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Abolish termination of parents rights & CPS/Dcf

Hi everyone  �����❤️⚖️⚖️ Today let's save a family and honor mother's and fathers and innocent children ❤️ by signing this and share. Let's make a difference in the world.  There are so many people in the world that are parents and children that have suffered because of separation of families due to government federal funding for government entity like childnet & DCF/CPS.  Family Court and the Corruption in the world. (No pedophile shall have custody of any children that is not legally biological)( No pedophile or child molester ;murder shall trafficking humans& Kidnapped & Abducted by a government entity(CPS/DCF ect.) just like Ms Maxwell & Jeffrey Epstein did with the connection to childnet Inc. Broward county and palm beach Florida.  That there are now parents and children like me & my children who have been victimized by the system . There are children who suffer enormously because of the system failing them and making them a victim.  The government Separation of family will cause parental alienation/ alienation of  affection and other healthcare issues for all women men and children.  judges lawyers government officials should have no immunity & should be charged with multiple different crimes the crimes should not be held lightly these crimes that the government workers & entity lawyers & judges who make bad decisions &  prejudge parents & children only by what they see on paperwork by a bonded government worker(CPS/DCF/police department/ United Methodist church/Catholic charities ect .) should be held accountable and responsible for their own  evil treasonous actions. Judges should meet with the parents separately in   close Chambers. With their lawyers or the parents are pro se. The judges should meet with the parents & the children during a number of amount of visitation unsupervised or supervised. The judges should meet with the children with the parents/family members/guardian /confadant & the lawyers in court with transparency just like criminal court . the children should have a say and sign the records  just like adults. All  parties have to agree if the children want to be adopted if they have no other family left that is living. If you are parents and want to abortion then you can have an adoption. But if the parents don't want to abortion and want their children then no government entity should be able to touch those biological children. Judges will also meet with the government entities & others to discuss things with the parents or family member that is guardian.and with transparency. Parents have a right to voice their fundamental constitutional rights and the judges must uphold the laws.   Judges & Community Jury Peers of the court will help to reunification prossess immediately. There are many millions of parents like me who are continuing to fight to be a part of their children's lives after they were humanly trafficked /kidnapped /abducted by the government entity workers judges lawyers who pretend to do a job to the best of their ability but fail the parents & the children & their safety and security & there fundamental constitutional rights of the United States of America & all over the world. We need to abolish termination of parental rights we need to abolish cps/dcf & all 50 government entities in America and worldwide.we need to abolish termination of parents rights entirely.  The biological parents should have full custody regardless of family issues as long as the parent has not been charged with murder. We need to charge the government workers judges entity etc with custodial interference and hold them accountable for human trafficking kidnapping and abduction of children that were born to the biological parents. There should be a separation between government and family human rights. We need family Court reform in all aspects. Family Court should be treated Just like criminal Court judged by other peers in the community we need to make parental alienation by other parent or parties connected to the case especially judges and government officials who are supposed to represent the citizens or in the United States Constitution as it states We the people. Or whatever it says in your country about your biological laws of being a parent. Being a parent is not a privilege it is a fundamental right. Foster parents or adopted parents  guardians who have helped aiding and abetting to the kidnapped abducted children by government entity judges & so forth will be charged with a felony crime of alienation of affection of a parent and parental alienation. immediate removal of the child or children  in government care reunification to the biological parents /full custody.  if judges government entity workers officer's and officials" tell a biological parent their children do not want to speak to them."  Without the children expressing so in a legal way /private way between biological parents and biological children/guardian if parents are locked up for felony or passed away. No bias judge shall be appointed to the bench in family court. No judge shall move during a case from one type of court to another. As an example" I had one judge that did not show up for the day & they (had a replacement judge) however the judge was a criminal /juvenile/judge. Now is the time for  All parents to unite and stand up for our rights. Let's tell Congress/ legislators/ President of United States of America and world.  that we as the people will not tolerate this type of Dirty business behavior in our family lives. ( Freedom USA����) No parents and children should be failed by the state/government they residents/Born in. And adult who has been a victim of DCF CPS will  be able to file a lawsuit against the state/government of (______) and corporation of government entity. They will regain custody immediately and will have a lawyer given to them automatically to ensure they don't violated anything else in the court. Also the lawyers will not abuse the parents/guardian/children and make back door deals with judges or DCF CPS with out parents there to speak for themselves. Let's hold dcf/cps accountable for all the murders that they have done to children in all 50 states/world wide in all 100 years or dating back to 1900. Let's preserve the right to be a  family. There is no bond greater than blood when it comes to children and parents/guardian. Let's make it a crime that if anyone says that person should not be a parent they get charged with custodial interference/abduction and get  maximum jail time. Let's make separation of family illegal in the United States and all over the world.   So now you the people have the power to sign and share donate to save a family today. 

