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Petition to President of the United States

Funds for Outdoor Exercise Equipment at Playgrounds in National Parks and on Federal Lands

We, the Kindergarten Cubs of Center City Public Charter School, Trinidad Campus, are writing today in hopes of making our country a better place. We have been learning all about our rights and responsibilities as citizens, and after hearing about the 1st Amendment, we are very excited to know that it is our duty to petition the government! We have spent a lot of time thinking about what we think our nation needs in order to remain strong, and we have decided that what we all need is a little more play! According to, 80% of American adults do not get enough physical activity. While obesity rates have declined overall, and especially in children, there are still many Americans who are overweight, and who do not get the exercise that they need to be healthy. Some states have obesity rates that exceed 30% of the adult population. We want to help our country to be healthy and strong, so we started to look for ways that we could encourage our parents and other adults in our lives to be more active. As kids, we are experts in physical activity, and we know that play can be a great way to exercise and get in shape! We have spent weeks on our school playground thinking of ways that we could easily incorporate workouts into our everyday play time. From pullups on the monkey bars to racing one another on the field, we have come up with dozens of ways to turn a regular playground into a makeshift gym. But the problem remains that many playgrounds are not the right size for adults to make use of in this way, and realistically, kids need a place to play that is just for them! In trying to solve this problem, we asked teachers who have lived in many other cities and countries for ideas about how to fix this problem, and when we learned about outdoor exercise equipment, we got excited! Margaret Pace Park in Miami, Florida, is a great example of how we can bring the gym and playground together into a place for adults and kids to practice healthy habits in unison. Next to the traditional playground area, where we kids can play and have fun, there is an outdoor gym, outfitted with equipment like a non-electric elliptical, a chest press machine, hurdle bars, and a pull up station. We think that this should serve as a model for all playgrounds; making them a place for where kids, parents, and families in general can come together to practice healthy habits.  Integrating the gym and the playground could be very beneficial to our most important citizens- kids! For starters, these kinds of parks might encourage parents to bring their children out to play more often! Adults will have a place where they can be productive and have fun while still being able to watch their children play nearby. They may even be more likely to put down technology and be more attentive to their children. Parents can also use this space to begin teaching their kids about healthy living and promoting the life-long habits that will ultimately make our nation more fit. Finally, having outdoor exercise equipment at our playgrounds will encourage our parents to actually get up and play with us, as the healthier they are, the more energy they will have to come and get active with us! These gym- playground hybrids are not only good for kids. Adults can benefit from these sorts of parks as well! For example, adults may be more likely to get active if they have one of these parks in their neighborhood. Not having to travel to a gym, or pay costly gym fees, could encourage grown-ups to be more active. Adults with access to these parks may also feel more excited about taking kids out to play, because they will be able to use the time productively, squeezing in a workout when they might otherwise just be sitting around and watching. Finally, these parks will also give adults a chance spend more time outdoor in the fresh air, which could even lead them to care more about the environment and protecting the earth!  At the end of the day, we all know that exercise makes you stronger, healthier, tougher. It can be very good for your mood, help you to sleep better, and even live longer. We are just kids, but we know how important it is to live a healthy life.  So, we are exercising our rights as Americans to ask you to help us to make our country a better place.  Today we want you to allocate funds to install outdoor exercise equipment at playgrounds in national parks and on federal lands across the country. Can you imagine how impactful such an investment could be? You could help to improve the lives of citizens in every city and state in the country with this simple commitment to fitness and play. We hope that we can count on you to make our vision come true! Sincerely, Ms. May and Ms. Willis’ Kindergarten Class Center City Public Charter School- Trinidad Campus Washington, D.C.

Rachel May
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Petition to Bob Goodlatte, Mark Warner

Allow Veterans To Receive Health Care Anywhere Program

I am Trista. I am 13 years old and I am a member of the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) and I strongly feel our veterans need help !! I am willing to do what it takes, but I need your help. The only way that we can hope to change this unfortunate problem for our nations hero's, is to ban together as citizens and petition our government to rewrite the VA health care system. Our Veterans have little choice in the health care they receive from the VA. Some are forced to travel long distances and are forced to suffer while waiting long periods of time just to see a doctor. The Veterans choice program has proved to be of little improvement for our Veterans who need quality health care on a timely basis and still does not give them a true freedom of choice in their health care providers. Didn’t they fight for our right to choose? The Current Program: The current Veterans Choice program that boasts making it easier for Vets to get health care close to home is not as easy as it sounds. A Veteran must be waiting at least 30 days to receive care from a VA facility or be at least 40 miles from a VA facility. There is also this disclaimer set forth by the VA. “Care in the community is only covered by VA for medical needs which have been approved by your VA physician. We can happily schedule an appointment for other medical needs, but we can only cover the cost of care related to your VA-approved health needs.” So our Veterans can only have certain medical needs??? Did we give them a choice how much risk they could take while serving in our Armed Forces? It also requires that the Vet needing care contact the VA and allow them to make the doctor’s appointment. The VA then notifies the Vet of when and where the appointment is. This creates an additional step and wait time in the process. The Solution We Propose: We suggest that our government create an insurance card to be given to each veteran that can be used with any health care provider with no cost to the veteran. Thereby giving the Veteran the freedom to choose between health care providers in his or her area.This card would then tie into a VA supported insurance payment program to reimburse the health care provider. As with any health insurance group there would need to be prior agreements made between health care providers and the VA health Insurance agency. Funding for this program can start with the 10 Billion dollars set aside for the unsuccessful Veterans choice program. Additional funding with savings from closing the under performing VA hospitals. A third option of funding comes from the penalty that citizens are forced to pay that elect not to have personal health insurance. The United States has the best health care options in the world available to the citizens. Why are our Veterans who sacrificed so much held back from those same options that our freedom gives us? I ask that you sign my petition to show your support for our veterans and speak out for them. The petition is the first step needed to request change. I thank you in advance for your support.

Douglas Pence
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