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Petition to Dr. Tamilisai Soundararajan, K. Chandra Sekhar Rao, Sabitha Indra Reddy

Upgrade OU College for Women(Koti) into full-fledged Telangana Women's University

What are young 16-year-old girls with dreams in their eyes supposed to do when asked to choose between their family liabilities and education? This is the reality in my state Telangana, the 29th state of India. Patriarchy, poverty, and lack of state funding for higher education have colluded to ensure that fewer girls reach universities. As a result, child marriage and early marriage of girls have always been on the rise. The pandemic and the lock-down have only made it worse. Sign my petition. My name is Sujatha Surepally,  Associate Professor in a university. I belong to a marginalized community and see myself in every one of these girls. I also recognize that I have reached where I have today because I was able to pursue higher education, beyond class 12. Education enables you to gain exposure, refine your thoughts, find your purpose, be financially independent and live with dignity. Sadly, this is a luxury for many girls whom I’ve met while working on the Each One Reach One campaign. These girls were so bright that they had secured admission in government universities in faraway Delhi, Punjab, and Rajasthan. But their dreams were quickly shot down because their families refused to send them out for the obvious financial reasons but also cultural reasons, i.e. "highly educated girls won’t find grooms and will have to pay higher dowry". Another obstacle is that girls' parents as well as in-laws and husbands (if the girl is already married)  do not send them to co-educational universities for safety reasons both inside and outside the state. The solution is obvious: we need a government-funded women’s university in Telangana. Every state has one. It’s high time Telangana does too. Sign my petition to the Chief Minister and the Governor to upgrade Osmania University College for Women (Koti) and give it the status of State Women’s University. It is at an accessible and safe location in Hyderabad. Thousands of women including me have graduated from there. They already have PG courses. This one act will save the futures of millions of girls and also benefit the state. I believe this is something the current government can do as it is already providing free education from Kindergarten to Post Graduation.  There is another reason the government must act on this demand. I was one of the founding members of the Telangana Women’s Joint Action Committee, which played a key role when the movement for statehood was on. I believe the state owes a huge debt to the women who fought and sacrificed so much. It is now the government’s responsibility to give women the respect they deserve through access to higher education. The time for token welfare schemes like Kalyana Lakshmi or women's self-help groups in villages is over. Private universities are beyond the reach of marginalised women. The government university is the only way forward. If public support from those inside and outside Telangana will ensure that our voices are heard. So if you care for girls and women, their education, empowerment and development, please sign this petition. When this dream of mine becomes a reality, I will be in the seventh heaven. Because having a women’s university will mean girls will get to live their dreams and not become child brides, jobless women.  A women's university will help every girl excel, explore her potential and be part of nation-building.  Educating a girl and bringing her into the mainstream will not only benefit her and her family life but ensure gender justice and equality.  

sujatha surepally
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Petition to U.S. House of Representatives, President of the United States, U.S. Senate

Pass The Paycheck Fairness Act

To date, women are still not being paid fairly.  According to a Pew Research Center analysis, women, in general, were paid 84 cents for every one dollar a man made in 2020.  If you break those numbers down even further by ethnicity, black women are paid an average 63 cents, Latina women are paid 54 cents, and Asian American and Pacific Islander women are paid around 85  cents for every dollar a man makes. The Paycheck Fairness Act could help close that gap if it is passed. It was introduced to Congress for the first time in 1997 and 12 more times with the last time in 2021.  It was passed in the House in 2007, 2009, 2019, and 2021.  However, the Senate has shut it down every time.  One of their arguments is that passing this bill be open employers up to frivolous lawsuits. Those who oppose also state that this bill will take away employers' power to make their salary decisions based on other relevant factors. The Paycheck Fairness Act will reinforce the Equal Pay Act by prohibiting employers from asking applicants to disclose the past salary history. This is crucial because if women have historically been underpaid they will continue to underpaid if employers offer them a salary that lines up with what they have been paid in the past.  Therefore, the cycle of unfair and unequal pay for women will continue. Also, this act will prevent employers from retaliating against or reprimanding employees for discussing their salary with others and for raising concerns about pay disparities in their workplace. Have you ever wondered why some companies have policies against discussing salary? Likely to prevent the discovery of the unequal pay. The Paycheck Fairness Act bill needs to be passed to close the pay gap and increase the livelihood of women and families.  Women make up 47% of the workforce. According to the 2021 U.S. Census Bureau, 80% of single-parent families are headed by women. The 16 - 18 cent difference has a huge impact on their abilities to provide for their household. This gap cause thousands of dollars in lost wages for women. It is imperative the the Senate get on board and do their part in helping close the wage gap between men and women. If you agree, please sign this petition AND contact your local state representatives to express your interest in seeing this bill passed. Let's try to get a minimum of 1,800 signatures.  This number is significant to the average 18 cents difference in pay between men and women. Please share with with all of your friends, family and social media networks and encourage them to sign as well.  We need to send a message that we are demanding more to be done to make women whole by paying them fairly for doing equal work with the same skills, experience, and qualifications. I encourage women and men to support this initiative. It's time she gets paid what she is really worth! Every working woman in America will be grateful for your signature!

