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Stop the Trophy Hunt of Alaska’s Wolves and Bears

The Trump administration has opened the floodgates on trophy killings in Alaska. A new plan will allow mother black bears with cubs to be gunned down, and wolves with pups to be killed where they sleep. We can’t let Trump turn public lands like Denali National Park and Preserve into killing fields. Trump wants to make it legal in Alaska’s national preserves to kill wolves and coyotes from May 1 through August 9, which is the season when cubs are born. He also wants to allow the killing of mom bears still caring for young cubs and even the cubs. It also allows trophy hunters to slaughter wolves in their dens. It’s sickening. It isn’t the first time Trump’s dealt a death blow to Alaska’s bears and wolves. One of his first acts as president was stripping protections for these creatures on Alaska’s wildlife refuges. The Center for Biological Diversity filed suit within days, and our legal battle to make Alaska’s wildlife refuges safe again for bears and wolves is far from over. Now he wants to do the same thing on national preserves, expanding the reach of trophy hunters in Alaska. We have 60 days to stop this rule from being put on the books. This is the time to act. Alaska’s wolves and bears are counting on us. Join our resistance — sign our petition to stop the slaughter of Alaska wildlife being hunted for their heads and skins.

Center for Biological Diversity
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Petition to U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate

Fight for the Endangered Species Act

Trump has just gutted the Endangered Species Act. New rules put in place by Trump and David Bernhardt will scale back critical protections for species listed as threatened and will make protecting new species under the Act even more challenging. Profits are now prioritized over wildlife protection—a give-away to greedy corporations that view our public lands and waters as profit centers. Think about what's at stake. Without the Endangered Species Act, wolves wouldn't be roaming the Rocky Mountains, grizzly bears wouldn't be in Yellowstone, bald eagles wouldn't be flying from coast to coast. The Act today is a lifeline for more than 1,700 animals and plants, from polar bears and ice seals to the dusky gopher frog and Hawaiian petrels. We know what happens when imperiled species lose protections: they get shot, trapped, poisoned out of existence. The Endangered Species Act has saved 99 percent of the species it protects from extinction. When animals lose protections too soon, or never get protected at all, they’re pushed faster toward extinction, and some even end up as wall mounts or pelts for living room floors. Demand Congress uphold the Endangered Species Act, the bedrock law that saved our country's wolves, grizzlies and bald eagles. Too many species — birds, fish, frogs, wolves, bears and whales — are counting on us. Join our resistance — sign our petition to stop the attacks on the Endangered Species Act and to save this law.

Center for Biological Diversity
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Petition to Thomas J. Doll, Dominick Infante, Subaru Canada, Inc.

Subaru Don't Destroy Florida Wetlands For New Dealership

As the owner of several Subaru vehicles and the founder of a non-profit organization that advocates on behalf of animals, humans, and the environment, I was shocked to learn that Subaru has plans to open a car dealership on the Wekiva River located in Florida. I have personally owned a 2000 RS Impreza, 02 bug-eye WRX, and my current car is a 08 STI wagon that has a custom-built IAG stage 2 short block. I have a close relationship with my local dealer. Several of the mechanics are good friends of mine, and when I go to the Subi dealership on Atlantic Blvd. in Jacksonville, it feels more like family then your standard car dealership.  I have supported Subaru over the years due impart to its environmental stance and sustainability practices. That is why I am sad to hear that Subaru has plans to open a car dealership on 71 acres of Protected Wetlands clear-cutting at least 44 acres of precious forest that is home to a vast array of plants and wildlife. I have driven my Subaru into many of Florida's forests, and wetlands. I have seen first hand the devastating effects of deforestation.  I have always believed that Subaru cared about this planet. I thought I was supporting a company that placed the planet over profit and found value in safeguarding its natural resources. If you follow through with your proposal, you are not whom I thought you to be.  I ask you Subaru to stand behind your ecologically sound practices and help protect, not destroy one of the few natural spaces left in Florida.  Sincerely, Adam Sugalski—Executive Director at OneProtest  #SaveItSubaru #PlanetOverProfit

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