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Petition to Support Admin,, The Department for Health and Social Care, Department of Justice

Remove ill educated petition!

Hi all, I've spent the evening debating how to push my issues with a petition on here, and after emails back and forth between several people, I've decided to start a counter petition agsinst: Now my reasons!  If you read the above petition not only is it an uneducated petition but also a defamatory, bullying, and infringes the rights of healthy minds healthy working.  The petition which is a personal opinion regarding 'removing the head teacher' due to her 'incapability' is arguably unjustified without any actual reason. Comments made in the petition are regarding other teachers and their authority with the children.  The school runs a system in nursery where if a pupil is on gold, they go home with a little present. Could it be that your child just isnt well behaved enough to win a present?  Every class room has a teacher and a personal assistant, can you honestly see the one getting away with shouting at children when they want to leave the room? Or could this be that the child has elaborated a situation, which is very common.  And lastly the main reason for my petition, the last comment made was regarding a teacher having mental health issues. Does this make the teacher unable to teach? No. Does this make the teacher any less of a good person? No. Does your petition have the capability of having a detrimental affect of that teachers health? Yes. As you may be right, she may have mental health issues, and here you are pin pointing what year that teacher teaches so they will noticeably be picked out of a crown. If this isn't bullying and defamatory then what is.  We are currently running a fair few charities for health minds, every mind matters, Britan get talking... and yet here we are singling someone who may have a mental health problem.  You should be ashamed of backing such an uneducated petition.    So please help me get the biase petition taken down! 

Daisy Chain
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Petition to UK Parliament, West Sussex County Council

Increase funding for children's mental health services

Children's brains develop at an alarming rate and can be influenced by trauma, illness and diet and is susceptible to mental health issues. With the increase in use of social media, they way bullying takes place has changed. It's now faceless and is putting our children at risk and impacting their mental wellbeing. These vulnerable children are being turned away by Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services because of lack of proper funding from the government, who have failed to recognise that they are putting children's lives at risk by reducing their services. School staff are expected to work with and support the children without proper funding or support for themselves.  Let's not forget that the children being declined treatment are those who have self harmed; who feel depressed; have tried to take their own life; children unable to access mainstream due to undiagnosed autism; who have severe behavioural problems; been violent towards siblings, children or adults and also children with severe anger issues. How is it right, that a country in the Western world is not able to provide the most basic care and treatment for its most vulnerable citizens? Children are having to wait months and months for even a first appointment and this is not acceptable. This cannot continue. We must fight for their rights, for their health and their future.

Jules Grant
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Petition to Peter Fox, Alan Davies, David Davies, Tony Eason, David Evans, Jim Higginson, Jessica Morden, Peter Clarke, Monmouthshire County Council, Caldicot Town Council, Portskewett Community Council, Paul Matthews, Michael Sheen, Caroline Sheen, Ian Virgo, Tom Jones, Connie Fisher, Rhydian Roberts, Rhys Ifans, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Anthony Hopkins, Andrew Lloyd-Webber

Save charity's community hub from closure

Caldicot Musical Theatre Society (CMTS) is a Charity carrying out its aims in South Wales to provide entertainment to the local community whilst developing its members in the arts and social skills.  Running for over 85 years and with approximately 70 members aged between 6 and 75 years it is a highly successful society with a passion for its community and members.   In 2017 CMTS took a lease on a disused canteen space within a business park and turned it into a fully functioning theatre/conferencing space which is being used daily by lots of community groups.  2 years and £35k investment later through lottery funding, community grants, volunteering and donations, CMTS is being forced to leave its home it has worked so hard to create.  Monmouthshire County Council who have recently bought the business park, have made the possibility of staying in the venue impossible by raising the rent astronomically.  They intend to turn it into offices, there's no regard for the benefit CMTS brings to the community nor the heartache and financial commitment we have given to the venue.  Neither is there any suggestion of relocating us at this point. We need to stop this now and give the community back this valuable resource.  We have full support of local town Councillors, now we need yours too!

Jo Postle
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Petition to UK Parliament

Stop the Installation of Hazardous 5G cell towers in the UK

Hundreds of thousands of 5G cell towers are already being installed across the UK, with the UK's first 5G service going live on May 30th. 5G cell towers are "small" cell antennas which are being installed onto buildings and street light poles. These cell towers use High frequency submillimetre and millimetre waves to transmit data at faster speeds, but have devastating consequences on Human and Animal Health. The waves do not travel far hence the large number of cell towers being installed. It is estimated these towers need to be installed within 500 meters of each other or every 2 - 8 homes. These wireless transmitters will be installed in our streets, in front of our homes and schools and we have no choice! This will greatly increase our Radio Frequency radiation. Scientists worldwide are calling for a halt to 5G roll-out because of the hazards to human health and impacts to wildlife. “Effects include increased cancer risk, cellular stress, increase in harmful free radicals, genetic damages, structural and functional changes of the reproductive system, learning and memory deficits, neurological disorders, and negative impacts on general well-being.” – EMF Scientific Appeal This is still a largely untested technology and a dangerous experiment to everyone which the UK government needs to take seriously. Brussels have halted their 5G roll-out. “I cannot welcome such technology if the radiation standards, which must protect the citizen, are not respected, 5G or not. The people of Brussels are not guinea pigs whose health I can sell at a profit. We cannot leave anything to doubt.” – Céline Fremault, Minister of the Government (Brussels-Captial Region). Call for the UK to take action too and Stop the installation of 5G cell towers. More information and studies can be found here: Environmental Health Trust - Top Facts on 5G Thank You

Max Naylor
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