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Petition to Colin McGrath MLA, Sinead Bradley MLA, Chris Hazzard MLA, Harold McKee MLA, Caitríona Ruane MLA, Jim Wells MLA, Margaret Ritchie MP, Peter Weir

Save Ardnabannon Outdoor Education Centre from closure

Another adjournment debate on the closure of the Centres is planned for Tuesday 6th December at Stormont @ 5:00pm.Public presence last week played an important part in influencing support.If you are available, please make every effort to attend, it's making a difference.Many thanks for your continued support! Ardnabannon Outdoor Education Centre is synonymous with the term Outdoor Education in Northern Ireland. Since first opening its doors in 1967 the centre has been instrumental is shaping Outdoor Education in Northern Ireland as we know it today. As the first fully catered and professionally staffed residential centre within education it was a bold initiative which became the model for others to follow in subsequent years. The old stately home has been refurbished, extended, modernised and maintained to meet the changing needs of children, young people and staff. Using activities such as canoeing, hill walking, rock climbing, bouldering etc. participants are set realistic and achievable challenges in an enjoyable and friendly atmosphere. This unique combination of enjoyment, learning and challenge helps develop individuals' understanding and awareness of him/her self, others, improves self confidence, self image and self esteem, and encourages a healthy and caring attitude to life and the environment in which we live.Due to its continued success over the years Ardnabannon is now the largest residential centre within the Education Authority of Northern Ireland and can accommodate up to 100 people.Unfortunately the recently established Education Authority is proposing to close this unique facility. To do so, would deprive thousands of young people now and future generations to come, of this well proven learning experience (as confirmed by Dept. of Education’s Inspectorate) that Ardnabannon offers in the magnificent outdoor classroom of the Mourne Mountains. Please don’t allow this to happen, join our petition and add your support to put a halt to this ill conceived proposal!

Lisa Wells
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Petition to Sara Williams, Steve Bullock, Barry Quirk

Lewisham Council: Stop failing our young black children in education

Lewisham Secondary Schools are failing our children. They are the worse in Inner London and London overall. YOU READ CORRECTLY – 32 boroughs and Lewisham has the WORST GCSE results. Since 2011 our children have been excluded from secondary schools at an increasing rate. The performance tables reveal there is an issue with pupils gaining at least 5 A* - C's (including English and Maths) and has been declining nationally over the last three years. Lewisham is also declining at a faster rate than found nationally – ten times faster to be precise. They also want to make all schools academies – privately owned schools ran by businesses funded by the government and not local authorities. 43% of Lewisham Borough's population is of a BAME ethnic background. 32% of the population is of a black background. Black children and young people are more at risk of exclusion and attaining poor GCSE results. We would like to challenge Lewisham Educational Department to answer our questions as to why our children are being denied basic education and ultimately being let down by the education system in our borough. However, we need your support. PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION, WE NEED AT LEAST 1,000 SIGNATURES TO MEET WITH THE FOLLOWING LEWISHAM COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES: Sara Williams; Executive Director of Children and Young People Sir Steve Bullock; Mayor of Lewisham Barry Quirk CBE; Chief Executive of Lewisham Council Our goals Aims To raise the African Caribbean community's awareness to the state of Secondary Education in Lewisham To meet with the Chief Executive of Children and Young People's Services and how we can work to solve the problems presented Objectives To establish regular forums with schools and the council on ways to tackle the attainment issue in the borough To be involved as an independent panel for exclusions Sources: ReferencesDepartment of Education, (2011). Review Of Best Practice in Parental Engagement. [online] London: Institute of Education. Available at: [Accessed 21 Mar. 2017]. Lewisham Council, (2017). Lewisham Education Commission. 1st ed. [ebook] London: Lewisham Council. Available at: [Accessed 21 Mar. 2017]. Lewisham Joint Strategic Needs Assessment, (n.d.). Ethnicity | Lewisham's Joint Strategic Needs Assessment. [online] Available at: [Accessed 21 Mar. 2017].

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