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Petition to Supreme Court of California

Help Bring Robert Home

I am writing this petition on behalf of my brother, Robert Walker, who is falsely being accused of violating the human trafficking law. My goal is to make the residents of California aware of the unintended consequences, hoping it would help the real sex trafficking victims instead of the non-forced prostitutes. Millions of US Government tax dollars are being spent to fight a crime that is extremely rare in the state of California. The US government assumes that all prostitutes on earth are sex trafficked slaves who are abducted and forced into sexual exploitation against their will. This is not true among most cases. It Is our goal to bring you all the important information which disproves the lies told by the government and prohibitionists regarding human trafficking and sexual exploitation.     Compton, CA- On July 11, 2013 Robert Jerome Walker was arrested and booked by the Long Beach Police Department on four counts of human trafficking a minor; one count of lewd act upon a minor; and one count of dissuading a witness. Robert was arrested by a Detective Satwan Johnson and his partner Kenneth Turner, who has had it out for him since 2012. Detective Johnson has created a case against my brother from hearsay and managed to persuade the Long Beach Police Department into filing these outrageous charges. He spent 32 days in a Los Angeles county jail with a bond set at 1 million dollars. My family came up with the money and to do that we had to put up our family house so we could bail him out. On August 11, 2013 my brother managed to come home, but when he came home, he had to wear an ankle monitor and pay for his freedom, for a crime he didn't commit.      On March 26, 2014 (8 months later) He had a preliminary hearing my brother was remanded back into custody and this time the charge of lewd act upon a minor was dropped and his bail was raised and set at 4.2 million dollars. November 13, 2015, Robert was tried and convicted of all charges. As of today, Robert has spent the last 3 years fighting for his freedom. For over 5 years my family has been getting harassed by the Compton Sheriff Department. They've raided my family's tobacco establishment so many times claiming that there were drugs being sold out of our business. They even tried to get my brother for robbing a prostitute. Really?? Our family has gone through enough and it's time that we take a stand for not only my brother but ourselves as well. My brother is a well known rapper and the Compton Sheriff's are very aware of his music career. Robert's music and these victims non credible testimonies were the only evidence that they used against him. They would pull him over for no apparent reason to search him and his car, break things in his car and to do irritating things like rap his songs just to make fun of him.       Proposition 35 is taking the eye away from actual human trafficking victims and focusing on consented prostitution, it relies on profiting off the criminalization of juveniles, and forces prostitutes to lie about being victims so that the state and these "victims" can be fully compensated. Keep in mind these detectives said that Robert was allegedly the biggest pimp in Compton have made it a priority to send Robert's case to Long Beach due to the fact that they have a high conviction rate. Detective Johnson and his partner Turner have been straining so hard to ruin my brother’s reputation and trash his name by making up numerous lies, saying my brother led a multi million dollar prostitution ring and that he took these so called victims across state lines when these girls were never even caught with him, there's no pictures, videos or phone conversation to even link these girls to him which makes it all so confusing. My brother is in jail due to hearsay. While my brother is in jail suffering, these witnesses are still on the streets maintaining and doing the same actions, and putting more and more innocent people behind bars. I’m not saying that there aren’t any actual human trafficking victims out there, I just wonder why instead of spending thousands, maybe even millions of dollars to put innocent people in prison, it should actually be getting used to help the real victims of actual human trafficking.  I have re-created this petition so that I can bring my brother home. We will not give up without a fight. So please share this petition with your family, friends, neighbors co-workers any and everybody that you know. If this has happened to someone in your family, then you understand what our family is going through. For those who really know Robert, know that he didn't what their saying he did.

London Walker
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Petition to Honorable Linda Louise Bergman, Senior Judge, Oregon Department of Justice

Exonerate Marzouk in Toyota Defect Case In March of 2006, Abdelfattah Marzouk was unable to stop his Toyota Camry after being rear-ended. With both feet on the brake pedal, he evaded traffic for several miles as his car malfunctioned and continued to accelerate down the steep hill that is Highway 99.  New evidence shows that brake failure due to the initial crash damage, coupled with defective mechanisms in his Toyota were what led to this horrific car crash and the tragic death of a wife and mother. Mr. Marzouk was convicted of manslaughter, accused of "using his car like a bomb" and taking off down the road in a fit of rage with no regard for human life. He served out his full 10 year sentence. A year and a half following his release from Oregon State Penitentiary, he was finally granted an inspection of his vehicle. John Sandeen discovered evidence supporting the claims Marzouk has stood by all these years. In short; Marzouk did NOT have functional brakes. He was NOT pressing the gas. His Toyota had defective parts which caused the throttle to stick open, resulting in Unintended Sudden Acceleration. Marzouk's attorney failed to obtain the necessary inspections that would have proven his innocence with certainty. Toyota has an admittedly long history of faulty mechanics in their vehicles. Mr. Marzouk and the family of the victim deserve justice. The Oregon Dept. Of Justice as well as Toyota need to hold themselves accountable for their negligence which resulted in loss of freedom for Marzouk, and loss of life for Patricia Taylor. His Post-Conviction Relief hearing is scheduled for August 16th, 2018. The goal of this petition is to show Honorable Linda Louise Bergman, Senior Judge and the Oregon DOJ that the public supports the exoneration of Mr. Marzouk.  Additionally, we are hoping this will ultimately result in the prevention of future fatalities due to negligence in car manufacturing and testing. This is a great injustice on so many levels and must be addressed. Please sign to show your support. Like, follow and share this page where details and updates are shared: View the supporting comments on the previous petition for his release here:

Exonerate Marzouk
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Petition to Kim Foxx, Bruce Rauner

New trial for an innocent man

Detective Richard Zuley may be most famous for his notorious interrogations at Guantanamo Bay, but he first learned his torture techniques in the interrogation rooms of Chicago. Now, this 30-year veteran of the Chicago PD is under investigation for using illegal methods to coerce confessions that have put several possibly innocent people behind bars. One of his cases has already been overturned, and a man who spent 23 years in prison is now finally free. But while officials slowly make their way through the pages of evidence against this corrupt cop, my friend Lee Harris -- another of Zuley’s many victims -- still wastes away in prison.   My name is Robert. From 2000-2001, I shared a cell with Lee. We became good friends. Like a lot of people in prison, he would go on about how he was innocent and how he had been wrongly accused, but I never knew what to believe. However, when I received letters from the “witness” who put him away, apologizing for lying on the stand, I started digging: Lee’s conviction doesn’t add up. And now that I am on the outside, I am doing everything I can to get him a new trial so he can prove his innocence. I am asking Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office to grant my friend Lee Harris a new trial, so he can prove his innocence. He shouldn’t spend one more day behind bars while the true criminal is allowed to walk free. At first, Lee collaborated with Detective Zuley to help him find the real killer in the crime he is doing time for. Facing public pressure to find the killer, they pressed Lee for information using both threats and rewards. In one instance, Zuley offered him a $20,000 reward, and in another, he threatened to stop providing protection for his family, exposing them to retaliation. When they couldn’t find the real killer, they turned on their informant and charged him with the crime. They had no murder weapon or evidence connecting Lee to the crime. Yet, even with all these legal missteps and the lack of evidence, they still threw Lee behind bars for 90 years. He remains in jail to this day for a crime I am sure he didn’t commit. And I am not the only one: Chicago attorney Jennifer Blagg, who has won many exonerations in the US, is now taking a closer look at Harris’ conviction. It’s time to grant my friend Lee Harris a new trial and let true justice be served. We cannot continue to keep this man behind bars while the real killer could be walking the streets. Please sign my petition and help me fight for justice for Lee Harris.

Robert Chattler
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