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Petition to David Chopy, Douglas Soscia, Benjamin Marchant, Nicholas Gorham, Jeffrey Lanphear, Richard Fleury

Give Coventry Johnson’s Pond Back!

I made this petition to make sure that Coventry residents get their water rights back. This issue affects families on and off the pond, as well as the pond’s wildlife and ecosystem! We need change now! Please sign and share with others! Little backstory. This guy bought the dam for just over a million and now claims he wants 2 million a year to allow water into the lake for the residents or he will drain it on them. Doug Soscia and his company “Soscia Holdings” are the people behind this. - Jason Hawes The water dropped so quickly at Johnson's Pond over the last five days, that a Coventry resident is using a neighbor's dock for his pontoon and he's still stuck in the mud.Senator Raptakis, who is also a Coventry resident, observed the drastically low water and muddy shoreline for himself.The water level became so low on the pond that residents began seeing dead fish float up this past Monday, August 23, 2021. The pond's water has been a contentious issue for months now, with court orders and lawsuits, but one that grew deeper with last weekend's storm.That’s when the pond's new owners, Soscia Holdings LLC, dropped the water 27 inches below the spillway of a dam they control. It was like pulling the plug out of a bathtub. Soscia Holdings LLC is controlled by a local Coventry family. The company purchased property, the dam, and its’ water rights for $1.7 million in 2020.Over on Shady Valley Road, a resident found dead fish floating on the pond in the back of her home. “Who’s going to help us with this? If we can’t count on the state’s authority, we’re asking for help!” she said. - NBC10 WJAR

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Petition to U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, David Bernhardt

Keep Gray Wolves Safe From Slaughter

This is it. Interior Secretary David Bernhardt has declared a nationwide war on wolves. He's pulled the plug on saving America's wolves by stripping Endangered Species Act protection from nearly every wolf in the lower 48. The fate of this species now rests with the states.  Here's what will happen next: We'll return to the days when wolves were shot on sight, crushed in steel traps and poisoned with their families in their dens. Thousands of wolves will die. And more than four decades of work to save these iconic animals will come to a screeching, bloody halt.  It's unacceptable, and we must stand up against it.  Across the country these smart, social animals are still just getting a toehold on survival after being driven to the brink of extinction. Only a single known wolf pack lives wild in all of California, where packs once roamed free.  In the few places where wolves exist today they still face persecution. States beholden to special interests are eager to let them be hunted, trapped and poisoned with the same kind of violence that nearly drove them extinct more than a century ago.  Remember what happened after Bernhardt ended protection for Yellowstone's grizzly bears. The state of Wyoming quickly launched a plan to let trophy hunters shoot more than 20 bears that wandered out of the national park.  Thankfully the Center for Biological Diversity and wildlife activists like you stopped the grizzly hunt. We have to do the same for Berhnhardt's plan for our wolves — or we risk putting this beloved species on the path toward extinction once again. The Center has launched legal action to fight back. We won't stop fighting until wolves are safe from persecution. Sign the the petition today to join the fight. 

Center for Biological Diversity
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Petition to Donald J. Trump, Donald J. Trump, Donald Trump

Stop the Trophy Hunt of Alaska’s Wolves and Bears

The Trump administration has opened the floodgates on trophy killings in Alaska. A new plan will allow mother black bears with cubs to be gunned down, and wolves with pups to be killed where they sleep. We can’t let Trump turn public lands like Denali National Park and Preserve into killing fields. Trump wants to make it legal in Alaska’s national preserves to kill wolves and coyotes from May 1 through August 9, which is the season when cubs are born. He also wants to allow the killing of mom bears still caring for young cubs and even the cubs. It also allows trophy hunters to slaughter wolves in their dens. It’s sickening. It isn’t the first time Trump’s dealt a death blow to Alaska’s bears and wolves. One of his first acts as president was stripping protections for these creatures on Alaska’s wildlife refuges. The Center for Biological Diversity filed suit within days, and our legal battle to make Alaska’s wildlife refuges safe again for bears and wolves is far from over. Now he wants to do the same thing on national preserves, expanding the reach of trophy hunters in Alaska. We have 60 days to stop this rule from being put on the books. This is the time to act. Alaska’s wolves and bears are counting on us. Join our resistance — sign our petition to stop the slaughter of Alaska wildlife being hunted for their heads and skins.

Center for Biological Diversity
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