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Fix the way Department of Corrections Uses GPS Monitoring

It used to be that probation and parole would deem certain probationers to be eligible for GPS monitoring as a way of rehabilitating them or stopping from offending. Now, thousands of people are being placed on GPS Monitoring without regard to who they are, meaning even if they've been offense free for years they are still placed on the system, or if they move from out of state and their rules from there don't require them to wear it they are placed on them. Studies have proven (and yes there is evidence) that the GPS system being used is ineffective, sending people to jail for false alerts, inability to track due to poor cell signal, or natural wear and tear on the device (see's webpage or 10 other investigative sites). The bracelets are bulky, catching on nearly everything, and are known to malfunction within 2 weeks to 3 months of installation. On top of that, the system is run off of cellular signals,  which can be weak in quite a few areas. Not only is this potentially a danger to the public, with some offenders being quite violent or at risk of reoffending (Sex offenders, domestic violence, drug offenders included), but this also hinders the rehabilitation and wellbeing of those that have been good and offense free. Taxpayers are the ones that pay for these devices AND for the monitoring of the offenders, and I feel that is  wrong considering all of the evidence shown regarding how ineffective these devices are. The state, dept of Justice, and the dept of corrections should look into newer reliable methodsof GPS monitoring, and take some offenders that have been doing good off of the system altogether.

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Suicide Prevention on the Milwaukee Hoan Bridge

According to an article published in May 25, 2016: More than 30 people have jumped to their deaths in the last 15 years.( There are no official statistics for 2017, the year isn't even over. There have been numerous media reports on persons attempting or contemplating jumping from this bridge. One wonders 'how many also have not been made known to the public'. In recent years, Milwaukee officials and departments have considered and abandoned interventions for suicide at the Hoan Bridge. Milwaukee should again examine what options are available. Interventions can be low cost, such as a sign with a crisis line number. If not for advocacy, we can also consider the time and cost our police are absorbing when a sign may prevent those calls. Saving lives is the job of our officials - and our own personal responsibility - especially when our population has one of the highest rates of mental health illness. 2017 dates of police encounters on the bridge according to media reports: April 25, 2017: off-duty fireman and FBI agent, police intervention June 2, 2017: completed suicide August 31, 2017: Samaritan intervention *September 18th, 2017, 7:30am: off-duty police intervention *September 18th, 2017, 2:30pm: (separate incident) police intervention November 29, 2017: police intervened  

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