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Petition to Kirsty Williams AM, Cabinet Secretary for Education

Make Politics compulsory in Welsh secondary schools

We ask the National Assembly for Wales to lead the way in championing youth political engagement by strongly considering making Politics a compulsory subject in the new school curriculum.  This means in future, all eligible voters will have been taught the fundamentals of basic politics and thus be better placed to make well-informed decisions as politically active citizens. Why is an understanding of politics important? As of January 2018, the Welsh Labour Party announced its plans to lower the voting age in Welsh Local Elections to 16 year olds to give more young people a political voice. However, as a group of young women only too aware of the lack of political education offered in schools in Wales, we can’t help but wonder: what real use is the right to speak when you haven’t been taught the language? Many aspects of politics are incredibly difficult to grasp no matter what age you are. This includes understanding ‘fake news,’ researching Welsh political history or the current stances of the leading political parties and how they aim to fulfil their promises to us. There is a pressing need to ensure all sixteen and seventeen year olds have been provided with a solid basis of information that comes from safe, reliable sources and will be taught in a non-biased way. What better way is there of achieving this than through the classroom? Let Wales set a precedent for other nations to follow! Please help support us and let’s get ‘politicool’ in school! ---------------------------------------------------------- Gofynnwn i Gynulliad Cenedlaethol Cymru arwain y ffordd wrth hyrwyddo ymgysylltiad gwleidyddol ieuenctid trwy ystyried yn gryf wneud Gwleidyddiaeth yn bwnc gorfodol yn y cwricwlwm ysgol newydd. Pam mae dealltwriaeth o wleidyddiaeth yn bwysig? Ym mis Ionawr 2018, cyhoeddodd Plaid Lafur Cymru ei gynlluniau i ostwng yr oedran pleidleisio yn Etholiadau Lleol Cymru i 16 oed i roi llais gwleidyddol i bobl ifanc. Croesawyd y penderfyniad hwn fel buddugoliaeth gan lawer o ymgyrchwyr Pleidlais 16 yn ymrwymedig i weld y fasnachfraint wedi'i ymestyn. Fodd bynnag, fel grŵp o ferched ifanc yn rhy ymwybodol o'r diffyg addysg wleidyddol a gynigir mewn ysgolion yng Nghymru, ni allwn ni helpu ond rhyfeddu: pa ddefnydd go iawn yw'r hawl i siarad pan nad ydych wedi dysgu'r iaith? Mae llawer o agweddau ar wleidyddiaeth yn anhygoel o anodd eu deall ni waeth pa oedran ydych chi. Mae hyn yn cynnwys deall 'newyddion ffug', ymchwilio i hanes gwleidyddol Cymru neu sefyllfa bresennol y pleidiau gwleidyddol blaenllaw a sut maen nhw'n anelu at gyflawni eu haddewidion i ni. Mae angen pwysicaf i sicrhau bod yr holl bobl ifanc un ar bymtheg a saith ar bymtheg wedi cael eu darparu'n gadarn o wybodaeth sy'n dod o ffynonellau diogel, dibynadwy a byddant yn cael eu haddysgu mewn ffordd ddiamweiniol. Pa ffordd well o gyflawni hyn na thrwy'r ystafell ddosbarth? Gadewch i Gymru osod cynsail i genhedloedd eraill ddilyn! Helpwch ein cefnogi a gadewch i ni gael 'politicool' yn yr ysgol!  

Get Politicool
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Petition to Secretary of State for Transport

Prevent motor insurers from penalising drivers for non-fault accidents

Most young drivers will agree that the amount they are charged for their motor insurance is sometimes unfair, but what is even more unfair is being penalised for accidents that were not their fault. Being a young driver at 18, insurance is pricey as it is, but having been involved in two accidents (both non-fault) in just over a year of driving, it makes it even worse for me. Putting in some information on comparison sites like, generating 2 quotes that are identical apart from the sole fact that the second has these two accidents declared, the first quote comes cheapest at £1800, and the second at £4000. Insurers have told me that being involved in non-fault accidents make me a higher risk to insure, which in my opinion is unthinkably stupid and makes no sense whatsoever. I don’t understand why insurers can walk all over drivers that are simply in the wrong place at the wrong time at no fault of their own, the effects can even be worse for the driver not at fault compared to the one at fault that has to make a claim. I believe that something needs to be done to put this in order - motor insurance is a legal requirement for all drivers, so why should we be faced with no options other than to pay up ridiculous amounts or have to give up driving altogether even if it may be crucial for our education/work?

