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Petition to Wisconsin State and National Legislators, Tammy Baldwin, Janet Bewley, Tim Carpenter, Robert Cowles, David Craig, Alberta Darling, Jon Erpenbach, Dan Feyen, Scott Fitzgerald, Caleb Frostman, Dave Hansen, LaTonya Johnson, Chris Kepenga, Chris Larson, Devin LeMahieu, Howard Marklein, Mark Miller, Terry Moulton, Stephen Nass, Luther Olsen, Jerry Petrowski, Janis Ringhand, Fred Risser, Schachtner, Patty, Jennifer Shilling, Duey Stroebel, Lena C. Taylor, Patrick Testin, Thomas Tiffany, Kathleen Vinehout, Leah Vukmir, Van Wanggaard, Robert Wirch, Paul D. Ryan, Scott Allen, Jimmy Anderson, Tyler August, Joan Ballweg, Peter Barca, Terese Berceau, Kathleen Bernier, Jill Billings, Mark Born, David Bowen, Janel Brandtjen, Edward Brooks, Robert Brooks, Jonathan Brostoff, David "Dave" Considine, David Crowley, Steve Doyle, Cindi Duchow, James Edming, Mary Felzkowski, Jason Fields, Eric Genrich, Evan Goyke, Rick Gundrum, Gary Hebl, Dianne Hesselbein, Gordon Hintz, Cody Horlacher, Rob Hutton, Andre Jacque, John Jagler, Adam Jarchow, Terry Katsma, Samantha Kerkman, Joel kitchens, Joel Kleefisch, Daniel Knodl, Debra Kolste, Dale Kooyenga, Jesse Kremer, Scott Krug, Mike Kuglitsch, Bob Kulp, Amy Loudenbeck, John Macco, Beth Meyers, Nick Milroy, David Murphy, Jeffrey Mursau, Lee Nerison, Greta Neubauer, Adam Neylon, Todd Novak, John Nygren, Tod Ohnstad, Jim Ott, Kevin Petersen, Warren Petryk, Jon Plumer, Sondy Pope, Treig E. Pronschinske, Romaine Robert Quinn, Daniel Riemer, Jessie Rodriguez, Mike Rohrkaste, Joe Sanfelippo, Melissa Sargent, Michael Schraa, Katrina Shankland, Christine Sinicki, Ken Skowronski, Patrick Snyder, John Spiros, Mark Spreitzer, Rob Stafsholt, David Steffen, Jim Steineke, Amanda Stuck, Lisa Subeck, Rob Summerfield, Rob Swearingen, Gary Tauchen, Chris Taylor, Jeremy Thiesfeldt, Paul Tittl, Travis Tranel, Ron Tusler, Nancy Lynn VanderMeer, Tyler Vorpagel, Robin Vos, Don Vruwink, Dana Wachs, Thomas Weatherston, Chuck Wichgers, Leon Young, JoCasta Zamarripa, Josh Zepnick, Shannon Zimmerman

Wisconsinites Call for Climate Change Legislation Reform

The recent IPCC Special Report 1.5 describes the major tipping points of predicted climate change impacts on the world by 2040. Our group of enthusiastic young scientists have compiled a letter aimed at legislators from Wisconsin to address climate change at a state level. You can read the full letter here:

Israel Del Toro
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Petition to Ron Kind, Tammy Baldwin, President of the United States, Scott Walker, Department of Justice

Fix the way Department of Corrections Uses GPS Monitoring

It used to be that probation and parole would deem certain probationers to be eligible for GPS monitoring as a way of rehabilitating them or stopping from offending. Now, thousands of people are being placed on GPS Monitoring without regard to who they are, meaning even if they've been offense free for years they are still placed on the system, or if they move from out of state and their rules from there don't require them to wear it they are placed on them. Studies have proven (and yes there is evidence) that the GPS system being used is ineffective, sending people to jail for false alerts, inability to track due to poor cell signal, or natural wear and tear on the device (see's webpage or 10 other investigative sites). The bracelets are bulky, catching on nearly everything, and are known to malfunction within 2 weeks to 3 months of installation. On top of that, the system is run off of cellular signals,  which can be weak in quite a few areas. Not only is this potentially a danger to the public, with some offenders being quite violent or at risk of reoffending (Sex offenders, domestic violence, drug offenders included), but this also hinders the rehabilitation and wellbeing of those that have been good and offense free. Taxpayers are the ones that pay for these devices AND for the monitoring of the offenders, and I feel that is  wrong considering all of the evidence shown regarding how ineffective these devices are. The state, dept of Justice, and the dept of corrections should look into newer reliable methodsof GPS monitoring, and take some offenders that have been doing good off of the system altogether.

Breanna Kerssen
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