Jenifer Borovy
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Petition to YouTube, Google, Inc

Get Natural Skincare YouTube Channel BACK!

The Natural Kaos Skincare YouTube was terminated on August 13, 2021. It had a silver plaque, employed 8 people, had over 40 million views, and over 173K Subscribers. This skincare channel did not have any current strikes and was following YT community guidelines. The reason used to terminate the channel was false. However, there is no recourse for communication nor for financial damages incurred. So far we have spent nearly $100K with lawyers attempting to get YT to respond and provide insight. They simply ignore all legal requests. The original false premise used to cancel my first YT channel Natural Kaos is now a scarlet letter I wear, never being allowed to have another YT channel. I have tried to start 3 new channels in the past 6 months, all with new content, nothing close to any community guideline. And yet they terminate these new channels as well, citing community guidelines.  How is it possible in today's climate to cancel a creator who has built a thriving digital company which employs people, rob them of their videos, analytics, and even their 60 days of pay without any due process? YouTube / Google literally robbed me of millions of dollars and those I employed without one conversation, without one constructive insight.  The grossest part of this entire scenario is that they have created an unfair work environment where they allow some creators to create skincare content, (many with more invasive content than anything I ever shared). these creators are allowed to have Adsense and not be banned from the YouTube platform, however, when it comes to me I am personally targeted. It is not about content but rather it is a ban on being me and I can't think of anything more discriminatory than banning someone simply for being themselves.  The Natural Kaos Skincare channel needs to be re-instated and YouTube needs to look at their extremely flawed system and how it is literally breaking laws and not being held accountable because they are too big to sue. As a small creator, the only thing I can do is petition society to help me make this cause large enough that YT has to answer because I doubt any amount of money I spend will ever make an impact. Bringing attention and public awareness to their flawed practices and harmful ways will be the only way we can make change for all creators. Don't let censorship at any level prevail as it is truly a slippery slope. Thank you for your help in signing this petition to get the Natural Kaos Skincare Channel reinstated.

Kim Pratt
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protect sexually exploited young black women and remove the site ghetto gaggers

After viewing a Tik Tok video regarding a website called I researched it myself and I felt disturbed , heart broken and angry . These  vulnerable young black women and possibly underage girls are being sexually exploited and being dehumanize and all we can do as a society is shame & ridicule them on social media . We have completely lost all sense of what it is to be human and what humanity is .  If you don't feel remorse or heartache for these young women you need to re-evaluated yourself and your morals . Is it they're blackness preventing you from seeing these young women as victim and people in need of help? Protect black women this , Protect black girls that . But its just feels like  performative activism because when its time for your action to match your hashtags , bios , Tik Tok videos and instagram post and words all we black women and girls receive from both society and people within our own community is deflected, gaslighted , disregarded &  told that were bitter and complaining . I want us as people to spread this , put your TiK Tok and Instagrams to use because we all know actions are more powerful than words . I want for us to get the website shutdown and the videos of these young women to be  remove from any other website . I want these young women to get mental health help,  financially help and living environment help and to be given educational and work opportunities. I know there's are so many organization that help sexually exploited victims/survivors I want them to come forward and help these young women also . Most importantly I want the young women involved to want help and to take it . I want them to know that this doesn't define you and the only thing that defines you is you . I want you to know that you can change your life  no matter what you came from and that you deserve better and can get better. I want you to know that you are loved , cared for , protected and most importantly you matter . Thank you to everyone who shares this and help these young black women .    

Armanie Antoine
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