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Petition to Chief Secretary to Government of Telangana


Inuparathi gattu forest is around 8000 acres and since Nizam period it has been with forest status. notification as Reserve Forest under Sec.4 of Telangana Forest Act is under process by the collector Warangal urban.Inuparathi gattu forest area is rich in flora and fauna and natural,perennial water sources and habitat supports many Narayepi,ippa,Like lofty tree species and many medicinal herbs. Similarly,lot of wild fauna like sloth bear,deers,chousinghaas,chinkaara,jungle cats,monitor lizards and peafowls are in good number..This area is 1% green lungs of Warangal Urban district fall in Dharmasagar and Elkathurthy mandals.Forest department had been carrying out Staggered trenches by MGNREGS and water harvesting structures like RFDs,checkdams ,plantations since long ago. Unfortunately,in recent times lot of encroachment by farmers  and irregular pattas have come up with by survey numbers inside the forest land and electrical line works ,temple constructions are planned by false pattadars. Article 51(A)(G) of constitution defined it's fundamental Duty  of every citizen to protect natural resources like forests,lakes,hills etc.Green clubs like Vana seva society, Orugallu Wildlife Society,etc are objecting misuse of these valuable,heritage forest site for nonforestry  activities purpose. Hence there is public demand to 1.stop mining lease proposals in and around inuparathi gattu forest area.2. Cancellation of 100s of acres irregular pattas inside forest by collector and dist. magistrate Wgl urban immediately by thorough enquiry.Since,Hon. Supreme court in Godha verman clasocal case ordered that any heritage land  with forest nomenclature of any kind should not be diverted for nonforestry activities.,and such violation attracts Forest Conservation Act,1980 and prosecutable..3.This green hills of forest deserves to be a  revenue generating ecotourism site apart from helps as green lungs to the district .Hence people,green clubs,NGOs, Environmetal lovers shall protest to save this forest for future generations..

Orugallu Wildlife society
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Petition to Naveen Patnaik, V K Pandian, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Randeep Hooda, Animal lovers and wildlife rescuers, Shri Prakash Javedkar (Cabinet Minister - Ministry of Information and Broadcasting), Maneka Gandhi, Odisha wildlife conservation, United Nations Development Program, United Nations Environment Program, Forest and Environment department Odisha, District Collector Puri

Urgent action needed to save Olive Ridley turtles from getting killed by trawlers at Devi.

Every year lakhs of Olive Ridley turtles return to Odisha(a state in Eastern India) from Costa Rica for their annual mass nesting. Gahirmatha, Rushikulya and mouth of Devi River are three important mass nesting locations in Odisha. Olive ridley turtles arrive during November and stay up to March. Devi river is a vital congregation site for the olive ridley mass nesting(arribada). According to schedule I under the wildlife protection act 1972, Olive Ridley turtles come under the threatened status. These mute species are also listed under the "Red List"(indicating the world's biodiversity and their status) maintained by IUCN as vulnerable. During their breeding season, utmost care has to be taken towards protection of the turtles primarily from getting hit by mechanised fishing motorboats.  Approximately five lakh Olive Ridley turtles have died between the year 1993-2019 with more mortalities happening at Devi due to lesser conservation efforts of the government. These marine species also get entangled in nets and die of asphyxiation. Many die after getting hit by fast-moving trawlers. According to the Odisha Marine Fishing Regulation Act, 1982), clause (c) of sub-section (1) of Section 4[15], fishing is prohibited within a radius of 20 km of the Gahirmatha area of the Bhitarkanika Sanctuary. However, this year in the month of November till date 100's of trawlers were moving at Devi river when the turtles are supposed to be mating inside the sea. The turtles travel some 11,000 miles approximately from Costa Rica to Odisha to lay their eggs and undergo a lot of pain while travelling such long distance. Also, they undergo a lot of hardship to lay eggs. As a state, we have vowed to protect them. However, the rules are not being followed due to government lapses. There is no coastal/forest guard present in Devi to prevent trawler movement. Despite writing emails to Puri district collector, CM(Odisha), Wild Life Odisha and other officials, only a meagre action has been taken. Trawlers are still moving and despite OMFRA act, rules are not being followed, leading to an excruciating death of these innocent species. Their bodies are thrown away in the beaches in a very irresponsible manner or left to die after they get killed or hurt. By signing this petition, you will help us in the following ways:1) Help save the vulnerable species which are dying in lakhs due to illegal movement of trawlers during their mating/nesting season. 2) Conservation of Olive Ridley turtles is very important for maintaining a healthy ocean ecosystem. They regulate the growth of various organisms by eating them. For example, Olive ridley turtles keep a check on the development of jellyfish by eating them. 3) It has also been known that Olive Ridley turtles can sense the presence of a cyclone. Hence, protecting them becomes even more important as India and especially the Bay of Bengal are prone to storms every year. 4) Last but not the least; the turtles travel such huge distance every year to lay eggs, only to be killed mercilessly by illegal human interventions. Isn't this our duty to protect them and prevent from getting extinct in the coming years? I request you to please sign the petition in huge numbers. With your support, we can pressurize the government to act according to the rules of OMFRA and put an end to illegal trawler movement during the nesting season. This can helps us save lakhs of more Olive ridley turtles from getting killed.

