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Ban Deadly Plastic Dome/Flat Lids and Plastic Ring Seals IMMEDIATELY and SAVE OUR WILDLIFE

Subject: Corella in Crisis - Abolish Deadly Plastic Dome Lids and Plastic Ring SealsThe distressing photo attached was captured in a friend's garden. This picture speaks volumes. I wonder how many other birds, reptiles, marine life and small creatures are suffering the same cruel fate in silence and fear that we don't see. On my daily walks, I often find littered on my local beach, hazardous fishing line and deadly discarded takeaway containers, including these "plastic dome lid nooses" and many solid ring seals from under plastic caps. This morning I found two more dome lids floating in the shallows, one of which had obviously been in the water for some time. The risk doesn't only lie in these nooses being trapped around the neck of a poor creature, they also resemble jelly fish in the water. THESE ITEMS ARE LETHAL TO ALL WILDLIFE.Although all ring seals and lids pose the same risk to wildlife, of particular concern are the raised dome shaped lids, with a large hole in the middle, that would prevent a bird or animal from eating or drinking (I've seen 23mm and 43mm diameter holes). These lids are rife throughout the cafe takeaway and fast food industries (used for iced coffees, slurpees, crushers, frappes, thickshakes, sundaes etc). The plastic used in these specific lids is extremely sturdy with a sharp rigid inside edge (very painful if pressed around the neck of a bird or animal). I imagine it would take years to break down in the environment, along with the "unbreakable" ring seals (of all sizes) found under the majority of softdrink, juice, milk, vitamin and medicine caps. Not only are they a death sentence, it would be a painfully slow horrible starvation or choking death. Even if birds and animals somehow managed to eat and drink, the ring seals and dome lids would slowly strangle them as they grew. Ideally ALL plastic ring seals and plastic lids should be banned entirely.Unfortunately there was no happy ending for this little corella. This photo was taken on an earlier visit, however, over the following weeks his condition deteriorated significantly (dirty and dishevelled). Sadly, being "different", he was isolated, and not welcome in the flock. He couldn't be rescued as he was extremely skittish and could still fly, albeit with difficulty. He hasn't been seen since February. SUMMARY (Recommendations/Solutions in order of preference):Plastic Dome Drink Lids (All sizes)1. Abolish this plastic product IMMEDIATELY (Dome lids kill wildlife).2. Use a flat lid instead, made of recycled biodegradable cardboard, with NO straw hole at all. Surely people can remove a flat lid if a "re-usable" metal straw or spoon is required.3. Use a flat lid instead, made of recycled biodegradable cardboard, with four perforations crisscrossing the centre hole so it separates easily under duress.4. A deeper cup be used if room is needed for toppings or cream (e.g. iced coffee) and the flat lid removed for a "re-usable" metal straw or spoon.Plastic Ring Seals (All sizes from under Softdrink, Juice, Milk, Vitamin and Medicine caps etc)1. Abolish this plastic product IMMEDIATELY (Plastic Ring Seals strangle wildlife).2. Manufacture from recycled biodegradable cardboard, with four perforations crisscrossing the solid ring seal, so it snaps when twisted open.3. Substitute rings with cardboard/foil inner seal type under the tamper-proof (child-proof) screw top caps.4. Replace the need for plastic ring seals by using air-tight metal lids.5. Replace rings with the tear-off plastic strip/band type cap (tears off in a single line) in lieu of the unbreakable ring seal.Flat Plastic Takeaway Drink Lids (All sizes)1. Abolish this plastic product IMMEDIATELY (The holes in these lids can be torn to a larger diameter and trap wildlife).2. Manufacture from recycled biodegradable cardboard with NO straw hole at all. Surely people can remove a flat lid if a "re-usable" metal straw or spoon is required.3. Manufacture from recycled biodegradable cardboard, with four perforations crisscrossing the centre hole, so it separates easily under duress.ALL Plastic Dome/Flat Lids and Plastic Ring Seals (All sizes)1. The current style of lethal plastic dome/flat lids and plastic ring seals should have four perforations crisscrossing the centre, so they separate under duress (or, in the case of ring seals, snap when twisted open) until all are PHASED out completely, and replaced with another environmentally friendly alternative (e.g. recycled biodegradable cardboard).2. In the meantime, educate people to care, and cut these items in half after consumption before disposal in a bin.3. Enforce mandatory laws that manufacturers face stringent regulations and seek approval from an Environmental Consultant before these products hit the market.4. As an extra incentive to replace these disposable plastic products with cardboard, businesses could have their store logo imprinted on the lid.5. Sadly we can't change some people's abhorrent behaviour, but we can reduce the impact on the earth's innocent and vulnerable wildlife by producing ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY products.STOP THE CRUELTY. Let's give our wildlife a fighting chance and remove these deathtraps, especially the plastic dome lids and plastic ring seals from production and circulation IMMEDIATELY."Compassion, in which all ethics must take root, can onlyattain its full breadth and depth if it embraces all livingcreatures and does not limit itself to mankind" Dr Albert Schweitzer (1875-1965)Philosopher, Theologian and Medical MissionaryI honestly didn't know who to send this urgent plea to, so if you know of another authority to deal with this matter, forward it on with the earth's creatures and my sincere gratitude. Let me know how you can help. This is a GLOBAL problem, let's pave the way for change. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you wish to discuss this matter further. I would appreciate your feedback.THIS IS A CALL TO ACTION TO PROTECT OUR PRECIOUS WILDLIFE. PLEASE DON'T IGNORE THIS CRY FOR HELP.

