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Defund to Stop the Wild Horse and Burro Roundups and Slaughter

Wild horses are a native species and must be saved! Legal loopholes allow the BLM to sell thousands of wild horses to slaughter middlemen known as kill buyers to dispose of alleged "excess and unadoptable" American wild horses and this must stop now! Slaughter is cruel and inhumane. This is what cruel roundups look like: They are the first step towards slaughter. Craig Downer published the peer reviewed paper titled The Horse and Burro as Positively Contributing Returned Natives in North America. According to a press release from National Academy of Sciences (NAS) released June 5, 2013, "The U.S. Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) current practice of removing free-ranging horses from public lands promotes a high population growth rate, and maintaining them in long-term holding facilities is both economically unsustainable and incongruent with public expectations, says a new report by the National Research Council."  The NAS report states there is "no evidence" of overpopulation. Only tobacco science and spin backs up BLM's population claim to justify roundups and fertility control/sterilizations. . .  PZP is an EPA approved RESTRICTED-USE PESTICIDE that sterilizes wild horses after multiple use so it's risky for long-term herd survival.  See information here: Giving PZP to wild mares also results in foals being born late in the fall or winter and dying because they are too little to make it through a harsh winter. Fertility control research trials are big business. Left unchallenged, wild horses and burros will continue to be lab rats for human fertility control research. This exploitation must stop! We request an immediate halt to roundups for scientific population studies and studies on holistic management before it's too late.  Wild horses are a returned-native species in America. Rounding up federally protected wild horses and burros has been documented as cruel. Warehousing them for decades is fiscally irresponsible. Sending wild horses to slaughter by selling them to middlemen is cruel and inhumane. Clearing wild horses and burros off public land--for industrialization, fracking, grazing and the water grab--goes against the 1971 Free Roaming Wild Horse and Burro Act put in place to protect the living legends of the American West. They must never go to slaughter. We request you defund and stop the roundups immediately as well as reverse the Burns Amendment to stop unlimited sales of wild horses to slaughter. There is no accurate census and the BLM figures do not add up. We request population studies for each herd management area (HMA) and each herd area (HA) because we are gravely concerned there are less than 18,000 wild horses and burros in the 10 western states combined. More roundups, fertility control/sterilizations and sales to slaughter will wipe them out because the majority are no longer genetically viable herds. Wild horses are underpopulated despite spin from the forces that want to perform heinous sterilizations in the field. Humane fertility control could be looked at as an option only after scientific population studies have been conducted for each herd management area. The EPA approved restricted-use pesticides known as PZP and Gonacon have risks as do other drugs . . . Right now fertility control is premature, will destroy natural selection and could cause harm because wild horses are underpopulated in the West. Field observers have noticed a worrisome decline in wild horse and burro populations since the BLM's rampant roundups from 2009 to this day.  Kindly allow returned-native wild horses and burros to reverse desertification, reduce the fuel for wildfires and create biodiversity on public land, live with their families and inspire us with their spirit. Right now America's wild horses and burros are being managed to extinction. They need your help to stop the roundups and slaughter today.

Protect Mustangs
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Protect Louisiana's Wild Horses

