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Nirbhaya’s rapists have still NOT been hanged

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied. The men responsible for one of the most brutal rapes in the history of India have still not met with their rightful end. The Supreme Court upheld the lower courts order and labeled Nirbhaya’s case as the ‘rarest of the rare’ case. The court ordered their death sentence on May 5, 2017 and a year later they still are in jail with NO action. Their plea now lies with the Honorable President of India with NO Decision yet. Because of this delay, they are still alive and breathing. The culprits who put an end to an innocent life, who crossed all limits are still alive and breathing.  Our society is increasingly becoming unsafe for women. Be it Nirbhaya, or 8-year old in Kathua or the 11-year old in Surat- We demand justice for all. The nation came together and to seek justice for Nirbhaya yet, 6 years later the men responsible have not received their fair end. The society will continue to be unsafe for our women till we treat a crime as heinous as rape casually. Why has the government not been able to make a decision as simple as HANGING THESE RAPISTS yet? Why such callous behaviour towards such extreme crimes? Why have the rapists not been hanged till now? Till we don’t set an example, the society will continue to treat rape as an ordinary crime. Men who commit such crimes should shudder with fear when they realize that they too will be hanged for this. Nirbhaya’s parents, the society and women of this country seek JUSTICE from the President of this great nation.  It took the law 5 years to punish these culprits despite them being arrested. The Juvenile responsible for the brutality served three years in a correction cell and was let go.  It was after the relentless effort of the Nirbhaya Jyoti Trust, and the nation that came together that the Juvenile Justice Bill was amended. NOW WE REQUEST YOUR SUPPORT AGAIN TO ENSURE OUR EFFORTS DO NOT GO WASTE. WE REQUEST YOUR SUPPORT TO APPEAL TO THE PRESIDENT TO HANG THESE MEN WHO DON’T DESERVE TO LIVE. WE REQUEST YOUR SUPPORT TO ENSURE NO OTHER NIRBHAYA OR KATHUA OR SURAT HAPPENS IN THIS COUNTRY. How do we forgive people who take the life of innocent girls? Why are the culprits allowed to live while the girls did not? Recent incidents of minors being raped and killed are all an example of how fearless the criminals are of our laws and how confident they are of it’s loose ends. Let’s come together and fight for the justice that our society, our women deserve. Let us come together and sign this petition and remind our Honorable President that he has to bring us this justice. I, Sarvesh Tiwari, General Secretary of the Nirbhaya Jyoti Trust seek your support. We pledged that we will give a society that will be ‘Nirbhaya’ or without fear.

Sarvesh Tiwari
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Petition to Rajnath Singh, Maneka Gandhi

Make Stalking A Non-Bailable Offence #TalkingStalking

I was driving back home one night when I realised that my car was being followed by an SUV. There were two men inside and they seemed to be enjoying harassing me. They kept swerving in front of my car and at one point managed to block me. The man in the passenger seat got out of the car and began walking towards mine. I reversed my car as fast as I could but the ordeal continued for a few minutes until I called the police and got help from a PCR van. I was scared for my safety and I shudder to think what could’ve happened. Had I not been lucky enough to get help from the police at the right time, this incident could have resulted in kidnapping, sexual assault, or more! I registered an FIR right away, but within hours of filing the complaint, the accused was let out on bail. He belonged to an influential political family and the current law is not in favour of the victims of stalking.  I am not alone. The number of stalking incidents are on the rise in India. According to National Crime bureau data, over 80% of the people accused of stalking are given bail before the chargesheet is filed. In many cases when the stalkers are let out on bail, the harassment continues and gets worse. There have been instances of acid attacks, rapes, and even murders. That’s why I along with The Quint have started this petition to Make Stalking A Non-Bailable Offence. Just two months back, a 17-year-old girl was allegedly murdered by four boys from her village in Uttar Pradesh. The boys had been stalking and harassing her for more than six months. A 21-year-old woman was burnt alive at her home in Chennai by her former classmate after she reportedly rejected his proposal of marriage. If stalking is so common in our country then it should not be a bailable offence. I want stringent and non-bailable provisions in the law to act as a deterrent against stalking and other crimes that stem from it. Every stalker should think twice before harassing someone. I have partnered with MP Dr Shashi Tharoor and The Quint to make stalking a non-bailable offence. If we get thousands of supporters, Dr Tharoor can present this petition as part of a private member's bill in the Winter Session of Parliament. Let’s make sure that our lawmakers take cognizance that stalking is a serious crime. Join me in this fight and let's rally for a zero-tolerance stance on stalking. If you have been stalked or are being stalked, send your experiences to +91 9910181818.

Varnika Kundu
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