James Crawley
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Petition to Janet Archer

Help Save Scottish Youth Theatre

In light of the recent news of the closure of Scottish Youth Theatre I wanted to share both my story and my reasons for Scotland needing SYT to stay up and running. I first joined Scottish Youth Theatre In 2013 as an anxious closeted queer kid. I felt alone and I didn’t know why. On my first day I can remember being overwhelmed by how friendly everyone was. Nobody cared who I was they just wanted to make me feel welcome. These people quickly became my friends and now they are more than that. They are family. At times when I felt hopeless my SYT family would provide it and I know without a doubt without SYT I wouldn’t be where I am today. Scottish Youth Theatre was also home to many children with diagnosis of ASD, ADHD, Dyspraxia, Anxiety disorders, Eating Disorders and many other medical conditions that other drama groups would deny due to their more ‘compex’ needs. However, in my experience when SYT saw a challenge they ran towards it not away from it. The workers at SYT cared about every child. SYT is more than just another drama club. It teaches children and young people team work, responsibility, resilience, motor skills, social skills and most of all it thought us that we are never alone and there is always time for a good game of whoosh. There is also a huge amount of ex syt participants who go on to be great actors/actresses who otherwise may not have got the experience and confidence they needed to peruse and closing it down would just deprive Scotland of some great people.   My main reason for fighting this is because at 14 I was part of an syt production of Freckleface Strawberry. I had only had one session when I experienced external problems that meant that I couldn’t afford the fees for my place in the show which devistated me if I’m completely honest. Reminder, I am 14 and have no way to fund this myself. It was completely out of my control so I emailed them as I was too upset to cancel over the phone and I explained I had to quit the production and apologised. I was then surprised when they told me to come to the next session. They then helped me to apply for a scholarship from one of the donors of syt who helped to fund my place in the show and I went on to preform and I was the happiest I had ever felt. Hundreds of youth organisations see kids with financial difficulties every day and in my experience Scottish Youth Theatre has been the only one to ever give me the opportunity to prove I can overcome all obsticles. Even the things out of my control. They showed me to never call it a day without a fight. And that’s what I’m doing. I am not an actor. I am a nursing student and even then I am able to identify skills that syt gave me that I can use in practice and everyday life. I believe closing down this organisation would deprive the community of something beautiful and knowing that my kids may never get to walk through those doors deeply saddens me. So I ask that you, a complete stranger signs this to bring attention to the fact that syt is more than meets the eye and it deserves a place in our children and young people’s lives for years to come.   

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Petition to UK Parliament

Lower The Working Age To 16

Hey there reader. What I am trying to achieve today is to lower the working age in the UK. The reason I am trying to achieve this is due to the lack of attention shown to younger people in the workplace. My main motive of this is to lower the amount of illegal activity in the young adult age category (16-18). This could even lower the crime rate of people older but the main focus is on 16-18 year olds. I am aware that it is UK law to be in education until the age of 18 but it’s time to stop living in a dream world and face reality. College or sixth form doesn’t work for everyone and there is a huge portion of people that are not part of anything and instead they sit at home or turn to crime; drug dealing, vehicle theft, gang violence and much, much more! Yes you can get work at 16 or 17 but it is very difficult. It is far easier to go out and sell drugs or other illegal products. I have done a lot of research into the problem and it steams from the lack of employment for their age. Yes you can work at 16 and 17 but for very little money and the youth of today finds it much more attractive to go and sell drugs for 2 hours and get paid the same amount as someone who goes out and works for 8 hours a day. The biggest kicker by far is insurance for jobs. Whether it be vehicle or health insurance. You can’t find work. Frankly it’s disgusting the way that the government discards young people’s ability to work the same as a adult. So please, help me reach my goal and get this petition to parliament by signing, it’s free and can help your children and there kids for generations to come. Thank you for reading and please share this via social media if you have the time. I have many more plans to help bring equally to the young people of this country in the future but let’s take it one step at a time. After all the kids of today are the adults of the future.

Tyler Gauntlett
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