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Petition to Crown Prosecution Service, Alison Saunders

Take domestic violence seriously in courts

Last night Manchester Crown Court’s Judge Richard Mansell ruled that he would not jail Mustafa Bashir, a man who made his wife drink bleach and, at one point, struck her over her back with a cricket bat saying: "If I hit you with this bat with my full power then you would be dead." Judge Mansell concluded she was not vulnerable enough because she was "an intelligent woman with a network of friends" and a university degree.The Judge handed out a suspended sentence of 18 months - a punishment which is not enforced unless a further crime is committed during a specified period. What message does this send out to perpetrators of domestic abuse?Alison Saunders, Director of Public Prosecution at the Crown Prosecution Service needs to take domestic violence seriously. Like Bashir’s partner, I went through hell with my ex, enduring domestic abuse for 18 years. At one point I was shot with a sawn-off shotgun and then beaten. My 16 year old son took his life as a result of this. I also had a network of good friends - does that mean I was not vulnerable enough too? What ignorance by the system.For years I have been saying that judges who deal with these cases don’t fully understand the issue of domestic violence, including the power dynamics of the perpetrator and victim and how it can make you a prisoner in your home - regardless of your network of friends and how intelligent you are.I am actively campaigning in the domestic abuse arena to see that all services listen to the voice of those who have and still are victims/survivors. Sadly we are experts by experience. All Judges should have mandatory domestic abuse training because their lack of knowledge is putting lives at risk, those lives of the vulnerable people.I am calling on the Alison Saunders to agree to meet me, and show that the CPS understands that work needs to be done so that Judge Mansell’s actions are never repeated.

Rachel Williams
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Petition to Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn, Vince Cable, all party leaders and Parliament

50:50 Parliament want women to have equal seats and equal say. Show you agree, SIGN NOW!

In Parliament men outnumber women by more than 2:1, there are 209 women MPs and 441 men. Only 12 extra women were elected to Westminster after the 2017 general election, at this rate it will take 50 years to get a truly equal and representative Parliament. 50:50 aspire to a modern Parliament consisting of around 50% men and 50% women. Our target is clear because what gets measured gets managed. This is a majority issue, women are the majority in life but the minority in Parliament. If Parliament is inaccessible to women many others must and do face hurdles too. One way or another this needs sorting.  If you agree then say so and SIGN.  Let's build a better and more representative democracy together! This is what our petition letter to the party leaders says: "Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn, Vince Cable, all party leaders and Parliament, We need a more gender balanced House of Commons, around 50:50 men and women. Please collaborate and do something: debate and take action to make Parliament more gender balanced, like life." Our petition is not prescribing the solutions but asking those with the power to take action. This is a historic democratic deficit and institutional imbalance that needs to be addressed. An inclusive, gender balanced Parliament would lead to more responsive and informed decision making, everyone would benefit.  50:50 Parliament also aim to inspire, support and encourage political participation with our #AskHerToStand & #SignUpToStand campaigns. Let's get 116 more women to Westminster at the next election. If you know a woman who would make a good MP then ask her to stand, 50:50 is here to help, see  All political parties agree that a gender balanced Parliament would be better, see this video clip here, so SIGN to ask for action. For more information and to JOIN 50:50 go to 50:50 Parliament is an inclusive, cross party, non-partisan campaign, it costs nothing to join up and be part of 50:50 Parliament. This historic movement for women to have political equality is free for all. By joining you show support, help raise awareness and be part of the campaign! To read more about why this matters and the many solutions see the 50:50 Parliament submission to the Women and Equalities Select Committee Inquiry here. Only 325 women MPs are needed for a 50:50 Parliament which amounts to 1 in every 100,000 women which is great, because clearly politics might not appeal to everyone, but it might suit 1 in 100,000 women and our country needs them.  Two comments on the petition say it all: Helen "Apart from the obvious injustice we are in no position to under-utilise so much talent”- Helen, “If the institution of Parliament discourages women to participate, it is the institution that needs to change.” – Malcolm. Add your voice and make a comment on the 50:50 petition. Join us in asking for action concerning this pressing democratic deficit. Thank you. Frances, Sadaf, Brian, Tina, Charlie and Nathalie #5050Parliament Team 50:50 Key Links: For more information see 50:50 submission to Women & Equalities Select Committee Become a 50:50 Ambassador - fill in the form online Stand to become an MP! 50:50 want to support you see #AskHerToStand Like - Follow on Twitter - @5050Parliament See 50:50 Films  - 50:50 Parliament on YouTube Buy campaign merch at - 50:50 Parliament Shop 50:50 in the News: Parliament agrees there is a "serious democratic deficit" and #5050Parliament says "There are some great women out there, so let’s start asking them to stand" The Guardian The Guardian reports on launch of #5050Parliament #AskHerToStand campaign "Gender parity among MPs at risk of stalling, say women's groups" Cathy Newman, Channel 4 News supports #5050Parliament in The Telegraph 50:50 Parliament in Marie Claire #IWD2016 50:50 Parliament profiled in The Telegraph, 50:50 Parliament - Huffington Post, Evening Standard The Guardian 50:50 Parliament - Star on Parliamentary TV at Women & Equalities Committee Oral Evidence Session #StripTees 50:50 Key Blogs: Women our Parliament Still Needs You Following in the Footsteps of Fawcett Gender Equality is a Human Right, so Women Need More Seats in Parliament! Family Friendly Parliament Tax on Tampons Is the Tip of the Iceberg Obama says Tampon Tax Is Because ‘Men Were Making the Laws’ Carey Mulligan Demonstrates Support for 50:50Parliament at the Premier of 'Suffragette' 50:50 Films: 50:50 Ambassadors Campaign Video Carey Mulligan supporting 50:50 Parliament at Suffragette Premier & Sisters Uncut Demo Paloma Faith Supporting 50:50 Parliament Gemma Arterton Supporting 50:50 Parliament MPs Supporting #5050Parliament Campaign #5050Parliament at Feminism in London 2015 #5050Parliament at WOW Festival 2015

