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Petition to Rahul Kumar ( DM Purnea ) - @rahulias6, Daya Shankar ( SP Purnea ), Shri Kishore Prasad ( District Judge Purnea )

"What should a girl do when the wrong doers are her own parents!"

My friend Deepshikha is going through a situation which we can't even imagine. She has been put through a lot not by anybody else but her own PARENTS. Please Help me sign the petition to help her come out of it.She is 21 years old now and has been in house arrest since the past 3 years by her parents. She was living a normal life until her parents found out about her boyfriend three years back and tortured her to quit all social life, her academics, her friends and what not. Since then, she is under House Arrest.She has been harassed mentally, physically, verbally. And not just her but her parents have tortured her friends as well to break all their ties with her. She was told that they would marry her to a rickshaw puller if she ever goes against their will, she was given pills to keep her asleep all the time and was only allowed to talk to relatives. And these stories go on and on. I request to all those who are reading this to share this as much as possible and help her get free from that jail. I also request you all to kindly share this to any government official you are in contact with, so that they can take strict actions against her parents. It is already very late, we just can not afford to loose any more time. "PLEASE HELP. SHE NEEDS US!" Please tag @rahulias6 ( DM Purnea ) On twitter And Trend this on 2nd Of October  

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Petition to Women's Rights Activists

Let's change the narrative of 'Men will be Men'

'Men will be men'— a phrase people often use to ignore men's sexist and misogynistic behaviours, be it in our daily lives, on social media platforms or in brand advertisements. If a woman gets harassed, blatantly objectified, sexualized or beaten by a man, 'men will be men' is used to neglect his mistakes and blame the victim. A lot of women are victim-blamed because they fall prey to the lustful eyes of men, when the fault is of the perpetrator.  Imperial Blue has come out with another ad where it says ‘Men Will Be Men’. But here's a thought we women often have, do the men really agree? Seagram’s Imperial Blue, a brand that is known for its 2-liner ghazal and tagline ‘Men Will Be Men,’ has been loved over the years by both men and women. However, a closer look at the ads, and the message it is trying to convey, comes across as problematic at various levels. The ads stereotype men, portraying them as people who don't bat an eyelid while objectifying women. These ads also portray men as always wanting to have physical relations with a woman, and that men help women only when they're expecting sexual favours from them. These ads also show that staring at a woman is perfectly fine and that women like being stared at, which is completely wrong. This constant sexualization and objectification of women is not even closer to establishing gender equality in the society, rather it promotes how normal it is to stare at women and sexualize them.  Over the years, this series has portrayed women as objects of desire and dehumanized men to an extent that they think it is okay for men to be greedy, possessive, full of lust and materialistic. Never have we seen a real human emotion in their protagonists. They never seem to care about others in these ads or even for their own family at times. Today, when there is a worldwide conversation on how men should be held accountable for exactly this kind of problematic behaviour, Imperial Blue continues to normalise it and be the face of it. Surpisingly, people praise such ads blindly. This needs to stop. Taking its legacy forward, Imperial Blue has launched an advertisement titled ‘Crossing’ featuring Karan Wahi. He spots a conventionally pretty woman walking towards him and helps an old lady cross the street so that he can evoke some empathy and catch the woman’s attention. He then sees another woman behind him and takes the old lady in the opposite direction with him, which implies that men will do anything to grab women's attention -- even make an old woman walk twice and toil for him. Women are tired of this narrative and suffer daily because of it. Please sign this petition and take a step to end this narrative and make people aware that men must be held accountable for their actions.

Shreya Pataskar
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Petition to Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (India), Ministry of Rural development (India)

Rehabilitating Period huts until they abolish Menstruation Exile

A ‘period hut' is a secluded place that isolates those who are menstruating due to rigid beliefs and menstrual taboos. “During ‘that’ time of the month when they got their period, they were sent away. A bleak and brittle hut. Water leaked through the roof, not strong enough to shelter them. All cooped up in the unhygienic jail. Lack of clean water and clothes, not enough food. Only societal dread and shame.” Lack of hygiene awareness and safe, clean conditions cause people who are menstruating to be vulnerable to pneumonia, diarrhoea, respiratory diseases and more; according to the United Nations bulletin. A study led by researchers from Nepal and the U.S. discovered that women despite encountering health issues are supposed to continue with their exile until their cycle is over, before seeking any medical care. This not only degrades them but takes a huge psychological toll on them; they feel abandoned and impure. Most huts don’t even have a door and they are subject to physical assault and snakebites. They don’t have the amenities or the will to speak up because they live in constant fear of being ostracized and removed from their society. “We visited 223 gaokors in tribal areas and nearly 98% lack even a proper bed, leave alone electricity and other basic amenities. Most of the gaokors have temporary bathrooms made with bamboo,” says Dr Dilip Barsagade, the founder of the local NGO Society of People’s Action in Rural Services and Health (Sparsh), which recently brought the practice to the attention of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC). “It’s all part of the suffering and humiliation women have to endure because of harsh traditions,” said Pashupati Kunwar, who runs a small aid group to help women. “Domestic violence is still bad. Child marriage is still high. We are trying to convince people that times are changing, but superstition is still strong.” According to a report published by WaterAid, illnesses related to a lack of water, basic sanitation and hygiene were responsible for the deaths of almost 800,000 women around the world in a single year making it the fifth-largest killer of women. The only way to go is to banish these huts completely, contrary to beliefs of those who condone this. Spreading awareness and educating against these beliefs is an arduous but necessary effort. It’s high time we take a stand because every time we step forward to attain equity we are pulled back by these evils. This is a huge setback and it is time we reform. Spreading awareness is the practical way to go, this requires changing something a group of people have believed and followed for a long time. Despite this being an onerous task, of which the fruit may only be received over a long period of time- what can we do now? How can we save these women now? While simultaneously working towards eliminating this practice. A Mumbai based non-profit organization came up with a controversial yet effective solution. A lot of people think this solution condones menstrual huts but this method has enabled the organization to save those cooped up in these huts without contradicting the traditional beliefs of the people. The group has built 10 ‘modern’ menstrual huts in Maharashtra which provides the residents with proper amenities and safe sanitary measures.  Discarding this practice is necessary but providing them with healthy amenities and immediate safety should be our first priority. While we work towards changing mindsets and a positive community, let's take immediate action and work towards creating better conditions for those who experience these hardships. Help create a safer environment and spread awareness. The Indian government should lawfully implement the abolition of this practice but until then it is our duty to work towards helping and saving these people.

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