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Petition to Feld Entertainment

Ringling Brothers – Do the Right Thing and Retire Your Animals to TRUE Sanctuaries

Like many, when I heard about the end of the Ringling Brothers touring circus, my first reaction was exhilaration. But as executive director of Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS), my mind quickly turned to the question “Where are all the animals going?” Right now, thousands of animals are being trained to entertain for profit, bred to provide cub petting opportunities, and forced to "live" in shameful conditions. That’s why I’m worried that Ringling’s tigers, camels, and other newly retired performing animals will soon end up in disreputable roadside zoos, private homes, pseudo-sanctuaries and even more circuses. None of these can rightfully be called a true “sanctuary.” These animals will continue to be treated as property and used for exhibition and entertainment. Please sign our petition to call on Ringling to do the right thing and retire its performing animals to accredited sanctuaries. Juliette Feld of Ringling states “our commitment to all of our animals is for our lifetime," and that it needs to find “suitable homes …” I agree. This is an opportunity for the lions, tigers, camels, donkeys, alpacas, kangaroos, llamas and other animals to live out the remainder of their lives in true sanctuaries offering the highest quality of care in settings that best support their natural needs and behaviors. Ringling’s animals deserve a REAL retirement - not more abuse in circuses and roadside zoos. GFAS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that was founded in 2007 to fulfill a need to differentiate and support animal sanctuaries that not only provide high-quality care for the animals but also engage in sustainable financial and governance practices. We fulfill this need as the only recognized international sanctuary accreditation program. I am asking Feld Entertainment, the parent company of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, to prioritize retiring their animals at GFAS-accredited sanctuaries. All 132 of our accredited care facilities in the United States have undergone a rigorous assessment and meet our Standards of Excellence. These Standards include valuable animal-specific guidelines for the proper space, enclosure, diet and social needs; they also offer general information for promoting organizational health and sustainability such as proper governance; safety training and protocols; financial practices; and outreach. I hope that Ringling lives up to its responsibility to place its retired animals in “suitable homes” with the same resolve that kept them in business for 146 years. Prioritizing the placement of retired animals in certified sanctuaries offers a monumental opportunity to set a positive example for all the entertainment community with a decision to do what is right for the many that have served them over the years. I applaud Ringling for its landmark announcement. Now Ringling must take the responsible next step by placing these animals in accredited sanctuaries. So please join me by signing this petition to urge Feld Entertainment to retire animals in GFAS-certified sanctuaries. Ringling needs to do the right thing. These animals deserve it.   This petition will be delivered to: FELD ENTERTAINMENT

Kellie Heckman
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Petition to Boulder Country Planning Commission

Support the Twin Lakes Owl Open Space!

