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Petition to Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi Police, Narendra Modi, delhi traffic police, Manish Sisodia

Women Safety and Law Enforcement

Its been 4 yrs. to Nirbhaya's shameful incident. Has our society become so insensitive to wrong things happening around? Is everyone too afraid to raise voice and stand against the evils? Forget uniting people but how much guts does it take for an individual to ask law makers to also think about law enforcers!   Arvind sir's decision about taking steps to make delhi safer for women and other plans might have went in vain just in the process of seeking permissions, for I dont know what? But lets join hands to atleast take some simple steps and force our chosen govt. to do what is the very basics of a society-SECURITY and SAFETY of women.   Following are the things/ideas I have that can be implemented without much burden on anyone: * Camera Installations *Some GPS keyring tacker can be made by some organisation of innovators and can be owned by every women, so that the family and the Police is immediately informed, in any mishap.(an engineering solution which might be tangible in times ahead) *Reduction in privately owned public transport *Camera installations even in DTC busses(like in Chandigarh they have) which even prevents pick pocketing. *Innovative ideas are most welcome in the comments section below.  Its high time we stand and keep staring or keep talking shit avout govt. and cone forward to take a step. I think something needs to be done and done now since it is already too late, keeping silence. Since Justice never comes easy! and there is a well saying -Justice Delayed is Justice Denied!

Kartikeya Walia
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Petition to Department of Education, Human Rights Campaign, Union Minister For Women & Child Development

Compulsory subject of self defense for girls in secondary school.

As we believe in women empowerment, we believe women can achieve a great height in their life and make society and family to feel proud. but the dilemma with the few society is they don't want that girls get equality and they refer girls as weaker sex and considered soft target can be easily bend as per there needs and demand. But i think if we become mentally and physically strong than no thunder and storm have enough power to bend a women  For that we want SELF Defense session should be mandatory for every girls of secondary school. By that we can make them learn the values of physical strengths,a self defensee course designed to make you more aware, prepared, and ready for any situation that may occur in your everyday life on any given day In a country like India where the cases of gender violence are on rise, out of which many go unreported, self-defense for women has become a necessity more than ever.Rape, molestation, kidnapping and murder are the most common forms of crime against women in India.  The women in India are also vulnerable to acid attacks and eve-teasing. The mindset of the people, including the victim and the spectator, is to ignore and just let it go. But, what we, as the responsible citizens of an independent country, fail to realize is that these instances of harassment can flare up into other bigger heinous crimes against women. And that is when the importance of learning self-defense techniques for women is felt.

abhishek jaiswal
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Petition to Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu, Devendra Fadnavis, Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu

Provide more compartments for women in Mumbai Suburban Locals for safe, comfortable travel

Dear all, As of 2011, the sex ratio of Mumbai stood at 850 Women for every 1000 Men. The ratio of female commuters to male commuters in Mumbai Suburban locals would be close to this as well. While the count of women commuters is rising steadily, there is hardly any provision made to accomodate the additional women commuters. The number of Ladies compartments continue to be restricted to about 2 in the local trains and in case of First Class Ladies compartments, there are only 3 quarter compartments allocated in the Central Line (Not even one entire compartment!) Statistics say that over 4,500 passengers are packed into a 9-car rake during peak hours, as against the rated carrying capacity of 1,700.On average, about 2,000 people die annually on the Mumbai Suburban Rail network; between 2002 and 2012, more than 36,152 people died and 36,688 people were injured. Nearly four lakh — or close to one-fourth — of women commuters have suffered harassment while travelling on Mumbai’s local trains or at train stations, according to a gender-equality survey by the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) for the Mumbai Railway Vikas Corporation (MRVC), a body that works on improving suburban railway services. In such circumstances, it is necessary to provide women with more space to travel safely and comfortably. While general compartments are open to women, they are often very crowded in peak hours with majority of male passengers and hence do not serve as a lucrative option for women to travel comfortably and safely. It is my sincere plea to the honorable CM of Maharashtra Mr. Devendra Fadnavis and honorable Minister of Railways Mr. Suresh Prabhu to please help us increase the number of compartments allocated to women (both First Class and Second Class) in Mumbai Suburban Locals to ensure safe and comfortable travel for women. It would be great if we can double up the number of coaches currently allocated to women. I request you all to support this cause wholeheartedly! Warm Regards, Mona Aiyar    

Mona Aiyar, Resident - Thane District
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