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Petition to Kevin G. Clarkson, Roman J. Kalytiak

Drop All Charges Against Clayton Allison For Good

On February 13, 2015, Clayton Allison was wrongfully convicted of his daughter's accidental death. Jocelynn Renee Allison was a beautiful, disabled, 15-month-old who was adored by her parents, family and friends. Everyone who loved Jocelynn and saw her in her daily life knows Clayton is innocent! On July 26, 2019, the Alaska Court of Appeals REVERSED the wrongful conviction, finally acknowledging what family and friends have been saying for the 4.5 years that he has been imprisoned. Clayton's conviction was wrongfully obtained by banning evidence that Jocelynn's mother, Christiane Joy Allison, had been diagnosed with a dominant genetic connective tissue disease (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome) that explained Jocelynn's injuries and death. This ban prevented Jocelynn's own treating physician from telling the jury he suspected a genetic condition and had already planned to test Jocelynn as soon as her pending TEFRA insurance application was approved.  No one wants a family, grieving from the untimely death of an ill or disabled child, subjected to years of harsh treatment and needless additional heartache. Family and friends have had to endure precisely that for 11 years since Jocelynn passed on to be with the Lord in 2008. Multiple loved ones have passed away, and others have endured severe illness from the unrelenting stress, awaiting justice for Clayton and Jocelynn.  Now the State of Alaska has a choice. The Appeals Court noted that "the evidence presented at trial was almost exclusively that Allison was a loving father who was very involved in his special needs child’s care." The State can choose to forgo trying Clayton again with merely circumstantial evidence, or they can decide to drag Jocelynn's family and friends through the multi-year process of a retrial in an attempt to wrongfully convict and imprison Clayton Allison again. The grieving need peace. We need this nightmare to be over for good. Please sign this petition, asking the State of Alaska to drop all charges against Clayton permanently, and to allow Jocelynn's family and friends to finally heal.  For more information visit 

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Petition to Andrew M. Cuomo, Rossana Rosado, Charles E. Schumer, Kirsten E. Gillibrand, Cyrus Vance Jr., William J. Fitzpatrick, Mayor Bill DeBlasio