Give a  HOOT! Please sign this petition to help save Colorado’s most important Owl Habitat from destruction.  Together we can win the creation of the Twin Lakes Owl Preserve and Open Space!   On Weds Jan 18, 2017 the Boulder County Planning Commission will vote on whether to create the Twin Lakes Owl Preserve and Open Space or to bulldoze the Owl Hunting Meadows to make way for 300+ high density apartments.   Deep thank you's to the many, many people so far who have written an email or spoke at a public hearing to help save the owls.  With your help we can win this all on Weds night! 1) If you love Owls and Open Space, can you sign up to speak at this historic second public hearing this Weds Jan 18 between 5pm and 7pm on Pearl St. at the Boulder County Courthouse? (1325 Pearl St) All you need to say is that "I love Owls. Please Planning Commission, please create the Twin Lakes Owl Preserve and Open Space. There are better alternative locations for the development that will not destroy Colorado's most famous Owls". Sign up to speak by using the Boulder County form at: If you sign up to speak you will get your time slot emailed to you the day before the hearing. If you can sign up to speak please email us at to let us know you can help! 2) And/Or email the planning commission at: to ask them to save the Owls. To help the owls -  please sign this petition and share with your friends via FaceBook or email. ***Come see the amazing Twin Lakes Owls in person!   January is Owl mating season.  Marvel at the powerful soul stirring calls of the Great Horned Owls. Attend Owl Nature Hike Fri Dec 30, 2016 at 6pm - click here for more info Attend Owl Nature Hike Weds Jan 4, 2017 at 5:30pm - click here for more info Attend Public Hearing Weds Jan 18th, 2017: Help Create the Twin Lakes Owl Open Space - click here for more info Thank you for signing and sharing this important petition! Ken Beitel,  Chair of Wilderness Conservation Twin Lakes Owl Preserve and Open Space email:   cell:  720 436 2465 Background Information  Why is Twin Lakes considered the most important Owl habitat in Colorado? More view peoples experience the thrill of seeing Owls at Twin Lakes than anywhere else in the state!  According to Boulder County Parks and Open Space more than 100,000 people visits happen each year at Twin Lakes.  Folks come from all over the county and state  marvel at the miracle of being able to hear and see Colorado's most famous owls.   • Each spring at Twin Lakes in North Boulder, a  family of Great Horned owls nest in a hollow tree. • For decades, thousands of people have come to see to see the newly hatched baby owls emerge from their nest. Mother and father owl are never far away. It’s thrilling to see tremendous owl wingspans flying up from the Owl Hunting meadow behind their nesting tree with a delicious mouse or other meal for the young owlets. 1) Boulder County wants to bulldoze the Owl Hunting Meadow to cram in 300+ apartments. 2) Boulder Valley School District is breaking the law.  The deed for the land states that it must be used for a park or a school. Wildlife biologists tell us that human activities can destroy owl habitat and make them less likely to survive.(Rohner, 2001; Rudolph, 1970; Sullivan, 1995) You can help create the new Twin Lakes Owl Open Space! A wonderful and nurturing place for owls and people, the new 20 acre Owl Preserve and Open Space  will feature an Owl Education Center with interpretive signs and beautiful pictures explaining the owl life cycle and importance of the hunting meadow.   Every year 10,000 Boulder Valley School District (BVSD) children will have the blessing of being able see and learn about father, mother and baby owls. 1) Sign this petition - thank you! 2) And share this petition with your friends by clicking Share on Facebook Visit to participate in Great Horned Owl events like interpretive hikes to the Owl Nesting Tree and music concerts to benefit the Owls!   With your help the Owl family will have a home for decades to come! Owl Photo Credit: Alexa Boyes.  Baby Owl Photo: For more information or to volunteer please email:    

Twin Lakes Owl Open Space
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Petition to Department of Tourism (DOT) Philippines, Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Philippines, Department of Agriculture (DA) Philippines, Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) Philippines

Take Action:STOP Unregulated Wildlife Tourism in the Philippines - Pass NEW legislation

Swimming next to the world's largest shark, the whale shark, or scuba diving with turtles amongst amazing coral gardens is a mind blowing experience. It’s an experience we treasure and one we want our friends, family and children to experience. But unregulated and irresponsible tourism threatens to end these experiences by destroying reefs, scaring animals and consequently jeopardising the livelihoods we love.  Tourism booms, such as those seen in Thailand has brought habitat and coral reef destruction, forcing the closure of tourism sites and decimating natural resources. We cannot let this happen in the Philippines. Our actions in the water as tourists can have a negative impact on the animals we interact with and the local tourism industry.  In a bold move to protect marine wildlife in the Philippines the Department of Tourism (DOT)  the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), Department of Agriculture (DA) and Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG), have drafted a joint administrative order to standardise marine wildlife interaction guidelines in the Philippines. This law, which is based on scientific information, will set the standard for wildlife interaction in the Philippines, empowering the country as a developing ECOTOURISM destination and most importantly, PROTECT the marine wildlife, enhance visitors' experience, and livelihoods engaged in marine wildlife tourism.  This new law is CRUCIAL if we want to protect the future of Philippine wildlife, local livelihoods and our own future enjoyment (as tourists). NOW is the time to set the standard across the nation and provide the foundations to ensure marine wildlife tourism develops sustainably into the future! Seven non-government organisations (NGOs): The Large Marine Vertebrate Research Institute (LAMAVE), Marine Wildlife Watch of the Philippines (MWWP), Greenpeace Philippines, Save Philippine Seas (SPS), Green Fins, Reef-World Foundation and Responsible Tourism Philippines have already pledged their support for the law and have created “THEIR FUTURE OUR FUTURE” a video campaign championing sustainable marine wildlife tourism in the Philippines. You can find out more about the key guidelines the law will include at ‘Their Future Our Future’ highlights how we we all have the #powertoprotectPH and we now want YOU to use your POWER to protect the Philippines. Please sign this petition to support DOT and DENR and DA, DILG and to show that WE the people want this new law in place. This is your chance to empower the Philippines and be part of an inspiring change.  You have the power to keep marine life safe in THEIR environment.  If we protect THEIR FUTURE they will protect OUR FUTURE.

Their Future Our Future Campaign
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