, are taking place right now in staggering numbers. Animal Welfare Institute excellent article on the trade HELP US FIGHT FOR SWEET LOVING INNOCENT ANIMALS IN THE MEAT TRADE BY JOINING US AT: WWW.FIGHTDOGMEAT.COM World Dog Show Controversy Ricky Gervais interview : Kim Bassinger at Last Chance For Animals . com Please! Visit this page to see many heartbreaking (& heartwarming too) stories, videos and photos: The wonderful man who runs the above non profit foundation is Marc Ching. He has a beautiful family and children. He is personally responsible for shutting down 10 slaughterhouses, single handedly, as he has traveled to Asia eleven separate times from California to "bear witness" to these atrocities. Many of the videos you see were taken by him to document the trade in order to spread awareness. It is extremely dangerous work. He has nearly been killed doing it. To go into the heart of darkness and see the sinisters; the killing up close and personal; would break even the most strongest of people. Yet he soldiers on; over and over, continuing to speak for those who cannot. Another animal warrior is Nami Kim from Seoul, South Korea. Nami works alone on the front lines, walking into dog meat farms where she pulls them out with her bare hands, one by one, taking them to safety. With little to no resources, she negotiates with owners and shuts many factory dog farms down. And it is a very lucrative business for these men. Yet, she has managed to open a sanctuary for the dogs before re-homing them all over the world. She makes sure each and every rescued dog receives the veterinary care it needs. She works with local Korean governments to change existing cruelty laws and she is making huge progress. She is creating many waves and people are finally listening. So i ask, TIME Magazine, will you? Will you speak for the voiceless; the innocent, the defenseless - the broken animals?  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Activists: After signing the petition please be sure to take the option to SHARE on Facebook Twitter, etc. Thank you.

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Petition to Dario Nardella, Mayor Dario Nardella

Tell Friendship City, Jeonju,Korea, That We’re Opposed to Torture/Consumption of Dogs/Cats

For more actions you can take please visit: Mayor Dario Nardella of Florence: Tell Friendship City, Jeonju, South Korea, That We’re Opposed to the Torture and Consumption of Dogs and Cats. Dario Nardella, sindaco di Firenze, Italia: dica alla città amica di Jeonju, Corea del Sud, che ci opponiamo alla tortura e consumo di cani e gatti. (Scroll down for the full Italian translation) Florence has become Friendship City with Jeonju, South Korea.  This relationship was no doubt formed in the spirit of friendship and for your mutual benefit, for business links and trade etc.  And, while Florence would have expected to learn about the differences in cultural practices of the Jeonju citizens, we feel certain that the your city would have hesitated to form such a Friendship City relationship had your city known about the aberrant and cruel practices routinely carried out in the dog and cat meat trades in Jeonju and all over South Korea.  Lucrative, but illegal trades which carry on unchallenged: with no enforcement of the laws and no punishment for those violating them. South Korea is the home to global companies, such as Hyundai, Kia, Samsung, LG, Daewoo, SK and POSCO, which is why it is so shocking that an estimated 2.5 million dogs are tortured and slaughtered every year within South Korea, because of the greed of dog eaters and the dog meat industry; while the majority of those Koreans, who don’t actually participate in this offensive trade, show a profound indifference by doing nothing at all to stop it. We know how loyal and faithful our dogs across the world are; and we all ask a lot of them - they serve us in innumerable ways: farm work, war work, police and guard duties, search and rescue, help for the disabled, guiding and guardianship, and, of course, as our loving and trusting companions. Dogs were first domesticated many thousands of years ago, and so much do they want to be part of our ‘human’ family that they have learned to understand our gestures and our language - the language of another species, which shows remarkable willingness and intelligence. Jeonju is one of the largest dog meat consumption areas in South Korea. If you have ever wondered what hell would be like, just visit the dog slaughterhouses, markets and restaurants scattered all throughout Jeonju. There are countless dog slaughterhouses, markets and restaurants where the dogs, who are tortured their entire lives, end up being slaughtered in the most inhumane ways, such as by electrocution, hanging