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This disturbing advertising were displayed on Thai Air Asia duty free Traveller September - November 2016. The advertisement were written in both English and Chines - needless to say the wording of this advert is and will definitely create demand for stingray's product! We still do not know much about Stingray - as a species. Most of them are either listed as Data Deficient or Least Concern on the IUCN Red list, but many are also Vulnerable and Endangered, their population trend are still remained as unknown. This type of advert is a threat to the stingray - as to many other wildlife! Think about tiger products, think about ivory, think about rhino horn, they all "branded" as something luxurious, some symbol of wealth, some kind of "lucky charm" for the rich. The advert said "Luck is believing you are lucky": Stingray skin leather bangle. Reinforced by empowering yourselves with the Stingray skin leather bangle as they believe when danger approaches they will be able to BORROW THE STINGRAY SKIN'S MYSTICAL POWERS and be PROTECTED. Stingray accessories began to be A SYMBOL OF WEALTH and LUXURY with the nobles. Gifted only to those worth of it. This precious bangle is made of genuine stingray skin leather covered by stainless steel and pinkgold plated. We calling you to join us to sign this petition, send a message to AirAsia , AirAsiaThailand and ask them to STOP advertising for Stingray skin leather bangle, code 421 and 464 on their Traveller magazine!. AirAsia website: AirAsia - Thai facebook: AirAsia facebook:  

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