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  India's tough abortion law called the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act bars abortions beyond 20 weeks, though courts have made exceptions if the fetus is not viable or if the mother’s life is at risk was placed in 1971. With many loopholes present still, it was passed to prevent illegal and unsafe abortions. In India, A 10 year old girl in Chandigarh was allegedly raped by her 51 year old uncle. She is six months, or 26 weeks pregnant. When her parents moved the case to  the Chandigarh district court , she was denied abortion and ordered to carry the pregnancy to term. At such a tender age, not only does she not know the meaning of pregnancy, it puts her life at risk along with her unborn child.Supreme court has also denied there plea for abortion by saying it is ''neither  good for the girl nor for the fetus'',but Abortion is markedly safer than childbirth. The risk of death associated with childbirth is approximately 14 times higher than that with abortion. Similarly, the overall morbidity associated with childbirth exceeds that with abortion. In a strikingly similar case earlier this year, a court in the northern Indian state of Haryana permitted a 10-year-old girl who was 21 weeks pregnant to have an abortion.Despite the apex court's various ruling that welfare of a expecting mother is paramount,trial courts and high courts have repeatedly turned down abortion plea of rape victims and women ,having abnormal fetus,citing the present law,So why deny her her basic sexual rights and child rights,and as we all know our courts have 3 crore cases pending and it takes a lot of time to get a decision and abortion cases are required to solved in minimal time so women should be given justice also in lower courts in less time as this case is also critical now because when it started in district court the girl was 26 weeks pregnant and now after supreme courts denial she is 30 weeks pregnant it took 1 month for our courts to give a decision and still she was denied abortion. India has the world’s largest population of sexually abused children, with a child under age 10 raped every 13 hours. This is a very important issue as 'Justice delayed is justice denied' Everyday we let this go, she is carrying a life within her which she cannot support. My fight is not only against she not getting abortion but also our courts delaying justice .Please help us to get justice sign and share my petition Special Thanks to Kartiki Bhatnagar  for supporting me and helping me write this petition

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Petition to Prithviraj Chavan

Chief Minister of Maharashtra : #MakeMumbaiSafe for women

The recent incident of the 23 year old photojournalist who was gangraped at Shakti Mills has brought into focus how women feel unsafe in Mumbai. Many call Mumbai a safe city for women, but the truth is that there are thousands of women who feel unsafe. It is not only a matter of identifying 272 unsafe areas, or of installing lights or increasing the police force or changing the mindset of men. We need an Action Plan which is comprehensive and which brings together all the departments and bodies of the government and citizens groups together. As citizens of Mumbai, we have felt safe in our city as compared to other cities in India. But our experiences say that feeling safe and being safe are different. The HT Akshara’s survey shows that 95 % of 4225 women interviewed experienced sexual harassment. Sixty five percent had experienced physical harassment like touching and groping. Fifty six percent had faced harassment at least 2-5 times in a year. Being safe means not having a fear of assault or harassment, it means not thinking twice before getting out of the house - whether it is daytime or nighttime, not wondering whether to ask a friend to accompany you or think whether to walk down the lonely road or use a taxi. Being safe means that you are not groped in a bus or train. It means that you can walk without hearing whistles or comments on your clothes. It encompasses the freedom to wander or sit by the wayside to have a cup of tea. And when all women, the homeless women on the street and those walking across a dark parking lot to their cars, feel safe, we can say the city is truly safe for all its citizens. If one half of its population is constrained in their mobility then it will reflect on their work, choice of career and incomes. Their families as well as the city are deprived of their full potential. Join us in telling the Chief Minister to come up with an Action Plan for women safety in Mumbai. We want one comprehensive Plan which will cover infrastructure, education, cultural, media interventions as well as police and judicial changes. A plan that will look at prevention and justice. Sign this petition and share it with your friends and family, we will take it to the Chief Minister for discussion and implementation.   Nandita Shah, Co-Director Akshara Centre Nandita Gandhi, Co-Director, Akshara Centre

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