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Petition to U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, Tom Udall, Raul Grijalva, Nancy Pelosi, Donald Trump, President of the United States

Defund to Stop the Wild Horse and Burro Roundups and Slaughter

Wild horses are a native species and must be saved! Legal loopholes allow the BLM to sell thousands of wild horses to slaughter middlemen known as kill buyers to dispose of alleged "excess and unadoptable" American wild horses and this must stop now! Slaughter is cruel and inhumane. This is what cruel roundups look like: They are the first step towards slaughter. Craig Downer published the peer reviewed paper titled The Horse and Burro as Positively Contributing Returned Natives in North America. According to a press release from National Academy of Sciences (NAS) released June 5, 2013, "The U.S. Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) current practice of removing free-ranging horses from public lands promotes a high population growth rate, and maintaining them in long-term holding facilities is both economically unsustainable and incongruent with public expectations, says a new report by the National Research Council."  The NAS report states there is "no evidence" of overpopulation. Only tobacco science and spin backs up BLM's population claim to justify roundups and fertility control/sterilizations. . .  PZP is an EPA approved RESTRICTED-USE PESTICIDE that sterilizes wild horses after multiple use so it's risky for long-term herd survival.  See information here: Giving PZP to wild mares also results in foals being born late in the fall or winter and dying because they are too little to make it through a harsh winter. Fertility control research trials are big business. Left unchallenged, wild horses and burros will continue to be lab rats for human fertility control research. This exploitation must stop! We request an immediate halt to roundups for scientific population studies and studies on holistic management before it's too late.  Wild horses are a returned-native species in America. Rounding up federally protected wild horses and burros has been documented as cruel. Warehousing them for decades is fiscally irresponsible. Sending wild horses to slaughter by selling them to middlemen is cruel and inhumane. Clearing wild horses and burros off public land--for industrialization, fracking, grazing and the water grab--goes against the 1971 Free Roaming Wild Horse and Burro Act put in place to protect the living legends of the American West. They must never go to slaughter. We request you defund and stop the roundups immediately as well as reverse the Burns Amendment to stop unlimited sales of wild horses to slaughter. There is no accurate census and the BLM figures do not add up. We request population studies for each herd management area (HMA) and each herd area (HA) because we are gravely concerned there are less than 18,000 wild horses and burros in the 10 western states combined. More roundups, fertility control/sterilizations and sales to slaughter will wipe them out because the majority are no longer genetically viable herds. Wild horses are underpopulated despite spin from the forces that want to perform heinous sterilizations in the field. Humane fertility control could be looked at as an option only after scientific population studies have been conducted for each herd management area. The EPA approved restricted-use pesticides known as PZP and Gonacon have risks as do other drugs . . . Right now fertility control is premature, will destroy natural selection and could cause harm because wild horses are underpopulated in the West. Field observers have noticed a worrisome decline in wild horse and burro populations since the BLM's rampant roundups from 2009 to this day.  Kindly allow returned-native wild horses and burros to reverse desertification, reduce the fuel for wildfires and create biodiversity on public land, live with their families and inspire us with their spirit. Right now America's wild horses and burros are being managed to extinction. They need your help to stop the roundups and slaughter today.

Protect Mustangs
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Petition to U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, President of the United States

Investigate the Wild Horse & Burro Count in Captivity and in Freedom

Demand an Urgent Congressional Investigation and Head Count of all Wild Horses and Burros in Captivity and in the Wild Secret documents reveal the plot from 2008 to kill and dispose of America’s wild horses and burros. Read the documents here: Then on September 9, 2016, the Bureau of Land Management's Wild Horse & Burro Advisory Board voted to kill the alleged 45,000 wild horses in taxpayer funded holding facilities and pastures. Do they want to cover-up the fraud that has been going on for years by killing the evidence? Taxpayers and the general public want to know: How much fraud has been committed regarding the wild horse and burro count on public land and in corrals? How many budgets were approved using fraudulent information? How many wild horses have gone to slaughter? How many wild horses and burros have been shot and killed? How many unbranded foals did the kill-buyers get to sell overseas? We request an immediate Congressional investigation and independent head count, with photo IDs, of the alleged 45,000 wild horses and burros rounded up and held in captivity--at taxpayer expense. In addition, we call for an immediate moratorium on roundups, transport and removals for a precise independent count, with photo ID, of all the federally protected wild horses and burros in the wild. This must occur before any more wild horses or burros are rounded up and/or transported, trapped, chipped, collared, removed, sterilized, given pesticide PZP, GonaCon®, SpayVac, IUDs, etc., researched or experimented on in any manner to prevent further fraud against taxpayers as well as prevent abuse against wild horses and burros who should be protected from harassment and abuse by law. We request a complete inventory of American wild horses and burros at the following locations: Every Herd Management Area Every Herd Area Every "Complex" Every Wild Horse Territory Every temporary holding facility Every short-term holding facility Every long-term holding facility, pasture, eco-sanctuary, etc. Mustang Heritage Foundation facilities and all equids in their program TIP Trainers' facilities All private contractors' facilities Research facilities Any other locations where wild horses and burros are held in captivity and/or live on public land. The public, voters of America and taxpayers are outraged and demand immediate action. Thank you.  

