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Petition to Hon Dr Jonathan Coleman, Hon Amy Adams, Hon Paula Bennett

Legalise Abortion in New Zealand

In New Zealand, abortion is the only medical procedure included in The Crimes Act 1961. Under this piece of legislation abortion is only legal if two consenting doctors agree that carrying a child to term would cause the woman* serious physical or mental health issues, if the pregnancy is a result of an incest, or if there is a fetal abnormality (only up to 20 weeks). Rape is NOT included as a legal provision. By law the doctor/s do not have to agree to giving the woman consent for the procedure - this is called conscientious objection; which puts women in areas where there are only a small number of GPs at risk. You can read more about the law here: It is completely unacceptable and archaic for abortion to still be considered a crime under certain circumstances. This law increases the stigma around abortion and forces women to go through an arduous and expensive process in order to receive the abortion. In fact 99% of abortions in New Zealand are performed under the guise that carrying the child to term would be a danger to mental health, which is dishonest and ableist. As a signatory of CEDAW (Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women) - a UN convention that recognises access to abortion as a human right - New Zealand is not meeting its commitments. In 2012 the CEDAW Committee recommended that we "review the abortion law and practice with a view to simplifying it and to ensure women's autonomy to choose." Abortions should always be safe and easy to access - which means they must be made legal. This petition is being created to raise awareness and hopefully get the law changed in this country; by signing you will be part of the beginning of the long fight for abortion law reform in New Zealand #mybodymychoice.  *The creators of this petition do not want to exclude anyone (transgender, gender neutral, non-conforming etc.) from the issue at hand and would like to recognise the fact that this law affects everyone with a uterus - some of whom may not identify as women, and the fact that not all women have uterus'. 

Sarah Batkin
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Petition to Electronic Arts

Gender Equality in FIFA Ultimate Team

The world game is a substantial and significant part of millions of lives. Football is one of the worlds greatest treasures, showcasing a broad range of talent, action, and excitement. For years and years we have been witness to the ascension of greatness in the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi. However, an often overseen and overlooked form of greatness is within the Women's leagues globally. With talents such as Alex Morgan and Marta Vieira da Silva taking the world by storm in the non conventional way, in a sport primarily dominated by males, these superstars of our generation are overlooked. EA FIFA 17 allowed us the pleasure of playing Women's teams, however, one feature significantly overlooked by the gaming mega giant was, Women's FIFA Ultimate Team. This is a massive oversight by the developers, and does not show that you can make an equally amazing team with Women's talent, as you can with the male teams. It's time for change, it was started in 2017, however, change is an ongoing journey and we need more. We need to be able to create a team of elite female sportsmen to show that they too, can achieve greatness and they too are wanted in the game. We need to demonstrate that above all else, diversity will prevail and that we can challenge the norm. EA, this is your chance, be a leader, be the gaming mega giant we need, implement Women's FIFA Ultimate Team in FIFA 18 through a patch. I implore you,  dont let this oversight go on any longer.

Chris Vax
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Petition to Libby Lyons

