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Petition to Arvind Kejriwal, quint

making sexual assault reportable digitally in Delhi

It is deeply saddening to see the deteriorating conditions for women, who are constantly harassed in various ways in this state of ours.Sexual harassment is allegedly the 2nd highest crime in Delhi, with 1 crime in every 11 being of the sexual harassment nature. However, it is still the least reported one, suggested by a study by the Commonwealth human rights initiative. The fact of the matter is, the police station is the epitome of Delhi's safety for women. It loudly and clearly shows why over half of the sexual harassment offences are not reported. Already having gone through such trauma, the police officers make women filing the case uncomfortable and even unsafe due to the insensitive officers who sometimes manhandle them. It is clear, that, due to these reasons, women are often unmotivated to go ahead with filing cases against these wilful defaulters of and the enemies of law and order. Because of this, I feel that the official Dehli police website should also allow women to file First Information Reports in cases of Sexual Harassment to encourage them to file a report when harassed as other states have also allowed the same such as Jharkhand where women feel safe enough to file cases against even big names(FIR filed against the son of BJP president Tala Marandi) as they feel justice should prevail. And although there is a provision for filing an FIR through email women often feel lost and don't know where to start as they do not have knowledge of definite structure or format to file the report. 

Samik Maini
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Petition to Anyone who desires Clean and healthy India

Let's Change 60 crore Indians to Shun Open Defecation and use Toilets to make India Clean

Nearly, 60 crore Indians are defecating in open and excrete  65,000 tonnes of human faeces (Night Soil)  into the environment each day, thereby making India number one open defecation country in the world.  One GRAM of human faeces contains: • 10,000,000 viruses • 1,000,000 bacteria • 1,000 parasite cysts,   So one GRAM human faeces is sufficient to make entire city sick Open defecation is seriously affecting the health of one billion Indians; no one is immune and suffers in one form or the other. As per Study conducted by World Bank, under water and sanitation program with assistance from Australian Govt. Aid, UK Aid, Indians pay Rs. 244000 crore, ( Rs. 2.44 Trillions or US$ 53.8 billion) per year as price due to inadequate and poor sanitation. This was the equivalent of 6.4 percent of India’s GDP in 2006.This means a per person annual impact of Rs. 2,180 (US$48) Open defecation poses a serious threat to the health of children in India. Every year, diarrhea kills 188,000 children under five in India. Children weakened by frequent diarrhea episodes are more vulnerable to malnutrition, stunting, pneumonia and other infections. As per studies conducted by international organisations and leading Universities, poor sanitation is affecting physical and mental growth of children.  Women are worst sufferers of Open defecation as it exposes them to the danger of physical attacks and harassment as they've to go to fields in early morning or late evening for defecation. Further, women can not go outside in day time, if need arises they've to hold  their bladders and bowels, this makes them vulnerable to many diseases. "Lack of toilets puts India's health and rural women's safety at risk", as reported by The Guardian. The BBC reported, "India's sanitation crisis kills women" and it published the story of the gruesome rape and hanging of two teenage girls in the populous Uttar Pradesh state again proves how women have become the biggest victims of India's sanitation crisis. The two innocent girls were gone outside for defecating, use of toilets could have saved their life. Poor sanitation also cripples national development: workers produce less, live shorter lives, save and invest less, and are less able to send their children to school. Let's join hands, create awareness about open defecation and motivate Indians to build and use toilets, so as to restore Nation's pride, our women's honor, our children's health and robust economy. Let's pledge that we will not indulge in open defecation nor will let any Indian to defecate in open by educating and motivating him/her. The Economic Impacts of of Inadequate Sanitation in India- World Bank Why India's sanitation crisis kills women- BBC Lack of toilets puts India's health and rural women's safety at risk- The Guardian  

J S Chahal, Water Supply and Sanitation Department, Punjab
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Petition to Shri Narendra Modi, Shri Rajnath Singh

Make Women Safe in India

Woman Not Object - Make Women Safe in India -  Crime against women has increased over the years with no end in sight. No government has taken any specific steps to make 50% of our population live without fear.  This aspect is no less than terrorism based on gender making them and their family live in fear of their safety. Everyday when a woman steps out of the home... she steps out in our country where she is probably eve-teased, sexually harassed or made to feel uncomfortable of her gender or on the worst side rapped, murdered or acid thrown at her.  Women are considered an object. It hampers their right to move freely or dress freely as per their wish. No less affected are their family members on their count. Till a woman comes back home safely from her outing... their parents and well wishers live in worry.  Its high time that something is done on this subject rather than we continue to ignore it and live like an ostrich with our heads under the sand.  By virtue of this petition a request, urge and demand is made from Prime Minister India to consider the following suggestions and take concrete steps towards making 60 Crore women in India feel safe and secure. He should amend the constitution as necessary to this end. It is pertinent to note here that providing safe living to its citizen is the first and foremost duty of any government especially in case of vulnerable population.  Suggestions for women's safety and security are as under -  1) Establish Woman only police station in every district of India to be directly under an officer no less than Inspector General rank. She should be a woman. Also the entire police station to be handled by woman officers.  2) All cases of crime against woman in their respective districts to be transfered or registered in the above Woman Police station.  3) Arrest of an accused only after vetting of the FIR by the Inspector General and on her order. This to ensure no harassment is caused because of frivolous or false case.  4) Amend the constitution and establish a Central Bureu of Safety & Security of Woman.  5) All woman police station to report to the above Bureau on all its FIR and investigations. Any woman facing difficulties in getting her FIR registered can approach this Bureu to lodge compaint.  6) Establish a Nation wide call centre having one number across India for women to call and seek help when in distress in real time. The number should be like 100 which we use at present  to call police to report a crime.  7) Establish dedicated trial courts to only deal with crime against women for speedy judgement. The judge of this court should be a woman. It must be equipped with video conferencing facility for complainant woman and for the witness of the case. This will ensure hassle free trial encouraging more woman to report crime against them bringing more perpetrators to justice.  8) Media campaign must be run regularly to highlight the functioning of these dedicated police stations and dedicated trial courts to create and environment of fear of law in anti socials or perpetrators of crime against wonen. This will create an environment of sense of security in the mind of women and their parents and their family.  The above suggestions in the petition have been drawn expecting much needed and long overdue reform alongside taking every other step in overhauling our system towards making women feel safe and secure.  Thanking you    

Manish Mishra
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