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Petition to Duncan Selbie, CEO - Public Health England & Simon Stevens, CEO - NHS, Steve Brine

Let Mum Speak - women need better treatment when they become mothers.

At least one in ten mothers experiences post-natal depression (PND) according to research, and many more are suffering in silence. Too many women are falling through the cracks in maternal healthcare as their physical and emotional needs go unmet. It is a disgrace in 2018 that women are treated this way; that their wishes around pregnancy, birth and post-natally are often ignored or brushed aside. Peer support projects such as Mothers Uncovered can stop the development of PND in its tracks. PND doesn't just affect the mother, it affects her family – and it affects you. When the mother’s needs are not met, nor are those of her family. The impact on children includes emotional difficulties, behavioural problems and special educational needs (i). PND has a detrimental impact on a partner's mental health, as well as causing financial problems (ii,iii). If you are reading this and thinking this doesn't concern you because you are not a mother, you are wrong. It does. You might not be a mother, but we all have, or had, a mother. This is a global concern. You could well be thinking what will all this cost? Frankly, we can't afford NOT to take action. Inadequate maternal care costs the UK £8bn [iv] a year, with a comparatively modest £337m required to tackle it. EIGHT BILLION POUNDS EVERY YEAR on trying to close the stable door once the horse has bolted. Why are we playing catch-up instead of investing in preventative measures? Why does the problem exist? First, because women are not supported adequately around their birth, often seeing several different professionals during their pregnancy and labour. A traumatic birth can have a long-term impact on mental health. And once the baby is born, most women are signed off by their health visitor after ten days. Second, there is still an insistence on dividing mothers into those with ‘baby blues’ (perceived as the vast majority) from those with post-natal depression (perceived as a small proportion). The latter are usually treated with medication and specialist counselling. To access a PND group you need to be referred by your doctor or health visitor. There is a shaming stigma of ‘not coping’ and many women do not identify themselves as ‘depressed’. Most women have 'new motherhood syndrome' in which it is perfectly normal to be blissfully happy one moment and in the depths of despair the next. It is imperative that this period, with its rollercoaster of emotions, is reclassified as normal rather than extreme. Third, many women feel they have no one to talk to. Mothers know how lucky they are to be mothers, so repeatedly deny any of their own needs to the point when they are in a desperate state.There are many mum and baby groups, but they are usually informal drop-ins in which other mothers may appear to be coping much better. Courses in Children’s Centres can help, but these are usually run by a health professional, creating an ‘us and them’ atmosphere. So what else is there? In Brighton and Hove, there is Mothers Uncovered started in 2008 by Maggie Gordon-Walker , set up as a project for her registered charity Livestock . We have helped hundreds of women with our creative support groups focused on the mother, rather than the baby. The facilitators are past participants. As it says on our publicity: ‘We are not perfect mothers.  We are going through it all too. In short, we are just like you.’ Participants quickly feel able to open up as they realise they are not the only ones struggling, they begin to feel less isolated and start to take ownership of their lives and decisions. Of course it is essential to have the statutory services there; women are very grateful for the care that the NHS provides. However, a lot of women would never get to the stage of severe PND if the right support were there in the first place. If peer support services were given better prominence and were supported themselves, then the massive burden on the NHS would ease. We believe it is essential that Mothers Uncovered (and groups like it) are present everywhere, but we need your support to prove it is needed. Like many small organisations, keeping afloat is sometimes a challenge. All that is required is a welcoming room and a facilitator to manage the sessions. And some tea and biscuits. The facilitators need a small amount of training and ongoing support, which can be provided by their peers. It’s not exactly the moon on a stick, is it?! In order not to be costing the country £8bn every year, here is what’s needed.1. Greater investment into specialist birth centres & training more midwives so women can feel supported rather than scared and alone.2. Give the same weight to the postnatal as the antenatal period: More appointments with professionals, to include debriefing about the birth and identify potential depression. The term ‘new motherhood syndrome’ to be recognised as this period, when it is normal rather than extreme to experience powerful emotions.3. Investment into peer support groups such as Mothers Uncovered to build confidence and create a community. Less stigma in asking for help or castigating mothers as 'moaning'. Show your support by signing. Remember, it is not just about mothers, it’s about everyone. 'The Secret Life of Mothers' written by Mothers Uncovered participants, is available to buy on Amazon The Secret Life of Mothers Watch a video about Mothers Uncovered: Maggie Gordon-Walker’s article about post-natal support A testimonial for Mothers Uncovered from a past participant : We would also like to highlight the work of other excellent organisations/services/groups & individuals working in this area. If you'd like to be added to this list, please mention this in the comments or contact Maggie via or twitter @mothersuncoverd 1. Open House - Nottingham was founded by a group of Mums in 2012 to support those affected by any psychological and emotional condition which has developed during pregnancy or the postnatal period. Nottingham 2.Mamaheaven Specially tailored yoga retreats for mothers and babies under 18 months old. Sussex. 3. Atomised Mothers film A short film about isolation, 'austerity', and the politics of parenthood by Michal Nahman, an anthropologist and mother of two. Bristol. 4. Riga Forbes supports groups of women during pregnancy, through Birth Vision courses for birth-preparation. East Sussex.  5. Butterflies PND support PND support group. Also support with birth trauma. Using mindfulness & yoga as healing tools plus Well Woman yoga for healing pelvic floor issues. Watford. 6. Cocoon Family Support Support for families affected by postnatal depression in north west London. 7. Lotus Petal PND Peer Support & Advice For Parents Suffering From Pre & Postnatal Mental Illness, Essex 8. SPIN Brighton Information network for single parents providing regular emails to members & support, advice, opportunities for meetups & events. Brighton & Hove 9.Poynton PANDAS Support Group for parents suffering pre and postnatal depression.Poynton 10.Pregnancy Sickness Support is the only UK based charity supporting women with this condition. In its extreme form it is known as Hyperemesis Gravidarum. Coventry. 11.Mums Aid A non-profit organisation providing free counselling for women experiencing mental health problems or emotional difficulties during pregnancy or postnatally. Greenwich, London. 12. Mothertime Claire Arnold-Baker - psychotherapist specialising in new mothers, offering individual sessions and groups, Reading. 13. Story of Mum Community to let go of guilt and rediscover the self in motherhood. Sharing gloss-free stories and carving out vital creative time for YOU. Cornwall 14. A Monster Ate My Mum 'Excuse me, but have you eaten my mum? I want her back, I want some fun.' Rhyming storybook for children, explaining PND from their perspective. Bristol/Bath 15. Lanarkshire PND - PND survivor actively campaigning to increase awareness and support for future mums and dads, Lanarkshire 16. Positive Birth Movement Brighton - free monthly meetings for pregnant women in the Brighton area to support one another, Brighton 17.Rapid Foundation Charity - Research & Awareness of PND. Working for improvement in maternity and mental health services, UK-wide 18. Aching Arms Bringing comfort after baby loss. Our charity aims to support the emotional and mental health needs of bereaved mothers, UK.  19. Perinatal Mental Health Partnership  are coordinating the UK Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week 1-7th May 2017 because #maternalmhmatters, UK 20. Mother in the Mother A participatory arts project exploring our maternal lineage, UK References i. Boath EH, Pryce AJ, Cox JL. Postnatal depression: The impact on the family. Journal of Reproductive & Infant Psychology. 1998.ii. Burke L. The impact of maternal depression on familial relationships. International Review of Psychiatry. 2003.iii. Chew-Graham CA, Sharp D, Chamberlain E, Folkes L, Turner KM. Disclosure of symptoms of postnatal depression, the perspectives of health professionals & women. BMC Fam Pract. 2009.iv. Maternal Mental Health Alliance, 2014

