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Petition to Senator Diane Feinstein (U.S. Congress), President of the United States, Sally Jewell (Secretary of the Interior), U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate

Bring emergency shelter and shade to captive wild horses and burros

Urgent! Captive wild horses and burros need shade now as extreme summer weather hits! STOP the abuse! It's killing them. Heat waves are here! Captive icons of American freedom, wild horses & burros, were denied shade and shelter from extreme triple digit heat waves last summer and it's happening again. In the winter they will be forced to endure the freezing winds, snow, and icy rain, with only the muck (manure & urine) to lie down in--despite public outrage. Our living treasures will continue to suffer. . . The feds are at the epicenter of this scandalous roundup and removal attack against America's wild horses & burros. This cruelty in captivity must stop now! The Bureau of Land Management (BLM), the federal agency in charge of protecting wild horses and burros, ignores public outcry and performed "studies" on shade--despite offers to build shade structures at no cost to the feds. It's obvious captive wild horses need the basics of animal husbandry: food, shelter, water . . .  How can the feds be so cruel to deny them this? In the summer, the majority of captive wild horses are at risk of heat stroke and death because there is no shade during the hot summer months at Palomino Valley Center (Reno), Rock Springs (Wyoming) and other BLM holding facilities in the U.S.A.  In the winter it's worse . . . The BLM requires all adopters provide shade and shelter for adopted wild horses yet the agency neglects to provide the same for the thousands held captive in their care. On June 9, 2013 Nevada State Senator Mark Manendo and Anne Novak, Executive Director of Protect Mustangs officially requested shade for the wild horses and burros at Palomino Valley Center, near Reno and elsewhere to ensure the welfare of these treasured equids. Their request for shade was refused and the sprinkler mitigation offered was unsuccessful because shelter is needed. The American people are up in arms. We ask that you intervene to bring emergency shelter and shade to prevent the suffering and death of our American icons of freedom before it is too late. Baby foals will suffer extreme heat with no shade and in extreme cold and wind with no shelter. Trapped in the Palomino Valley corrals, up to 1800 wild horses and burros endure horrible heat waves during the summer and cold blizzards with no shelter. Their poor condition looks worse each day even though the BLM fattens them up so they are enticing to kill buyers, like Tom Davis, who sell wild horses to slaughter. What is the BLM doing? Avoiding responsibility and delaying aid. In winter captive wild horses & burros--as well as pregnant mares--will be forced to sleep in the wet muck of manure and urine with no shelter from the harsh elements near Reno, NV and elsewhere. We are counting on your compassion for our national treasures--the native wild horses and burros who need your help. They need your urgent attention to survive the extreme weather in the winter and summer--while they are held captive in the taxpayer funded corrals. They need #Shade4Mustangs and #Shelter4Mustangs & burros. We hope they can be returned to the wild someday soon but right now they are suffering in the pens. The wild horses and burros need your help. They deserve shade and shelter immediately. Please share this petition widely with your friends and family Our goal is 110,000 signatures to show the BLM the public wants the cruelty to stop! Visit for more information

Protect Mustangs
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Petition to Frances Hartogh, Boulder CIty Council, Molly Davis, Kevin Bracy Knight, Thomas Isaacson, Curt Brown

Create the CU South Open Space and Wildlife Preserve

Help us create the new CU South Open Space and Wildlife Preserve that will protect rare songbirds, endangered species and animals like moose, black bear to survive in the Boulder area. The CU South Open Space offers wonderful wildlife habitat and recreational opportunities like hiking, cycling and bird watching for the community. In order to generate more revenue, CU wants to construct a massive new 20,000 to 30,000 person expansion campus, plus apartments and tall commercial buildings. We can stop the University of Colorado from bulldozing this critically important proposed open space.  The proposed CU South Open Space is a remarkable ecosystem that is home to breeding raptors like the red-tailed hawk, deer, black bear and moose.   Please sign this petition, share it with friends and list serves and if you can attend the Weds April 12 :5:45pm public hearing to help save this key open space.  To attend public hearing click hear: A rich diversity of songbirds and many rare and endangered species call this open space home including the Ute Ladies’ Tresses orchid, the Northern leopard tree frog and the Preble’s Meadow Jumping Mouse, federally listed as an endangered species. This 220 acre wonderful natural and recreational area is located in front of Eldorado Canyon State Park and runs past Table Mesa and US 36 to South Boulder Road. While the University of Colorado Boulder and the City of Boulder are hiding development plans from the public, developers are working hard to remove Open Space protection from this important habitat area.  Traffic on Broadway, Table Mesa and US 36 will become immensely worse.  Already congested trail head parking south of Boulder will become inaccessible due to commercial development of this open space. Neither CU or the City has conducted federally required environmental assessment and wildlife study - instead they are hiding development plans from the public and attempting to rush development approvals ahead.  You can help! Sign this petition to call for the Creation of the CU South Open Space - a beautiful and wild open space area for the people of Boulder and for CU Students who will be able to conduct wetland, song bird, moose and black bear studies into the future. Why the CU Open Space Makes Sense? 1.  Annexation and development of the Flatirons-CU South property would violate the mission and charter of Open Space and Mountain Parks (City of Boulder), which is charged with protecting the ecological, passive recreational, and other values of Open Space. 2.  The site currently provides habitat for endangered, threatened, and rare species and ecosystems, which would be destroyed by development, including: Wet Mesic Tallgrass PrairieThis type of prairie is mainly found along the eastern edge of the Great Plains. It is very special and rare to have in the Boulder area.Less than 4 percent of the tallgrass prairie remains worldwide.The biggest threat to this ecosystem is “incompatible surround land uses.” Ute Ladies’ Tresses orchid, federally listed as endangered Preble’s Meadow Jumping Mouse, federally listed as endangered Colorado butterfly plant, threatened Northern leopard tree frog, Colorado species of special concern Three rare species of butterfly Wetlands and the many species of wildlife that wetlands support. 3. The Biohabitats rapid assessment does NOT meet qualifications for U.S. Fish and Wildlife clearance to destroy, damage, or alter habitat for listed species.   4.  Members of the Boulder County Nature Association toured the site and cautioned against ANY decision to annex or develop the site until thorough surveys of fish, wildlife, and other ecological values have been completed. 5.  NO meaningful assessment of groundwater and aquifer resources on the site has been done. A groundwater and aquifer study MUST be done BEFORE decisions regarding annexation and development are made.  Read the Biohabitats report here: Visit our website or email us for more Email: or for more information  

