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Petition to Mr Michael Daley MP, The Hon. Gabrielle Upton, MP, The Hon. Penny Sharpe, MLC, Gladys Berejiklian MP, Monica Tan, Dean Moss, Damien Atkins, Rowan Huxtable, Pru Wawn, Jamie Dixon, Dominic WY Kanak, Kristyn Glanville, Charles Jago, Australian Wildlife Protection Council

Stop Kangaroo Cruelty in NSW!

I will vote against kangaroo cruelty in NSW!Read more and donate at 'We hear them calling for their dead mothers until the sun comes up'. Eyewitness neighbouring property In June 2018, the NSW Liberal/National government ‘relaxed red tape’ with regards to the already under-regulated and inhumane system of culling kangaroos. This unethical measure paved the way for an increased number of inexperienced shooters to kill kangaroos. As a result, kangaroos are being maimed, killed inhumanely and joeys at foot left to starve to death at numbers that are totally unacceptable to the Australian community. Already, hundreds of thousands of kangaroos are suffering unethical body-shots in the commercial industry. With these relaxed conditions, a major increase in the inhumane treatment of vulnerable kangaroos is certain. 'The wounded kangaroo often has to wait for the shooter to shoot at other individuals until they come back to finish them off. We have heard them vocalise as the shooter approaches to deliver a final blow to the head. Joeys are often not killed with their mothers but ripped from her pouch and discarded into the bushes, not even counted as a statistical ‘kill’. We hear them calling for their dead mothers until the sun comes up. We see them in the mornings lost and bewildered. We may see them again the next evening, but usually never again after that. This is considered ‘acceptable collateral damage’. Joeys are often left lying amongst the remains of what was their mother, still smelling like their mother, until they die of exposure or predation. The scene is macabre. The group social structure is ruined. The mob is in disarray. The fields smell of death.'Eyewitness account of a landowner in rural NSW ‘The RSPCA's research shows commercial shooters have lifted their accuracy rates from 86 to 96 percent. The four percent variable still equates to 100,000 kangaroos. Farmers and sporting shooters, it says, have shown no improvement in their accuracy rates’ Kellie Russell, Landline 2002 ‘What happens when those does [kangaroo mothers] are shot before the shooter can get to the joey is that those joeys have scarpered off, the reality is that those joeys will die from starvation and if not from predation and that in a humane society can't be tolerated.’ Dr. Hugh Wirth RSPCA, Landline 2002 'The problem with shooting and culling kangaroos is that when these animals are shot they often aren't killed and it is extraordinarily inhumane. If we were processing domestic livestock the same way we do kangaroos it would shut down immediately. People would be just horrified. I think we need to have that same empathy and understanding for kangaroos as we would a cow. Terri Irwin ‘Kangaroo’ the movie 2017 I pledge to vote against any government that sanctions kangaroo hunts.Copyrighted picture by Maria Taylor

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Petition to David Littleproud MP, Melissa Price MP

Save the platypus - Ban the use and sale of opera house traps in Australia

Every year potentially hundreds of australia's greatest biological mystery the platypus is trapped and drowned in the freshwater crayfish / yabby trap known as an opera house trap.The use of these traps is banned on public land in the states of Victoria and Tasmania, the same can't be said for the rest of Australia, as well as any privately owned bodies of water in the currently prohibited states. The platypus spends most of its life either in its burrow or underwater foraging and exploring in its surrounding waterways, as a mammal they need to return to the surface of the water every 30 seconds to take a breath of air. When a platypus sees an opera house trap containing crustaceans it sees a meal, after entering and eating the trapped crustaceans they find themselves trapped and unable to return to the surface for their next breath of air and drown. The sale of opera house traps supports the drowning of australia's most unique creature and the only mammal known to lay eggs besides four species of echidna, also known as spiny anteaters in some regions. The population of the platypus has dropped from what was once 300,000 to now only a estimated 200,000, if we don't do something soon we will continue to see this number decrease. Solution1. Ban the sale of opera house traps nationwide. 2. Ban the use of opera house traps in private waterways.3. Build public awareness of the dangers to native wildlife from the use of opera house traps and about the use of safe alternatives for trapping the freshwater crustaceans. 

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Petition to Mayor Mark Jamieson, Cameron Dick MP, Leanne Enoch MP

SCR Council & State Government Urban Footprint is wiping out Sunshine Coast Kangaroos!

Sunshine Coast Kangaroos & Wallabys are being wiped out! In the last few months, we have seen an unprecedented rise in kangaroo deaths on our Sunshine Coast roads. This has coincided with major development works on and around the Bruce Highway, Sunshine Motorway and David Lowe Way. The roos and wallabys are being forced into involuntary self-relocation, pushing them into inappropriate areas where there’s high density housing and no food, onto the main roads to try and get away from the developments and being killed. The Sunshine Coast University, once famous for its resident mob of roos, is now down to single figure numbers.  Wildlife Rescue Sunshine Coast, is attending dead and dying kangaroos and wallabys on a daily basis; sometimes 2-3 per day.  THIS IS NOT OK! THIS NEEDS TO STOP! Mayor Jamieson & QLD State Government, you are destroying the Sunshine Coast with your rapid Urban Footprint Expansion Plan. You are responsible for the protection and preservation of our native flora and fauna - and our wildlife is not acceptable ‘collateral damage.’ We demand provision of wildlife exclusion fencing, tunnels or overpasses for current developments (ie Bruce Highway) and a cease to proposed future developments where the impact will destroy known wildlife habitat on the Sunshine Coast.   

Wildlife Rescue Sunshine Coast Inc
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