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Petition to Arvind Kejriwal, Manish Sisodia, Sahitya Kala Parishad

@ArvindKejriwal: Withdraw Kailash Kher’s Invitation from Mayur Utsav and Support #MeToo

I met Kailash Kher for coffee in Prithvi Café to discuss a forthcoming concert where both our bands were playing. “You are so beautiful,” he said with his hand on my thigh. I left not soon after. It did not stop there. On landing in Dhaka and on my way to the venue with the organisers, I kept getting calls from him. When I didn’t pick up, he called the organisers phone to get through to me. “Skip the soundcheck and join me in my room to catch up?” I am not the only one. With the #MeToo movement that has taken India by storm, there are other women who have raised their voice against Kailash Kher. Be it a photojournalist, a fan or another journalist - all these women have been sexually harassed & come forward with their names. Many others including two minors have shared their stories from anonymous accounts to avoid being shamed or intimidated. That is why I am shocked to learn that Kailash Kher has been asked to headline a performance at the Delhi Government’s Mayur Utsav that begins today. Action needs to be taken against perpetrators. Sign my petition asking the Delhi Government to withdraw Kailash Kher’s invitation from the Mayur Utsav being hosted in Delhi. The performance is scheduled for Sunday,16th December, so we have to act now to make sure that this festival celebrates Delhi, it’s citizens, Delhi’s women and not an accused in the #MeToo movement. I am hopeful that the Delhi Government which is keenly aware of women’s safety as a critical issue will listen to #MeToo survivors and their citizens when we ask them to drop Kailash Kher. That is why I am asking you to sign and support this petition to the Delhi Government.   We have just 2 days to make the Delhi government listen to us, but it is an important fight which if we win, will set an example and send a clear message: We will not tolerate any threats to women’s safety. Women have kept silent for too long. It’s time we stood up and reclaimed our space, and make Delhi safe for everyone. Thank you!Sona MohapatraSinger & Music Composer

Sona Mohapatra
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Petition to Amit Shah, Bharatiya Janata Party

Amit Shah: Expel M.J. Akbar from BJP

Corporate India and the BJP owe an apology to every Indian woman now that a serving minister has also been called out in the #MeToo movement. The person in question is M.J. Akbar, a well-known journalist now serving as the Minister of State for External Affairs in the Modi government. As per media reports, Akbar has been accused of sexual misconduct at the workplace by at least 10 women. The attacks range from physical assaults to emotional harassment. They are said to have taken place during a span of 20 years while he was a top editor.  10 women in 20 years!! This is disgusting and shameful. If that is not the definition of sexual predator, then what is! And while these women call him out, M.J. Akbar was busy touring Nigeria as the Government of India’s representative - that too on taxpayers’ money! This is unacceptable! As a citizen and taxpayer, I do not want such individuals accused of predatory behaviour to be sitting in my Parliament and representing my country in any forum. I would like to know how many more such attacks before the BJP expels M.J. Akbar and makes an example out of him? Sign my petition asking the BJP’s National President Amit Shah to expel M.J. Akbar from the party for life. To be fair, M.J Akbar has been notorious long before he joined the BJP. As Priya Ramani, a journalist formerly with India Today, The Indian Express and Mint, one of the first survivors has stated out, "May I point out the obvious to people who are politicising #metoo ? MJ Akbar was a sexual predator when he was in the Congress. And he’s still a sexual predator when he is in the BJP.  He’s been at it since the 1980s."If the Congress had turned a blind eye to M.J. Akbar's misconduct while he was a member, then this is the BJP's chance to prove that it is truly different from the Congress by immediately sacking M.J. Akbar and barring him from the party for life. If the BJP doesn't sack Akbar, then it will prove that it is no different from the Congress and merely pays lip-service to the ideals of women's safety, dignity and empowerment.It is a matter of shame for India when individuals accused of such disgusting offences are allowed to continue in public office. This not only reflects on us as a democracy but is extremely disrespectful to lakhs of working women. We shouldn’t have to suffer such injustices as we work hard to earn our bread and butter with dignity. If no action is taken against a Minister (even while investigations are pending), it will send out a dangerous message to other sick-minded individuals. Letting M.J.Akbar continue as a BJP Member and a Minister is as good as saying it is ok to be a sexual predator. This business-as-usual approach to sexual harassment has to stop. I want the most powerful and influential party - the BJP to lead the way. Sign my petition. #ExpelMJAkbarMore details: credit: The News Minute

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Petition to President, India, Government, Prime Minister of India, Swati Maliwal, President of India

Nirbhaya’s rapists have still NOT been hanged

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied. The men responsible for one of the most brutal rapes in the history of India have still not met with their rightful end. The Supreme Court upheld the lower courts order and labeled Nirbhaya’s case as the ‘rarest of the rare’ case. The court ordered their death sentence on May 5, 2017 and a year later they still are in jail with NO action. Their plea now lies with the Honorable President of India with NO Decision yet. Because of this delay, they are still alive and breathing. The culprits who put an end to an innocent life, who crossed all limits are still alive and breathing.  Our society is increasingly becoming unsafe for women. Be it Nirbhaya, or 8-year old in Kathua or the 11-year old in Surat- We demand justice for all. The nation came together and to seek justice for Nirbhaya yet, 6 years later the men responsible have not received their fair end. The society will continue to be unsafe for our women till we treat a crime as heinous as rape casually. Why has the government not been able to make a decision as simple as HANGING THESE RAPISTS yet? Why such callous behaviour towards such extreme crimes? Why have the rapists not been hanged till now? Till we don’t set an example, the society will continue to treat rape as an ordinary crime. Men who commit such crimes should shudder with fear when they realize that they too will be hanged for this. Nirbhaya’s parents, the society and women of this country seek JUSTICE from the President of this great nation.  It took the law 5 years to punish these culprits despite them being arrested. The Juvenile responsible for the brutality served three years in a correction cell and was let go.  It was after the relentless effort of the Nirbhaya Jyoti Trust, and the nation that came together that the Juvenile Justice Bill was amended. NOW WE REQUEST YOUR SUPPORT AGAIN TO ENSURE OUR EFFORTS DO NOT GO WASTE. WE REQUEST YOUR SUPPORT TO APPEAL TO THE PRESIDENT TO HANG THESE MEN WHO DON’T DESERVE TO LIVE. WE REQUEST YOUR SUPPORT TO ENSURE NO OTHER NIRBHAYA OR KATHUA OR SURAT HAPPENS IN THIS COUNTRY. How do we forgive people who take the life of innocent girls? Why are the culprits allowed to live while the girls did not? Recent incidents of minors being raped and killed are all an example of how fearless the criminals are of our laws and how confident they are of it’s loose ends. Let’s come together and fight for the justice that our society, our women deserve. Let us come together and sign this petition and remind our Honorable President that he has to bring us this justice. I, Sarvesh Tiwari, General Secretary of the Nirbhaya Jyoti Trust seek your support. We pledged that we will give a society that will be ‘Nirbhaya’ or without fear.

Sarvesh Tiwari
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