Ken Beitel
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Petition to President Donald Trump

Oppose Shooting Wolves and Their Pups in Dens and Killing Brown Bear Mothers and Cubs

Like so many others, I deeply respect wolves and bears. Because I lived in Alaska for over 37 years, I was privileged to see magnificent wolves and bears in the wild, including in National Wildlife Refuges such as the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge and the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge. These extraordinary animals are part of our national heritage. Watching a mother wolf and her pups or a mother grizzly and her cubs reminded me and reminds us all of the family of life we share, supported by our national lands and our humanity. That is why I am so outraged by and opposed to a Resolution that has already been passed by Congress and will, unless President Donald Trump vetoes it, be law.This Resolution -- H.J.Res69 -- REPEALS important U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service Regulations Protecting Wolves and Bears in National Wildlife Refuges from brutal, inhumane killing practices.  Last year, the U. S .Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) promulgated critically needed regulations banning cruel and unsporting practices in National Wildlife Refuges in Alaska.   These FWS regulations were the product of a long, deliberate process that included months of scientific review and substantial feedback.   Among others, I testified in favor of these environmentally and ethically sound regulations.  The thoughtfully promulgated regulations prohibit – on nationally owned and managed refuge lands – brutal practices including shooting hibernating bears with their cubs and killing mother wolves and pups in their dens; using airplanes to scout, land, and shoot grizzly bears; baiting; and trapping black and grizzly bears with steel-jawed leghold traps and neck wire snares. These are grotesque, inhumane, and barbaric practices that certainly do not belong on our National Wildlife Refuge Lands. Unless President Trump hears from you, he will sign H.J.Res.69 into law, which will allow the killing of wolves and pups in their dens and other inhumane practices on National Wildlife Refuges in Alaska (which comprise over 80% of all National Wildlife Refuge land in the country and belong to all Americans.) To learn more, read the excellent LA Times Editorial:  I strongly urge you to sign this petition and also to call the White House (202-456-1111) and/or e-mail the White House (click on and see bottom of this page: to oppose this bill. President Trump needs to know about this. It is abhorrent, and these barbaric assaults on wildlife and our National Wildlife Refuges should not be reinstated under the cloak of ignorance and darkness. And please pass this message on to others. Thank you!! Deborah  

Deborah Williams
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Petition to David Ige, Brian Schatz, Kaniela Ing, Nicole Lowen, Joseph Souki, Ronald Kouchi

End Dolphin Captivity in Hawaii.

The Hawaiian waters are home to several species of cetaceans (dolphins and whales). However, not all of Hawai‘i's cetaceans are living in their natural habitat. Two of the eight major Hawaiian Islands have facilities where these animals are confined to a life of captivity, offering marine mammal performances that prohibit their natural behavior. O‘ahu and Hawai‘i Island currently have facilities that offer marine mammal performances, having chosen not to follow in Maui County’s footsteps -- Maui County, which includes the islands of Moloka‘i, Maui, Kaho‘olawe, and Lāna‘i, banned the exhibition of cetaceans in captivity in 2002. And larger governments have taken a stand as well: both New York state and South Carolina have passed legislation regarding marine mammal captivity, and at least 14 other countries have also banned such practices. From boat tours to hotel balconies, Hawai‘i offers visitors numerous opportunities to see dolphins in their natural habitat. It is unnecessary to isolate them from their marine environment and make them perform abnormal behaviors that ultimately provide inaccurate education. Please join me in asking Gov. David Ige to put an end to the captivity of dolphins and whales for human entertainment on the islands of Hawai‘i by putting a moratorium on further facilities and refusing to allow other parks to replace cetaceans that have passed away. Sea Life Park alone -- one of the unfortunate places where tourists can see cetaceans in captivity -- has had a host of deaths for various reasons. According to the National Marine Inventory Report (2013), deaths included malnutrition, food poisoning, debilitation, drowning, and failure to thrive. Dolphins and whales in captivity simply don’t fare well, and we should end this terrible practice.   Cetaceans play a critical role in the ecosystem, and to remove them from it is a misrepresentation of their importance and of Hawaiian values. As Hawai‘i's state motto "Ua Mau ke Ea o ka ‘Āina i ka Pono" declares, the life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness. Restoring this imbalance in our ecosystem, education, and ethics is essential for this generation and those to come. Join me and let’s tell Gov. Ige “enough is enough.” Ask him to put an end to cetacean captivity in Hawai‘i.

Lendy Leslie
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