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Petition to

Stop Lawmakers in France From Disallowing Women To Wear A Hijab While Playing Sports

Petition Title: Stop Lawmakers in France From Disallowing Women To Wear A Hijab While Playing Sports The Story: In the early months of 2022, one would expect that developed nations are making the stride toward strengthening equality and finding new solutions to equity, but rather France has started the New Year with a new approach. The French government has proposed a new action in parliament to ban the use of the hijab for women while participating in sports. When brought upon the representatives of the French in the Assemblée Nationale, opposition to such a ban was expressed while a favor of such ban had overtaken the vote with 160 representatives being in favor while another 143 were not in favor of the ban.  The European nation of France is home to one of Europe’s largest Muslim minority groups due to its previous MENA ties. This minority population consists of 5.7 million (2019) men and women. Considering Islam is a minority religion in the Union of France, there is no doubt that such a proposition to ban the hijab made by the Right-wing party also serves an effect on other minority religions and ethnic groups. When any minority group is questioned by their government it sends a message to all groups that a percentage of one's government is not willing to accept the diversity and equity within the nation. The use of the hijab and other representations of faith is a human right. It was written early in France's constitution that the citizens of France would be given religious freedoms. Not only will the disregard for France’s constitution hurt the Muslims of France but, it is expected that further hate will be presented upon Muslims and other minority groups.  In a larger perspective, France is supposed to be holding the 2024 World Olympic Games, and considering the Olympics is an event watched around the world it is important to take into account the likes of the world. Today, the world consists of less than a fourth of its population is Muslim. There is no doubt that the actions of the French government will lead to disinterest in the Olympic games due to such biases. The source is linked.      Thank you for your time!    

Kayvon B
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Petition to Judge AmyMartin

Keep Andrea Walker and her family Safe!

Last July, Aaron Wright and his girlfriend cut the power to Andrea's home, broke in and proceeded to shoot her five times while she lie in bed. Andrea and Aaron's four children were asleep down the hall. Thankfully, Andrea lived but it has been a harrowing journey to recovery both physically and mentally for her and the children. This incident occurred after she had asked the court several times for protection from his obvious attempts to stalk and terrorize her but she was denied over and over again. Once the crime was committed, he spent one night in jail and was then released the next day on $75,000 bond. He at least had to wear an ankle monitor and his movements were restricted to home, work, his lawyer's office and the store but the fear was always there for the family regardless. Now his arraignment has been pushed back several times as the defense continues to ask for more time so there is no telling when they will receive the closure they so deserve. This past week, when Aaron told the judge he needed a new job, she decided to allow his ankle monitor to be removed. She decided this WITHOUT a request from the defense and DESPITE several protests from the DA. Andrea's family, friends, community and people across the country are outraged. We all know a piece of paper means nothing when he decides he wants to finish what he started. Please sign this petition in support of this woefully wrong and dangerous decision in hopes that it will be reversed and we can make a start in defending the rights of domestic violence victims. Thank you for your support!!

Melissa Geoghagan
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