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Petition to Minister of Justice Park Sang-Ki

Enforce your laws to protect all of Korea’s companion animals from horrendous meat-trades.

Minister of Justice Mr. Park Sang-Ki: please enforce your laws to protect all of Korea’s companion animals from the horrendous meat-trades and cruelty. Dear Minister Park Sang-Ki, We would like to ask you as justice administrators and enforcers of South Korean law, to actively respond to the brutal dog and cat meat trade.  This barbaric trade breeds, tortures and slaughters dogs and cats daily in South Korea by the hundreds of thousands despite the fact that there are currently laws in Korea that makes these cruel trades illegal. You stated that you will “strive to root out crimes targeting the vulnerable and make sure that all individuals, especially the disadvantaged and the vulnerable people within our society feel that they are receiving concrete support from their government.”  How about including the vulnerable dogs and cats of your nation, who are completely voiceless to these crimes committed against them on a daily basis? We implore you to study this currently horrendous situation for dogs and cats, and develop proactive policies to ensure that this gruesome and illegal trade is stopped, and never allowed to operate on any legal grounds whatsoever in South Korea. They need your voice, your administrative legal powers, and your ethos of justice.  These animals cannot speak about the cruelty, deprivation, torture and trauma that is inflicted upon them by the dog and cat meat traders and all their respective suppliers in South Korea. Please speak for them also!  Thank you.

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Petition to Yulins peoples government, Guangxi's Autonomous Region's People 's Congress Standing Committee, Wei Wei, Deng Changqiu, Lu Jianfeng, Han Nationality, Chudkui , Armored Army, Li Zhuanghao

Stop holding the Yulin dog meat & lychee festival in Yulin, (Guangxi) China.

This video was taken by an animal rights activist personally as evidence at the yulin dog meat and lychee festival in yulin china. This "festival" is an event that starts on June 21st of every year during the summer solstice and it lasts for 10 long horrifying days in which 10,000–15,000 dogs (as well as cats) are tortured and then consumed. However, it is estimated 25 million dogs are stolen, sold, bought, and eaten every year with the illegal dog and cat meat trade. A larger percentage of these dogs consist of pets stolen right from their loving families. The rest of the dogs are captured strays from the streets and some are even pets that are no longer wanted by their owners who sell them to butchers. After these animals are stolen, bought, or captured they are then transported for days without any food or water, crammed in tiny cages together so tightly that they are unable to even move. At the yulin festival, throughout those days, these animals will be hung, burned, skinned, boiled, torched, dismembered, electrocuted and beaten...ALIVE..out in the streets for public view. But If that isn't bad enough, they intentionally torture these animals in front of the other animals in order to create even more stress and fear. The belief behind the torturing and slaughtering them while still ALIVE, is because the people of yulin believe the more adrenaline and fear that runs through the blood, the more tender and better tasting the meat will be. Why do they eat dog meat? Because they believe that if you eat dog meat it gives the men more sexual stamina, it will keep them cool during the summer's heat and it will ward off evil spirits. China's tradition of eating dog meat has been around for over 400 years. However, it wasn't until 2009 when the festival in Yulin began by dog meat traders in order to boost business. Animal welfare activists have been trying for years to get this horrible event banned. But the government of yulin continue to look the other way, saying there is nothing they can do insisting it doesn't even exist.  We are a generation that realizes that is it 2018 and the common sense to know that these acts are immoral and inhumane.This is treatment inflicted on a species that provides so many benefits to humans. They are police officers, service dogs, emotional support for abused children, a child's best friend and childhood memories. They ARE OUR best friends. They never asked to be born and they certainly do not deserve this type of treatment. Individuals from every country all over the world are against it. There are more and more people worldwide boycotting chinese manufactured products unless the festival is banned. This petition is to try to convince the Yulin's People's Government and Guangxi's Autonomous Region's People 's Congress Standing Committee that it would be in their's and china's better interest to ban this barbaric festival.

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Petition to Ms. Li Xiao Lin

Work with Yulin to end dog meat festival and trade.

Dear President of Beijing People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (BPAFFC): By sending this petition to you, we sincerely hope that it conveys how much we treasure a positive relationship with China. We believe both the West and the East have cultural elements that if shared, could strengthen ties between the regions. Specifically, we know that many parts of China and many Western nations agree that the practice of eating dog meat is harmful to any modern nation's reputation, hurtful to dog owners and poses a dangerous risk to people's health. We have seen the progress China has made in this area. However, the infamous Yulin dog meat “festival” and the intensive media coverage it receives around the world puts a black mark on China's image internationally. Many hold the erroneous belief that Yulin is what China is like. We believe, if your office were to initiate the first steps toward ending the Yulin dog meat festival and ultimately, the dog meat industry, China would receive immeasurable goodwill from all parts of the world. Therefore, we respectfully ask if you would consider scheduling a meeting between us, your office, and Yulin officials in the near future, so we can work together to find a win-win solution. Respectfully,  Paul Fong, Director of International Policies, Duo Duo Project Visit to learn more and support our projects. Or donate to our fund raiser:

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Petition to YuLin Government, Ambassador Cui Tiankai

Stop the Yulin Dog Meat Festival!

