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Petition to Manitoba Human Rights Commission, The Legislative Assembly of Manitoba, Premier of Manitoba, Honourable Brian Pallister, Minister of Justice and Attorney General, Honourable Cliff Cullen, James Teitsma

Urge the Manitoba Government to END Size & Weight Discrimination NOW #SizeismSUCKS

My name is Lindsey Mazur, Registered Dietitian (RD), advocate to end weight discrimination. As a dietitian, I have heard numerous painful stories of shaming, stigma and discrimination from clients that has impacted their mental and physical health and wellbeing. My work in health care has been dramatically impacted by witnessing the pain and lack of compassion shown to those who live in larger bodies.   October 2016- A Private Member’s Bill 207 was introduced in the Manitoba Legislature to have "physical size and weight" included in the Human Rights Code to prevent discrimination based on body size.  This bill was not accepted. November 23, 2016-The Private Member's Bill was reintroduced as Bill 200.  November 2, 2017-Bill 200 was REJECTED with a vote in the Manitoba Legislature. The vote was 35-16, with our majority government voting 'no'. March 19, 2018-The Bill 216 was re-introduced, for the 3rd time.  I started Manitobans Against Weight Stigma to rally the community to urge the Government of Manitoba to pass this long overdue human rights legislation to END weight discrimination NOW!  How can you help? Add your name to this petition and share it Email your area MLA to let them know you support the Bill to include ‘physical size and weight’ in the Manitoba Human Rights Code Connect with Manitobans Against Weight Stigma on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @MBWeightStigma, using #SizeismSUCKS Share your story with me by emailing I have received permission to share a couple of stories from local women who have experienced size, weight and appearance-based discrimination: Jacquie is a fitness instructor in Winnipeg who was told that no one would want to train with her because of the size of her body and a project was assigned to a thinner and younger trainer despite Jacquie’s level of fitness ability and superior professional qualifications to do the job. Another Winnipeg woman applied for a promotion within her organization, and was denied; she was told that the woman who was offered the job was not more qualified than her but rather, more attractive.   Did you know… Studies have shown that over half (54%) of People of Size report having been discriminated against in the workplace.* More than 2/3 (69%) People of Size report having been discriminated by doctors.* In a study of adolescents in schools, 92% reported that they witnessed larger bodied students being teased about their weight.* *(Source: Yale Rudd Center, 2012) Want to learn more? Check out these news stories: 'This is a human rights issue': Local dietitian creates campaign against weight stigma

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Petition to Helena Jaczek, Kathleen Wynne, Monte Kwinter

Bring violence-against-women services back to North York

Did you know that women and children fleeing domestic violence in Ontario can’t always get the help they need? And yet in North York, the only shelter serving women and children closed its doors on May 19, laying off 32 shelter workers.  The provincial and federal governments announced in April that they would invest $8.3 million to build a new shelter in North York. That investment is welcome, but it means that women in North York who need violence-against-women services will not be able to get them for two years or more. The 30 shelter beds at North York Women’s Shelter (NYWS) have been moved to nine shelters across Toronto, but none of the jobs moved with those beds. At a time when women and children continue to be turned away from shelters, experienced counsellors have been removed from the system. In 2013, Ontario’s Auditor General reported that 56 per cent of women who sought help from an emergency shelter in Ontario were turned away in the 2011/12 fiscal year. In 2016, Shelter Voices, the third national survey of shelters and transition houses for women and their children, found that shelters turned away 73 per cent of those seeking help across Canada.  This is not acceptable.  Every community in this country needs violence-against-women services. And North York, with a population of over 670,000 people, is no exception.   Together, we can make a difference. Because women should not have to wait for violence-against-women services in any community. Please sign this petition to urge the Minster of Community and Social Services to reinstate violence-against-women services and jobs in North York. For more information: Follow the conversation on Twitter at #WomenWontWait Or visit us on Facebook.  

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Breast Implants and Women's Health: A Silenced Epidemic

In the 1990s, studies uncovered a link between silicone breast implants and systemic illness. A connection was made linking human leukocyte antigen, the genetic component to our individual immune systems, to an increased risk of reaction. Dangerously high levels of platinum circulated in these women with a clear entry point – the silicone shell. The removal of the device and the scar capsules surrounding them alone lead to improvement and recovery. The medical community and government health authorities discounted this scientific evidence presented before them; which could have prevented a public health tragedy from continuing as further generations of women became ill. Even after these studies were published, women continued to suffer from neurological damage, autoimmune diseases, hair loss, chronic fatigue, infertility, as well as heart and lung conditions as a result of silicone based medical devices. They were misdiagnosed, disbelieved, and not given the medical intervention desperately needed to improve their health. In the 1920s, cigarette ads were commonly seen endorsed by doctors; today tobacco smoke is proven to cause lung cancer. In the same manner, the implant industry is equally flawed in reporting adverse effects. The sad part; implementing sensitivity testing against native device material, identifying if a woman carries a genetic predisposition to silicone intolerance and ensuring higher quality standards could eliminate the majority of these cases. There are many reasons why women opt for breast implants and for most; other options are not available. Breast cancer, breast development dissatisfaction, drastic anatomical changes, and genetic abnormalities are just a few of the many reasons why women are faced with making the decision to have breast surgery. Reasons that do not discriminate and can happen to any woman in her lifetime. The right to life, the right to transparent informed consent, and the right to justice have been denied in regards to breast implants and women's health. With advancements in breast reconstruction and enhancement using a woman's own fat and stem cells, options do exist for women who are at risk. There are methods to help reverse the associated illnesses and complications for women who have developed symptoms before their health declines to the point of permanent disability, organ damage, and in some cases – death.  Please help support transparency and ask health departments and international organizations to oversee this health travesty before more lives are taken. Your support is greatly appreciated, Members of IAC

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