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Petition to Royal Albert Hall management

Royal Albert Hall: let your staff have a real union

Despite having over 400 employees, the Royal Albert Hall does not recognise a union for collective bargaining. Despite those same employees asking regularly and repeatedly since 2014 for the RAH to recognise a union, nothing has changed. Despite having a formal ballot through ACAS which resulted in a 52% vote in favour of recognising a union, nothing has changed. The Hall rejected the democratic vote. According to ACAS, such a rejection is unprecendented: management broke their promise to abide by a majority of votes cast. Despite a whole new petition asking for a union in 2017, management is still saying NO. They are doing NOTHING to respect the wishes of their employees. If a 52% majority of votes is enough for the government to enact Brexit, why is it not good enough for the Royal Albert Hall management to recognise a union? They should respect the will of their staff. Having a recognised union benefits staff enormously: it helps employees' concerns be taken more seriously, gives them more of a say over contract changes, and gives them independent guidance and support. Companies with good relationships with trade unions have better motivated staff, lower turnover, and higher morale. They also have better pay and working conditions.   Significant figures in entertainment are joining the call for the Royal Albert Hall to recognise a real union for their staff: Mark Thomas - comedian, presenter, and journalist - says: “Everyone has the right to a union and, in the end, the Royal Albert Hall will acknowledge that and actually come to boast of their recognition of the union in their PR. The only question is, how much goodwill are they prepared to lose before they do?”   Royal Albert Hall: if you truly care about your employees, if you really are a charity, why not give them the care that they are asking for and let BECTU be their union?  

RAH Unionise
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Petition to College Council of King's College London

Bring our cleaning & security staff at King’s College London back in-house

Members of College Council will be aware of a series of increasingly large and disruptive public protests by the university’s cleaners, students and other staff and trade unions calling for the university to meet the following demands: 1) Bring staff in-house: all staff deserve the same sick pay, holiday pay, maternity, paternity and pensions rights as KCL staff 2) Equal opportunity for overtime hours and new jobs 3) Formal recognition of Unison 4) Earlier implementation of the annual London Living Wage increase (demand now met) Repeated failings of a series of outsourced companies – the latest are Servest (cleaning) and CIS (security) have seen the intervention of the trade union Unison and use of grievances, disputes and negotiations to put in place basic rights and challenge simple workplace issues. The underlying issue here is not one particular company but the system of outsourcing which allows fellow workers to receive poorer treatment on campus and terms and conditions which give only basic statutory entitlements (sick pay, holidays, pensions) despite these workers being part of the King’s community and wearing the university’s logo on their uniforms. Unison has now had a productive meeting with the university which will start negotiations over sick-pay - the current use of statutory sick pay (SSP) often means our members come to work ill or do not receive sick pay for the first three days of illness and after this receive a paltry £89.35 per week in SSP. More news here as we have it and a positive step towards parity.We feel strongly that those who truly lead the HE sector are institutions such as LSE and SOAS who are currently in the process of returning all staff to direct employment by the university and King’s should follow suit by doing the right thing and investing in staff. Such a decision would not only be of huge benefit to staff but also to students who join us in demanding that all workers be brought back in-house. We cannot get a guarantee on whether a proposal will be taken to the College Council on its next meeting of March 22nd. Regardless of the date of the meeting, we the undersigned call on the Council to vote to invest in these staff, to support the direct employment and equal terms and conditions for all staff at the university and to reject any motions which seek to continue the divide between groups of workers at the university. 

UNISON King's College London Branch
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Petition to Steve Bullock

Do not give our Ladywell Playtower to the union-busting Picturehouse / Cineworld chain!

The Mayor of Lewisham is currently deciding if the council should give the publically-owned Ladywell Playtower to the union-busting Picturehouse chain. Picturehouse is owned by Cineworld, who made £82million profit last year. Despite these massive profits, Picturehouse refuse to pay staff a living wage They sacked workers who were involved in union activities. They routinely use zero-hours contracts that force employees to live in fear of overnight destitution. They recently threatened to sack staff who went on strike for better conditions. The Playtower was built in 1884 as a public bath- it is a public asset owned by us and any future use of the building needs to benefit the community.  It is hard to imagine how something could be less beneficial for people in Lewisham than an employer that treats us like dirt.  There are 3 other bids on the table, two of which include cinema facilities (see here).  Steve Bullock will decide the winning bidder, who will be gifted the building so that it can be brought back to life. There is already a 5-screen picturehouse only 1.6 miles away, and there are 3 picturehouses within 5 miles of the Playtower. Lewisham council is a living wage employer, so they acknowledge the importance of paying staff enough to survive in the local area.  Lewisham is a Labour-run council, so it should support unions like BECTU- who support a Picturehouse boycott and whose members are on strike in Picturehouses.   A successful bid for Picturehouse/Cineworld would only encourage its shareholders to believe nobody cares about the living wage or decent working conditions.  It would strengthen Cineworld’s desire to withhold their massive profits from the hard-working staff who make them, since objectors would be seen as powerless.  It would be irresponsible of our council to hand Picturehouse a public victory over those of us who support fair pay and decent working conditions.   Lewisham deserves better.  Any other bid is better than the Picturehouse bid.  We call on the mayor to reject the Picturehouse bid, make it clear the bid was rejected because of Picturehouse's employment practices and call for the reinstatement of sacked union activists at the Brixton Ritzy. If you agree with us, it's important to share this petition and tell all your friends to keep an eye on Twitter / Facebook, where we will post information about how to get involved in actions to save our Playtower from Picturehouse / Cineworld if the mayor approves their bid. References: picturehouse-cinema-strikes- are-becoming-emblematic- battle-workers-rights showing-ritzy-low-pay- exploitation-picturehouse- chain-poverty-wages-cinema- staff picturehouse-threatens-to- sack-striking-workers-in- dispute-over-pay

Iain Wilson
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