or beating; and then thrown into boiling water – sometimes while they are still alive. In many places, dogs are being killed in full view of other terrified, caged dogs; and this takes place in public and in broad daylight. In addition, many abandoned and stolen former pets end up in this industry, and are subjected to the same cruelty. There are laws in South Korea against selling dogs and cats for consumption yet these laws are blatantly ignored. Please watch this undercover video by animal rights activists in South Korea: Please inform Jeonju Mayor Seung-Su Kim that citizens of Florence and their friends insist that they issue an official document mandating that the following existing laws be enforced: Unauthorized processing of food waste fed to dogs in the meat trade is a violation of Wastes Control Act, Article 15-2, Article 25, Section 3.  Suppliers of food waste and transporters of food waste to dog meat farms are violating this regulation. Food waste fed to dogs in the dog meat trade is a violation of Control of Livestock and Fish Feed Act, Article 14, Section 1 & 2.  Unauthorized collection of food waste and the act of feeding it to dogs in the meat trade is in violation of this regulation. Excrement and resulting environmental damage produced as a by-product of the illegal dog meat farm is a violation of Act on the Management and Use of Livestock Excreta Article 11.  The excrement produced at dog meat farms causes environmental damage to the immediate and surrounding area. The act of slaughtering of dogs for human consumption is a violation of Animal Protection Act Article 8, Section 1, Clause 4. The act of slaughtering of a dog, without a justifiable ground – such as out of necessity for veterinary treatment, or in circumstances of immediate threat, harm or damage to human life or property, is a violation. The slaughter of dogs by electrocution is a violation of Animal Protection Act, Article 8, Section 1, Clause 1.  Inflicting injury or death to any animal by the following means: battery by tools, exposure to drugs, exposure to extreme heat or fire, electrocution and drowning is subject to legal punishment. Therefore, the routine slaughter of dogs by butchers and farmers by these methods is in violation of the Act. Further, electrocution as a method of slaughter is internationally recognized as an inherently cruel method of slaughter and banned globally. Slaughter of dogs from unauthorized slaughterhouse is a violation of Livestock Products Sanitary Control Act, Article 7 Section 1.  The Livestock Products Sanitary Control Act, states that dogs are officially recognized and classified as “animals” that are “prohibited from being slaughtered and distributed as food for human consumption”. Therefore, those vendors operating dog slaughterhouses are operating outside of the parameters of the law and in violation of the law. Slaughter of dogs for his/her own consumption is a violation of Animal Protection Act, Article 10.  The intent of the Act is to ensure that no animal is slaughtered in a cruel or revolting manner, and shall be free from unnecessary pain, fear, or stress during the process of slaughter. Therefore, only humane way of slaughtering dogs would be by euthanasia (lethal injection). All currently practiced methods of slaughter by butchers, farmers and traders excludes euthanasia as a method of slaughter, therefore they are all in breach of this Act.  This is also a violation of Livestock Products Sanitary Control Act Article 7 Section 1 Clause 2.  According to the Livestock Products Sanitary Control Act, slaughter of animals for his/her own consumption is allowed only for the livestock animals that are publically announced as classification of livestock in the Livestock Products Sanitary Control Act and dogs are not classified here. Display and sale of dog carcass in traditional outdoor markets is a violation of Food Sanitation Act, Article 4, 5.  Violation of laws banning sale of harmful food due to the contamination from unsanitary and illegal slaughter of the animal and display of the dog carcass. For example, dog carcass are routinely contaminated by microorganisms that cause human diseases and food poisoning which can lead to serious and life threatening health complications.  