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Petition to Chicago Mayor-Elect Lori Lightfoot

Reject the Chicago police union's white supremacist ties

Last month, the same lawless white nationalist and white supremacist groups that stoked violence in Charlottesville attended rallies organized by Chicago's Fraternal Order of Police (FOP). Chicago's police union has found common cause with racist groups including the Proud Boys, American Identity Movement, and the American Guard. They are all stoking anger and division by using District Attorney Kim Foxx's handling of the Jussie Smollett case. For the Fraternal Order of Police, it's an opportunity to attack one of their most strident critics and weaken her agenda of criminal justice reform. For the white supremacist groups, the FOP's rallies and over-the-top rhetoric provided the perfect backdrop for them to win new recruits over to their twisted, hateful ideology. The FOP protest offered sanctuary to extremist organizations, allowing members to emerge from the shadows of the Internet and establish the legitimacy and public visibility required to grow their ranks of domestic terrorists. By welcoming white nationalist leaders into their assembled fold, the police union signaled its tacit approval of their dangerous agenda of hatred and violence. But despite widespread reporting on extremist groups' participation in the recent police union rally, FOP head Kevin Graham has refused to publicly denounce the organizations and the viewpoints they espouse. So long as the FOP refuses to denounce the white nationalist groups they gave aid and comfort to, the City of Chicago must not deal with them like a legitimate organization. The FOP is attempting to negotiate a new contract with the city of Chicago. Please join us in calling on Lori Lightfoot, Chicago's newly elected mayor, to not negotiate any new contract with the Fraternal Order of Police until they have publicly denounced the Proud Boys and the other "alt-white" groups benefiting from the FOP's anti-reform stance. And any new contract must include key reforms that make police officers more accountable to the public when they abuse their power.

Deangelo Bester and Workers' Center for Racial Justice
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Petition to Virginia General Assembly, Commonwealth Transportation Board, Governor Ralph Northam

Stop Memorializing a Slave Owner and White Supremacist: Rename Jefferson Davis Highway

Jefferson Davis was hailed as the “champion of a slave society” when he was selected in 1861 to become President of the Confederate States of America. Davis was an unrepentant white supremacist who fervently believed the Southern cause, slavery and segregation were right and just until his last dying breath in 1889. It is therefore outrageous that a major Virginia thoroughfare, Jefferson Davis Highway (aka Route 1) which abuts the Pentagon and other US Capital landmarks continues to bear the name of a morally depraved, non-Virginian who rejected the very idea of a United States.   The back-story of the decision in 1920 to name southern sections of Route 1 after Davis adds to the disturbing legacy of racism in America. At that time, the Daughters of the Confederacy along with US Rep. Earl B. Mayfield of Texas, a close ally of the Ku Klux Klan, began a campaign to attach the name of the Confederate president to Southern roads in a futile attempt to create a transcontinental highway bearing his name. At the height of the Jim Crow era, when lynching of Southern blacks was conducted with regularity and impunity, these advocates of white domination routed a road symbolizing black oppression and enslavement across several predominately black neighborhoods, as if to reinforce the message of racial subjugation. The choice of name is, therefore, an affront to African-Americans and, indeed, all Americans who are repulsed by the evils of slavery, segregation and racism. It's time for the Commonwealth of Virginia, to remove the name of this Confederate leader from all sections of Route 1 in Virginia. Virginia is a state that prides itself on its diversity, technological innovation, leadership in education and progress. The name Jefferson Davis is far from what the state should honor. Let's stop indulging the race haters who named the road after their race hating hero. Let’s change the image of this important roadway from hatred and rename it to memorialize hope and progress. Please sign this petition calling on Governor Terry McAulliffe, the Virginia General Assembly and the Commonwealth Transportation Board to rename  all sections of Jefferson Davis Highway.  

Daniel Zim
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Petition to Ben Rattray, Mark Dimas, team

Pull Falsely Supported Petitions from

In the wake of multiple manipulative petitions created on this site that are supported with evidence that is false, I believe that it is time to take action, and raise awareness about such petitions, so that they will not proliferate on this site.  Petitions such as these sway the peoples' ideals by using false information to obtain what they want. What they may want has the possibility to harm and hurt others' reputation. A prime example of this is the petition "Remove White Supremacist Content from YouTube" by user "maria ruz". In her petition, maria uses a topic which many people may agree with at first glance. However, it happens to be a scheme to harm the reputation of a YouTuber named Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, more commonly known as PewDiePie. Felix is a swedish youtuber, and at the time of writing, the top YouTuber in the world. In the past couple of years, Felix has been part of controversial topics, and has made a few errors on camera regarding sensitive topics. While most can agree that Felix's mistakes should not be condoned, other people tend to characterize Felix by those mere mistakes. Many of his errors have been manipulated by others to seem like they are much worse, and are often brought back up to make it seem as if Felix continues to make these same mistakes. Maria's petition does this. For example: - Maria states that Felix has "hired people to say the n-slur". While he has said it himself, there is no evidence of him paying others to say this. Another misconception is that he uses this slur on a regular basis, while in reality, it was a slip up that occurred twice. -She also states that Felix has promoted anti-semetic content/cartoons within his videos. This is an exaggerated explanation of two events. One was showing a video from "The Wall Street Journal" regarding his mistakes, and their video had footage of Hitler. He also promoted a channel's review of an anime, and their channel so happened to have a few "risque" or derogatory jokes in their deep past. Felix was unaware of such humor and immediately proceeded to take their channel out of his video description after learning of such jokes. -She claims that he was being racist by putting captions from people over the wrong people, who happened to be african american. This is a popular format of meme, and is satrical humor regarding not knowing who is in the picture- not making fun of races. A popular iteration of this meme is using a random, satirical quote, and putting it on a picture of Gandhi, or stating that he quoted it. Again, this is not humor towards race, it is merely a humorous mismatching of person and quote. -She claims that he "uses the nazi heil" in one of his videos. There is no evidence of such thing. Kjellberg himself even joked that if he "raised his arm" the media would use such as evidence to slander him. Maria's petition is a prime example of such. -She claims that Kjellberg paid an actor dressed as Jesus Christ to hold up a sign saying "Hitler Did Absolutely Nothing Wrong". This is an event regarding a completely different person.There are many other points that are either manipulated or completely false to harm Kjellberg's reputation, and many petitions have been made like this.   A solution to this is to remove petitions like this from the website. If we win, people will be able to trust petitions with their supporting evidence, and will not have to read through to test the petition's argument. If we lose, petitions like this will continue to spread throughout the site, and innocent people will be harmed as a result.Please sign this petition. Something else you can do to show your support is to subscribe to Mr. Kjellberg  , and if you live in India, unsubscribe from T-Series. This aids in another battle regarding the state of YouTube itself, and subscribing to Felix shows that creators should be prioritized in YouTube's system.Thank you.

Mark Pearson
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