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Petition to Maneka Gandhi

Make workplaces Period Safe - Introduce Sanitary Napkin Dispenser

There are some days when my monthly cycle ticks in much before or after the due date, when I am at my workplace. Some of these times, I am not prepared and am not carrying a sanitary napkin in my bag and so had to ask around my colleagues, for it. Sometimes they have, sometime they do not. In the later case, I had to walk/ travel out of office in search of a shop that stocks napkins. I panic and hurry as the liquid trickles down unmindful of my woes. Over a decade and twelve months each of work life, this occurred few times.  In the dozen odd companies I have worked in, some of these were located at the distant-est and remote-est locations and there was no market in the vicinity (0-4 kms). Here I had to use rolled up toilet paper or tear down the paper of my notebook or a newspaper to stop the immediate menstrual flow. There was also a pleasant experience when I was at a 5-star hotel waiting at the lobby to meet a C-level executive for a job interview, when I had periods. I panicked as the CEO was due to arrive and I could not go out to search for a napkin. I then spoke to the washroom lady, who to my relief said they have napkins and I was given one immediately by the male manager himself, enveloped in a neat pink envelope. I then realized, if the service industry could be so considerate and hospitable to its guests, why cannot organizations be. So to confirm my inference, I surveyed 100+ working women in the age group 25-45. Most of these women worked in demanding professions such as sales, marketing, technology, and operations. The results of the survey validated that the issue of 'Sanitary Napkin Access at Workplace' is by and large, of public importance, and impacts productivity of female. Survey indicated that >51% of women had periods on days they were working at office and did not carry sanitary napkins. Of this, 28% women had to walk, travel to a market to buy a pad. Few women shared distressing experiences -  -Generally male manager would never understand the discomfort which female go through during menstruation cycle. I had my weekly review way back in 2011 with my clients and my seniors when I got down and Couldn't step out since it was a con call review. That situation left me panicked, stressed and embarrassed. I still treat that day as an emotional ordeal. -During company client party I had my period and I was in trouble ,I asked colleagues but didn't get then purchased from shop which was couple of km far away from company. -I went to a mall with my daughter and she got her periods.i had to step out and buy a pack of sanitary napkins for her as it was not available at the Mall. -My first day at work and I got my periods and did not carry a sanitary pad. Had to got around asking colleagues who were new. Was very embarrassing. What is Required - Change Prejudice - Periods are not a dis-abler nor are they handicap. Periods tell us that we are young women, intuitive, emotionally intelligent, and creative, which is a huge skill set in determining the competitiveness and success of an organization. #Keep-it -  Providing safe and immediate access to sanitary pad in a first-aid box at workplace, will improve the productivity of women, if they face periods at workplace. If there can be a crocin or disprin for a headache at workplace, there can also be a sanitary napkin as it is a health and hygiene matter. #Sensitization - Male staff should be sensitized so that women do not hesitate in asking for a time-off or if they have to work from home. History is important to build the future and improve the present. Historically a lot of women fought for right to education, right to vote, right to maternity and we, the current generation are enjoying those privileges without having to earn it. This is a campaign which we can drive to let our present and future girl child benefit from it. Do you agree? Please support this petition.

Pallavi Barnwal
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Petition to Piyush Goyal

CCTV cameras and separate ladies compartment even for long distance trains

I have been travelling by myself for the last 5-6 years and I have faced what most women face in India, staring and lewd gestures and noises.  At the age of 13, when I traveled long distance overnight with my parents, I woke up to a man kissing me on the lips. I was paralysed in fear and couldn't scream.  Ten years later, last night as I traveled on an 8-hour overnight journey, I was groped by two different men, on two separate occasions. To elaborate, I was in the sleeper class of the train on the side upper berth and facing the wall. Someone groped my rear side and I woke with a start and saw this older man running away. He must have been 55+.  I faced the direction he went and waited to see if he would come back and I must have drifted off to sleep but I woke up when someone pinched my chest and I tried to grab his arm. But he too ran away and disappeared into the crowded station. I lay very still for the next 3hours of the journey, my hand grasped around my pepper spray bottle with the safety catch off. I did not hope to use this, when I bought it. But last night, the need arose. They never came back but I was ready for another perverted person to come along. What are the chances that only two of those kind were traveling the same train? Surely in our country, one can expect much more. I have never felt so disgusted in my life. I am a petite girl and do not look my age. I cannot imagine the horrors actual minors go through or women who are more voluptuous by birth. It has become something of a shame to be born a woman in India, constantly fearing every man who you pass by.  I request the Railway Minister, Mr. Piyush Goyal to install CCTV cameras in every coach of every train whether it be the local variety or long distance. Further, a separate sleeper coach for women which is BLOCKED on both sides so men cannot use it to walk through and have their pick of bodies to grope. I understand that the cost of this will be extremely high, but it will still be lesser than the cost people will spend by sending their young daughters to therapy to repair the horrifying damage caused by certain men in this country.  From a very young age, I have experienced such behaviour and was blamed. I was blamed for being a 13-year old walking on the streets where I grew up, wearing full-sleeved pyjama top and pants. I was blamed for wearing a salwar and dupatta when I was groped in the holy premises of a temple. I have not outgrown my fear and disgust of men. And I wish this fate on no other woman/girl in this country. 

SriDevi Lakshmi
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Petition to Swapnil Shirsekar, Step Up India, StepUp Foundation

Vote for Menstrual Brother, runs a campaign Menstrual Hygiene Management & Awareness

Women are far more superior than men because they have that one power... power to give birth to a new life... At the same time I (Swapnil Shirsekar) understood that the phenomenon that offers this power to a woman is always given less attention. The phenomenon is not other than 'Blooded Menstruation'. I observed that it is the subject that is not talked about in public, or even in a family. Every woman, every family eagerly waits for the arrival of a new baby in their home, but unfortunately everybody feels awkward speaking about the power of menstruation. If this is the case in a city like suburbs, how horrible must be the situation in my own rural areas? Then I decided to come forward to work against this social untouched taboo. I started meeting students from schools and colleges.  I started meeting different people from different organizations.  I started encouraging girls and women to speak about menstruation.  I started educating them that menstruation is normal and healthy.  I started educating educated girls and women about menstrual hygiene. We are a group of local youth in Vasai Region Palghar District, and we have recently set up a community group STEPUP FOUNDATION running free Awareness Campaign on “Menstrual Hygiene Management & Awareness programs in Maharashtra” for the adolescence Girl child and for every woman who really need this awareness in the area. We were mainly inspired to start the foundation because some of our Girl Children often got into trouble at school, and didn’t find it very easy to make availability of sanitary napkins when it was needed on time of emergency. Support us:

StepUp Foundation
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