Wendy Wallin
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Petition to Michael Daley, The Hon. Matthew John KEAN, Gladys Berejiklian, Australian Wildlife Protection Council, The Hon. Mick Veitch, Gladys Berejiklian MP

Stop Kangaroo Cruelty in NSW!

I demand an end to the cruelty of kangaroos in NSW!Read more at 'We hear them calling for their dead mothers until the sun comes up'. Eyewitness neighbouring property In June 2018, the NSW Liberal/National government ‘relaxed red tape’ with regards to the already under-regulated and inhumane system of culling kangaroos. This unethical measure paved the way for an increased number of inexperienced shooters to kill kangaroos. As a result, kangaroos are being maimed, killed inhumanely and joeys at foot left to starve to death at numbers that are totally unacceptable to the Australian community. Already, hundreds of thousands of kangaroos are suffering unethical body-shots in the commercial industry. With these relaxed conditions, a major increase in the inhumane treatment of vulnerable kangaroos is certain. 'The wounded kangaroo often has to wait for the shooter to shoot at other individuals until they come back to finish them off. We have heard them vocalise as the shooter approaches to deliver a final blow to the head. Joeys are often not killed with their mothers but ripped from her pouch and discarded into the bushes, not even counted as a statistical ‘kill’. We hear them calling for their dead mothers until the sun comes up. We see them in the mornings lost and bewildered. We may see them again the next evening, but usually never again after that. This is considered ‘acceptable collateral damage’. Joeys are often left lying amongst the remains of what was their mother, still smelling like their mother, until they die of exposure or predation. The scene is macabre. The group social structure is ruined. The mob is in disarray. The fields smell of death.'Eyewitness account of a landowner in rural NSW ‘The RSPCA's research shows commercial shooters have lifted their accuracy rates from 86 to 96 percent. The four percent variable still equates to 100,000 kangaroos. Farmers and sporting shooters, it says, have shown no improvement in their accuracy rates’ Kellie Russell, Landline 2002 ‘What happens when those does [kangaroo mothers] are shot before the shooter can get to the joey is that those joeys have scarpered off, the reality is that those joeys will die from starvation and if not from predation and that in a humane society can't be tolerated.’ Dr. Hugh Wirth RSPCA, Landline 2002 'The problem with shooting and culling kangaroos is that when these animals are shot they often aren't killed and it is extraordinarily inhumane. If we were processing domestic livestock the same way we do kangaroos it would shut down immediately. People would be just horrified. I think we need to have that same empathy and understanding for kangaroos as we would a cow. Terri Irwin ‘Kangaroo’ the movie 2017 This unnecessary and unethical cruelty must end!Copyrighted picture by Maria Taylor

Australian Wildlife Protection Council
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Petition to Department of the Environment and Energy, DELWP , NPWS , dew, ntg, Des

STOP Exotic Pet TRADES using Bat Pictures of Australian BATS - For Profit

HELP ME STOP THE EXOTIC PET TRADE - FROM USING PICTURES OF AUSTRALIAN PROTECTED OR REHABILITATED SPECIES TO SELL AND CREATE PROFIT OFF THE SUFFERING OF OUR NATIVE WILDLIFE Several exotic pet trade organisations overseas are using pictures not only of protected species - THEY are using our very own images - created to raise awareness of each species plight - FOR their own profit.  In particular images of Grey Headed Flying Fox orphan babies - THREATENED  Spectacle Flying Foxes orphaned babies - ENDANGERED My personal interest stems from searching for a particular picture of my handraised GHFF babies as part of an article for the Herald Sun, and to my horror, locating multiple sites with not one - but many images of BATS in care with Wildlife rescuers and carers. I may not be able to stop these organisations from selling BATS as pets to various people so they can profit from the suffering caused by any flying creature, when freedom is taken away. However, since all images of our wildlife belongs to the various Govt Dept who govern them - EXOTIC PET SHOPS - regardless of permit status - should have no legal right to use pictures from Australian sources, BUT RATHER - use their own images or those from elsewhere.  Please join me by signing this Petition to lobby the GOVT and those included to help protect our wildlife - Wildlife Departments (State and Federal) Wildlife Carers, Rescuers, Transporters and all those who raise funds or help our wildlife by other means, including Sanctuaries work tirelessly to protect our wildlife - NOT - so Exotic Pet Retailers - line their own pockets.  Treat the earth well: it was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your children. - Ancient Proverb  

Anthea Gurr
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