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Petition to State Duma of Russian Federation

State Duma, adopt the domestic violence law in Russia

По-русски In the Russian Federation 40% of all grave violent crimes are committed in a family. Most commonly weak and unprotected family members – women, children, disabled and seniors suffer from domestic violence. Only for 2013 9100 women died from criminal offences, 11300 received grievous bodily harm. Based on the official statistics in 2013 46 thou. of under ages became victims of violent offences. Around 2 thou. died, 3.6 thou. sustained bodily injuries. Half of these crimes were committed at home. According to the official data of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the RF as of December, 2008 212.7 thou. of family troublemakers are registered in police. Number of the registered crimes committed in family has been growing: only for 2002-2006 total number of “family” crimes increased by half. However, one should note that Russia doesn’t have single data collection system for family violence cases; there is no official statistics. Besides, this problem is of latent character. The world practice in the sphere of fighting family violence proved that special law on domestic violence prevention is more effective that separate articles of criminal, civil and administrative legislation. Similar laws already for several years have been effective in the territory of many countries of the Western and Eastern Europe, as well as CIS. Experience of Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, the Czech Republic, Lithuania and also other countries showed that cases of domestic violence reduce from 20 to 40% after adoption of similar laws. The existing administrative, criminal and criminal procedural legislation is inefficient. Such cases are initiated only on the basis of statement of the injured party to court submitted in the prescribed form according to the procedure of private prosecution. Herewith, neither police, nor prosecutor’s office participates in such cases. The injured party shall investigate this case itself, collect evidence itself and present it to the court, that is almost impossible for victim in the cases of domestic violence. In most cases family violence happens “behind closed doors” and without third person parties. Commonly victim and abuser live together and submission of a statement on violence case and moreover evidence collection is dangerous for the victim. Besides, evidence collection for the injured person is connected with serious procedural difficulties as all evidence shall be received in accordance with the Criminal Procedure Code of the RF; that is difficult enough for a person without legal education. Compared to the accused person, attorney for the defence is not provided for free of charge for private prosecutor and not everyone is able to pay for attorney’s assistance. Besides, private prosecution proceedings are closed due to reconciliation of the parties and there is a threat of pressure to the victim from the abuser’s part. Due to this many injured prefer either not to apply to court at all or after applying they refuse from further fight in connection with long-term case consideration and necessity of continuous participation in it, or in connection with received threats and persecutions from the offenders’ part, or in connection with change of conditions (reconciled, fear of father’s conviction to influence further child’s career etc.). Thus, high latency (concealment) of this kind of crime is observed, when the offender manages to avoid punishment several times. Actually crimes in the family sphere are legalized now. In the meantime, cases of public prosecution are deprived of such defects, as authorized bodies conduct investigation and accusation in the court is supported by a prosecutor. At the same time in the case of family violence, even if criminal case of public prosecution is initiated, the law doesn’t stipulate any remedy for person affected by offender for the period of preliminary inquiry and court hearing. It also seems certain that beatings or bodily injury committed by family member or relative are of more danger to public than the same crimes committed by a stranger. As it has been mentioned, the most frequently, the abuser and the person affected live in the same dwelling house, in connection herewith the injured has to be constantly afraid for his/her safety. Besides, crimes committed towards family members endeavor, including, also family relations and lead to more serious consequences (divorce, disputes regarding children, and in tragic cases – orphancy), then the same crimes committed by strangers. Besides, in order to solve this problem of family violence it is not enough only to change criminal legislation. The existing rules don’t cover suppression, prevention and work with potential offenders and may be applied already after offence or crime commitment. There are no remedies for injured people(protective inscriptions, psychological and legal aid, network of protective shelters, rehabilitation centers etc.). There are no rehabilitation programmes for both victims and criminals. In the meantime, exactly these measures are the most effective to overcome this situation as they are aimed at family violence prophylaxis and prevention. Hereby we demand:  - From the Government of the RF - to introduce a draft law on domestic violence; - From the State Duma - to introduce the law for reading and adopt; - From the Ministry of Internal Affairs -  to create a special domestic violence subdivision, to implement mechanism of protective inscription.  This petition will be delivered to: • The Government of the Russian Federation• The State Duma of the RF• The Main Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the RF

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Petition to Amnesty International Australia, United Nations, Ban Ki-moon (Secretary-General of the United Nations), US State Department, INTERPOL, United Nations Security Council, United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime, Amnesty International, Saudi Arabia Embassy South Africa, Theresa May MP


