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Keep Protections For Montana Grizzly Bears

  Tell The US Government To Keep Protections For The Northwest Montana Grizzlies We are urging the US Government to keep Montana grizzly bear protections in place. If protections are removed, this could allow for the grizzly bears to be trophy hunted. In the 1970's, Hunters and trappers decimated grizzly bear populations across the US. Grizzlies were granted protection in 1975; since then Grizzlies have made a comeback. But ranchers, hunters, and lobbyist are threatening the future of the Grizzlies by influencing government agencies to remove grizzly bear protections, which could allow for trophy hunting and  "incidental take" of Grizzlies in a region dominated by agricultural land. Although, grizzlies have recovered from near extinction, now is not the time to remove protections. They face more threats today than ever before with increased logging, mining, and land development; we should not add hunting to the list of threats Grizzlies have to contend with, especially when it was hunting that required the Grizzlies be protected in the first place. In July, the federal government lifted protections of an estimated 700 Grizzlies in the Yellowstone region of Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming due to increased pressure from State Officials. This transfer afforded state game agencies jurisdiction over Grizzlies, which could open the door to possible trophy hunts in the future. We must prevent this from happening in Northwest Montana, please sign and share our petition.  

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Petition to Galapagos National Park and Ministry of the Environment

We need your help to STOP long line fishing in the Galapagos Islands

Dear friends of the Galapagos Islands,  The Galapagos National Park is considered one of the most unique and protected places on Earth, but it´s a vast area and in reality, it is constantly under threat.  Even though longline fishing was prohibited in the archipelago in 2005, recently, a new study on a modified long line has begun in the Galapagos Islands. It has already proven to be deadly for many of our protected species, including sharks, rays, turtles, and sea lions and it has raised the percentage of incidental fishing over the legal limit. Long line fishing is a fishing strategy that involves a main floating line with secondary and vertical lines that can be kilometers long, with hundreds of hooks. It is preferred by fishermen due to the speed at which they catch the commercial species such as swordfish and tuna, and is thus more profitable. Yet due to its size, it catches much more than just that. The by-catch includes many species under the IUCN red list for endangered species.  The Galapagos Islands has served as a refuge for many of these species that are endangered worldwide. We cannot allow for this to happen.  As part of the community of conservation of the Galapagos Islands, including NGOs, the Association of Naturalist Interpretation Guides of the national park (AGIPA), and wildlife scientists, we cannot remain silent to the massacre that is being conducted in these studies of longline fishing in the Galapagos Marine Reserve. AGIPA and other naturalist guides of the Galapagos National Park have been constantly reporting to the National Park with images of protected species caught in hooks of long lines and there’s nothing the authorities are doing to stop this permanently. Here is the link to a video that explains the problem: WE NEED YOUR HELP NOW.  This is how you can help:  -Sign our petition to STOP LONGLINE FISHING IN THE GALAPAGOS ISLANDS. It will be presented to the maximum authorities.  -Spread the news! Make international awareness of the reality of long line fishing in the Galapagos Marine Reserve. Spread the word out on social media and to your local conservation NGOs.   -Put pressure to ban the local and international commercialization of fish caught in any form of long line or “Empate Oceanico Modificado”, as they are calling the modified long line fishing strategy. Help promote studies of fisheries that have null incidence in protected species and are environmentally friendly. -Stay alert of the changes and don’t believe in just one opinion. We all know that politicians come and go and the protection of the Islands should not be in jeopardy depending on the political party in turn.  It has been proven that longline fishing causes a high incidence of by-catch of protected species here and anywhere in the world, we don’t need more studies. Help us stop this now or the study will be extended until 2019.  With much appreciation,  The conservation community of the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, and AGIPA.

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