Help Paul Cortez Fight For Justice

Dear Governor Andrew Cuomo, Secretary of State Rosanna Rosado, Senator Charles Schumer, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Mayor Bill DeBlasio, District Attorney Cyrus Vance, District Attorney William J. Fitzpatrick & Van Jones, The undersigned are requesting the immediate release of Paul V. Cortez, an innocent man currently serving a 25 years to life sentence in the State of New York. The Crime       On November 27, 2005, Catherine Woods was found murdered in her NYC apartment. Paul Cortez was wrongfully and tragically convicted of this crime and has spent over a decade fighting along-side numerous supporters to prove his innocence.      At the time of the murder, Catherine was seeing several different men, but the two who received the most focus were her live-in, ex-boyfriend, David Haughn, and Paul Cortez.       In 2016, Paul’s appellate attorney uncovered new video surveillance evidence showing the true perpetrator leaving the crime scene after the known time of the murder. This video affirmatively establishes that the David Haughn was inside Catherine’s apartment at the time she was murdered.       Tragically, this video was never viewed by ineffective trial counsel, never shown to Paul, never seen by the jury, and knowingly disregarded by the prosecution at trial.   Paul Cortez      From the time Paul Cortez was a child, he worked tirelessly on his academics, athletics and artistic pursuits hoping one day to be able to support his family and move them out of the Bronx. His early life was filled with family, friendships, mentors, academics, music, sports, theatre and art. Paul has always been known as a gentle, nurturing, loving soul who excelled in the many schools he gained academic & artistic scholarships to the Buckley School, Poly Prep Country Day School and Boston University. At the time of Catherine’s murder, Paul was auditioning on Broadway, performing in musical bands, supporting himself as a fitness trainer and enjoying his time with friends and family.    David Haughn       David Haughn grew up in foster homes, and was a high school dropout and aspiring rapper who moved into Catherine's apartment. Weeks before the murder, Catherine asked David to move out. Knowing of David's financial struggles, erratic behaviors and drug use, Catherine eventually relented and allowed him to stay and sleep on the sofa.    Paul & Catherine’s Relationship       Soon after meeting in 2004, Paul and Catherine spoke on the phone every day and saw each several times each week. Six weeks into their friendship, Paul and Catherine’s relationship changed and they became romantically involved.    The Media Circus   In the days immediately following the murder, the police leaked erroneous information to the media relating to this murder investigation. The stories littered the front pages of NY newspapers, as well as television news programs. The stories cited anonymous police sources with reports of Paul’s confession letter and the existence of a surveillance video capturing Paul leaving the scene of the crime  - all of which were lies. The media villainized and convicted Paul Cortez long before he ever set foot in the courtroom.   The Police Investigation       No one witnessed the crime. The murder weapon was never found. No surveillance video footage placed Paul at the scene of the crime - there were more than 13 surveillance cameras covering the area immediately surrounding the crime scene, including one camera focused on the buildings only entrance/exit.       No one interviewed by the police saw Paul at the location. A clutch of hair with roots still attached was found entwined in Catherine's bloody fingers - that hair did not match Paul's hair. At least three of the hairs were light in color. Although David had light hair that was similar, no DNA tests were ever conducted to compare them.       The police admitted that even though the victim fought for her life, there were no scratches, cuts, bruises or blood on Paul’s body.      The police initially believed David to be the main suspect. Not surprisingly, David immediately blamed Paul. It was only when a latent print the police matched to Paul was found at the scene that the case focus shifted to him. Paul’s appellate attorney had this print examined and 4 different experts have affirmatively stated that the print was on the wall for some time before any blood may have splattered on it. In other words, if Paul left the print on the wall, it was during one of his many visits to Catherine’s apartment and NOT at the time of the murder.        At trial, a T-Mobile agent testified that at 6:33pm a call from Paul to Catherine went through a cell tower on 95th Street - placing Paul 10 blocks away from the scene minutes after the time of the homicide.   Paul's Trial Attorneys - Dawn Florio & Laura Miranda       Following his arrest, Paul was locked in Ryker’s Island prison for 18 months. He was forced to rely on his family to find and retain an attorney with their limited finances. Paul naively assumed that if he told the truth, our legal system would eventually grant him his freedom.       Paul’s family pooled together all of their life savings and hired Dawn Florio and Laura Miranda to represent him. It was later learned that Florio had an extremely checkered past with multiple arrests. Also, while she was representing Paul, she was under indictment by the same prosecutor’s office for smuggling drugs into a client at Ryker’s Island.        Shockingly, neither of Paul's trial attorneys showed up for the first three days of trial. In fact, Miranda was held in contempt of court and fined $1,000 for not showing up. When Florio and Miranda finally did come to court, it was painfully clear they had not properly prepared the case and were not ready for trial. Among the many fatal errors made by Florio and Miranda in representing Paul: They did not hire an investigator - something unheard of in a murder case. The Court even granted Paul funds to pay for investigators and experts that were inexplicably not drawn upon;  They did not have any of the DNA at the scene of the crime tested. Again, government funds were made available for such testing; They failed to follow up on a fingerprint expert's opinion that additional forensic testing was needed to determine the timing of when the "fingerprint" was made. Testing has now been performed and it shows the print was made before the time of the murder - not at the time of the murder. Had the jury heard this evidence, they would have returned a verdict of not guilty!!! Left unopposed by ineffective counsel, the prosecutor was free to disregard the crucial video surveillance evidence and make arguments known to be categorically untrue to the jury, and he did.   The Recently Discovered Video Recording (aka the Smoking Gun)      In 2016, Paul’s appellate attorney uncovered video surveillance evidence showing David Haughn, the true perpetrator, leaving the crime scene after the known time of the murder. This video affirmatively establishes that David Haughn  was inside the victim’s apartment at the time Catherine was murdered.      Tragically, this video was never viewed by ineffective trial counsel, never shown to Paul, never seen by the jury, and knowingly disregarded by the prosecution at trial.   Making a Difference While In Prison      While continuing to fight for his own freedom, Paul has immersed himself in prison reform activism from the inside. Using his art as his mouthpiece, Paul was heralded by The Guardian as an “agent of change” after winning a gold prize art exhibit sponsored by the Corrections Accountability Project.      Paul’s spiritual pursuit and dedication to Jesus have led him to become a writing contributor for Dr. Allen Ferry’s book Insights from Inside: Chaplaincy & Corrections.      Paul has also used his music for his Christian ministry where he has performed for Timothy Cardinal Dolan at St. Paul's Chapel and dedicated himself to his religious studies and personal ministry to the incarcerated. How You Can Help We are asking for your support by signing, sharing, and asking friends and family to sign and share this petition to get Paul released immediately!

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Petition to Governor Terry McAuliffe, Governor Ralph Northam