Dear Ambassador Cui Tiankai, China's rich cultural and traditional history spans thousands of years and now China is fast becoming a recognized and dominating super economic power, with its citizens enjoying a high standard of living as the result of economic and social progress.  However, with great success comes great responsibility, and as a global citizen, I am truly shocked and appalled to learn about the cruelty and suffering currently being inflicted upon the helpless companion animals, namely dogs and cats, of Yulin, killed during the annual Yulin Dog Meat Festival. This medieval way of treating animals sits at complete odds with how China has progressed as a society in recent years.  This is not about cultural differences this is about the most basic of ethics and about treating animals with compassion. It's plain to see that the practices carried out at Yulin represent a new low for China. Those animals we choose to be our working companions, our eyes when we are blind, our guardians of the family home, to share our food and to be our best friends for hundreds of years are suffering and are being slaughtered in the most monstrous of ways. There are many videos on YouTube to evidence this, although they are not easy to watch. Despite how you feel about eating any animal, no living, sentient being should be abused or tortured for any reason, and no right-minded person can rationally argue otherwise.  Dogs and cats suffer unspeakable horrors at the hands of farmers, traders and butchers - beaten, torched with fire, boiled alive, etc.  Not all these animals are "farmed" - many are beloved, stolen pets.  The medieval treatment of companion animals in Yulin provides a cruel contrast to the slick, sophisticated, modern image that China tries so hard to portray to the outside world.  Until Yulin and the Chinese government officials begin to legitimately and aggressively police, enact and enforce the companion animal protection laws as a first step in ending this shameful industry, I will be protesting for the tens of thousands of suffering, neglected and abused companion animals living lives of utter misery and pain unto death throughout Yulin and other cities that supply these animals to Yulin. ---------------------------------- To learn more and take action, please visit: English: Ambassador Cui TiankaiEmbassy of the People's Republic of China in the United States of America3505 International Place, N.W.Washington, D.C. 20008 U.S.A.Tel: +1-202-495-2266Fax: +1-202-495-2138E-mail: Consulate General Luo LinquanConsulate General of the People's Republic of China in San Francisco1450 Laguna Street, San Francisco, CA 94115Tel: 415-852-5924 City of Yulin: Italian:  FERMIAMO LO YULIN DOG MEAT FESTIVAL  Spettabile Governo Cinese, La Cina, con la sua ricca storia di cultura e tradizioni millenarie, è ormai anche un paese dichiaratamente annoverato tra le superpotenze economiche mondiali, con una popolazione ad un alto tenore di vita frutto di un raggiunto benessere sociale ed economico.  Tuttavia, con il grande successo arrivano anche le grandi responsabilità e in quanto cittadino del mondo, sono scioccato e disgustato dalla crudeltà e delle sofferenze inflitte su inermi animali da compagnia, i cani e gatti di Yulin, uccisi durante l’annuale Yulin Dog Meat Festival. Questo barbaro modo di trattare gli animali si scontra fortemente con il progresso sociale raggiunto dalla Cina in questi ultimi anni. Le differenze culturali non c’entrano, c’entra la necessità di trovare modi eticamente corretti e compassionevoli di interagire col mondo animale. E’ sotto gli occhi di tutti che le inumane torture perpetrate a Yulin rappresentano una vera e propria macchia indelebile nella storia recente della Cina. Gli stessi animali che abbiamo scelto come compagni di lavoro, come nostri occhi quando non siamo in grado di vedere, come guardiani delle nostre case e delle nostre famiglie, con cui condividiamo il nostro cibo e che sono i nostri migliori amici da centinaia di anni vengono massacrati nei modi più mostruosi. Esistono molti video su Youtube, a testimonianza di ciò, che non sono facili da guardare. E indipendentemente da come la si pensi in merito al consumo di qualsiasi animale, nessun essere vivente senziente dovrebbe essere in alcun modo costretto a sottostare ad abusi e torture e nessuna persona dotata di logica e raziocinio potrà mai dire il contrario. Cani e gatti patiscono sofferenze indicibili per mano di contadini, mercanti e macellai venendo bastonati, bruciati e bolliti ancora vivi. E non tutti questi animali vengono “allevati” a questo scopo, molti sono animali domestici rubati alle loro disperate famiglie.  Il trattamento barbaro degli animali da compagnia di Yulin si pone in netta contrapposizione con l’immagine elegante, sofisticata e moderna che la Cina cerca da tempo di mostrare al resto del mondo.  Finché Yulin e i rappresentanti del governo cinese non cominceranno a combattere questa pratica con forza e decisione implementando una legge per la protezione degli animali da compagnia come primo passo per porre termine a questa pratica vergognosa, io protesterò per le decine di migliaia di animali da compagnia negletti, abusati e torturati, costretti ad una vita miserrima e pene indicibili e letali in tutta Yulin e in tutte le altre città che forniscono animali a Yulin. Distinti saluti,

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