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Petition to Doug Ford, Ontario Progressive Conservative Party

Save Ontario's Current Sex Ed Curriculum!

EDIT: There is a protest happening in Toronto to fight this!! Please check out the event and come if you can! The Ontario Conservative party is planning to repeal our progressive sexual education curriculum in September of this year. This cannot be allowed to happen. The current curriculum, introduced after a lengthy and long-overdue consultation process with thousands of parents and educators, covered essential topics like same-sex marriage, gender identity, online safety, and consent. It was widely hailed as a huge step forward for gay rights, sexual health, and education as a whole. Under this new curriculum, info has been provided that can reduce teen pregnancy rates, tolerance has increased, and our children are more prepared for a healthy and educated future than ever before. Under the Conservatives' new plan, this could all change. All of the topics I mentioned before will be either seriously revised or removed altogether. This will be catastrophic for the future of our province. In more ways than one, I grew up with the Toronto District School Board (TDSB). Both my parents are teachers, and I grew up hearing stories about his classroom. The saddest of these stories were the ones he'd tell about girls at his school showing up pregnant to their grade six graduations. This happened multiple times before the curriculum change of 2015. The fact is, our children need sex-ed and there's nobody better to provide it than trained, educated professionals working with a curriculum created and intensely examined by experts. Don't let the conservative party take away the education that our province so badly needs. Please sign and share this petition. 

Rayne Fisher-Quann
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Petition to Centrepointe Theatre, Mayor Jim Watson, City of Ottawa

Cancel Jordan Peterson's Event at the Ottawa Centrepointe Theatre

On July 23rd, 2018, University of Toronto psychology professor, Jordan Peterson, is scheduled to give a talk at the Ottawa Centrepointe Theatre as part of his 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos book tour. As women, people of colour, members of the Indigenous, and LGBTQ+ communities, and residents of Ottawa, we feel strongly that Peterson’s talk will promote violence and endorse sentiments of misogyny, transphobia, homophobia, and intolerance within our community. In light of the Toronto van attack that left ten dead and many more injured, Peterson has responded not by condemning the actions of the perpetrator, Alek Minassian, but rather Peterson chose to align himself with the Incel (“involuntary celibate”) movement that Minassian belonged to and that heralds mass murderer Elliot Rodger as its hero. The Incel movement is categorized by the Southern Poverty Law Center as “part of an online male supremacist ecosystem”. The SPLC explains that these hate groups “consistently denigrate and dehumanize women, often including advocating physical and sexual violence against them. (Janik, 2018)” Members of the Incel movement have frequently championed the concept of “sexual redistribution”, also called “enforced monogamy”. (Bowles, 2018)“‘He was angry at God because women were rejecting him,’ Mr. Peterson says of the Toronto killer. ‘The cure for that is enforced monogamy. That’s actually why monogamy emerges.’” (Bowles, 2018)The quotation above from The New York Times includes a direct quote in which Peterson, asserts that the solution to male supremacist terrorism is forcing women into sexual relationships with men to prevent them from killing. Not only does this statement shift the blame from the killer onto the women who rejected him, it validates the terrorist’s actions by suggesting we respond by meeting their demands. From this statement, it is clear that Peterson’s sympathies are not with the victims or their families, but with the terrorist who feels entitled to women’s bodies.Peterson’s book also includes a preface by graphic artist, Ethan Van Sciver. Van Sciver has worked with Marvel and DC Comics in the past and provided the illustrations for 12 Rules for Life. Van Sciver has published a sketchbook, entitled My Struggle (Van Sciver, 2007), the English translation of Adolph Hitler’s manifesto title, Mein Kampf. Unfortunately, this is not the only time Van Sciver has associated himself with far-right extremism, having also hosted a vehement white supremacist on his online podcast. Peterson’s willingness to collaborate with individuals like Van Sciver demonstrates that he has little problem aligning himself with racism and white supremacy.Peterson’s rhetoric further contributes to the disproportionate violence against marginalized and minority groups. By dehumanizing and scapegoating us, he endangers each and every one of us. Every person deserves to feel safe in their community and the Centrepointe Theatre is very much a part of ours. It is for this reason that we call upon the Theatre to cancel this event. Giving a platform for intolerance at the Theatre invites and endorses Peterson’s message of hatred.Endorsements:Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity (CCGSD), Black Sheep Supper Club, Carleton Food Collective. ResourcesJanik, Rachel. “‘I Laugh at the Death of Normies’: How Incels Are Celebrating the Toronto Mass Killing.” Southern Poverty Law Center, 24 Apr. 2018, Bowles, Nellie. “Jordan Peterson, Custodian of the Patriarchy.” The New York Times, The New York Times, 18 May 2018, Van Sciver, Ethan. My Struggle Sketchbook. Vol. 1, Self Published, 2007.

