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Petition to PNC

Move the "Designated Smoking Area" in PNC Plaza

Secondhand smoke is dangerous. While smoking in many public places in downtown Pittsburgh is banned, PNC has a designed smoking area within PNC Plaza that is centrally located in a public area, a common through-way for non-PNC employees, and located directly adjacent to a memorial. Many companies are making attempts to encourage their employees to live healthier lifestyles through exercise, mental wellness, and to quit smoking. While PNC may do this, they are actively encouraging their employees to continue smoking by designating an area for it. However, despite attempts, people will still smoke and designating a separate area for it is better than doing nothing. But designating an area for smoking that is exposing countless other non-smoking PNC employees, non-PNC downtown workers, out-of-town travelers, downtown residents, Pittsburgh residents visiting downtown etc., is unethical and endangering the health of the many for unhealthy practices of the few. This petition is asking PNC to relocate the designating smoking area from the marked red area to the marked green area; shown on the map. The green area is a dead-end, sits lower than the upper sidewalk, has tables, and is rarely used. Relocating the designated smoking area to the green marked area would greatly reduce secondhand smoke, be more respectful as it is not level with the Flight 427 memorial, and would still designate a place for smoking-PNC employees to smoke.

Bar Majernik
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Petition to Boston Planning and Development Agency

Help create a center for African diasporic arts on Boston's Seaport!

The Cross Cultural Collective (C3) is a Black arts collaborative that elevates, promotes and celebrates African diasporic arts and their creators in the city of Boston and beyond. We envision a Boston and wider world where the transformative & restorative powers of African diasporic arts are celebrated, advanced, and justifiably valued. As a catalyst for cultural literacy, the Cross Cultural Collective - utilizing the assistance of artists, urban planners, architects and designers, with the support of the Design Museum as our fiscal conduit - proposes to create a multi-faceted media arts and wellness center at 50 Liberty Street, enhancing Boston's rich diversity in its Seaport District and advancing its reputation as a Creative City.  With this center we will: Provide a vibrant, activated space for exploring and celebrating the contributions people of the African diaspora have made - and continue to make - in this city, this state, this country, and the wider world, emphasizing the Now and the Future. Empower Black artists and creatives through visibility, community building, cooperative economics, and advocacy to create, connect and thrive in a space dedicated to visual and performance arts, theater, wellness, film, and public collective design. Nurture an ecosystem that invites and engages communities, facilitates healing, and fosters equitable cultural interaction. Honor the Maker-Space Innovation movement and render it accessible to residents, tourists, underserved communities and the broader public on local, regional and international levels. Increase our programming apparatus and outreach by partnering with other art agencies, organizations, museums and non-profits. In coming together, the Cross Cultural Collective blends the diaspora of our families and our cultures with our shared love of the arts and city of Boston. We ask you to join us in our efforts to increase, expand, and diversify the cultural and artistic landscape of the Seaport and throughout Boston.  Sign this petition to: 1) Show your support for the Cross Cultural Collective's mission and vision. 2) Urge the city’s Boston Planning and Development Agency to grant the Cross Cultural Collective the 50 liberty space to execute our mission and vision.

Cross Cultural Collective Black Arts
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