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Petition to Doug Ducey

Hold Kings Ridge Responsible For Student Safety Regarding Weapons

This is intended to bring awareness to you regarding your children’s safety. August 31, 2018 a child brought a knife to school and threatened a couple of the students here including my son. The school did not feel this was important enough to contact parents when this situation took place. Instead they chose to pull certain students into the office to point out the individual in plain view. Keep in mind that after this they sent all parties back to class where the child continued to make violent comments. This incident happened on a Friday, when I wasn’t contacted by the school I called first thing the following week which was on a Tuesday morning September 4, 2018 due to Monday being a holiday and the school was closed.  My son told me that after they pointed out this child he was told that he was on his “death list”! While voicing my concerns about my child being singled out and the way that the situation was handled being unacceptable, I was basically dismissed and talked “at” as if I was a child.   Needless to say the Principal Mrs. Hayworth did not like being told how incompetent she was or how the entire situation was handled improperly. She lied and stated that she was aware of the situation but she was not even present at the school when the incident took place. I contacted the police and also filed a report. The Officers agreed with my frustrations and stated that the situation was handled incorrectly. If this incident happened on a Friday the police should have been called that same day as well as parents. The child should have been searched instead of being searched the following week. Of course after all of this time no weapon would be found so we were unable to press criminal charges. With all of the violence going on in the schools today I do NOT understand how the staff at Kings Ridge can take something so serious and treat it as if it was minor. If this child was able to get through school with a knife who says he wouldn’t return with a gun. Per a conversation with Ms. Hayworth she even admitted that they had been investigating and so called monitoring this child for weeks because of his behavior and other student allegations, yet no action was taken in a timely manner. After WE got the police involved that’s when she and Mr. Gutierrez decided to inform this child’s parents that we were possibly going to try to have charges pressed against their son and they gave them the option to withdraw the student rather than him being expelled. This is unacceptable, granted the child is no longer at the school and a threat to Kings Ridge but now because this did not go on his record, nor did he get the help he needed his parents are now able to take him to another school and have him enrolled without them having knowledge of this situation so we can only pray that he doesn’t go even further with his behavior wherever he was taken. My main focus was the child getting some help and getting the administration at Kings Ridge to admit their wrongs. But they are too busy with their heads up each other’s behinds to even see the big picture and can’t humble themselves enough to show any empathy to a concerned parent. If you show respect you get respect in return and Ms. Hayworth and Mr. Gutierrez did not earn my respect. But hey, as far as Kings Ridge goes I guess they feel all is fine in the land of oblivious morons and he is no longer their problem. How sad….. Now after all of this because we basically “called out” their incompetence they decided to pick and harass my son and my family. They attempted to dig for information in order to find a reason to get my son out of the school because they couldn’t handle dealing with a family that would not stand for the condescending attitudes and the way they dropped the ball on this situation. They tried to say that we lived out of district. They harassed my in laws going by their home and lying about their identity. Mr. Gutierrez posed as an attorney for the school and even wore a false badge, keep in mind he is just the Assistant Superintendent. They banned my husband from the school because they are afraid to handle a parent that is passionate about his child’s education and safety and had their feelings hurt by being cursed at…ohhh again,   how sad…get OVER it because it was well deserved. What parent wouldn’t be upset??? They have no concern for our children and feel that they can talk down to us as parents and I’m hoping that at some point others will take a stand against their ignorant and nonchalant behavior. What will it take? A child actually getting shot or stabbed God forbid! I have provided my proof of residency to the school and was told that I was a liar…Needless to say I removed my son from this so called safe place of education because of unfair treatment and disrespect. Per police they did not have the right to treat us as parents or my child the way that they have.  But unfortunately they all try to scramble and cover each other’s backs, so you tell me who the real liars are???? Anyway the purpose of this letter is to bring you some awareness because I know that they never will. Please protect your children and if you have to meet with any of the school officials please record all conversations as we learned to do. I have contacted Governor Ducey to bring this situation to his attention and will also be meeting with the Governing board of the school district. I have notified news reporters and also notified the AZ Department of Education. I will not stop until Ms. Hayworth and Mr. Gutierrez are reprimanded for their incompetence and inconsideration and lies. They treated my child like a criminal when he was a victim and let the criminal go without shame. Please join me if you have anything to share regarding this situation or something that you may have experienced by voicing your opinion. I have provided some contact information below. Thank you. You can email Governor Ducey through the website AZ Department of Education 602-542-5393 Riverside School District Governing Board 602-477-8900

