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Petition to Senator Diane Feinstein (U.S. Congress), President of the United States, Sally Jewell (Secretary of the Interior), U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate

Bring emergency shelter and shade to captive wild horses and burros

Urgent! Captive wild horses and burros need shade now as extreme summer weather hits! STOP the abuse! It's killing them. Heat waves are here! Captive icons of American freedom, wild horses & burros, were denied shade and shelter from extreme triple digit heat waves last summer and it's happening again. In the winter they will be forced to endure the freezing winds, snow, and icy rain, with only the muck (manure & urine) to lie down in--despite public outrage. Our living treasures will continue to suffer. . . The feds are at the epicenter of this scandalous roundup and removal attack against America's wild horses & burros. This cruelty in captivity must stop now! The Bureau of Land Management (BLM), the federal agency in charge of protecting wild horses and burros, ignores public outcry and performed "studies" on shade--despite offers to build shade structures at no cost to the feds. It's obvious captive wild horses need the basics of animal husbandry: food, shelter, water . . .  How can the feds be so cruel to deny them this? In the summer, the majority of captive wild horses are at risk of heat stroke and death because there is no shade during the hot summer months at Palomino Valley Center (Reno), Rock Springs (Wyoming) and other BLM holding facilities in the U.S.A.  In the winter it's worse . . . The BLM requires all adopters provide shade and shelter for adopted wild horses yet the agency neglects to provide the same for the thousands held captive in their care. On June 9, 2013 Nevada State Senator Mark Manendo and Anne Novak, Executive Director of Protect Mustangs officially requested shade for the wild horses and burros at Palomino Valley Center, near Reno and elsewhere to ensure the welfare of these treasured equids. Their request for shade was refused and the sprinkler mitigation offered was unsuccessful because shelter is needed. The American people are up in arms. We ask that you intervene to bring emergency shelter and shade to prevent the suffering and death of our American icons of freedom before it is too late. Baby foals will suffer extreme heat with no shade and in extreme cold and wind with no shelter. Trapped in the Palomino Valley corrals, up to 1800 wild horses and burros endure horrible heat waves during the summer and cold blizzards with no shelter. Their poor condition looks worse each day even though the BLM fattens them up so they are enticing to kill buyers, like Tom Davis, who sell wild horses to slaughter. What is the BLM doing? Avoiding responsibility and delaying aid. In winter captive wild horses & burros--as well as pregnant mares--will be forced to sleep in the wet muck of manure and urine with no shelter from the harsh elements near Reno, NV and elsewhere. We are counting on your compassion for our national treasures--the native wild horses and burros who need your help. They need your urgent attention to survive the extreme weather in the winter and summer--while they are held captive in the taxpayer funded corrals. They need #Shade4Mustangs and #Shelter4Mustangs & burros. We hope they can be returned to the wild someday soon but right now they are suffering in the pens. The wild horses and burros need your help. They deserve shade and shelter immediately. Please share this petition widely with your friends and family Our goal is 110,000 signatures to show the BLM the public wants the cruelty to stop! Visit for more information

Protect Mustangs
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Petition to Bruce Messinger, Boulder Valley School District

Create the Twin Lakes Owl Preserve and Open Space!