IMPORTANT! A 25 year old Saudi Arabian woman in Riyadh is trapped in a household which promotes a rape culture and abuse through various beatings, threats, violence, as well as depriving her from basic needs such as food, water and medical care. I write this on behalf of her as this is a serious matter that needs immediate attention. I and many private individuals have contacted organisations such as UN women, Amnesty international, Human Rights Watch, Un Refugee etc only for them to ignore our cry for help or they would tell us that they do not deal with "individual cases". The young lady contacted local authorities and shelters for help but they would blame her instead for the abuse or they would turn a blind eye towards her case. This was proven from a variety of emails and proofs of which she provided us with in the hopes that it will spark attention. We call upon each and every individual to be a voice, in order for her to be placed in a safe environment after her endured trauma! She is also willing to testify on behalf of many other women who are trapped in her predicament in the hopes that Officials need to start taking lives seriously! I am desperate for this petition to reach as many people as possible because the young lady is looking through other means such as suicide. Who can blame her? It is obvious that she is mentally incapable and hence I redeem this matter as being serious. I have not provided her full name so that I can protect her identity from any further dangers especially from governmental entities and/or her oppressors. It is seen as a "shame" for a victim of the Saudi state to seek international help from outside their borders. That to me is absurd considering the fact that the victim and those who are oppressed wouldnt need to seek international help in the first place if their OWN state authorities and organisations didnt turn them away!  To the humanitarian organisational entities, we call upon you to act according to the promises that you preach on a daily basis! We cannot as a society allow you to weaken the voices of the vulnerable when they CALL OUT FOR YOU!  Furthermore, the whole purpose as to why your entites exist in the first place is to deal with violations that are a threat to human life! If you, yourselves do not follow your own mission and vision statements that you are willingly proud to boast about in public view, you are as bad as the individuals who find the need to cause unrest in society! The abuse of Saudi Arabian Women has been an ongoing issue that never ends. It is an atrocity that shouldn't even be considered a norm. Convenants and policies do nothing for these women as they are still being abused and mistreated in the most horrendous ways. A Saudi Arabian woman must not be killed or placed in a dention centre just because she knows her worth! The Saudi Arabian state must be held accountable for upholding a culture of abuse in its society!  Death should not be, by any means a way of escape for a woman who is oppressed! Stop turning a blind eye to a human rights violation that is killing many.  One Womans death equates to a fallen generation! Women are more than their beauty and their strength, They hold the world in the palm of their hands, therefore we need to rise to the occassion. Saudi Arabian women deserve their freedom. We talk about their freedom, we fantasize about it, we write articles about it and we even create mediocre policies for it but we never ACT on the freedom we so actively preach about it! ACT! ACT! ACT! GOALS 1. The Saudi Arabian Victim must be set free without any arrests. Furthermore, her oppressors must be dealt with legally for the crimes committed. She must be given the necessary treatment for the trauma and she must be able to have a say when it comes to her personal concerns. 2. Provide Saudi Arabian women of ALL ages places of safety ENSURING that they will not get turned back by organisational entities, ensuring that medical provisions are being made, ensuring that their perpetrators deal with the law immediately and effectively and ensuring that places of safety are checked on a constant bases for safety precautions. Any organisation that fails to account for the above, must face legal precautions. 3. Police Enforcement must be held accountable for not taking matters of abused women seriously. Women must NOT be forced back to their oppressors neither should they be arrested for reporting a crime that is considered urgent and pertaining a crisis that has the potential cause death. We ask that the Police enforcement must be held accountable for their actions if found to do so and this can only be achieved if investigations are conducted by the state and international organisations who have ties with such entities.    #StopEnslavingSaudiWomen   For more info please contact me on the following: Email: Social Media: Instagram and Skype. (Email me for such details)              

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Petition to Philip Hammond MP, Theresa May MP