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Petition to Dr. W. Burke Royster, Dr. Mason Gary, Lisa Wells, Crystal O'Connor, Kenneth Baxter, Joy Grayson, Lynda Wells, Derek Lewis, Roger Meek, Glenda Fair, Danna Rohleder, Charles Saylors, Pat Sudduth, Jeffrey Knotts, Brian Sherman, Wade Shealy, Anderson, Spartanburg and Oconee County School Districts, Anderson, Spartanburg and Oconee County School Board Members

Metal Detectors in all Upstate middle and high schools!

Due to recent issues involving students and guns throughout the school district, we, the parents and concerned citizens of Upstate SC feel the need to protect our children from harm. Lack of metal detectors not only allows students to enter school carrying concealed weapons, it also allows criminals to access schools with weapons. We need to protect our children. We ask that the school board and other decision makers realize how serious we are about this matter. We pay taxes to our state and federal government and should be allowed to have a say in the schools protection with our children. This is our first of many appeals to school boards throughout the county. Our prayer is to at least start a genuine conversation of consideration of our request. If at least one school district implements metal detectors we can track the level of success and move forward.  Listed below are past known incidents involving weapons and threats of violence within our schools: Jan. 4, 2017 – Greenville High student was arrested after bringing gun to school  Feb. 7, 2017- Student stabs another student at Laurens High school Feb. and March 2017- air soft guns reported at Anderson County school March 24, 2017- Unloaded gun found in students backpack at Berea High school April 19, 2017- West Oak High school student arrested after threatening Columbine-style school shooting. April 27, 2017- Student at JL Mann High school arrested for bringing loaded gun to school May 23, 2017- Carolina High school student arrested after gun threat at school August 30, 2017- Student at JL Mann High school arrested for bringing gun to school Sept. 1, 2017- Gun discharges in Charleston classroom injuring student after students brings gun to school Sept. 29, 2017- Elementary school student brings pellet gun on school bus. Oct. 3, 2017- 6 year old brings loaded gun to Brockington Elementary school. Oct. 6, 2017- Greenville High school 15 year old student arrested on suspicion of gun on school property Oct. 10, 2017- Student at Greenwood High school arrested for bringing gun to school Oct. 12, 2017- Laurens High school student suspended after threatening to bring gun to school. Oct. 13, 2017- 8th grader charged with school threat rumors at Easley high and Gettys Middle school. Oct. 26, 2017- Student at Newberry High school arrested for bringing loaded gun to school. Nov. 2, 2017- Laurens County student charged after bringing pellet gun to school. Nov. 7, 2017- Former 17 year old Hillcrest High school student arrested after bringing pellet gun on property.

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Petition to James E. Risch, Joe Manchin III, Deb Fischer, Heidi Heitkamp, Kelly Ayotte, Jeff Duncan, Robert J. Wittman, Tim Walz, Gene Green, Mike Thompson, Jeff Miller

Wildlife Gun Tax is Misguided: Urge legislators to remove hunting promotion restrictions

