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Petition to Timothy Sands & Bernice Hausman

Reject white supremacy at Virginia Tech

As former graduate students in the English Department at Virginia Tech, we were disturbed and horrified to hear that Mark Neuhoff, a current English MA student & English composition teacher, is an avowed white supremacist. We were even more disturbed to see how the department, and the university as a whole, have handled the complaints lodged against Mark. As graduates of VT’s English Department and former graduate teaching assistants, we’re deeply disappointed by the lack of leadership, accountability, and compassion we’ve seen in the university’s response to white supremacy on campus. University administrators have the privilege and responsibility of creating an inclusive campus for all students. That means acknowledging the fear that students and colleagues of color feel when they’re faced with a white supremacist on campus. It means taking real action to mitigate that fear. It means being willing to step up and speak out against white supremacy. We stand with students who are protesting Mark Neuhoff’s continued employment with the English Department. It’s long past time to take real action. We want to see Bernice Hausman, Timothy Sands, and other university administrators respond to these concerns with the gravity they warrant and remove Mark Neuhoff from his teaching position. Silence is tacit approval. At a moment in history when racist ideology is an ever-growing threat to people of color in our country, you are in the unique and privileged position of having the power to take REAL action to protect students of color. Protecting these students is not only your privilege, but your responsibility. We want to see increased transparency about actions the university is taking to protect Jewish students and students of color, and we want to the university offer a clear, unequivocal rejection of Mark Neuhoff’s views. We also want to see you do the right thing and reject white supremacy on Virginia Tech’s campus by taking action to remove Mark Neuhoff from his teaching position. To read more about Mark Neuhoff and the university's response, please see our post on Medium here.

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Petition to Franklin Township - Warren County, Traci Stivers, Beth Callahan, Ronald Ruppert, Brian Morris

Remove Confederate Monument of Robert E. Lee from the city of Franklin, OH

To the city and Township of Franklin, OH, In the wake of violent racism recently in Charlottesville, VA, and continuous racial violence, it is clear that Confederate monuments should not have any space for them to be celebrated. Ohio is a northern state known for fighting against the Confederacy during the civil war, yet it currently honors Robert E. Lee in a public space on the corner of Dixie Highway and Hamilton-Middletown Rd. Many residents in this state and country do not feel safe due to racial violence, and these monuments cause additional and unnecessary pain.  This monument was put in place to celebrate a man that was known for commanding the Confederate army, and supported the continuation of slavery. Lee himself was a slave owner, and we have a responsibility to confront that fact and the evil that he fought to maintain. The mayor and city of Franklin, Ohio has an opportunity to do the right thing and remove this monument as a small step towards racial healing.  We cannot come together as a country until we decide to stop celebrating these symbols of slavery and hate. History should never be forgotten, and these figures should instead be remembered in our history books and museums. They should instead serve as somber reminders of our past, not in the celebratory manner that this one currently does. Let us come together and demand this monument be removed.   

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Petition to North East Independent School District’s board

Denounce White Supremacy by Renaming San Antonio's "Robert E. Lee" High School

Our country experienced yet another tragedy on August 12, 2017. White Supremacists held a "Unite the Right" march in Charlottesville. A group of brave counterprotesters rallied against them. James Fields drove into the group of counterprotesters, wounding at least 34 people and killing Heather Heyer. Heyer was known to be a passionate advocate for the disenfranchised. Unfortunately, our president did not condemn the white supremacists in his first speech in response to the tragedy. It took Two days of public backlash for President Trump to denounce the Neo-Nazis.   We must make a statement against the White Supremacy movement by renaming Robert E. Lee high school. Too many people have fought and died for civil rights. Having the name of a Confederate general on a place of learning is shameful. An attempt to change the name of the school was denied by 5-2 vote by North East Independent School District’s board. The board members who voted for keeping the name cited the fact that the school was named in 1958, and could not condone slavery. “So many of our national leaders have had human frailties and failings,” Secretary Sandy Hughey stated. Fighting for the Confederates cannot simply be chalked up as a failing. Its was hateful and should not be honored by any city establishment.

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