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Petition to Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Safety of kids, senior citizens and people in general from menace of stray dogs

India has 30 million stray dogs population as per a BBC report.The no. of animal attacks/deaths in India is more than those dying in terrorist attacks. While it has been rightly observed by the judiciary that every one has the right to live, the animal welfare board and local self governments have failed miserably in this endeavour even with support of the government and NGOs etc. The Animal welfare groups have now started to threaten common people through law as well as are endangering life of common man by feeding stray dogs at will and anywhere. Some observations have been made by Delhi high court in the ongoing case of OmPrakash saini, but no provision of penalty/fine has been considered for errant persons. This irresponsible feeding enables enables luring of stray dogs to new human iinhabited areas endangering life of humans there. The law prohibits one to relocate the canine to areas uninhabited areas even if the canine/animals repeatedly attack or bite humans. Kids, females and senior citizens are  soft targets for these animals who hunt in packs. It is even difficult for an adult man to save oneself from attack by 2-3 dogs. As per law if a human being causes cruelty to animal, the person can be penalized under several sections, however if a dog bites/ attacks humans (kids/senior citizens/ females etc), the victim is considered to have the responsibility for having been bitten by animals. This becomes more painful and traumatic in incidences of death due to such bites. Further with each bite one exposes human race to be exposed to rabies virus more frequently. Although antirabies vaccienes are available no histopathological studies on changes incurred in humans done by collecting data over a long period of time are avaible readily. In view of this the law for cruelty to animals should be revisited and the animals be allowed to relocate in areas far from human inhabitance where these animals also feel secure along with the humans. 

Sumit Saxena
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Petition to DGP Suresh Arora (Punjab Police, CM Punjab) (Punjab Police), CM Punjab Capt Amrinder Singh, Navjot Singh Sidhu, Vice Chancellor GNDU

Save - Dr. Sukhpreet Kaur- Astt Prof GNDU Amritsar and JNU Alumnus -Kidnapped

Kidnapping of Astt. Professor Dr. Sukhpreet Kaur-JNU Alumnus News 18 HT Trace the Kidnapped Guru Nanak Dev University Astt. Professor Dr. Sukhpreet Kaur-JNU Alumnus Dr. Sukhpreet Kaur, Assistant Professor, Department of Hindi, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar is missing and is kidnapped from Amritsar on 11 September, 2017. She has been kidnapped by Jazzinder Singh Virk alias Garry Virk, resident of Gali No 2 Dashmesh Nagar, Jhugian Road, Kharar. He withdrew all money from her account and then called us for ransom. He is running from Punjab. Police is unable to track him and capture him till yet. We request you to kindly trace Sukhpreet. Transfer the Case to CBI. She is a role model for all rural girl students of Punjab and beyond who dream to do something big in life, who dream for higher education despite all challenges. My father who served as a rural school teacher in Punjab and helped many students reach their goal is desperately running from post to pillar to find her. Sukhpreet with the support of my father realized her dreams and got admission in one of the best institutions in the country. She studied her graduation from Dev Samaj College for Women, Ferozepur, Punjab, and her Masters from Panjab University, Chandigarh and her M.Phil and PhD from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi. The delay in finding her will have a cascading effect on the rural girl students of Punjab and beyond who dream to do big and study Higher Education. The rural parents will fear and will not send their girls for higher education if Justice is delayed. Sukhpreet, has never been a daughter for us, she has always been an ambitious son. She is the light of our family. Since she has gone missing, we have realized how much pain a family has to endure when someone is taken away from you. Each passing second is bringing a thousand memories in our eyes. Our only fear is, she must be safe before police rescue her. Every breath is getting tougher to breathe. It's the worst that could happen to a family, a daughter and a sister. We just want her back, we want her safe. We need your support by signing this petition so that we can bring her back. Yours Sincerely  Sukhdeep Singh-Brother 8427688011

Sukhdeep Singh
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Started 2 months ago

