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Revive Overwatch Asian Xbox One Servers!

This is for the gamers, I know many differ about the platforms however at the end of the day we are all gamers. I currently moved to Japan from the United States, meaning I moved from the American servers to the Asian servers. Prior to the move, I told my followers that I was moving servers. Few from the Asian servers warned me and said "not to be so excited about it." I shrugged it off and when I got to play in the servers, I noticed that they were not wrong. Quick play takes 5+ minutes to queue, Competitive takes 10+ minutes to queue, there are NOBODY in the Arcade, and at most there are 3 lobbies in the Custom Games. One custom game stays alive because it is quick play, Imagine having to go to custom games just to play simple game of quick play. Let's talk about Competitive Matchmaking due to the lack of people in the server, EVERYONE KNOWS EVERYONE. I have accounts in many tiers so I tried playing competitive in different tiers but get the same people. YES, Bronze plays with Diamonds and don't forget the 15 minute queue you had to wait for to get the game. I noticed plat - diamond is their top 500, don't be fooled like me. You win, you get 10 sr you lose, you lose 30 sr. So yes it is hard for many of them to climb because when you reach diamond you start getting bronzes, golds in you team while the enemy team is full plat. Many gave up on the sr and just play competitive to just play the game, not even caring anymore as long as they can play. I know some people would probably say "Just switch to pc or ps4" however its not that easy for many here in Asia. I can play in the American servers anytime because all my friends are from there but I made this for the people in Asian servers. They even said it themselves; "Anyone who buys Overwatch for Xbox in Asian servers is wasting their money." I believe they deserve to play the game and have as much fun as we do. If we can just combine the Asian and European servers, the Asian servers would have a chance to actually play the game. I find this very sad and very unfair, many people from the server would love to play the game but don't even get to. Thank you for reading.

Gabrielle Orsini
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