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Petition to Tennessee Public Utilities Commission, Chair David Jones, Vice Chair Robin Morrison, Commissioner Keith Jordan

Stop wildfire victims from being charged for utilities on their past homes!

Former customers of Utilities Inc. (TWS) who lost their homes in the November 2016 Gatlinburg wildfires may begin receiving water bills for their destroyed properties. TWS has petitioned the Tennessee Public Utilities Commission (TPUC) for permission to bill their former customers for "Interim Emergency Relief" to offset their capital and revenue losses. They have also asked to add surcharges to the bills of current customers. The public hearing (Case# 1700108), scheduled for October 23, 2017, is scheduled at the TPUC office in Nashville, a four-hour drive from the affected area.  We, the undersigned, implore you to deny the above referenced petition of Tennessee Water Services (TWS). Specifically, we are asking for three outcomes: I. Deny TWS’ request to bill former customers for any reason whatsoever. They are former customers, not “inactive” customers. They may or may not ever resume services with TWS. II. Deny TWS’ request to add charges to the bills of current customers. TWS’ decision to be underinsured should not financially burden their customers. III. Hold any further hearings or proceedings on this issue in the locality of service (Sevier County, TN) so that the affected parties can be present. The hearing venue is a four-hour drive from Gatlinburg, making our attendance impractical on this impactful matter.

Anne Turner
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Petition to San Francisco Unified School District, Superintendent Dr. Vincent Mathews

"N95" or "P100" Masks for SFUSD Students and Employees

Despite a petition to close SFUSD public schools due to unhealthy air quality, (garnering almost 15,000 signatures so far) SFUSD schools remain open in order to save money.  Despite SFUSD's insistence that schools remain open, they have not provided masks that protect against wildfire smoke to any students or staff. Many of our students and staff commute on MUNI, Bart, by foot and by bike from far distances due to the lottery system and high rents in SF. Students have also returned to outdoor activities requiring significant exertion. This has resulted in numerous asthma attacks today alone, as well students and staff members losing their voices, throwing up, and feeling extreme fatigue. For "open air" campuses like John O'Connell High School, it is impossible to "close off" the building by sealing all doors and windows the way the district advises. Many teachers are also reluctant to close windows as it makes the temperature in many classrooms unbearably hot. The vast majority of rooms do not have air conditioning or any form of air filtration. Still, no masks were given to O'Connell and schools with similar layouts, or any school in the district, despite numerous pleas by staff and administrators. By signing this petition you are telling SFUSD that their total disregard for student and staff health during these horrific fires is unacceptable, and that as tax payers you demand your money be used to protect the health of our district's children and their educators.  

Clarity Burke
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