Ali Bellamy
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Petition to John Horgan

Grant Tetyana Melnychuk her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree which UNBC withheld through discrimination and abuse

Chairs of nursing schools can declare any nursing student "unsuitable" just as a matter of personal dislike for that person. The University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) waited until the end of my registered nurse training  program to fail me in the last course, thereby maximizing their revenue, the bank's profit, and my student debt.  This happened even thought I was one of the top nursing students.  It was part of ongoing discrimination, abuse, and persecution against me by three nursing instructors and the chair of the nursing program at UNBC, who did not like the fact I am an immigrant English Second Language student and a single mother. UNBC consistently supports the chair of UNBC's School of Nursing, no matter what she and some of her faculty members do to nursing students. UNBC officials turn a deaf ear to the students' complaints unless the student can afford a lawyer.  Not surprisingly, since 2011 UNBC has banned lawyers from the student appeal process. I now owe a huge student debt with no means of repaying it or of supporting myself and my minor son. According to a lawyer, I have a human rights case against UNBC. However, without legal representation, I am unable to defend my rights against UNBC and obtain my registered nurse degree.  Moreover, Legal Aid and pro bono legal services do not provide help for low income people in cases such as mine. Provincial governments have privileged universities, but failed to protect students' rights and interests.  Publicly the BC government deplores the increase in child poverty! Please do not ignore this family; help and make one child's life better.                                                                                                                    I am asking you to help me obtain my Bachelor of Science in Nursing from UNBC, so that I can write my registered nurse exam, receive my registered nurse license, find work, pay off my student debt, support myself and my minor son, and become a self sufficient member of society.                                                                                                                      What Martha MacLeod and some other UNBC instructors have done to some UNBC students is horrible.                                                                                                                UNBC must be compelled to treat its students fairly.  Students' rights need to be protected, and one of the best ways to do that is to allow students to have representation by a lawyer through all four stages  (instructor, chair, dean, senate) of the appeal process. This assistance needs to have funds available so that low and middle income students can enjoy the same effective rights as the wealthy. Please support us and pass this petition to others. Thank you very much for your support.   To know more about how UNBC has mistreated me, follow this link      

Tetyana Melnychuk
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Petition to chelsea , Judy

Protesting against children aid - CAS

Did CAS take your child and forget about your rights as a human being ?!?!? now is your chance to make a difference make a difference between yourself and how your children can be raised with you! I family is a family no matter what you may look at them like if you think they were in an unfit home help them don't just take the child away this is why am creating the event because the children's aid has gone too far and they believe their power is far more stronger than anybody else out there and it is not rightThey do not keep families together they are a sham and a hoax if you or somebody else you know have been discriminated against the children Aid Society this may be your last chance at making at difference. come out bring your signs protest we're hoping that some news channel will be there to allow our voice is to be spread, We have to do it soon we are running out of time. Any one interested to protest against the C.A.S , judge's and lawyer's let ME know. Yes we can do it if we don't stop traffic and cause fights,swearing and stop traffic going in the MPP Office ! Hi my name is Chelsea Vachon I am 22 years old now my child was apprehended when I was 19 due to the fact I have a brain disability that I was born with something called foetal alcohol syndrome or alcohol related neurological disorder because I had to learning assessment from school they As in the children aid and some judges believe that my assessment is who I am! For indeed it is not I've lived on my own since 19 I have pets I take care of on a daily basis I have worked with children and yet I am an unsuitable parent because I was born with something I cannot control they will not help methey will not even take a second look at me I am adopted into an amazing family The lady who adopted me is my great aunt ! and for some reason she's an unfit character to adopt my daughter  she had done daycare for over a great period Of time,and had also did emergency care fostering for the children aid and she's not a good fit to adopt my daughter who is her granddaughter! I am absolutely livid and disgusted by the children aid society they're discriminating against her age and so much more this is unjust and needs to be dealt with and such a severe manner. Please if you are willing to help support or anything at all please please please inbox me so I can tell you when the actual protest is and how we can use your help.

Chelsea Vachon
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