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Petition to Victorian Attorney-General Martin Pakula


Victorian Attorney-General Martin Pakula must revoke the bail of Glenn Antony Dylan Hartland. Hartland has pleaded guilty to three rapes and one sexual assault against four women. However, the Melbourne County Court allowed him to remain on bail until he is sentenced. The Victorian Office of Public Prosecutions did not oppose his bail.Dubbed the Tinder Rapist after using the popular dating app to find his victims, Glenn Antony Dylan Hartland two weeks ago pleaded guilty to raping three women and sexually assaulting a fourth. Yet he remains free on bail as he waits for his next scheduled court date — five months away in March. Hartland was initially charged with five counts of rape and multiple counts of indecent assault, false imprisonment, common law assault and breaching his bail by harassing his victims. Just one week before he was due to face trial on all of those charges, he made a deal with the Office of Public Prosecutions and pleaded guilty to three charges of rape and one of sexual assault. When his lawyer suggested his bail be extended, the OPP did not oppose the request. It is a surprising outcome considering the 44-year-old pleaded guilty to charges that attract a maximum prison term of 25 years. Hartland is a danger to women and his freedom means the four survivors of his brutal sexual violence are living in fear. The Victorian Attorney-General Martin Pakula must do everything in his power to reverse this decision and get Hartland behind bars. You can read more here:

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