For over a 150 years, horses have roamed in what is now the Kisatchie National Forest in Louisiana, which is approximately 604,000 acres, in which the US Army at Fort Polk occupies approx 250,000 acres between to main areas. In August 2015, a commander of JRTC Fort Polk Military Base approved (if not ordered) the removal of the horses. Previous Generals allowed the horses some even fought to preserve them, protecting the sanctity of the land, history and animals. In the past Army has at least tolerated the horses and some have actually enjoyed their presence. Some commanders appreciated them even enjoyed their presence and stated that he didn’t want to lose the horses, which had become an integral part of the environment of the training areas where they constituted an element of realism. The Commanders at Fort Polk come and go every couple of years, what has remained the same are the lower level directors of the Environmental Control / Range Control divisions, some of which are civilian contractors, it is possible they are the ones making a permanent decision on the behalf of future generations.While many of these wild horses resemble the horses that free ranged when hundreds of families lived in the area, others are small and compact, showing distinct characteristics of the early Spanish Mustang that was brought through the region by Native Americans and early traders. The population management of these horses cannot be a brute attack on their future ability to thrive and exist. Sadly this is exactly what is occurring today. 10-16-2018 Update: Preliminary Genetic Analysis Reveals Fort Polk Horses Have Strong Spanish Associations, Unique in Remaining Wild Herds Read More:The Historical Importance of the Wild and Free Roaming Horses of Fort Polk, Peason Ridge, & Kistachie National Forest Read more about genetic significance here: Amicus Brief by Dr Sponenberg On December 14th, 2016 Pegasus Equine Guardian Association (PEGA), represented by Tulane Environmental Law Clinic, filed a lawsuit in the Louisiana District Court against the US Army at Fort Polk Louisiana, charging that the Army’s plan to eliminate herds of horses violates the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA). Despite the ongoing litigation during Christmas 2017 Fort Polk began escalating their proposed plan to eliminate the wild and free-roaming heritage horses of Louisiana. This escalation brought forth new information and prompted a swift response by Pegasus Equine Guardian Association (PEGA), a Preliminary Injunction motion was filed on Monday, January 8th, 2018.  Information acquired as a result of a public records request to Texas State University has uncovered that at least 80k of federal grant money has been paid to Jacob Thompson Cattle LLC, also known as Thompson Horse Lot & Co. by Texas State University. Texas State University who was awarded 1.75 mil by Army Corps of Engineers. “The Corps has awarded Texas State’s Integrated Natural and Cultural Resources Team (INCRT) with several task orders totaling $1.75 million. The INCRT is an interdisciplinary team of specialists from departments and programs across the university led by Dr. Todd Ahlman, the director of our Center for Archaeological Studies. The Texas State team will conduct archaeological surveys and support the management of cultural resources at U.S. Air Force bases and training facilities in eight states.” See more here Read more Federal Grant Money Funding Felons: Thompson Horse Lot The Thompson Kill pen located in Pitkin, LA is approximately 15 minutes diving distance from the south / east gates of Fort Polk.  This organization and/or its agents are known for their questionable business practices, cruel treatment of horses, criminal charges, felony convictions related to livestock, and known for profiting off of Horse Slaughter.  ____________________________________________________________ We the people demand all parties currently involved, but not limited to the US Army at Fort Polk JRTC, Environmental/Range Control Divisions, Texas State University, Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry, APHIS, comply to the following:  First and foremost, Cease captures and round ups until complete environmental impact statement has been done and compliance for section 106 of Historic preservation act.  Implement Protections for Louisiana's Heritage Horses, for they are culturally, historically and genetically significant.  Cease collaboration with organizations the profit from shipping horses to slaughter such as the Thompson’s of Pitkin and/or Stanleys of Bastrop or any associates or agents.  Cease collaboration with organizations including any 501c3 that have personnel with any animal or livestock cruelty charges or convictions Decrease frequency of roundups to once a year  Decrease number of horses rounded up Only Collaborate with organizations who have a proven record and are committed to protecting the long term-welfare of these horses.  Add a protection clause to any contracts associated with the removal of horses, preventing them from being sold at auction, to slaughter, or used for any inhumane purpose.   If round ups do to occur, The Army and its contractors or subcontractors should do the following, respectively:  disclose its specific need to round up or remove horses at this time and from the area at issue,  disclose the number of horses to be rounded up or removed,   disclose information about the contractor/s and subcontractor/s who will round up or remove the horses, the principals who will participate in the round-up or removal, and the methods that will be used in the round-up or removal give Pegasus a 14-day electronic notice before the Army (including its contractors and subcontractors) or any other persons round up horses Pegasus will be allowed to send a representative and up to two assistants to observe and document (including film and photograph) the round-up or removal activities, including food-baiting, trapping, any other capture methods, handling, corralling, and loading.  give Pegasus a 7-day electronic notice before removal of horses,  shall allow Pegasus access to send a representative and up to two assistants to observe and document the horses and their shelter, feeding, watering, and grazing facilities at least once a week while the horses are in the Army’s (including its contractors and subcontractors) control. The Army will give Pegasus 48-hour notice and allow Pegasus to send a representative and up to two assistants to observe any further horse-handling activities other than ordinary feeding and watering, (except that notice of emergency veterinary care may be made less than 48 hours in advance where necessary.) shall provide food, water, shelter and veterinary care for the horses that is adequate to provide them with humane living conditions. shall provide copies of all applications and correspondence between parties seeking to acquire these horses and the Army (including its contractors and subcontractors) to Pegasus.  will post on there public website all authorizations to acquire these horses on its website at least 7 days before allowing the horses to be acquired or otherwise removed from Fort Polk, and will provide transparency as to any transfer of horses to “kill buyers giving humane welfare organizations time to save them.  shall require all adopters or buyers or other persons who have acquired Fort Polk horses under the horse-elimination program to update the Army every 6 months after acquiring the horses, as to their current status and care, including veterinary care and including current photographs of the horses and this should be posted to the Army's public website ________________________________________________________ Over the last 3 years we have witnessed inhumane acts such as horses being illegally darted and winched into trailers, inadequate capture and holding practices, free for all round ups that resulted in harm to the horses, roping of foals, foals being captured without their mothers, and a long list of alleged under-the -table dealings at the detriment of the horses.  It sure does appear that any entity who truly cares for these animals is receiving completely different treatment than entities whose goal is to profit off of the destruction of Louisiana's unique Wild and Free Roaming horses.  There should be a better set of solutions available, that may, in the end, include a mix of finding good adopters for some horses, non- permanent fertility control for others, and remain in place for yet others, along with some herd control measures to keep horses away from sensitive areas of the fort property. But the only way to find the best solutions is to engage in honest and open consultation with as many experienced humane organizations, equine welfare organizations and experts, as well as local stakeholders. We do not want this to continue without first fully and ethically considering the potential effects on the welfare of the horses, as well as the potential effects on the cultural landscape per section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act, a complete Environmental Impact Statement, work to find sanctuary with Kisatchie's 604,000 acres and there should be an organization included whose sole purpose is to protect the welfare of these animals.  The horses should be protected and their long-term welfare considered regardless if they have been abandoned, if they are generationally wild or otherwise wild, their welfare is at stake.  Video of the herds in both locations as of end of April 2018 Follow us on Facebook: Fort Polk Horses of Kisatchie Visit our website:  

