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Petition to Dr. Naresh Trehan, Dr. Sabhyata Gupta

MEDANTA: Draft a Non-Judgmental Code of Conduct for Gynaecs by World Sexual Health Day

‘Are your parents aware that you are having sex with boys?’ ‘Do you intend to marry the man you have had sex with?’ ‘Does your husband know you are here?’ Why have you not got your husband? Are you involved with other men?’ .......and the list goes on and on for the unwanted, irrelevant and invasive questions that we are asked whenever we, as women, have tried to access sexual healthcare. 23 year old Khushboo has missed her period and is scared that she is pregnant. She is scared because she is unmarried. The thought of an unmarried woman being sexually active and accessing sexual healthcare is one of the biggest taboos our country is still struggling with. Access to healthcare, however, is guaranteed to us as a fundamental right by our Constitution. This is the third doctor Khushboo is visiting within a week with the same problem. She is struggling to find a solution for her medical problem. However, she is still as nervous and scared as she was on her first visit. The reason: she has already been insulted and frowned upon by the other two doctors she chose to consult. She was asked irrelevant questions and made to feel ashamed of her body, her ‘privileges’, her freedom to choose, and humiliated for the same. Time is running out and if she does not get the required medical healthcare this time, she will have no option but to approach a medically unqualified person or to consume the over the counter pills.In the midst of all this, Khushboo still doesn’t know for sure whether it is pregnancy that is delaying her periods or something else. This is the story of my friend Khushboo, and thousands of other women in the country like me and you, who are unable to access sexual healthcare for the fear of judgment. Every year, many women like me and you are denied access to basic sexual healthcare for the fear of judgment. In a country where sex is a taboo, even the so-called ‘empowered’, educated, privileged women like us are struggling to access healthcare pertaining to their sexual and reproductive right. The reason for that is simple – I know I will be subjected to harassment in the form of irrelevant and unwanted personal questions. Why? Because our culture does not acknowledge unmarried women to engage in sexual intercourse. The result: self diagnosis and medication, which is not only physically damaging to our health, but can also have a long-term mental implication, owing to intake of unregulated hormones in the form of over the counter pills. It is the need of the hour to encourage an atmosphere where we as women, especially unmarried women, can safely seek advice on matters of reproductive healthcare, without our marital status being the subject of discussion. In order to achieve this goal, it is imperative that urban, progressive hospital chains like Medanta Hospital take a stand. Medanta should draft and adopt a Non-Judgmental Code of Conduct to regulate the practice of gynaecologists empaneled with them. This will provide a safe environment to us women to access healthcare without any judgment. It should be made mandatory for all the gynaecologists at Medanta Hospitals across the country to comply with the said Non-Judgmental Code of Conduct. Furthermore, a complaint mechanism should be introduced for us as women to raise an objection in case access to health is denied/harassment is caused on prejudicial grounds. Sign this petition to urge Medanta to adopt a Non-Judgmental Code of Conduct for gynaecologists by World Sexual Health Day - 04 September 2019. #MyHealthMyRight ********************************************************************************************* 14.01.2019 Haiyya, a Delhi-based NGO joined hands with the #MyHealthMyRight Campaign. Health Over Stigma, a revolutionary campaign started by Haiyya, is fighting for the Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) for unmarried women in India. The leaders of this campaign are young unmarried women who understand, and may have even experienced, the shame and stigma around premarital sex and female sexuality. Haiyya is invested in creating safe spaces for women for women to share their stories through their network of community meetings called the Vagina Dialogues, while connecting women to a network of non-judgemental doctors who commit to their 10 commandments. The following are the 10 COMMANDMENTS that gynaecologists are expected to, ideally, follow: 10 COMMANDMENTS As Gynaecologists we commit to these 10 commandments of how we will behave with regards to unmarried female patients. We want to make our clinics a safe and non-judgmental space where unmarried women are encouraged to access services. Respecting your confidentiality and not revealing your information even if your parents or partner demands so. Treating you as an independent adult without asking for permission/involvement of parents or guardians. Not asking intrusive personal questions unless they are directly linked to a diagnosis and being transparent in explaining why. Not asking if you’re married but instead if you’re sexually active (unless required by law). Not pushing or prescribing you towards a certain behaviour just based on our moral judgments or bias. Including respecting your choice of wanting or not wanting to have a child in the future. Welcoming people from all diverse backgrounds such as religion, caste, sexual orientation, gender identity, class or race. Not placing the societal norm of virginity over health; instead, giving the patient all the information before allowing them to make an informed decision about the services they want to avail such as pap smears. Following a precautionary approach and providing access to all information such as contraceptive methods. Openly and non-judgmentally discussing sexual pleasure, satisfaction and all forms of menstrual hygiene choices with you. Asking your parents or partner to leave before inquiring about your sexual activity unless you explicitly want them present. *****************************************************************************************

