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Petition to Nassau County

Have charges filed against group who assaulted pregnant women in Nassau County NY

On 4/17/2020 a female of Oceanside, NY was at a residence in East Rockaway, NY when a group of adults (Justin Mayer of 61 Althouse Ave, East Rockaway, NY) (Paige Neidecker of 4 Shaffer Ave, Oneonta, NY) (Kalypso Kearney of 294 Merrifield Ave, Oceanside, NY) (Aidan Tellier of 174 Mill Rd, Valley Stream, NY) (Nicholas Consiglio of 31 Front St, East Rockaway, NY) (Sean Ohara of East Rockaway, NY) approached the home with intentions of causing harm on someone, Sean Ohara welding a knife in his left hand, Kalypso Kearney holding a box cutter in her pocket which was later used in a attempt “slit someones throat” in her words she later said on recording over the phone with another female which was surrendered to police for investigation. After approaching the residence Paige Neidecker continued to ask for the women in the house who was pregnant at the time of the incident, when said women walked to the front door, Justin Mayer picked up a lawn chair and threw it violently at her. As the group walked away Justin Mayer again picked up the same chair and hit a vehicle parked in the street, then Aidan Tellier backed a tow truck bed into the vehicle also causing front end damage. Later when police arrives the women was brought to NUMC where she was bleeding and later miscarried her fetus. No arrest were made, private investigators were hired and we need as many signatures to give to Nassau County Detectives & the DA, a lawsuit would also be submitted for deformation of character & damages caused to vehicle.

International Investigation Group PI
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Petition to Belmar St. Patrick's Day parade board

Discrimination of Female Entrepreneurs

I am a female entrepreneur. I own a few small businesses all based around women empowerment. We recently applied to be in an open to the public parade in belmar Nj. We received a voicemail from an unknown number stating we were denied. I have called and emailed to see the reason behind this and they refuse to get back to us. There are no official rules listed that we could have possibly broke in the 2 consecutive years we have marched. If we broke a rule or something happened we would like to know so we can fix this.  We have attended many family focused events and this exact parade 2 years in a row and would like to know why we are rejected and banned.  I strongly believe this older male dominated board is discriminating our female run Business and I wouldn’t be surprised if there are others they are doing this to as well. This needs to stop!!   ⚠️ UPDATE ⛔️  They have returned one email stating that we broke 2 rules the last time we marched. Here is the email  ————- Good Evening,     I have decided that Holly's parties by bellas will not be allowed to march in the parade this year. In the parade that occurred on March 3, 2019, Holly's parties by bellas violated two of the parade committees rules. Holly's parties by bellas handed out advertisement leaflets to spectators during the parade. Parade Rules: 2. The Parade Chairman representing the Parade Committee reserves the right to refuse participation to any individual or group deemed offensive or in bad taste. 5.There will be no throwing candy, gum, leaflets or distribution of any type, from individual, group, vehicle or float. ————- The first “rule break” is not really a rule and the second one was something we did NOT know as against the rules as EVERYONE else does this. I’ve been told by parents their Kids bring empty bags to fill up with candy and items from the parade.   Apparently if you hand out candy or pass out flyers you’re banned from marching in future parades without a warning or conversation.   Once again they do not state these rules anywhere or inform you if you accidentally broke a rule. I was in this parade 2 times and never signed off on any rules A Conversation immediately after the parade should have happened so I could’ve been aware of our mistake and make the proper changes for the future.  If we knew ahead of time we would of abided by any and all rules. When trying to respond to this email to let them know that now that we are aware of the rules and plan to abide by them they have blocked us.  This is highly rude and disrespectful to me and my entire company. I believe we deserve answers and the decency of a conversation.   We just want to March in our local St. Patrick’s Day parade as a company because we enjoy it. 

Holly Corbella
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Petition to governer, American Physical Therapy Association, Elizabeth Warren

Make it a standard practice for women to receive Physical therapy after giving birth

A woman goes through insane amount of physical, mental emotional journey when carrying a child in her womb. The uterus , abdominal muscles, vagina stretching to ten times its size , trauma to the pelvic floor muscles, abdominal muscles, incisions, the pressure on the joints of pelvis , hips , lower body , spine , pulling on the shoulder-upper back, abdominal contents being pushed and squeezed back , ligaments stretching to accommodate the baby, added pounds that we carry around for 9 months and after , hormonal changes, sleep deprivation, swollen feet , swollen everything!!!!! In routine prenatal visits to OBGY, no attention was paid on any of it except for asking me about pain and having me fill out PPD questionnaire only ONCE. Keeping my attention on the physical part of this journey at this time (since I’m a Physical therapist), it really bothered me as to why the women dont get send to an orthopedic physical therapist or a pelvic PT !??? Every women giving birth in France gets sent to a physiotherapist to rehabilitate her pelvic floor and additional visits if needed as a part of government funded program.  As a consumer, I’d want Physical therapy keep my body at its optimal state and be the healthiest fittest as I can be to carry my baby and as a Physical therapy provider I feel we could be serving 1000s and 1000 more women in keeping at their best self during pregnancy and post natal period, which we as physical therapy providers are missing out on! and more importantly to keep women/ mothers in the workforce , reduce other medical cost/burden (low back pain , incontinence , prolapse , diastases recti to name a few conditions that can arise with pregnancy and child birth and is not pertinent to any pre existing medical conditions) on the individual and the company , reduce sick days, improve productivity,  improve quality of life of mothers and hence the family.If you've made this far, stay with me here, this is important- I received a free breast pump through my insurance as a part of the affordable care act and that was great as every mother needs it and it’s a necessity! So my question is why our services as a Physical therapist are not considered essential and given to the expecting women and new mothers as a part of the service NEEDED to thrive in this stage of their lives- through the insurance or by the government. (Just like the breast pump!!!) We need to make better pre natal physical therapy and mandatory post natal physical therapy a standard practice for every women going through pregnancy and child birth. Please help us help everyone and move this country forward.  (Picture of my Baby's rainbow butt to signify better days on the horizon) 

Khushboo Patel
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