Further amend proposed bill to allow this outdated funding system to represent ALL wildlife interests. The proposed bill amendments in SB 2690/HB 4818 while proclaiming to modernize the Pittman-Robertson Act (PRA) are STILL FAILING to acknowledge that weapon taxes derived from the non-hunting public are not representing the estimated 80% of gun owners today who do not hunt. Whether they use shooting ranges or not is missing the point. The Pittman-Robertson Act (PRA) originated in 1937, in an era when the majority of gun owners were hunters. In striking contrast, only 1 in 5 gun owners engage in hunting today. So, why should NON-hunting derived tax dollars still be spent solely to promote hunting today?  Worse, not only must every state wildlife agency spend this money convincing the public that hunting is a wholesome family activity, agencies are actually forbidden to use dollars towards any program that might even be viewed as opposing hunting! What was once taxation with logical wildlife use representation has been hijacked and manipulated TO FURTHER THE AGENDAS OF A VERY VOCAL, WELL-CONNECTED MINORITY INTEREST. It is now illogical to the point of being disingenuous, and even dangerous when decision makers become desperate and force questionable agendas targeted at children. (You really should check out that link!) Federal tax funding should benefit all wildlife, all wildlife activities, and ALL citizens. We must demand that our elected officials do what the appointed state wildlife managers and commissions refuse to do:  Modernize the PRA weaponry funding system and its biased spending mandates. Please, go beyond signing this message to the bill sponsors. Your elected officials ALSO really need to hear from you about wildlife management today.. Click here to find your elected official using your zipcode and please take a moment to call and/or write and let them know the following: Dear (legislator).  Regarding SB 2690/HB 4818; “Modernizing the Pittman-Robertson Fund for Tomorrow’s Needs Act of 2016”. As your constituent …. I want you to know my opinion about how wildlife is managed in our state. I ask that you oppose the amendments in their entirety until the provisions are removed that still require spending federal tax dollars on pro-hunting programs. (If you are also a non-hunting gun owner be sure to mention that) _________________________________________________________________                                                        FAQ’s: Q: Wildlife watching brings my state so much more money than hunting does, yet the wildlife agency only promotes hunting. Why? A: The law currently gives wildlife agencies the political cover they need to control weapon tax funding to advance pro-hunting agenda. ONE OF THE REASONS we are demanding that the language be changed is TO REMOVE THE PROVISION THAT LIMITS FUNDING TO ONLY THOSE PROJECTS THAT ARE NOT OPPOSED TO HUNTING. Q: Who really “pays for wildlife” today, Vs what the agencies and sportsmen claim to? A: Two articles will help you obtain a critical-to-know understanding about wildlife funding. Please take the time to save and read them: “KILLING for FUN(DS)” 2016 “WILDLIFE CONSERVATION & MANAGEMENT FUNDING IN THE U.S.” - revised 2015 Q: Has anyone contacted the BILL sponsors about the inadequate amendments? A:   Yes, Center for Wildlife Ethics has started that ball rolling! See their letter, click here  This petition is targeted to those sponsors so you are speaking to them by signing today, but it is YOUR elected representatives who really need to know you are watching today! We may have been absent while our wildlife management was hijacked over past century -- but we are here now. It’s time to DEMAND THAT ALL WILDLIFE ACTIVITIES BENEFIT FROM THE FUNDING STRUCTURE - NOT JUST KILLING. Q: I don't want my wildlife agency to have access to taxes generated by non-hunter purchases because they will just spend them on more hunting programs! I don't trust them! So what am I signing here...? A.   UNFORTUNATELY, THE TAXATION SCHEME IS NOT VOLUNTARY. NON-CONSUMPTIVE USE TAXES ARE ALREADY BEING USED FOR THIS PURPOSE SO IT'S NOT AS IF CITIZENS HAVE A CHOICE. WE MUST START LEVELING THIS PLAYING FIELD. WE'RE ASKING FOR AN EQUAL SPLIT OF FUNDING SO ALL WILDLIFE ACTIVITIES CAN BENEFIT - NOT JUST CONSUMPTIVE USE.   Q: So what good will contacting my elected officials do? Why not just contact the sponsors? A.  The sponsors of this bill are obviously more on the side of this archaic and misguided funding mentality and believe being so will somehow help them politically. YOUR legislator needs to hear from you now, before s/he may be asked to vote on this bill.  Is your legislator one of the sponsors? Check here: Current HR 4818 Bill Sponsors                                              Bottom Line? NO ONE CAN ARGUE THAT EXPANDING THE FUNDING'S REACH TO INCLUDE NON-CONSUMPTIVE ACTIVITIES IS SOMEHOW HARMFUL TO WILDLIFE, SO IT PUTS THEM ON THE DEFENSE -- WHERE THEY RIGHTFULLY BELONG TODAY. #wildlifelaw  #wildlifeconservation      

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