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Petition to Bill Buckley

Heritage Or Hate? Change the Walpole Rebel Mascot to something that Unites All Of Us

If you are signing the petition...please take a look at the other posts within the petition, and: Please give your location (city, state), and Please Leave A Comment. Thank You All! Special Note: I was asked if this picture of Former Coach John Lee was, it is an actual photo from the 1969 Walpole High School Yearbook. John Lee willingly posed for the photo. Rebel Mascots were created primarily in the South during the Civil Rights Era in the United States in response to Federal mandates to desegregate public schools. Walpole's Rebel Mascot became firmly rooted with its much heralded football coach, John Lee (photo above, from WHS 1969 yearbook), who, before he came to Walpole to coach its football team, was an assistant coach at Overton High School, Memphis Tennessee, a racist/segregated high school whose mascot was "The Rebels". Walpole's Rebel Mascot is forever connected to the Civil Rights Era in a negative way due to that connection. Currently Walpole's Track Coach, Mr. Tim Giblin, as well as the board of the Walpole X-Country/Track team, have decided to ban the word "Rebel" from Team uniforms.  Mascots are meant to unify, not divide people  A mascot that has to be explained in any way is inappropriate for a school system   Walpole currently has one mascot that is called Rebels, another called "The Porkers", and in 2018, a Cross-Country track team that will not even allow the name on its uniforms.  The Rebel Mascot has a direct link to the "Rebel" of the Civil Rights Era, as well as the "Rebels" of 1861-1865, who rose up in armed Rebellion against the USA to create their own country that supported the institution of slavery. That attempt at a new Nation failed miserably due to the steadfast determination of US Army/Navy soldiers/sailors who fought to maintain the Union,and who freed nearly 4 million African Americans in the process.  Walpole had numerous men involved in that conflict, including Pvt. Lowell E. Hartshorn, of Co. A, Mass. 56th Veteran Volunteers, who perished at the infamous Rebel Prison at Andersonville, GA in Dec. 1864. He was one of the nearly 13,000 US Army/Navy soldiers/sailors (about 750 from Massachusetts) who chose "Death Before Dishonor" rather that join the Rebel Cause.... A teaching moment is still at hand...does the Town of Walpole want to teach its children about its noble history and how it affected American History? Its time Walpole UNITE as our Union Soldiers did in 1861-1865.... If a town can't honor its soldiers who helped free nearly 4 million african americans from slavery in 1861-1865, how can it respect its African-American residents in 2019?  Michael E. Amaral Walpole High Class of 1971 member: Walpole Historical Commission 2007-2015 chairman: 2011-2015 Upon application, re-appointed Associate Member,  Walpole Historical Commission by Walpole Board of Selectmen,  April 2019

Michael Amaral
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Petition to Governor Phil Scott, T.J. Donovan

Help to designate neo-nazi and white supremacy groups as terrorist organizations.

A request to the State of Vermont designating neo-Nazi and white supremacy groups as terrorist organizations.  An elected state representative in Vermont was forced out of office because she was targeted by white supremacy groups. The state and police failed to protect her and the Nazis won their battle.  Recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia that has unleashed hate groups and the killing of innocent people and creating the necessity to label these groups accurately.  After the events in Portland that left two good Samaritans dead and one wounded due to a hate crime, it is time to see these neo-Nazi organizations and white supremacy groups for what they are and that is terrorist organizations. When a housewife and mother is stabbed in their own kitchen in Jerusalem or dozens of people are blown up by a bomb at a concert in Manchester or good people are stabbed when standing up to abuse on a max train, they are all acts of terrorism. The person carrying out these crimes against innocent people belongs to a larger centralized group that controls their thinking and often times their actions. In Portland, Jeremy Joseph Christian, after stabbing three people in the throat and killing two of them said: "I stabbed the two (expletives) in the neck and I'm happy now", as he sat in the back of the police car.Jeremy Christian will be honored by his organization just as other terrorist organizations honor their perpetrators of their terror. We must see these organizations for what they are and to send a clear message that although THEY BELIEVE their time has come and they will rise up, we cannot allow that to happen. Their angry language and separationist views serve only to inflame the negatives in our society and we choose the positive. We will not be fearful to travel or to be out in the streets or to help others in distress. We do not take our freedoms for granted and will not allow terrorists to obstruct those freedoms. The undersigned believe that these hate groups should be labeled terrorist organizations by the City of Newnan, Georgia and hopefully in future by the federal government.  It is our hope that these groups will lose their ability to parade around, to meet and spread their hate to one another, to train their youth in ways of killing other human beings. This is a threat to our freedom and love of country and is worse than anything outside this country and we the undersigned want to see cities, states and the federal government supporting the classification of these groups as terrorists.

