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Petition to Mayor Keith Brady, Police Chief Douglas L. Meadows

Help to designate neo-nazi and white supremacy groups as terrorist organizations.

A request to the city of Newnan, Georgia designating neo-Nazi and white supremacy groups as terrorist organizations.  Recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia that has unleashed hate groups and the killing of innocent people and creating the necessity to label these groups accurately.  After the events in Portland that left two good Samaritans dead and one wounded due to a hate crime, it is time to see these neo-Nazi organizations and white supremacy groups for what they are and that is terrorist organizations. When a housewife and mother is stabbed in their own kitchen in Jerusalem or dozens of people are blown up by a bomb at a concert in Manchester or good people are stabbed when standing up to abuse on a max train, they are all acts of terrorism. The person carrying out these crimes against innocent people belongs to a larger centralized group that controls their thinking and often times their actions. In Portland, Jeremy Joseph Christian, after stabbing three people in the throat and killing two of them said: "I stabbed the two (expletives) in the neck and I'm happy now", as he sat in the back of the police car.Jeremy Christian will be honored by his organization just as other terrorist organizations honor their perpetrators of their terror. We must see these organizations for what they are and to send a clear message that although THEY BELIEVE their time has come and they will rise up, we cannot allow that to happen. Their angry language and separationist views serve only to inflame the negatives in our society and we choose the positive. We will not be fearful to travel or to be out in the streets or to help others in distress. We do not take our freedoms for granted and will not allow terrorists to obstruct those freedoms. The undersigned believe that these hate groups should be labeled terrorist organizations by the City of Newnan, Georgia and hopefully in future by the federal government.  It is our hope that these groups will lose their ability to parade around, to meet and spread their hate to one another, to train their youth in ways of killing other human beings. This is a threat to our freedom and love of country and is worse than anything outside this country and we the undersigned want to see cities, states and the federal government supporting the classification of these groups as terrorists.

Eric Singer
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Petition to City of Newnan, Newnan Police Department, Keith Brady

NEWNAN: Do not host the National Socialist Movement's rally

Newnan, Georgia has agreed to allow the National Socialist movement to meet and rally in Greenville Park on April 21st. The National Socialist Movement is a neo-nazi organization. By allowing their rally in Newnan, the city is showing complacency in the bigotry and hate crimes committed by white supremacists. Newnan should be a welcoming place for all races of people. We live in a society already plagued by social injustices, terrorism, and hatred. Why allow that in our city? Why accept that sort of behavior?  Together we have to make sure Newnan is a safe and accepting place. Hosting a white nationalist group is toxic for everyone involved. We cannot be the city that allows hatred and discrimination, especially when roughly 47% of the population is nonwhite. Allowing the NSM into Newnan shows that people of color are not welcome. By not allowing the NSM and other extremist groups to organize, the city shows that that sort of thought process will not be tolerated and does not represent our community as a whole. Having the rally will only make Newnan seem unwelcoming and hateful with the implied support of neo-nazism. The NSM will be the representation of our town on April 21st. We cannot stand idly by while a hate group holds a demonstration. This rally affects all of us as the events in a city are typically tied to the people who live there. We are not neo-nazis, nor will we allow neo-nazis to gather here. In addition to signing this petition, I urge you to gather friends and family in support of a counter-protest in any way possible to stand against white supremacy and support Downtown Newnan businesses as small stores close in relation to the protest occurring.  

Rachel Cox
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Petition to Donald Trump

Reinstate Life After Hate's federal grant to counter white supremacist extremism in the US

"The Trump administration announced on Friday, June 23, 2017, the elimination of a federal grant that Life After Hate had won in January to counteract hate crimes, white supremacist extremism, and neo-Nazi/white nationalist online recruitment. Life After Hate anticipated the $400,000 award as a recipient of the Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) Grant Program through the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). In January 2017, after the Trump administration entered the White House, new DHS Secretary John Kelly initiated a re-review of its grant programs, and on June 23, Life After Hate received notification of its removal from the approved list of funded organizations, without mentioning the specific criteria as to why their grant was rescinded.  Life After Hate provides direct service to individuals who want to leave behind their lives of racism and violent extremism. The organization trains and supports former hate group members as mentors and educators who de-radicalize and disengage potential violent extremists. In recent months, the organization has experienced a remarkable increase in phone calls and emails concerning the intensification and spread of hate speech and hate crimes stemming from the alt-right movement in the United States." - Life After Hate Website,  This petition aims to urge the Trump Administration to reinstate this grant to Life After Hate so they can have the resources to continue their work in combating violent white supremacist extremism. Reinstating this grant will send a message that white supremacy is indeed terrorism, and is a serious problem in the United States that needs to be addressed.

Olivia Stipo
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