Amy Hanchey
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Investigate the Wild Horse & Burro Count in Captivity and in Freedom

Demand an Urgent Congressional Investigation and Head Count of all Wild Horses and Burros in Captivity and in the Wild Secret documents reveal the plot from 2008 to kill and dispose of America’s wild horses and burros. Read the documents here: Then on September 9, 2016, the Bureau of Land Management's Wild Horse & Burro Advisory Board voted to kill the alleged 45,000 wild horses in taxpayer funded holding facilities and pastures. Do they want to cover-up the fraud that has been going on for years by killing the evidence? Taxpayers and the general public want to know: How much fraud has been committed regarding the wild horse and burro count on public land and in corrals? How many budgets were approved using fraudulent information? How many wild horses have gone to slaughter? How many wild horses and burros have been shot and killed? How many unbranded foals did the kill-buyers get to sell overseas? We request an immediate Congressional investigation and independent head count, with photo IDs, of the alleged 45,000 wild horses and burros rounded up and held in captivity--at taxpayer expense. In addition, we call for an immediate moratorium on roundups, transport and removals for a precise independent count, with photo ID, of all the federally protected wild horses and burros in the wild. This must occur before any more wild horses or burros are rounded up and/or transported, trapped, chipped, collared, removed, sterilized, given pesticide PZP, GonaCon®, SpayVac, IUDs, etc., researched or experimented on in any manner to prevent further fraud against taxpayers as well as prevent abuse against wild horses and burros who should be protected from harassment and abuse by law. We request a complete inventory of American wild horses and burros at the following locations: Every Herd Management Area Every Herd Area Every "Complex" Every Wild Horse Territory Every temporary holding facility Every short-term holding facility Every long-term holding facility, pasture, eco-sanctuary, etc. Mustang Heritage Foundation facilities and all equids in their program TIP Trainers' facilities All private contractors' facilities Research facilities Any other locations where wild horses and burros are held in captivity and/or live on public land. The public, voters of America and taxpayers are outraged and demand immediate action. Thank you.  

Protect Mustangs
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Petition to President of the United States, Lisa Murkowski, Maria Cantwell, Rob Bishop, Raul M. Grijalva, United States Department of the Interior

Stop the Government's Brutal Treatment of America's Wild Horses

In Wyoming’s Red Desert, a tiny wild horse foal flees a menacing helicopter chasing him. The little colt tries as hard as he can to catch up to his mother, just yards ahead of him. But finally he stops, unable to go farther. His mother turns around to look for her foal, then bravely defies the helicopter to run back to him. When the wranglers come after her on horseback with ropes, she charges them, trying desperately to save her baby. Finally, they rope her and drag her in to the trap, then bring in her exhausted foal. The foal photographed later in a holding pen lying lifelessly on the ground. By the next morning, he’s dead. This tiny colt is the third foal run to death in the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) roundup underway right now in Wyoming. So far, over 1,000 wild horses have been captured and permanently removed from our public lands. They will never know freedom or see their families again. Most Americans have no clue what’s happening at the hands of our government and paid for by our tax dollars. Worst of all, it’s totally unnecessary. The Red Desert wild horses being rounded up today aren’t starving or overpopulating… they are in extremely healthy condition, some are even fat! The sad truth is that these iconic American mustangs are being run off our public lands to make room commercial livestock grazing that is subsidized by our tax dollars, even though it provides less than 2 percent of America’s beef supply. There’s a way to manage our wild horses and burros of the American West and this is not it. Please speak up today.  

American Wild Horse Campaign
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