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Petition to Minnesota Governor, Chris A. Eaton, D. Scott Dibble, Paul E. Gazelka, Angie Craig, Tim Walz, Bobby Joe Champion

Legalize darker window tint

Minnesota has one of the most restrictive automotive tint laws in the country, and tint tickets start at over $100 dollars.  One more thing to add.  Right now current tint laws allow for a 3% + / - before you get a ticket or fine.  To account for tint built into the window from the factory, I propose the 3% be changed 8% + / -. Ignorance may be no excuse, but many people getting pulled over weren't even aware that they were breaking a law, and are hardly criminals. Such a strict law hurts citizens interested in investing in the benefits window film can provide:           -Adds crash safety from passenger ejection and shattered glass           -Reduces the sun's glare, helping prevent accidents due to excess glare           -Blocks 99.9% of UV radiation           -Keeps vehicles more comfortable by reducing solar heat gain           -Adds privacy for drivers, passengers and belongings           -Discourages smash and grab theft           -Helps protect interiors from fading           -Eliminates the need for mounted shades, which can become dangerous projectiles in the case of an accident This law has also been devastating to local shops across the state. Why hurt Minnesotan businesses when customers can just go across the border or to a back alley to get a tint job done? All we want is a 35% limit, which is more in line with 47 other states. 35% is dark enough to allow Minnesotans the full benefits of window film, but light enough that our police officers can feel safe.

john hartmann
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Update posted 2 years ago

Petition to Terry Branstad, Iowa State Senate

Legalize darker front window tint in Iowa

The State of Iowa says we cannot have front window tint darker than 70% light visibility through the windows. The only reasonable excuse I have received for this, is that it is for "police safety". What is it actually protecting them from? To see if we have a gun or weapon? An officer wouldn't be able to tell if you have one anyway. I have known several people who have been pulled over and sited for window tint. They were abiding all of the laws of the road. So does it make you a criminal to have tint on your windows? Personally, I have very light sensitive eyes, and I would love to have tint on my windows. Legally I cannot do so. This needs to be changed. It will not only help me, but the other people whos eyes are sensitive to light. I along with many others feel this to be a burden among citizens to be pulled over for such a silly reason. I am allowed to conceal a weapon, yet not allowed to have tint? Think about it. I have started this petition in efforts to make front window tint legal in Iowa. It is being sent to Terry Branstad and I am asking for more support. I've received tons of feedback on how it makes a big difference to people all over Iowa, from eye sensitivity to sun allergies. Give us our Freedom to do what we want with our own personal property. I need lots of supporters. I really hope we can make a change. If you think this may be a nuisance law, please sign the petition and share it with Everyone. Thank you.

Mitchell Wayt
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