Stop taxing periods. Period. #EndTamponTax

The Treasury vowed to axe the outdated and overtly sexist tax on tampons, sanitary pads and mooncups in January 2016. WE WON! By March we made history when Parliament accepted a tampon-tax-ending amendment proposed by the amazing Paula Sherriff MP. Following Brexit complications, this amendment will be implemented by 2022 at the very latest. That sucks. But we're on it! We've launched a new project called 'Period Watch' to keep an eye on the Government and SMASH the period taboo in the meantime! Our new petition can also be signed here to help reduce this deadline date. Period! We need to make sure we no longer tax period products on luxurious, “non-essential” grounds, but not helicopters, the maintenance of our private jets, or crocodile steaks. Even President Obama has coined the tax 'shocking' and 'unfair'. If you value the functioning of those who menstruate at least as much as you enjoy your flying crocodile Fridays then sign our petition and join our campaign. Help to put an end to the marginalisation of issues traditionally associated with women by demanding a zero tax rate for sanitary products. Periods are no luxury. You can ‘opt-in’ to extravagance. You cannot choose to menstruate. Despite this, a whole heap of disadvantages have been created for those who do. Not using sanitary products can lead to health risks, jeopardise maintaining a normal, professional or personal life, and result in public ridicule. Equally, by using sanitary products, our Government capitalises on misogynist discourse and period shame that has caused us to fear our own menstrual cycles. It’s a double-edged sword that cuts women on both sides. Tax allocations should expose the needs of society as a whole, and the needs of those who menstruate as well as those who don’t. Because we care about these people, this campaign was made in support of tax allocations representing them and reflecting something that is vital. Philip Hammond, sanitary products should join your list of essential, tax exempt products, which include “helicopters” (and “aircraft repair and maintenance”), “alcoholic jellies” and “exotic meats including crocodile and kangaroo”. While we can live without flying our own private helicopters, we cannot live without the public participation of those who menstruate, which is dependent upon the accessibility of sanitary products. We hope you support and join our campaign! Laura Find us on Facebook or Twitter for more information. We would love to hear form you. #EndTamponTax Sister petitions:Axe #TamponTax before 2022!End Period PovertyDrop Period Prices Stop taxing periods around the world, and join our sister campaigns!Active campaigns:Australia: shelters: http://thehomelessperiod.comItaly: Africa: States of America: World: SUCCESSFUL campaigns:Canada: News Coverage:The BBC: News: Guardian: Independent: Telegraph: and and The NewStatesman: Marie Claire Magazine: May issue 2015 and Magazine: and Confused: Post: The Fabian Society: Daily Mash: and and Mirror: Metro: Female Lead: Politics Home: Housekeeping: Women's Views on News: Women's Voice: projects: Extra information:After the UK joined the Common Market in 1973, a 17.5% sanitary tax was introduced. It was justified when Parliament classified sanitary products as “non-essential, luxury” items. After years of hard work, in 2000 Labour MP Dawn Primarolo (who we are working closely with on this campaign) announced that during the following year sanitary tax would be reduced to 5%. She explained the reduction was “about fairness, and doing what we can to lower the cost of a necessity”. EU law has prevented sanitary products from escaping tax entirely. Following the Union’s decision to standardise tax across the continent, no separate member state can revise VAT allocations without the EU’s permission. For this reason, hopefully with the backing of Westminster, we hope to convince the European Parliament that this is an important issue worth revising, too.

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Petition to His Excellency President John Pombe Magufuli

President John P. Magufuli Let Pregnant Students complete their education!

On 22nd June 2017 while addressing the Bagamoyo District Residents in his 3 days tour to Coast Region in Tanzania  President. John Pombe Magufuli of Tanzania made a statement to the public who gathered during where he mentioned  that all pregnant school girls from primary schools to secondary schools should NOT continue their education at all once they fall pregnant hence no re-entry meaning an end to their education career. ''They are many things that girls who are impregnated can do after delivery , they can join VETA ( Vocational Educational Training Authority centres) , they can learn sewing but they cannot go back to school'' - said President J.P Magufuli The President argued that if such girls were to be allowed back to school , then they would encourage other girls to engage in sex. While in Tanzania Child Marriage is Legal where girls are allowed to get married at 14 years under parents consent and 15 years legally while boys are to marry at 18 years according to the Law of Marriage Act 1971 , There is a need for amendment of section 13 & 17 of the act to raise the age of marriage to 18 years for the girls and curb early pregnancy. The Government of Tanzania needs to formulate a legal framework that would allow teenage mothers to resume schooling after giving birth however such a statement from the President propagates more discrimination without reconsidering that these girls (students ) need more sexual reproductive health education to be able to protect themselves from early pregnancies while in school. Please join me to make a call for action and urge President John Pombe Magufuli of the United Republic of Tanzania to change this statement and #ProtectGirls Sign the Petition!

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