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Petition to Donald Trump, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Incoming White House Communications Director, Chief of Staff John Kelly

Remove CNN and Jim Acosta from The White House Press Corps for their continued disturbance

The Narrative Times, a non-profit, is calling on The White House to block White House Correspondent Jim Acosta and any member of the CNN Staff from The White House for the continued disturbances during the press briefings. Their lack of respect causes the following problems: The White House is unable to communicate their message to reporters. The White House is unable to communicate their message to the American People effectively. Shows CNN and Mr. Acosta's continued lack of respect for the office. Notice I said office and not the president. When you are in The White House there is a certain level of decorum that is expected. The solution to the problem is to remove Mr. Acosta and all CNN reporters. If they would like to invoke their right to free speech that can do so from outside The White House Gates. The unnecessary political arguments and commentations make the briefings less professional and frankly that American People are tired of the lack of professionalism on CNN's part. See Examples Below: Jim Acosta White House Fit Sarah Huckabee Sanders speaking out against Mr. Acosta Very Respectfully, Michael Moates, The Narrative Times Dan Schwartz, The Deplorables (

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