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Petition to U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, Oregon State House, Oregon State Senate, President of the United States, Oregon Governor

Gov. Brown: Investigate the abuse of power & criminal forgery by David Frohnmayer, Bob Ackerman and the complicity of L.C. Government

I’m an Arab American Muslim woman who’s been targeted by all kinds of hate crimes! I’ve lost my fully paid Condo to the most corrupted Oregon's late A.G Dave Frohnmayer!  After the Condominium Associated of River Island Estates put a lien on it..  I hired Bob Ackerman to take care of the lien that was imposed on me by Wells Fargo.  Bob Ackerman, asked me about my family phone & sent a letter to my nephew vilifying me. Then, sent the power of attorney to my nephew, to have it sign & remove me from the deed! Karen Ogle who was working at the U.S. Consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, was the one who administrated the power of attorney. Karen & her son broker Bob Ogle stole our Condo! Ackerman, hired Scarlett Lee from Barnhart Associates to sell our fully paid condo, that was marketed it- ‘$150,000.00 in 1998′. Bob Ackerman only paid us back $40,000.00.   Dave Frohnmayer the one who was behind the whole deal! It was actually sold & listed on the web/public record $85,000.00                   HUD, ACLU, SPLC, OSB, NAACP, BOLI/Brad Avakian, are complicit in the crime!  The previous A.G. Hardy Myers. the two senators Wyden, Smith, and Congressman DeFazio are silent.  Oregon legislators, the unscrupulous officials of Lane County, with the two Mayors Jim Torrey and Kitty Piercy are also, complicit & refused to prosecute Bob Ackerman because of Frohnmayer crime!   I contacted the D.A. office they told me they have no jurisdiction on Frohmayer! My nephew & I contacted Richard Clark a real estate attorney.  After we left his office, Richard Clark called me to inform me he wouldn't take it!  Then I contacted the OSB to get a referral to an attorney. I went to see him, but again, he wouldn't take it!!  No attorney would take my case!   Stop this violent abuse & misogyny against us Muslim Arab Women!!!  Dave Frohnmayer had fired me from my teaching job at the UO and OSU!  Frohnmayer is preventing me from getting employed!   Noone can sue this criminal cabal! Frohnmayer had secured both the D.A. and the City Attorney by providing Harrag Long to be in charge of these two offices. Plus, Harrang Long was also represting the University of Oregon! 

Nadia Sindi
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Petition to American Eagle Outfitters

American Eagle take down rape culture ad

Above is the advertisement posted by American Eagle. Here is the link to see the full size photo: American Eagle Outfitters recently posted an advertisement showing a woman standing above a half dressed man with the woman's legs spread apart and the view you get of the woman is only her legs and private areas. This advertisement is provocative and suggestive. Rape culture is real. Rape culture is prevalent. Rape culture victimizes women and devalues survivors and their stories.  American Eagle should not condone rape culture along with any other companies on media sources. As a long time customer of American Eagle I am disappointed and angry. I will no longer support this company if they continue to encourage this kind of culture. If American Eagle Outfitters were to take down and remove their advertisement from all media sources and give a public apology it will encourage other companies on media sources to rethink the way they advertise their products and protect women. Women are already degraded in enough ways. Companies like American Eagle Outfitters should be protecting and empowering women; especially when such a large part of their profits come from women. Rape culture is not okay and something needs to be done in the way that media portrays women. Please sign & share this petition to take a stance on this prevalent issue in the United States and all over the world. 

Alexis Smith
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Petition to CBS, David Rhodes

Hire a woman to anchor CBS Evening News #HireHer

For most of television history, the anchors of the weekday evening network newscasts -- ABC, CBS, NBC -- have been men. In fact, only two women, Katie Couric and Diane Sawyer, have ever been solo anchors. Last week, CBS News announced that Couric’s replacement, Scott Pelley, is done as the ‘CBS Evening News’ anchor. It’s time for the network to close the gender gap in nightly news and choose a woman to be the next anchor.  Will you sign our petition asking CBS to hire one of the many competent women journalists to be the next full-time anchor of CBS Evening News? Journalism legends Barbara Walters, Connie Chung, and Carole Simpson have served as co-anchors on the weekday evening network news, and Maria Elena Salinas is the current co-anchor for Noticero Univision. However, men still dominate media across all platforms—television, newspapers, online and wires—with change coming only incrementally. Women are not equal partners in telling the story, nor are they equal partners in sourcing and interpreting what and who is important in the story. Right now, only 32% of CBS Nightly News’ anchors, field reporters, and correspondents are women. Research from the Women’s Media Center found that female anchored news shows hire more women for these positions than their male led counterparts. Judy Woodruff's NewsHour on PBS, which she co-anchored with Gwen Ifill prior to Ifill's death last year, leads evening news broadcasts in producing the work of female news correspondents.  There are many female journalists who have the experience and qualifications to excel in the job. Gayle King, Norah O’Donnell, and Elaine Quijano, for instance, already have a proven track record at CBS, and others, like Soledad O’Brien, Kelly O'Donnell, Dana Bash, Christiane Amanpour or Andrea Mitchell, could come from another network to fill the role. And that's just to name a few; we’re using the tag #HireHer on social media to showcase the many diverse women candidates CBS has to choose from.  It’s 2017, long past time to have at least one woman anchoring the weekday evening network news. Please sign and join us in asking CBS to hire a woman to replace Scott Pelley at CBS Evening News.    

Women's Media Center
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