There are also strict laws which ban the sale of meat from sick animals, due to the fact that there is no quality control or formal monitoring of slaughter practices in the dog meat trade it is very likely that violation of these laws is happening routinely. Dog meat restaurants’ sale of dog meat soup made with dog carcass from an unknown source is a violation of Food Sanitation Act Article 44 Section 1 Clause 1. Uninspected livestock products must not be transported, stored, displayed, sold or used for manufacturing or processing of food for human consumption. Please refer to the legal information regarding the dog meat consumption in South Korea published by KARA (Korea Animal Rights Advocates): We believe these demands are in line with the goal of Friendship cities to establish friendly communications in the areas of tourism, commerce, cultural exchange and public health. International coverage of the brutal dog and cat meat trade in South Korea has stained Jeonju, South Korea’s image and severely tarnished your city’s Friendship city relationship. The time to end this tragedy is now. The favor of your reply is requested. Thank you for taking swift action! -------------------------------------------------------------------- Dario Nardella, sindaco di Firenze, Italia: dica alla città amica di Jeonju, Corea del Sud, che ci opponiamo alla tortura e consumo di cani e gatti. Città di Firenze, e’ necessario rendervi consapevoli dell' illegale ed immorale commercio della carne di cane e gatto, problematica da considerare nell'ambito del vostro patto di amicizia sottoscritto con la città di Jeongju,  in Sud Corea. Vi chiediamo di agire, dare il buon esempio, e lavorare con noi per poter mettere fine a tutto questo. La Corea del Sud è la sede di aziende globali, come Hyundai, Kia, Samsung, LG, Daewoo, SK e POSCO, motivo per cui è davvero scioccante il fatto che un numero stimato di 2,5 milioni di cani venga torturato e macellato ogni anno in questo paese per l'avidità dei consumatori e dell'industria della carne di cane mentre la maggior parte di questi ultimi, che non partecipa fattivamente a questo commercio offensivo, mostra una profonda indifferenza e non interviene per fermare questa vergogna. Sappiamo quanto siano leali e fedeli i cani di tutto il mondo, e proprio per questo chiediamo loro molto. Ci aiutano in innumerevoli modi: in fattoria, in guerra, in polizia e nel servizio di guardia, nella ricerca e nel salvataggio, nell'aiuto ai disabili, nella guida e nella difesa, e, naturalmente, come compagni amorevoli e fidati. I primi cani sono stati addomesticati molte migliaia di anni fa, ed è tale e tanta la loro voglia di far parte della famiglia ‘umana’ che hanno imparato a capire i nostri gesti e la nostra lingua: la lingua di un'altra specie, segno quindi di una notevole prontezza ed intelligenza. Jeonju conta innumerevoli allevamenti di cani, macelli, mercati e ristoranti in cui i cani, torturati per tutta la vita, finiscono per essere macellati nei modi più inumani, quali l'elettrocuzione, l'impiccagione o le percosse, e poi buttati in acqua bollente, spesso ancora vivi. In molte località, i cani vengono uccisi davanti ad altri cani rinchiusi in gabbia e terrorizzati, e tutto questo all'aperto e alla luce del giorno. Inoltre, molti animali domestici, rubati e abbandonati, finiscono vittime di questo commercio, e sono soggetti alla stessa crudeltà. Le chiediamo di guardare questo video effettuato sotto copertura da alcuni attivisti per i diritti degli animali in Corea del Sud: La Corea del Sud ha sì emanato leggi contro la vendita di cani e gatti per il consumo umano delle loro carni, tuttavia queste vengono costantemente e manifestamente ignorate. Le chiediamo di invitare il Sindaco di Jeongju, Seung-Su Kim ad agire, e di affermare che Firenze ed i suoi cittadini chiedono che Jeongju  emetta un documento ufficiale in cui si richiede il rafforzamento da parte del governo, della polizia e della magistratura delle seguenti leggi vigenti in Corea del Sud: La lavorazione non autorizzata dei rifiuti alimentari somministrati ai cani coinvolti nel commercio della loro carne rappresenta una violazione dell'art. 15-2 e dell'art. 25, § 3 della legge sudcoreana sulla gestione dei rifiuti. I fornitori e i trasportatori di rifiuti alimentari destinati agli allevamenti di cani violano questa legge. La somministrazione di rifiuti alimentari ai cani coinvolti nel commercio della loro carne rappresenta una violazione dell'art. 14, §§ 1 e 2 della legge sudcoreana sulla gestione dell'alimentazione del bestiame e della fauna ittica. La raccolta non autorizzata di rifiuti alimentari e la relativa somministrazione ai cani coinvolti nel commercio della loro carne violano questa legge. Gli escrementi e i danni ambientali risultanti, quali sottoprodotti degli allevamenti illegali di cani rappresentano una violazione dell'art. 11 della legge sudcoreana sulla gestione e l'impiego degli escrementi del bestiame. Gli escrementi prodotti negli allevamenti di cani causano danni ambientali nell'area in cui si trova l'allevamento e nelle immediate vicinanze. L'attività di macellazione dei cani per il consumo umano delle loro carni rappresenta una violazione dell'art. 8, § 1, clausola 4 della legge