Take Action for Workplace Equality

  In today’s society, 46% of Australian employees are women and only 26% of organisations have women employed in leadership roles (Women in Leadership Summit, 2017). These statistics make it clear that a hiring bias still exists and influences all areas of the workforce. More specifically, the top levels of management remain heavily male-dominated, with just 15.4% of CEO positions held by women (Workplace Gender Equality Agency, 2017).By some estimates, gender equality in the workplace won’t be achieved until 2095 (UN Women, 2016). That’s not good enough. As we prepare to enter the workforce as new graduate health professionals, we want to enter a workforce that provides us with the equal opportunity to succeed and progress throughout our career to the same extent as our male counterparts. With 49.7% of the workplace consisting of women, why do they not have the same opportunities? (Workplace Gender Equality Agency, 2017) The inequality lies in the hiring process; where companies and organisations may recruit differently, create different position descriptions, have different expectations, or promote differently depending on whether you are a male or female.The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) is a document outlining the fundamental human rights that are universally protected. The hiring bias is non-compliant with UDHR Article 23.1: Article 23.1:  Everyone has the right to work, to free choice of employment, to just and favourable conditions of work and to protection against unemployment. Gender inequality in the workplace, more specifically the hiring bias results in unequal opportunities for women to attain leadership roles. As such, conditions of the workplace are unjust where women are limited in choice of positions in the workplace. Join our call to action! We need your help to push for policy amendments to the Workplace Gender Equality Act (2012) to promote accountability for gender equality within the recruitment process.   The Workplace Gender Equality Act (2012) currently requires all employers with 100 or more employees to report against a set of standardised gender equality indicators each year. Workplaces with more than 500 employees are required to reach a minimum standard, however workplaces under this capacity are not required to meet any criterion. The current data presented by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency represents only 40% of employees in Australia. This highlights that the majority of Australian workplaces are not currently being held accountable for gender equality in the workplace. Sign the petition to make more workplaces responsible for gender equality. We are calling for Libby Lyons, Director of the Workplace Gender Equality Agency, to work in partnership with us to reduce the size of businesses required to comply with minimum gender equality standards. Join us in calling to reduce the current business size required to meet minimum standards from 500 to 100 employees. This will increase the number of businesses supporting women in the workplace, taking a step towards achieving gender equality throughout the country.Help us to make a change in the workforce for our daughters, granddaughters, nieces and sisters. Let’s create a culture where women are empowered and able to achieve their career goals, no matter how high.   References: Women in Leadership Summit. (2017). Women in Leadership Summit. Retrieved from: Women. (2016). Take Action for Workplace Equality. Retrieved from   Workplace Gender Equality Agency. (2017). Australia’s Gender Equality Scorecard. Retrieved from:  

Natalie Conroy
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Petition to Martin Foley

Remove my attacker from his government funded housing. I'm not safe in my own home!

Dear Mr Foley, I am writing to you about the intolerable and terrifying position I find myself in. In 2013, I beat the odds and purchased my first home. Excitement quickly turned to fear, when I realised that my beloved home shares a wall with a DHHS property that contains a seemingly violent, mentally unstable man. After over a year of sleepless nights, due to disturbances, vandalism and arson (all of which were reported to police by multiple members of the community), my neighbour physically assaulted me. Unprovoked. DHHS's response? Go back and let it happen again so we can establish a pattern of violent behaviour. Yes. Much to my disbelief, after over a year of begging them to help their own client, I was quite literally asked to subject myself to more physical violence. I don't really need to point out that this is an utter disgrace, do I? Would you expect the women in your life to live with the undeniable danger that I do? My home has been vacant since May of 2016. The mortgage still has to be paid, but my home is uninhabitable. Police are powerless. My assailant simply denies any allegations made against him. CCTV is well beyond my already overstretched budget and I am yet to find an affordable way to get this terrifying issue to court. The man in question is quite obviously in dire need of mental health assistance and a much higher level of care and supervision. Under DHHS policy, it seems he is allowed to refuse such assistance, but can still be provided with a home and commit assault, arson, illegal occupation of private land, vandalism and disturbance of the peace. Have you ever had to try to sleep, wondering if you'll burn alive before you wake? Or walk to your car in fear of being stabbed or beaten? Or wondered how many consecutive nights of lengthy noise disturbances you can endure before you are no longer able to perform your job? I have. Every day. With no foreseeable end in sight. These are not the thoughts of an alarmist. These concerns were then and continue now to be very real. Just yesterday, I visited my home to find the front window smashed and a fresh coat of spray paint menacingly adorning the property. DHHS policies have facilitated the placement of a dangerously unwell man into the community. It is unacceptable that a more appropriate level of care is not provided for him. It is utterly abhorrent that I am expected to live in fear next door to my attacker. It seems no one can help me because our current laws and government policies dictate that this situation is perfectly acceptable. Acceptable it most certainly is not. It's inhumane.

Megan Grant
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