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Petition to Evangelicals , african american, Liberals, Black community, Liberation Theologist, Black Church, Police brutality, Freedom Fighters, Christians

Bishop Gregg L.Greer request Evangelicals Directly Oppose The Trump Presidency

Today I Bishop Gregg L. Greer President of Freedom First International openly ask Evangelicals to directly oppose the President of the United States of America. Trump’s racial views are made explicit by his rhetoric and actions toward people of color; no interpretation necessary but there are consistent themes to Trump’s use of “racism” over the past decade, and they show how white supremacy shapes his approach to American politics today. Recently a commemoration at Jamestown Virginia did mark four hundred years since the first slaves set foot in North America it is impossible to ignore the emblem of hate and disdain that the President represents,” the lawmakers said, in a statement. Trump’s “repeated attacks on black legislators and comments about black communities” make the President an “ill-suited” choice to “commemorate a monumental period in American history A Widespread report by Quinnipiac University  also contradicted Trump’s claims of support among African-Americans. Eighty per cent of African-American voters said Trump is racist. Fifty-five per cent of Hispanics agreed We believe that this man's (Donald Trump) main achievement has been to activate latent bigotries rather than expand their influence, and what can be activated can presumably be suppressed. Many say that he tears America apart by race and threatens our already challenged  democracy-I SAY TRUE Many say that he (Trump) pits Americans against each other by color and religion to distract from his cruelty. I SAY TRUE Many say that he enables and encourages white supremacists. I SAY TRUE I must say that for many years I Bishop Gregg L Greer have remained, Apolitical and as a national civil rights advocate-I have not to closely aligned with partisan politics after his election and as even we speak, my only motivating factor has always been to assist those who are"oppressed" and suffer through obstacles that impede their human rights in the United States of America and Internationally. Our goal not interested in going after people who are bigots and motivated by racism". " I'm interested in stopping people who are using criminal actions to threaten and intimidate entire communities. Detractors will Say Where Are your facts: *Restricting the rights of women to reproductive health care, including abortion; *Instituting a Muslim registry and threatening to stop all immigration from Muslim-majority countries; *Threatening the free press-a global institution that has keep us informed,red and free *Implementing Stop and Frisk nationally; *Re-starting the nuclear arms race. Encouraging Police Brutality  President Trump Tells Police Officers Not To Be 'Too Nice' With Suspects encouraging police brutality  Trump said Friday at a Suffolk County, New York event discussing the administration’s efforts “Like when you guys put somebody in the car and you’re protecting their head, you know, the way you put your hand over it. Like, don’t hit their head, and they’ve just killed somebody. I said, you can take the hand away, O.K.?.” It was disturbing remark, but even more disturbing is the fact that it’s part of a long history of Trump encouraging his supporters to engage in violence. Largely unchecked by his party’s leadership, Trump’s rhetoric has become normalized despite its real-world ramifications. March 15, 2019  President Donald Trump this week issued a thinly veiled threat of violence against his opponents, saying that members of the police, military and biker gangs could “play it tough” if they “reach a certain point.”     The president later deleted his tweet as news began to trickle in of a mass shooting in New Zealand that left at least 49 worshiping Muslims dead on that Friday. The only is this standing reprehensible and not acceptable mainly because citizens must always insist that the people have the right to judge of its merits. We (I) say now- A growing number of American Citizens now see this man's (Donald Trump) agenda as dangerous and also as his, “Imperial Presidency,” is one that wants to use domestic issues to expand power. In doing so, the President now wants to enjoy virtually unlimited power without checks and balances. This is a hideous denigration which has so no place in American public policy and is outside of the mainstream of public inter We must unite and stand with immigrants, Muslims, women, LGBTQ people, poor and working people and Black Lives Matter. Only the people can defeat racism, bigotry and hate!” history will tell us that his main achievement has been to activate bigotries rather than expand their influence, and what can be activated can presumably be suppressed. For me and a growing number of others- this is the important clarion call of the moment. We would ask all evangelicals  to consider taking important four steps of for resolution: 1) Continue Seeking advocacy on the ground, 2) negotiation, 3) advocate by media and social media, and direct action by protest. After speaking with the officials of Birmingham, King concluded that he needed to take action by leading the public demonstration. He (King) didn't regret his decision, nor should we. We must keep one important fact near to us-stated by eloquently by The Great Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. One has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.” ― Martin Luther King Jr. As so should We-as evangelicals and others-we oppose this President and all the the injustice that he has brought onto the land and the world.    Bishop Greer L. Greer President of Freedom First Intentional 

Freedom First International
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