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Petition to Subcommittee on International Human Rights

Help stop Canada's child labour problem

Each time you make a purchase, you could be buying products made by child labour and you wouldn’t even know it! Every year, Canadian companies import billions of dollars worth of everyday products made by children as young as six - including fashion, fruit, coffee, and body lotion. As a mother of two, I want to know that the things that I buy for my kids and myself weren't made by other young children working in dangerous conditions. I'm frustrated that the government has been doing nothing to prevent this — but together we can change that. No child should be for sale.  Right now, there’s a Parliamentary committee studying Canada's ties to child labour. They could make recommendations for legislation to call on corporations to be more transparent about how they address child labour in their supply chains - but, according to World Vision Canada, it's unlikely that the committee will recommend this unless they start hearing that everyday people care about this issue. We need to show that we care if the products that we buy put children's lives at risk.  Help me call on the committee to recommend strong corporate transparency laws that will force companies to be more open about their supply chains. Please show your support for the victims of child labour by telling the Government of Canada you care - sign and share this petition.  The committee is writing their report right now - we have to act fast! 

Sofie Pauwels & World Vision Canada
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Petition to Susur Lee, Kai Lee, Levi Lee

Lee Restaurants: Stop the IOU system and refund confiscated worker tips

The problem is this; Lee Restaurants using the IOU system in their restaurants. The system was put into place to make sure FOH and BOH staff paid for any mistakes, accidents, walkouts, kitchen errors or sendbacks out of their own tips. This is 100% illegal under Ontario Law. When questioned, a representative commented that the money confiscated by the company was used to fund staff parties and pay for aprons. To add insult to injury, Susur Lee's two sons Levi and Kai are also in the tip pool. This means that even while not working or on site, the two millionaire sons are taking money from the people that are actually employed and in need of the money made at Lee and Frings. Levi and Kai are known for frivolous spending and not being shy about showing how much money they have and spend on a regular basis. Even in the midst of all this controversy. Example; the $20,000 they spent on Supreme\Louis Vuitton apparel.  Our suggestion is this; sell a portion of the Supreme\Louis Vuitton gear and pay back the staff you stole from, and that toiled in your father's restaurants and made him as successful as he is. The restaurant industry is hard enough as it is and Hospitality workers don't need to be stepped on by someone who clearly knows better. There are alot of people that know and appreciate how wrong this is. And with this petition hopefully even those not in the know, will have the courage the step up and not let employers steal from them, belittle them or take advantage of them in anyway.   UPDATE: Lee Restaurants have just stopped using the IOU system because of the backlash faced on Social Media. That's the first step. Now time to pay back everyone stolen from. 

Canadian Restaurant Industry Employees
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Petition to United Nations

Improve the working conditions of employees in developing countries

People living in developing countries are forced to work in conditions that violate social justice principles and basic human rights. We can make a change in these workers lives by improving the conditions of where they work, giving them proper safety training and equipment, and improving their salaries so that they can escape the poverty that they live in. If the conditions of these sweatshops are improved, the economy of the developing country has a very good chance of improving and will put it on the path of becoming a developed one. Additionally, sweatshops are often the best option available in terms of pay, which is astounding considering that the average salary in these factories is 50 cents per hour. Did you know, most sweatshop facilities give their employees scripts for when a health inspector comes, requiring them to tell the inspector that they know were all of the emergency exits are, which are always kept locked, and explain to the inspector how they are treated well and paid fairly. If a worker decides to branch off from the script and reveal the truth, they are immediately terminated from the factory. An organization known as United Students Against Sweatshops (USAS) has been working in university and college campuses all over the United States, campaigning to bring an end to unfair labor and bring justice to large corporations that utilize sweatshop labor.

Michael Cimesa
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