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Petition to Maneka Gandhi, Raghubar Das, Chief Minister, Jharkhand, Dr. Louis Marandi, Department of Women and Child Development & Social Welfare, Jharkhand, Dr. Jaya Prasad, Nodal Officer of the State Menstrual Health Program(MHP) under NHM

Ensure Mandatory Menstrual Hygiene Service in Anganwadis of Jharkhand before it's too late

Fulmoni, a 14-year-old girl thought that a leech has gone inside her vagina!!  She was having her first period and she spent those 5 days of her life feeling scared and confused.  Fulmoni is not alone, several young girls in Jharkhand experiences their first period with similar fear. However, they have hardly anyone to tell them about menstrual hygiene. Lack of knowledge about menstrual hygiene leads to several myths and misconceptions about periods and severely affect these girls both emotionally and physically. I want these girls in Jharkhand to have access to knowledge and services on menstrual hygiene. The state already has a strong network of Anganwadi workers who work in villages to provide information to women on health and nutrition. But most of the Anganwadi workers are not trained to talk about menstruation and don’t have any information (like brochures, posters etc.) to pass the right information to the girls in Jharkhand.  Sign my petition and join me in asking the Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation, Jharkhand and Department of Women & Child Development and Social Welfare, Jharkhand to ensure that young girls in remote communities of Jharkhand are provided with mandatory knowledge and services on menstrual hygiene in the Anganwadis.  Through my petition I want the Jharkhand government to:  ●     Start simple menstrual hygiene services in each Anganwadis of Jharkhand before December 2018. This may include brochures and posters on information on menstruation, availability of biodegradable pads and cloth pads, iron tablets and monthly checkups on anemia.  ●     Facilitate proper training mechanism for Angawadi workers on knowledge and practice of Menstrual Hygiene Management and promote mandatory monthly sessions in the Angawadis.  ●     Publish an Audit Report on the outcome and impact of Menstrual Hygiene Management by the Public Health Engineering Department in Jharkhand and the Department of Women & Child Development and Social Welfare, Jharkhand.  ●     An Impact Report available to the public on the expenses and the outreach to rural schools from the Health Department with the 25 crore amount sanctioned under 2015-16 and 2016-17.  ●     Ensure a mechanism to monitor the impact of the adolescent program run by Anganwadis on menstrual hygiene in the communities.  The NFHS 2015-16 had reported that only 39.4% of women age between 15-24 use hygienic methods of protection during their menstrual period.  The Central Government under the flagship of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, promises to bring Comprehensive Sanitation and Hygiene among people in rural India since 2014. I have been working with these tribal and Dalit young girls on a daily basis for the past 5 years and I am shocked at how little do they know about menstrual hygiene till date. Since 2016 Jharkhand State has funded the Health Department Rs. 25 crores to promote menstrual hygiene among school girls distributing free sanitary napkins. But if these girls are not told about menstruation, how to use a sanitary napkin and how often to change it, if they have no idea about how to keep themselves clean during their periods or on disposal mechanisms, then these free sanitary napkins will not serve their intended purpose.  Also girls who have dropped out from schools suffer the most as they have no idea on where to seek information from. Anganwadi centers are a huge source of information for young girls in the villages. All the government needs to do is to equip and empower these Anganwadis, so that all girls in rural Jharkhand get access to the right information about menstrual hygiene. #PeriodsPeCharcha    

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Petition to Raghav Bahl, Ritu Kapur, Sanjay Pugalia, Rohit Khanna

The Quint: Publish a series of videos about the concerns of women voters in 2019 elections

It infuriates me every election season that 50% of the country’s population are not prioritised by political parties. No politician seems to feel, “Oh, we shouldn’t do this or women will get upset and not vote for us.” If they did, they wouldn’t be making statements or calling for policies that are so obviously detrimental to women’s interests. For example, in the past decade, crimes against women in India have gone up by 83%. But how often do we see this being discussed as one of the main topics to address in pre-election news debates? But numbers show that they have every reason to worry about the vote of women. In the last general elections alone, nearly 70% of women came out to vote. As an Indian woman, I do not feel that any party duly represents me or is adequately concerned by the issues I have to face in the country. This has to change and our politicians need to sit up and listen. The Quint is one media group that has already been proactive in covering gender sensitive subjects, from its regular coverage of the Me Too movement to its documentary on rape culture. Sign my petition asking The Quint to publish a series of videos about the concerns of women voters in the run-up to the 2019 General Elections. In many debates aired on the media, manels (all male panels) continue to thrive and discuss the same subjects repetitively, rather than allowing for a diversity of matters and voices that represent different sections of the population. Why not change this and present a platform where women voters can relate to issues they face and articulate their demands and expectations from the 2019 elections? And who better to start this than The Quint? Please sign my petition asking The Quint to publish a series of videos presenting the issues that women want political parties to address before the 2019 general elections. Together, we can make our voices heard to The Quint and hopefully then the contesting parties will listen more closely to what women have to say. #WhatWomenWant2019#WomensManifesto2019#SheVotes2019

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