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We want to make September 11th, Patriots' Day, a federal holiday.

The purpose of this petition is to get the United States government to recognize September 11th, Patriots' Day, as a federal holiday.  A moment of silence does not do justice to the 3,000 people that were slaughtered on September 11th and then the military service members and government workers who died in the wars since September 11th. It should be a day to spend with friends and family, celebrating our freedom and life here in this wonderful country. We hold a minute of silence and lose the significance of the day as we do our usual work. Friends and family, especially those who lost people on September 11th or in the wars, should be able to spend the time together, to remember and celebrate the lives of those that have died. It should be a federal holiday for everyone to take time off to recognize the significance of that day. I served 9 years in the army prior to September 11th, fighting in one war and 3 deployments. My oldest son fought as a Marine in 3/5 Marines for 4 years, serving as a machine gunner in Afghanistan. He came home alive but many of his friends didn't and we've lost people every year since September 11th.   That day is the most significant day in the history of this country in the 21st century. Not since the attack on Pearl Harbor have we seen our country attacked on our own land. This should be a day to celebrate all of us, but particularly the 3,000 that died on September 11th, 2001. 3,000 innocent people that were working at their jobs or taking a flight, killed mercilessly.   We celebrate life and heal the wounds that we, as a country, have suffered and it helps in reinforcing the fortitude needed by Americans to continue our battle to bring peace about.  

Bill Hancock
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