Petition to Shri Narendra Modi, Shri Rajnath Singh

Make Women Safe in India

Woman Not Object - Make Women Safe in India -  Crime against women has increased over the years with no end in sight. No government has taken any specific steps to make 50% of our population live without fear.  This aspect is no less than terrorism based on gender making them and their family live in fear of their safety. Everyday when a woman steps out of the home... she steps out in our country where she is probably eve-teased, sexually harassed or made to feel uncomfortable of her gender or on the worst side rapped, murdered or acid thrown at her.  Women are considered an object. It hampers their right to move freely or dress freely as per their wish. No less affected are their family members on their count. Till a woman comes back home safely from her outing... their parents and well wishers live in worry.  Its high time that something is done on this subject rather than we continue to ignore it and live like an ostrich with our heads under the sand.  By virtue of this petition a request, urge and demand is made from Prime Minister India to consider the following suggestions and take concrete steps towards making 60 Crore women in India feel safe and secure. He should amend the constitution as necessary to this end. It is pertinent to note here that providing safe living to its citizen is the first and foremost duty of any government especially in case of vulnerable population.  Suggestions for women's safety and security are as under -  1) Establish Woman only police station in every district of India to be directly under an officer no less than Inspector General rank. She should be a woman. Also the entire police station to be handled by woman officers.  2) All cases of crime against woman in their respective districts to be transfered or registered in the above Woman Police station.  3) Arrest of an accused only after vetting of the FIR by the Inspector General and on her order. This to ensure no harassment is caused because of frivolous or false case.  4) Amend the constitution and establish a Central Bureu of Safety & Security of Woman.  5) All woman police station to report to the above Bureau on all its FIR and investigations. Any woman facing difficulties in getting her FIR registered can approach this Bureu to lodge compaint.  6) Establish a Nation wide call centre having one number across India for women to call and seek help when in distress in real time. The number should be like 100 which we use at present  to call police to report a crime.  7) Establish dedicated trial courts to only deal with crime against women for speedy judgement. The judge of this court should be a woman. It must be equipped with video conferencing facility for complainant woman and for the witness of the case. This will ensure hassle free trial encouraging more woman to report crime against them bringing more perpetrators to justice.  8) Media campaign must be run regularly to highlight the functioning of these dedicated police stations and dedicated trial courts to create and environment of fear of law in anti socials or perpetrators of crime against wonen. This will create an environment of sense of security in the mind of women and their parents and their family.  The above suggestions in the petition have been drawn expecting much needed and long overdue reform alongside taking every other step in overhauling our system towards making women feel safe and secure.  Thanking you    

Manish Mishra
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Started 2 months ago

Petition to Home ministry, Ministry of employment, Maneka Gandhi, swiss embassy in India, Charles Pellissier

Stop layoffs, unfair dismissals, harassment & illegal termination in IT companies.

Lately IT companies have been violating a lot of employment laws and causing unrest, layoffs and harassment. We should work towards setting up a government department to look into the various breaches of policy, code of conduct, safety and security of women and more than anything else- humanity!!! Recently, a Swiss Company Landis+Gyr is in trouble with Swiss Embassy, National Commission for Women, the National Human Rights Commission and the Labour Commission for violation of laws and harassment of employees. A lady was sexually harassed and she reported to the Head HR, however she took advantage of her position as the accused was an influential management employee. The same employee thereafter was terminated in the last month of pregnancy without notice, also denied work from home. On her last day, she was not allowed to enter the office premises and almost attempted suicide. Several male employees were abused in public and harassed by the same senior member in the presence of HR head but no action was taken, instead these employees were terminated. Another whistleblower who pointed out these issues to the management was retaliated, mentally harassed, her integrity was questioned and she was also terminated without show cause notice and her releiving was also deprived. Recently a video went viral of an employee from Samsung who was ill treated and terminated, similarly a tech Mahindra audio of misbehaviour and termination. Samsung, Tech Mahindra and Infosys are also terminating people and being physical assaulting if someone speaks up.  Lets us speak up against these MNC's. There should be a speak up line and transparency and a govt department to go to for help and relief in such matters as all cannot afford a civil court hearing.....Join me in this battle for protecting rights of employees in MNC's. We demand to Set up govt dept to stop layoffs, unfair dismissals, policy breach, harassment, illegal termination in IT companies.There must be a process to follow.A govt body must be involved if employee wants to appeal against termination and a stay should be put on the termination until the investigation is done by the govt. body  

diana Sequeira
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