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Petition to Rt Hon Greg Clark MP

Clean Up the F-Word and stop flexible working being seen as a dirty word

New research from Digital Mums shows 7 in 10 UK employees would like to have flexible working but only 12 percent have ever asked for it.  Over half think that any request would be viewed negatively by their employer.   This suggests that, three years on, the government's 'right to request' law isn't going anywhere near far enough to remove the barrier to a more flexible way of working more in tune with today's technology and entrepreneurial workforce. The Digital Mums #WorkThatWorks Movement aims for flexible working to be seen as the norm for everyone and not just the reserve of a ‘lucky’ few. We believe the rigid and restrictive ‘9 to 5 coat-on-chair’ culture should be assigned to the past. To kick-start this societal shift we want the government to clean up the F-word.  The full current definition on the government website is: "Flexible working is a way of working that suits an employee’s needs, eg having flexible start and finish times, or working from home.” We believe this definition should be changed from solely describing  ‘a way of working that suits an employee’s needs’ to ‘work that works for employees and businesses’. A new definition needs to show the benefits of flexible working to businesses.  6 in 10 (61%) UK workers said they would be more productive if they could work flexibly and over two thirds (67%) said they would be more loyal to a business. Significantly,  75% of 18-24 year olds currently not working are more likely to apply for a job with flexible hours over a standard job.   A business that supports flexible working gets to attract and retain the best talent, see a difference to their bottom line and create a motivated and committed workforce.   It’s time to change the culture around flexible working in the UK and stop it being seen as a dirty word or an employee perk. A new definition will set us on the path to changing the way we work forever.  Check out our film for more information and sign our petition to Clean Up The F-Word. For more information on Digital Mums visit  

Digital Mums
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Petition to UK Parliament

Equal wages for all ages

A question prominent among young workers: why are workers under 25 paid less than colleagues 25 and over for doing the same job? It is ridiculous that there's a difference in the minimum wage when at 16 it is possible that a person on £4.05 an hour can be leaving school and home to go into further education or work. At 16, we are legally allowed to work full time, get married and have children. IMAGINE trying supporting a family from £4.05 an hour. When childcare in the UK costs a third of the average income (£28,000) it is a wonder why any parent would work at all, especially those younger than 25. May I add, you wonder why so many young adults still live at home? If it was as affordable for a person under 25 to live independently as it is for a person over then you would find the figures of young adults moving out of home dramatically increase. Now writing from a student perspective, a societal group whom are given government funding as well as working so therefore SHOULD be better off than those who are not studying: Students loans in Scotland do not even cover rent for some students - leaving them impoverished or with very little money; resulting in them accumulating debt in order to afford basic necessities because many employers do not pay enough for students to subsidize without working more hours than is respectable with the high expectations of performance in education. Between student loan repayments and overdraft or bank loan repayments this is debt that can take a large portion of adult life to pay back. Advocating on behalf of all students, the maximum student loan and bursary is £7625. This is the equivalent to working full time (40 hours per week, 52 weeks) at £3.66 per hour. HOW is it fair to expect this to be a liveable amount when an over 25 with similar outgoings are legally obliged to be paid £7.50 per hour? Even if they do not have dependents they are entitled to this amount. Most students work, often for minimum wage or similar because it is a neccessity to in order to survive and this still is not always enough. This is not an appeal for an increase in student loans but a firsthand example of the absolute need for higher pay. Young people are unfairly exploited and sometimes hired simply because employers do not want to pay an adult the minimum wage. It's cheaper to employ and take advantage of young workers. We're taking steps towards equality in the workplace for women and ethnic minorities, the same should be done for young people. Not to mention older people who are highly protected in employment. HOW can our state ignore the blatant discrimination towards young people? HOW can our state force the blame onto us for 16-24 being the highest rate of unemployment in age groups? The low rate of minimum wage encourages us not to work, which then has a knock on effect on employment in adults as generations progress. We need equal minimum wage for all workers with the same job title or responsibilites. This is not just a want, this is not just a feeling of being treated as lesser, this is an absolute need. The Equality Act 2010 protects people from being discriminated by age in employment within reason - within reason does not mean only applicable to the older person, so why are young people not treated with the same respect and value? Paying a younger person less for working the same job is direct discrimination. April 2017 minimum wage figures:Apprentice £3.5016 & 17: £4.0518-20: £5.6021-24: £7.0525+: £7.50Not to mention the discrepancies in the amount it rises each year - sorry are young people not affected by inflation? Young people in the UK want, need and deserve equality in the workplace so this is an appeal to the UK Government to give us exactly that. 

Lucy Geddie
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Petition to Penny Mordaunt, Damian Hinds, Lord Freud, Damian Green, Theresa May MP

Large companies create work from home jobs to allow ill/disabled opportunity to work.

Everyone in the disabled community is acutely aware of the massive upheaval to welfare reform. Our government is doing everything in its power to 'help' the sick and disabled back to work. It so it claims. But is it really?  Cutting benefits and imposing sanctions only serves to instil fear and stress upon a community that could really do without it. Work related interviews, support back to work etc. is all well and good; but only if the job is suitable for the person who is being forced into it.  It is my belief that rather than forcing ill and disabled people into 'regular' jobs that are completely unsustainable; our government should put rules in place to ensure all companies with a workforce of over 1000 employs at least 1% of its staff in entirely home working positions. With all the benefits afforded to those working outside the home, including minimum hourly wage, holidays and pension credits. Preferably these positions would be flexible hours if possible, to give us optimum opportunity to work and also maintain our health.  Of course many disabled people are still not going to be in a position to work. But for those of us that are physically and mentally able, this would actually be a genuine way our government could help us. The press loves to portray the disabled community as lazy scroungers who choose to take from the state. But that is not the case. Most of us miss working, we suffer a deep sense of depression in not being able to provide for ourselves. This could be a relatively 'easy fix'. Initially there may well be logistical hurdles and financial layout for the companies. But overall this would likely save them money. Many positions, from telephonists through to corporate, could easily be undertaken at home. Particularly with all the new technologies on the market. Companies would have a whole new market of talented and determined people available to them. People who still have such a lot to give. Not to mention the money they could save on premises etc.  This petition won't only help us as a disabled community. It would be of benefit to stay at home parents. Carers. Anyone who isn't able to work in the 'conventional' manner. It's not about giving us as a community an unfair advantage. We don't need jobs created specifically for us, we need EQUAL opportunities. For us to truly have that, there has to be jobs available that we could excel in. The opportunity to work from home is the opportunity to excel.  People may do that there are work from home positions already. Indeed there are. But they are hard to find. There's network marketing. Commission based sales. Agency work. But very few jobs provide the benefits of working in a 'standard' job. No hourly wage, holidays, pension. That's what we need to change. That's why we need more positions in the home. The technology is ready and waiting, we just need to use it!  So please, join me in this. With this small change our government could actually do something to genuinely help not only us as a disabled community, but many others too. 

Jennie Smales
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