Protect Mustangs
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Petition to Senator Diane Feinstein (U.S. Congress), President of the United States, Sally Jewell (Secretary of the Interior), U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate

Bring emergency shelter and shade to captive wild horses and burros

Urgent! Captive wild horses and burros need shade now as extreme summer weather hits! STOP the abuse! It's killing them. Heat waves are here! Captive icons of American freedom, wild horses & burros, were denied shade and shelter from extreme triple digit heat waves last summer and it's happening again. In the winter they will be forced to endure the freezing winds, snow, and icy rain, with only the muck (manure & urine) to lie down in--despite public outrage. Our living treasures will continue to suffer. . . The feds are at the epicenter of this scandalous roundup and removal attack against America's wild horses & burros. This cruelty in captivity must stop now! The Bureau of Land Management (BLM), the federal agency in charge of protecting wild horses and burros, ignores public outcry and performed "studies" on shade--despite offers to build shade structures at no cost to the feds. It's obvious captive wild horses need the basics of animal husbandry: food, shelter, water . . .  How can the feds be so cruel to deny them this? In the summer, the majority of captive wild horses are at risk of heat stroke and death because there is no shade during the hot summer months at Palomino Valley Center (Reno), Rock Springs (Wyoming) and other BLM holding facilities in the U.S.A.  In the winter it's worse . . . The BLM requires all adopters provide shade and shelter for adopted wild horses yet the agency neglects to provide the same for the thousands held captive in their care. On June 9, 2013 Nevada State Senator Mark Manendo and Anne Novak, Executive Director of Protect Mustangs officially requested shade for the wild horses and burros at Palomino Valley Center, near Reno and elsewhere to ensure the welfare of these treasured equids. Their request for shade was refused and the sprinkler mitigation offered was unsuccessful because shelter is needed. The American people are up in arms. We ask that you intervene to bring emergency shelter and shade to prevent the suffering and death of our American icons of freedom before it is too late. Baby foals will suffer extreme heat with no shade and in extreme cold and wind with no shelter. Trapped in the Palomino Valley corrals, up to 1800 wild horses and burros endure horrible heat waves during the summer and cold blizzards with no shelter. Their poor condition looks worse each day even though the BLM fattens them up so they are enticing to kill buyers, like Tom Davis, who sell wild horses to slaughter. What is the BLM doing? Avoiding responsibility and delaying aid. In winter captive wild horses & burros--as well as pregnant mares--will be forced to sleep in the wet muck of manure and urine with no shelter from the harsh elements near Reno, NV and elsewhere. We are counting on your compassion for our national treasures--the native wild horses and burros who need your help. They need your urgent attention to survive the extreme weather in the winter and summer--while they are held captive in the taxpayer funded corrals. They need #Shade4Mustangs and #Shelter4Mustangs & burros. We hope they can be returned to the wild someday soon but right now they are suffering in the pens. The wild horses and burros need your help. They deserve shade and shelter immediately. Please share this petition widely with your friends and family Our goal is 110,000 signatures to show the BLM the public wants the cruelty to stop! Visit for more information

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Petition to Bureau of Land Management, Matt Preston

Save the Onaqui wild horses!

This month the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) proposed a significant round-up and removal of 72% of the wild horses of the Onaqui Mountain Herd in Utah.  It calls for the removal of "over 325" horses from a herd estimated at 450 horses (not counting the 2017 foals), with the goal of leaving only 121 horses on a range of over 240,000 acres. Wild Horses of America Foundation works with the BLM to treat these horses with contraception and we spend a significant amount of time on the range.  These horses mean a lot to us, as well as to the many photographers, tourists and observers who enjoy seeing them in the wild.   Removing over 325 horses would be a devastating blow to this iconic herd. You can learn more about this proposal by accessing links on our website: The BLM's plan is not set in stone, and we want to modify it.  The deadline for public input is October 31st, 2017 (4pm MST). How you can help: Please sign this petition.  We will deliver it to the BLM before the October 31st deadline. Consider submitting your written comments to the BLM:     For your email, be sure to use this subject:  Population Control, Gather, and Research for the Onaqui Mountain Wild Horse Herd Management Area Project Please accept the following comments and concerns in regard to the Public Scoping Notice relating to Population Control, Gather, and Research for the Onaqui Mountain Wild Horse Herd Management Area Project: We recommend that the BLM not remove any horses from the Onaqui range, and instead increases the number of contraception doses to control herd growth. We are very concerned about removing any horses from any range right now due to the uncertainty of whether Congress will approve "euthanasia" as a solution to the approximately 45,000 horses that have already been removed from the range.  We do not want to add to this number. We recommend that the BLM reevaluate the established Appropriate Management Level (AML), which is currently 121 to 210 horses.  We feel that the range provides enough feed and water to increase the AML. We believe that a large reduction in herd size, particularly considering that the herd is spread out in segregated groups, would put the horses at risk of inbreeding, which may cause genetic problems. We think that this herd is very important to the American public.  It provides incredible value to the many tourists, photographers and observers who enjoy seeing this herd in its natural environment. It also provides enjoyment to the thousands of people who follow it through numerous online sources where pictures of the herd are posted.  Further, this herd is increasingly driving dollars to the local community (Tooele County, Utah) as tourists travel to visit the horses.   We believe that any impacts to sage grouse habitat, wildfire restoration areas and resource impacts can be successfully mitigated/managed without removing 72% of the herd. We strongly suggest if a removal occurs that:  vastly fewer than 325 horses are removed, bait and water traps are used in place of helicopters, emphasis be placed on those horses that inhabit areas of the range that impact sage grouse habitat, emphasis be placed on removing horses only from areas where the public is not as likely to find and see wild horses, younger and more adoptable horses (sub 5 years old) are removed while leaving older horses on the range, that the BLM works with local advocates to place the horses in good adoptive homes, and horses are only removed from the range at a rate at which adoption can keep up. Thank you for your consideration.      

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