sudcoreana sulla protezione degli animali. L'uccisione di un cane senza giustificabile motivo – quindi al di là della necessità dovuta ad un trattamento veterinario, o a circostanze di minaccia, pericolo o danno immediati per la vita umana o per la proprietà, è una violazione di questa legge. La macellazione dei cani mediante elettrocuzione rappresenta una violazione dell'art. 8, § 1, clausola 1 della legge sudcoreana sulla protezione degli animali. Chi provoca lesioni o la morte a un animale con i seguenti mezzi: percosse, esposizione a droghe, esposizione a calore estremo o al fuoco, elettrocuzione o annegamento è condannato ad una pena. Pertanto, l'abituale macellazione dei cani da parte di macellai e allevatori con questi metodi rappresenta una violazione di questa legge. Inoltre, l'elettrocuzione adottata come pratica di macellazione è riconosciuta a livello internazionale come metodo intrinsecamente crudele, ed è quindi proibita in tutto il mondo. La macellazione dei cani in macelli non autorizzati è una violazione dell'art. 7 § 1 della legge sudcoreana sul controllo sanitario dei prodotti provenienti da bestiame. Questa legge afferma che i cani sono ufficialmente riconosciuti e classificati come “animali la cui macellazione e distribuzione sotto forma di cibo per il consumo umano è proibita”. Per questo motivo, coloro che gestiscono i macelli per cani operano al di fuori dei parametri della legge e in violazione della stessa. La macellazione dei cani ai fini del consumo delle loro carni è una violazione dell'art. 10 della legge sudcoreana sulla protezione degli animali. L'intento di questa legge è garantire che gli animali non vengano macellati in maniera cruenta e disgustosa, né provando dolore, paura o stress inutili durante la macellazione. L'unica modalità umana per macellare i cani sarebbe quindi l'eutanasia (iniezione letale). Tutti i metodi di macellazione correntemente praticati da macellai, allevatori e commercianti escludono l'eutanasia, per cui essi violano tutti questa legge. Ciò rappresenta anche una violazione dell'art. 7 § 1 clausola 2 della legge sudcoreana sul controllo sanitario dei prodotti provenienti da bestiame. Secondo questa legge infatti, la macellazione per il consumo umano è consentita solamente per gli animali ufficialmente definiti e classificati come bestiame ai sensi della legge sudcoreana sul controllo sanitario dei prodotti provenienti da bestiame, e i cani non sono compresi in tale definizione. L'esposizione e la vendita delle carcasse di cane nei mercati tradizionali all'aperto rappresentano una violazione degli artt. 4, 5 della legge sudcoreana sull'igiene alimentare. Vengono inoltre violate le leggi che proibiscono la vendita di cibo nocivo per contaminazione dovuto ad una macellazione insalubre e illegale dell'animale, e all'esposizione della relativa carcassa. Ad esempio, le carcasse dei cani sono di norma contaminate da microorganismi che provocano l'insorgenza di malattie e avvelenamento da cibo, con conseguente rischio di complicazioni gravi e pericolose. La Corea del Sud vanta inoltre leggi severe che proibiscono la vendita della carne di animali malati, in quanto questa non è soggetta a controlli di qualità o a monitoraggi formali delle pratiche di macellazione; nel commercio della carne di cane, è molto probabile che queste leggi vengano violate abitualmente. La preparazione della zuppa di carne di cane, servita presso i ristoranti che propongono abitualmente specialità di questo tipo, viene preparata con carcasse di cani di origine ignota, e rappresenta una violazione dell'art. 44, § 1 clausola 1 della legge sudcoreana sull'igiene alimentare. I prodotti ottenuti da bestiame non ispezionato non devono essere trasportati, conservati, esposti, venduti o utilizzati per la produzione o la lavorazione di alimenti per il consumo umano. La preghiamo a questo proposito di consultare le informazioni legali riguardanti il consumo della carne di cane in Corea del Sud pubblicate dai KARA (Korea Animal Rights Advocates): Crediamo che queste richieste siano in linea con lo spirito e gli obiettivi del patto d’ amicizia fra città per il consolidamento di una comunicazione cordiale nei settori del turismo, del commercio, degli scambi culturali e della salute pubblica. La copertura a livello internazionale del brutale commercio della carne di cane e di gatto effettuato in Corea del Sud ha disonorato Jeongju, l' immagine della Corea del Sud e gravemente offuscato i rapporti della città amica con la Sua. Il momento per porre fine a questa tragedia è adesso. La preghiamo gentilmente di rispondere alla presente lettera. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- To learn more about our campaign, visit:

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