Nivedita Biswal
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Petition to Prime Minister of India, Ministry of Environment, Project Elephant, Maneka Gandhi

INDIA has to STOP Systematic Killing of Female Elephants & Capturing Tuskers for Captivity

Respected Prime Minister of India, This petition deals with the FOUR topics of urgency relating to Animals in India: Systematic Killing of Female Elephants all over India and Tuskers being made captive by Forest Departments in the name of Rescue / Rehabilitation / Straying outside the forests. Individual status to Animals to be made a Law in order to treat the Animals on par with Humans in our Country. Animal Welfare Organizations and field workers to be compulsorily made co-supervisors of Forest Departments’ Activities. Official Investigation on suppression of facts by both Central and State Forest Departments of India has to be conducted immediately. REQUESTED ACTION POINTS 1. There is a planned action to exterminate Female Elephants and the Tuskers as they are being made captive in order to reduce the Elephant population, not only by the poachers, but also by anti-social elements, resort / estate owners for their selfish needs. Female elephants that have been killed in India is on the rise, especially in the states of West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The recent history of the management and maintenance of the Elephants in India reveals that all the wild caught tuskers are made as captive elephants and the female elephants were killed consistently. Why most of the Forest Departments have only “Wild Caught” Tuskers as Captive Elephants? Why only the female elephants were killed mostly in all situations, such as, Captive and Wild?  These actions lead to a direct decline in Elephant population of our country, causing imbalance in conservation value. 2. India has to provide legal recognition of animal as sentient beings considering the span of Forest Lands comprising of vast Fauna and Flora across India. This Law should act as the reference point for Forest Departments in India and Animal rights in general. Sterner penalties should act as deterrent for people who hurt animals. Example: As early as in the Year 2015, New Zealand legally recognized animals as sentient beings under The Animal Welfare Amendment BIll.   3. There should be public committees of supervision on the activities of the Forest Department consisting of the experienced non-governmental persons or agencies, experienced field workers, organized by public and approved by court in all levels such as, District level, State level and National level working along with the Forest Department. The guidance for such public committees should be given by the Courts and Government of India. 4. Suppression of facts by Forest Departments of different states in India has to stop. For Example: Suppression of information from the MoEF, Government of India: From the case study of W.P.(MD)No.3798 of 2020, dated 16.03.2020 submitted by me in High Court of Madurai, Tamil Nadu Forest department have hidden the information that they have not applied for the diversion of forest land under Forest (Conservation) Act,1980 and did not obtain the prior permission to use the M.R.Palayam Reserve Forest to establish the Elephant Rescue Centre. Also it has hidden the fact that it did not obtain the prior permission and approval of the CZA and order of Supreme Court to establish the Elephant Rescue Centre when it applied for funding from Elephant Division of CZA, MoEF, to establish the Elephant Rescue Centre in M.R.Palayam Reserve forest in 2009-2010. The protection and welfare of animals in India is in  your able hands. Your immediate action on the above mentioned requests, will bring hope and sustenance of the animals especially elephants under the present COVID19 condition. Your kind intervention and immediate action on the above issues will be greatly appreciated. Yours Sincerely,Deepak Nambiar ELEPHAS MAXIMUS INDICUS TRUST (EMIT)

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