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Petition to The City of Piedmont Oklahoma

Reinstate Officer Scott Gibbons

This is a copy of the grievance being filed with the city tomorrow. To City Manager: Please consider this memorandum as a notice of potential grievance under article 9.1 of the police collective bargaining agreement (CBA). As you may know, the Chief of Police has started an investigation into Officer Scott Gibbons' participation in the Polar Plunge (Special Olympics). It is the FOP's understanding that the Chief of Police has ordered Officer Gibbons to turn in his police car, gun, badge, and ID today at 1600h and that Gibbons is now on suspended status. The FOP has a number of concerns with the Chief's decision and believes it could violate the CBA. First, the FOP does not believe the Chief of Police has the authority to place an officer on suspension as he has done here. Second, the FOP knows of no order prohibiting officers from participating in the Special Olympics as they have done for years. Third, even assuming Gibbons was somehow in error by participating in the Special Olympics, placing him on suspended status is callously extreme; it leaves the department shorthanded which causes overtime expenses and an overall decrease in police services to the community. Fourth, it appears the Chief is putting the cart ahead of the horse. The investigation into whether Gibbons has participated in the Special Olympics is still ongoing, and as of the time Gibbons was notified of the order to turn in his police car, gun, badge, and ID, Gibbons had yet to submit his written response to the allegations that he was involved with the Special Olympics. To say the least, the Chief's order placing Gibbons on suspended status is premature. The FOP is stumped as to why PPD would not want its officers participating in the Special Olympics. For years now, Gibbons has participated in the Special Olympics and has brought praise to City because of his involvement with the Special Olympics. In fact, there is an award posted at city hall honoring Gibbons' involvement with the Special Olympics. Police officers nationwide participate in the Special Olympics and are often acting in their official capacity when they do so. In fact, there was an article on today commending Oklahoma City police officers for their involvement with the Special Olympics. Put simply, there is nothing wrong with police officers, even PPD officers, participating in the Special Olympics. The law enforcement association with the Special Olympics is long running, and seemingly only Gibbons has been negatively singled out regarding participation with the Special Olympics. The FOP is concerned the Chief's actions may be in retaliation for the prior grievance concerning the school resource officer (SRO) position. The FOP believes there was a negative community reaction to the Chief's decision to remove Gibbons from the schools, and the FOP fears the current treatment of Gibbons by the Chief is directly related to the SRO grievance. Respectfully, the FOP asks that your office assume control of this matter and give Gibbons a fair and impartial investigation, that is, allow Gibbons to at least respond to the allegations prior to suspending him. Further, the FOP asks that you conduct an investigation to determine whether the Chief's treatment of Gibbons stems from a retaliatory motive. Lastly, the FOP asks for a meeting with you to discuss what issues there could possibly be with PPD officers participating in the Special Olympics. Sincerely, FOP Chairman P.S. Please contact your City Councilman and/or City Manager. We the citizens of the City of Piedmont believe it to be in the best interest of our community and for the future of our safety to immediately reinstate Officer Scott Gibbons and politely ask for the resignation of the current Chief of Police due to his reckless behavior and overstepping of his duties.

Citizens of Piedmont
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Petition to Alan Hostrup

Re-assign the Palisades-Malibu YMCA Executive Director

Alan Hostrup,  We, the members and parents with the Palisades-Malibu YMCA branch, feel frustrated that the YMCA has not appropriately responded to the injustice done to a loyal employee, Rashad Rhodes. His reputation was breached not just once but repeatedly. We will not be satisfied until we know that the new Executive Director, Beth MacAller, has been re-assigned to another location and replaced by someone who is more able to deal with such an in-tune and close-knit community such as ours. The way in which our favorite coach, Rashad, was recently treated immediately after having been let go, followed by further and more severe maltreatment days later, is simply unacceptable and irreparable under Beth MacAller's lead.   Not only are we appalled and hurt by the actual series of events, but we are shocked at how sloppily everything was handled from then on out. For one, many of us realize that Beth may have been forbidden from doing such, however; we still haven't received an apology. She hasn't held herself accountable or owned up to what it was that she did, acknowledging that she was very wrong. We deserve to have someone meet us on our level, admitting the gravity of the situation. Is her silence at the fault of Mark Dengler, the CEO and man who hired Beth or other executives? And if so, why has no one else come forward with a real response?This is not something to sweep under the rug. This type of behavior serves only to make a bad situation worse.      Secondly, we've been lied to. There were no legal issues. There were no just reasons for the authorities to be called, either times that they were so quickly called upon. For weeks, you let parents sit with the underlying thought; "Well, there must be something that Rashad has done that we aren't aware of." You let people believe for weeks and counting that maybe Rashad had done something terrible and that he deserved to be treated this way, which is alarming and disheartening, especially now that we all know the truth.    Even more upsetting, is knowing that we can't fight for Rashad to have his place back with the YMCA, because of the damage that has already been done, not just to him but also to his wife and young children. As much as we want him back, we fear that Rashad wouldn't feel safe returning. Perhaps he deserves to be the new Executive Director.    If we don't see a change in the very near future, we've agreed, one by one, that boycotting our local YMCA may be our only true power, starting with the Christmas Tree Lot. We are aware that the tree lot is the biggest annual fundraiser for the YMCA. Families have been coming to this special event for years but sometimes sacrifices must be made, in order to do what is right.    We realize that other innocent employees might also be affected. We strongly hope that it does not come to this and we would like to hear your game plan as soon as possible, so that we might once more feel at ease in our own community.    Thank you for taking the time to read and consider our words and we hope that together, we can fight to reestablish a healthy relationship with our YMCA. 

Sara Marti
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