Give a  HOOT! Please sign this petition to help save Colorado’s most important Owl Habitat from destruction.  Together we can win the creation of the Twin Lakes Owl Preserve and Open Space!   On Tues Feb 14th at 5:45 pm the Boulder Valley School District will consider: 1) to create the Twin Lakes Owl Preserve and Open Space 2) or to sell and bulldoze the Owl Hunting Meadows to make way for 300+ high density apartments.   If you love Owls and Open Space, please sign this petition. NEXT, please write Boulder Valley School Superintendent Bruce Messinger, a good man, to let him know that you love Owls and are grateful for his help in creating the Owl Education Center at the Twin Lakes Owl Preserve. Email Mr. Messinger at:; with a cc to:;;; Please forward a copy of your email to: 3) Tues Feb 14, 2017 - Meet Mr. Messinger in person and the amazing BVSD students Anya and Summer, the talented you filmmakers who produced the hit Twin Lakes Owl Documentary!   Can you take a couple of very special hours to speak at this historic Owl public hearing at the Boulder Valley School Board on Tues Feb 14th at 5:45pm? Click here for more info + RSVP to speak for the Owls this Tues Feb 14 at the Boulder Valley School Board Meeting  Our dream is that by creating the Owl Education Center more than 10,000 school children each year will be able to experience the majestic Twin Lakes Owls and witness the miracle of Baby Owls learning to fly.  These wonderful nature hikes will be guided  guided by teachers and students and Owl Preserve volunteers. This spring we hope that thousands of Boulder Valley School District students will have the opportunity to get their hands dirty and help ecologists restore the twenty acre Owl Hunting Meadow to rich short grass native prairie with abundant wildflowers. Can you come help speak to honorable school board members?  Many of them are unaware that BVSD is about to destroy the home of Colorado's most visited Owls and will want to help create the Twin Lakes Owl Preserve and Open Space if you encourage them to do so.  All you have to do is say "I am grateful for your help in creating the Owl Education Center at the Owl Preserve and Open Space".   Click here for more info + RSVP to speak for the Owls this Tues Feb 14 at the Boulder Valley School Board Meeting Ken Beitel,  Chair of Wilderness Conservation Twin Lakes Owl Preserve and Open Space email:   cell:  720 436 2465 ****** Background Information ******** Why is Twin Lakes considered the most important Owl habitat in Colorado? More view peoples experience the thrill of seeing Owls at Twin Lakes than anywhere else in the state!   According to Boulder County Parks and Open Space more than 100,000 people visits happen each year at Twin Lakes.  Folks come from all over the county and state  marvel at the miracle of being able to hear and see Colorado's most famous owls.   • Each spring at Twin Lakes in North Boulder, a  family of Great Horned owls nest in a hollow tree. • For decades, thousands of people have come to see to see the newly hatched baby owls emerge from their nest. Mother and father owl are never far away. It’s thrilling to see tremendous owl wingspans flying up from the Owl Hunting meadow behind their nesting tree with a delicious mouse or other meal for the young owlets. 1) Boulder County wants to bulldoze the Owl Hunting Meadow to cram in 300+ apartments. 2) Boulder Valley School District is breaking the law.  The deed for the land states that it must be used for a park or a school. Wildlife biologists tell us that human activities can destroy owl habitat and make them less likely to survive.(Rohner, 2001; Rudolph, 1970; Sullivan, 1995) You can help create the new Twin Lakes Owl Open Space! A wonderful and nurturing place for owls and people, the new 20 acre Owl Preserve and Open Space  will feature an Owl Education Center with interpretive signs and beautiful pictures explaining the owl life cycle and importance of the hunting meadow.   Share this petition with your friends by clicking Share on Facebook Visit to participate in Great Horned Owl events like interpretive hikes to the Owl Nesting Tree and music concerts to benefit the Owls!   With your help the Owl family will have a home for decades to come! Owl Photo Credit: Alexa Boyes.  Baby Owl Photo: For more information or to volunteer please email:

Twin Lakes Owl Open Space
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Petition to

To shut down hunting safari outfits in South Africa.

Trophy hunting and hunting in general in South Africa is out of control. This has been observed and understood by the people of your country and citizens of the World. Yes, we do care exponentially about the future of South Africa's wildlife. Please understand that the world is watching and the example you set for the governments of Africa in general is observed as a benchmark for what they do to protect Wildlife. Please consider the future in hopefully eliminating these greed driven businesses. They operate under the false assumption of conservation and nothing could be further from the scientific truth. Consider this: The US is already positioned to ban the import of trophies and any related items to these cruel and destructive hunts. Monetary gains for your country can and will be realized on a much larger scale by promoting photo safari's. This is proven. With all considered, one thing especially stands out that must be permanently stopped and that is the inhumane practice of "canned hunting" which is, of course insane at the very least. The US has already implemented laws against animal abuse. The FBI has, as of 2016 classified animal abuse as a Tier 1 FELONY because of the DIRECT correlation to serial killers. For the sake of all the majestic animals of South Africa and Africa in general we ask that you implement laws of positive reform to conserve and protect those we "Share" this planet with. Thank you for your consideration. - Compassionate citizens of the world. - Michael Eddy

Michael Eddy
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