Decriminalize Autism and Save Drew

Our son, Drew Harrison, has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and is currently serving three active years of a 50-year prison sentence. Drew’s Autism was not taken into consideration at trial or sentencing. We are petitioning Governor McAuliffe to grant Drew a pardon. Drew reconnected with a woman he had dated in high school. The evening before inviting him to her apartment she shared her interest in BDSM, submissive sex. She told Drew that her boyfriend was too tired after work to please her sexually. Upon arrival she laid a blanket on the floor, she allowed him to massage her shoulders and feet, she showed him her semi-nude, erotic photos of herself and engaged in sexualized talk. In the bedroom he easily removed her shirt and pants. Drew gave the woman oral sex and put a finger in her vagina. When she told him to stop he stopped. The two of them texted and emailed back and forth hundreds of times post event. They even got together a few times. On one occasion they went to a bookstore where she pointed out an erotic BDSM book for Drew to buy. Six months after the evening in her apartment she reported to the police that the contact in her bedroom was nonconsensual. Those with ASD typically have a strike or two against them when entering a courtroom. The pace of questioning often exceeds their ability to process everything that is heard. Their high anxiety and repetitive statements can be mistaken as indicators of deception or guilt. Without an understanding of their unique way of processing information and their difficulty expressing anger appropriately a court can easily question credibility and reach a faulty conclusion.  Drew’s therapist testified that Drew has a strong desire to please, that he has learned to fake well in order to fit in. The judge interpreted this as our son’s ability to be deceitful and he used it as part of the reason for convicting Drew. He never asked the autism experts in the courtroom for clarification regarding Drew’s social and communication deficits.  In a letter presented to the judge Drew’s probation officer noted that Drew complied with all probation conditions for over two years. She stated that if this were a regular case without the appeal process she would request early release from probation. She added that Drew passed the state-issued polygraph without deception. Results were consistent with the not guilty plea Drew has maintained from the beginning.      The judge stated that he didn’t view Drew as a threat to the community or the woman. He emphasized that he was sending Drew to prison as a general deterrence to others because that is what the community would want him to do. Drew’s therapists are convinced that Drew is innocent of the crime for which he was convicted. They warned the court that incarceration would be torture for our son. In prison Drew suffered a break down after abrupt medication changes and being moved from isolation into general population. To deaden his senses from loud clanging doors, the bright buzzing lights and the chatter of inmates Drew often wears ear plugs and wraps a shirt around his head. He struggles to navigate the unwritten rules of inmates. Drew lives in fear and overwhelm. He begs us, “Please get me out of here”. Prison visits are bittersweet. We are grateful to spend time with our son, but heartbroken as we see him deteriorate. We are asking Governor McAuliffe to grant Drew a pardon. We ask for your support by signing this petition. My blog gives additional details and excerpts from transcripts. It shows the considerable reasonable doubt and injustice.  Thank you, Judy and John Harrison       

Judy (Jude) Harrison
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Petition to President of the United States

Grant CLEMENCY to TAMARA LLAMAS, mom of 5, serving sentences for crimes she DIDN'T commit.

Tamara Llamas has been incarcerated since 1996, sentenced to 4 concurrent life sentences on 4 counts: distribution of marijuana, a conspiracy to murder for hire, use of a firearm in a drug crime, and witness tampering.  She admits to guilt regarding the distribution of marijuana, but has proof that she was wrongfully accused and sentenced for conspiracy to commit murder,.  She was illegally coerced and wrongfully threatened under duress with the death penalty for murder if she failed to enter a plea agreement "admitting" that she committed the murder. Fearful for her life, and on the advice of her family who also feared she would be executed, she agreed to the plea bargain in order to save her life. She however has proof and a written affidavit of her innocence of the murder, and admission of his own guilt from the actual murderer, Jimmy Wakefield, who implicated her in an effort to save himself from the death penalty, a crime for which he is in fact the guilty party. Yet the evidence was suppressed and his blatant perjury and subsequent admission of guilt were not presented to the court, resulting in unfounded charges of guilt on an innocent victim. She is serving multiple life sentences for a conspiracy to murder that she did not pay, direct, order or conspire to have done, as the prosecution charged. Tamara was the mother of five young children, ranging in age from 3 years old to 16 years old at the time of her incarceration, and since then has tragically lost two of them who have died since her incarceration. There is evidence supporting her innocence in the murder conspiracy charges including: * a Polygraph test she was administered by the FBI for which she PASSED * a Polygraph test by Jimmy Wakefield which he FAILED * several recorded tapes, letters, and affidavits accumulated as evidence of her innocence, copies of which were sent to both the Court and the Prosecutor * sworn affidavits and numerous personal letters by Jimmy Wakefield confessing that the Prosecutor coerced him into implicating her in order to avoid the death penalty himself, and admitting that he alone committed the murder and that she was not involved in any way Tamara wants justice: including her case re-heard with all evidence- especially Jimmy Wakefield's admission of perjury and his guilt of the murder- submitted, resulting in a pardon for the murder conspiracy charges, for which she is totally innocent, with a subsequent reduction of her sentence to reflect only the Marijuana charges, and possibly a further reduction of her sentence to reflect the changes in law regarding Marijuana since her incarceration.  She wants to be able to return to her family and once again be part of her children's lives and become a part of her grandchildren's lives.  Tamara has exhausted all of her appeals. Tamara does not have the legal knowledge to navigate around the legal arena to help herself. If you are an attorney who is willing to help her (or even a celebrity willing to advocate on her behalf) you may contact me, (Cindy Boskofsky) at: Cindy: 425-244-1700

Cindy Boskofsky
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