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making sexual assault reportable digitally in Delhi

It is deeply saddening to see the deteriorating conditions for women, who are constantly harassed in various ways in this state of ours.Sexual harassment is allegedly the 2nd highest crime in Delhi, with 1 crime in every 11 being of the sexual harassment nature. However, it is still the least reported one, suggested by a study by the Commonwealth human rights initiative. The fact of the matter is, the police station is the epitome of Delhi's safety for women. It loudly and clearly shows why over half of the sexual harassment offences are not reported. Already having gone through such trauma, the police officers make women filing the case uncomfortable and even unsafe due to the insensitive officers who sometimes manhandle them. It is clear, that, due to these reasons, women are often unmotivated to go ahead with filing cases against these wilful defaulters of and the enemies of law and order. Because of this, I feel that the official Dehli police website should also allow women to file First Information Reports in cases of Sexual Harassment to encourage them to file a report when harassed as other states have also allowed the same such as Jharkhand where women feel safe enough to file cases against even big names(FIR filed against the son of BJP president Tala Marandi) as they feel justice should prevail. And although there is a provision for filing an FIR through email women often feel lost and don't know where to start as they do not have knowledge of definite structure or format to file the report. 

Samik Maini
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Petition to The President of India, The Prime Minister of India, The members of Parliament of India, Chief Justice of India

Death Penalty For Rape In Any Case If Proven !

#IndiaAgainstRapeCulture DEATH PENALTY FOR RAPE We want to end the rape culture prevailing in our society! I guess the word 'Rape' is enough to describe our point. Any one who commits this brutal crime does not have the right to be alive as they have already destroyed the life of someone.   You must be thinking why we are saying rape has become a culture? Its because it has become an ideology, and once its becomes so, it defiantly becomes a culture!   Some Examples: -  1. School principal arrested in state of Jharkhand states, “It was accidental and not a “BIG CRIME””.  This shows that such mentality prevails in our society against such viciousness.  2. Few days’ back a European girl was raped in the cab by the cab driver in North India and many such cases have come into light in the recent days. 3. A 4 year old was raped by a school mate in Dwarka in the National capital by her school mates few days a back. Isn’t it some kind of shit? But my fellow Indians it’s our harsh reality.. 4. One of our honorable MP gave statement on the recent Chandigarh rape case stating,  “Victim should not have boarded auto rickshaw when three men were already inside”.  That’s the sickening mentality in your culture that is testified right from those who are architect of law in our country. 5. Not with standing a Class 5th boy was taken into custody for sexually harassing and raping a 7 year old school mate in school premises in the city of Gaziabad in UP. Report says that he twigged a wooden object in the private part of the girl that caused her grievous injury. It became obligatory for me to think that how a boy at a mere age of 10 got to learn raping? Isn't it the sickening culture prevailing in the society that taught him so? I leave the debate open for you all. Examples are many but voices are none. So lets take a challenge to change this culture. Lets sign a petition to out leaders at center stating the voice of our county. Let us tell them what India wants. Unless there are some harsh laws against this crime, nothing will change. Because its in the mindset of people who commits it. Therefor we Demand Death Penalty For Rape In Any Case If Proven. If its committed, the the culprit should be hanged until death.  Sign the petition and support us!  Parth Raj Parasar Petitioner

Parth Raj Parasar : #TeamIndiaAgainstRapeCulture
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Petition to Maneka Gandhi, Meenakshi Lekhi, Lalitha Kumaramangalam

Empowering women regarding their rights during gynecological treatment

Women have a gender specific health requirement, from the onset of puberty to menopause. Most women will agree that even an ordinary gynaecological examination - at the best of times and with the best of doctors - can make one feel uncomfortable, helpless and vulnerable in revealing intimate details and submitting to intrusive examinations. The reality is that thousands of Indian women are forced to submit to insensitive, disrespectful & callous treatment from their doctors. Their rights to privacy, dignity and choices are blatantly trampled upon, in having to submit to male gynaecologists against their choice and in not being given the choice of making informed decisions regarding their treatment. Many of these horrifying abuses are documented in news reports, but with no response either from policy-makers or from professional bodies. ·       Forced sterilisations of uninformed and unwilling women in health camps lacking in privacy, unhygienic conditions, most often by men gynaecologists, in the name of well being of women, without preoperative counselling or post operative care. ·       Unnecessary caesarian sections and procedures carried out without taking consent of women ·       Abuse, mistreatment and violence against women in labour. ·       Mistreatment and humiliation of survivors of rape and sexual violence It is not only poor women who are subjected to these violations.  Recently, a good friend of mine, a successful professional went to a woman gynaecologist for her perimenopausal issues, and was advised diagnostic D& C to determine the right line of treatment. To her utter shock, just before she was knocked unconscious, she realized that a male doctor had been brought in to carry out the procedure on her, an aspect which was absolutely mortifying for her and she had made her discomfort very clear to her doctor earlier.  When she came to, she got to know that in addition, an invasive surgery, complete uterine ablation which is burning of uterus lining with current, (leading to sterilization) had been performed on her along with insertion of a hormone eluding intrauterine device. Doctors she consulted later revealed that the procedure was an outdated one and was no longer the treatment of choice as it is loaded with complications and side effects. She was snubbed when she questioned  this doctor, who told her she knew what was good for her and she should be grateful for the therapeutic treatment.. The experience has left her raped and violated – very deeply traumatised. Any justice she tries to seek will be more draining and humiliating for her. She is an educated, aware woman, who likes to take informed decisions regarding her body and life, choosing to live in the most natural manner. Yet, her rights were completely trampled upon, forcing her into a long struggle to recover physically, mentally and psychologically, quietly! Her experience is a wake up call that the system needs to change! My campaign is to call on the policy makers in the country to lay down clear and stringent standards for the examination, treatment and care of women patients, in the form of detailed written consent forms. Any violations should lead to harsh punishments. The minimum standards should include ·       The right to be treated by a doctor of one’s choice (including the right to be treated by a woman doctor.) ·       Right to full information on her condition, its implications, the available treatments and their possible side effects. ·       The right to take a second opinion before opting for treatment, and the right to refuse treatment. ·       The right to privacy, confidentiality and bodily dignity during examination and treatment, especially when the patient is unconscious. ·       Any photography or videography during treatment or while unconscious, whether for educational or other purposes should be absolutely banned without informed & written consent of the patient. This campaign also seeks to start a conversation to - 1.     Educate & empower women about their rights as a human being. 2.     Need to sensitise the medical fraternity that the women patients are to be treated with respect as the doctors would want their own bodies to be treated. Not as objects or animals. 3.     Gynae procedures need to be evaluated in terms of their safety and benefit and use of non invasive methods for general reproductive cycle of a woman should be encouraged. Right now, invasive procedures are carried out so easily on women, mutilating their natural systems as if women’s bodies are intrinsically flawed.  4.    Society recognises many gender specific jobs, say female nurses for female patients, female security staff for frisking of women at airports or building entries, carried out in the privacy of a curtained cubicle, and men staff for men, women constables for women protesters or criminals. Recognising the need even public transport, cab service etc. is being looked into specifically for women, with women drivers & attendants. It is high time Gynaecological service for the normal reproductive cycle of women’s health, is recognised as a highly gender specific domain. Why is it expected that a woman should be comfortable getting her private parts, exposed, examined and handled by men in an absolutely undignified posture? Private parts are private and for most gynae requirements, there is no emergency situation. The right to privacy, right to bodily integrity and bodily autonomy, needs to be respected in this very basic medical requirements of a woman's normal life cycle.

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