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Petition to Malcolm Turnbull, Bill Shorten

URGENT: A Banking Royal Commission to stop Corruption in the CBA and FOS

The reason I have marked this petition as URGENT is because the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) is trying to silence me. On 29 September 2017, under extreme duress, I am being forced to sign a Resolution Agreement of the CBA even though the CBA has acted unlawfully i.e. breached their legal lending obligations under the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009 and the Code of Banking Practice 2013. I have obtained legal advice to support this. If I do not sign this Resolution Agreement, the CBA will send in their Bailiff and this will place the lives of my family and my life in serious danger. Even if I sign this Resolution Agreement, our lives will still be in serious danger. Even though the Law is on my side, my complaint against the CBA was dismissed by Financial Ombudsman Service Australia (FOS) because FOS ignored the Written Evidence I provided. Obviously the CBA was unable to provide any evidence. I did not know that FOS would be allowed to get away with this until this happened to me. I then discovered that this corruption has been going on for many years and has destroyed the lives of countless Australians. Both the CBA and FOS know that a FOS determination cannot be challenged in the High Court and I am unable to take legal action against the CBA.  On 11 April 2017 I lodged a complaint directly with Ian Narev, CBA Chief Executive Officer and provided him with the Written Evidence to support that the CBA had acted unlawfully in my case. Ian Narev ignored me. He does not tell the truth in his media statements.  In the last 6 ½ years there have been 37 Senate Inquiries investigating banking fraud. Despite all the submissions lodged by Australians like myself about the CBA, FOS and Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC), nothing has been done by the Australian government. My local Federal Member of Parliament ignored the Evidence I provided about the CBA and FOS and has done nothing to help me. I have also contacted the Prime Minister and have not received a response.  Because I decided to fight for justice and my FOS Complaint was unnecessarily delayed, I no longer have funds to relocate until I receive the income from the sale of my property, not that I should be forced to sell my property. I am a single 66 year old woman without human support of any kind because my family and close friends have passed away. My family comprises my horses, one of whom has recently gone blind in one eye, and my dog who is completely deaf. Unfortunately many Australians have become indifferent to the suffering of others so I cannot count on one person to help me. If the CBA sends in their Bailiff we will all be man-handled and dumped onto the side of the road with nowhere to go. Our lives will be placed in serious danger. The CBA and FOS do not care. I have read countless stories about the disgusting way the CBA Bailiffs treat women, children, the elderly and animals. It is evident that the CBA targets vulnerable Australians. This behaviour should not be tolerated in a democratic and decent society.  I do not have a Facebook account because I have been bullied in the past so I am extremely limited in promoting my petition. I need 5 signatures for my petition to even be viewed on the Change community. I need as many signatures as possible so that the Prime Minister will take notice.  The photo I have chosen for my petition was taken in 2009 and shows my dog named Hobson with me. Hobson was an extraordinary boy, incredibly courageous and loyal. Without Hobson by my side, I would not have survived the tragedies and the betrayals I have suffered since Hobson came to me as an 8 weeks old puppy in 2003. Sadly Hobson passed away from Hemangiosarcoma on 28 December 2015. Hobson is my inspiration to fight for justice to save our home and our lives. Hobson is greatly missed by me, his beloved companion Misty and my horses. We are a very close family and we need to stay together. Unconditional Love creates extraordinary connections between all beings.

Susan Dennis
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Petition to House of Representatives, The Senate, Malcolm Turnbull, Bill Shorten, Parliament House

Stop The Australian Government From Committing Sexual Discrimination Against Victims of DV

This is a petition to the Australian Government to stop the discrimination against victims of domestic violence and to strip any related government owned website of gendered labels. The same resources should be available to men, that are available to women. Domestic Violence is not a gendered issue, it is a societal problem. It affects the lives of hundreds of thousands of Australian citizens and human beings across the globe, men and women alike. Often we see the myth perpetuated within the media that women cannot commit domestic violence, and that only men are capable of doing so. It's not acceptable, yet it is expected for the media to show their bias publicly, but what I, and what I believe many other Australian men and women can NOT accept is our own government further pushing the stereotype that all men are violent and all women are not. That our own government would deny assistance to legitimate victims of Domestic Violence on the basis that they are men. You will find the following on every states version of this website regarding Domestic Violence and Spousal Abuse, it reads as follows:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WOMEN’S DOMESTIC VIOLENCE HELPLINEThe Women’s Domestic Violence Helpline is a state wide 24 hour service. This service provides support and counselling for women experiencing family and domestic violence.Offers referrals to safe accommodation for women.MEN’S DOMESTIC VIOLENCE HELPLINEThe Men’s Domestic Violence Helpline is a state wide 24 hour service. This service provides counselling for men who are concerned about their violent and abusive behaviors.Does not offer any referrals to safe accommodation for men.Including "resources" for men seeking help with Domestic Violence such as: "Domestic Violence: a self-help booklet for men who want to change""How do I know if I am abusive" & "If you hurt your partner, you hurt your children".   ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Why is it that the Australian Government wants to separate us as human beings based on what we were born with between our legs? Why is it okay for men to suffer sexual, physical and emotional abuse at the hands of women and other men? I don't think it is. If you agree with me about this being a miscarriage of justice, please sign the petition. The more people that step forward and raise their voice, the closer we get to legitimate equality.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Links to the Department for Child Protection and Family Support websites so you can see for yourself:

Luke D
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Petition to Roche Group - Bill & Imelda & family, Dominic Roche, Mr Damian Roche, Minister Gabrielle Upton, Minister Sarah Mitchell

Don’t bulldoze Aboriginal heritage: save the Butterfly Cave

The Butterfly Cave is incredibly important to Awabakal women and the wider Aboriginal community - but a giant property developer called Roche Group want to destroy thousands of years of Aboriginal women’s history by building a massive housing development only 20 metres away. It’s heartbreaking - the construction will damage our fragile cave and we are desperate to save our sanctuary. If Roche Group is permitted to proceed with their housing development, construction will obliterate the journey path to the Cave and destroy the bushland that is a source of spiritual and physical sustenance. On top of that, Roche Group is demanding women seek permission from them before visiting the site and a manager has threatened us with trespassing for continuing to go into the Butterfly Cave.  In the past this manager has spied on us and we find Roche Group’s demands offensive and degrading. The Cave is incredibly special to Aboriginal women. Generations of women have treasured this spiritual place and it continues to be a place of connection and cultural activity to this day.  Awabakal women have been urging Environment Minister Gabrielle Upton to intervene to save this precious site, but she has ignored our pleas and will not even meet with us. The NSW Government and Lake Macquarie City Council planners couldn’t care less about Aboriginal women’s culture and history and plan to wipe out this most sacred and special place with the flick of their pen. So what are we asking for?  What will make ALL the difference?  We are asking Minister Upton to increase the 20m buffer zone to 100m. A small change, a monumental difference. Please join us as we fight to save our beautiful, sacred site.

Annie Freer
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