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Ensure Privately Run Water Utilities Meet Higher Standards

Johnson Utilities fails to provide quality water and water management to its customers in San Tan Valley, AZ. Over and over again they are found in violation of water quality violations, poor customer service, sewage spills, faulty equipment and more. The ACC has found that their infrastructure wouldn't pass the standards of the surrounding Municipal water systems in the surrounding towns of Queen Creek and Florence. The town of Queen Creek noted that it would take millions of dollars to bring Johnson Utilities up to meet their municipal standard. The residents of San Tan Valley have been facing the following fears every day for at least a decade: Do I have enough water pressure to shower for work?  Can I give my kids a bath?  Can I do my laundry?  If there is a fire, will my house be saved or will there be no water to save it?  Will I be able to sell my home if there are so many water problems?  Will there be another sewage spill in my subdivision?  Is my water free from e. coli and nitrates?  Why does my laundry room always smell like sulfates? Can I drink this water?  Can I brush my teeth with this water?  This private utility squeaks by providing water services at the bare minimum of the state requirements. The residents of San Tan valley & Customers of Johnson Utilities want the state to raise the minimum private water utility requirements for management, infrastructure to reduce the number of violations, & maintain consistent delivery and water quality. The questions above should be eliminated as daily stressors from the Johnson Utilities customers. 

Amy Gerrish
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Petition to Attorney General of Guatemala María Consuelo Porras Argueta

Freedom for Q'eqchi' Human Rights and Water Defender Bernardo Caal Xol

We the undersigned call for the immediate release from prison of human rights defender Bernardo Caal Xol.  He is in prison for being an indigenous Q’eqchi’ leader who has spoken out against the illegal construction of massive hydroelectric dams in indigenous territory, especially the Oxec and Oxec II hydroelectric dams which were built without consulting the indigenous population as required by law and have resulted in the destruction of local ecosystems, clear cutting of old growth forests and decimation of mountain ridges sacred to the Q’eqchi’ people.  We call for the immediate end of judicial repression against indigenous community leaders in Guatemala and respect for the legal right of indigenous people to decide on "development" projects in indigenous territory. Bernardo was arrested on January 30, 2018, by agents of the Special Criminal Investigation Directorate (DEIC) who were not wearing uniforms and put them on only after detaining him.  He was charged with aggravated robbery, aggravated illegal detention and instigating a crime.  These specific fraudulent charges were clearly invented because they do not allow Bernardo to leave prison on bail.  Bernardo has courageously supported nonviolent organizing in defense of the Oxec river.  This river had supported thousands of indigenous peoples as well as an incredible natural biodiversity.  The Oxec river is also sacred among Mayan people and is referred to in the Popul Vuh, a creation and cosmology narrative written before the Spanish conquest, as an important river in the creation of living beings.  On August 27, 2017, q'eqchi' communities in the municipality of Santa María Cahabón, where the dams are located, organized a referendum as is their legal right under national and international law, in which over 26,000 people voted against the dams and only 12 people voted in favor.  The turnout for the vote was greater than the turnout in the same area for any of the previous three Presidential elections, despite the fact that voters faced threats of repression from the government and large businesses.  The government chose to ignore the referendum and prosecute q'eqchi' leaders like Bernardo Caal Xol. For more information visit and 

Guatemala Solidarity Project
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Petition to Mayor Anthony E. Vaz, Borough Clerk Diane B. Stabley, Borough Administrator Christopher J. Vaz, Council Member Richard Tompkins, Council Member Louis DiGuilio, Council President Michael Carbone, Council Member Agnes Polhemus, Council Member Harry Smith, Council Member Victoria Graichen

Repeal the New Water & Sewage Rates (Ordinance 17-22) - Seaside Heights, NJ

The residents and property owners of Seaside Heights are petitioning for a repeal of Ordinance 17-22, which has imposed new fees that are crippling current homeowners and business owners. Seaside Heights' new water fees have led to an 803% increase on some bills. WATER SHOULD NOT BE CHARGED A PREMIUM.   The Borough has imposed new:1. MONTHLY BILLS, instead of quarterly2. Bills calculated PER UNIT, rather than PER PROPERTY3. MONTHLY FACILITY FEES for simply owning property (essentially it's another property tax disguised as a water fee)4. ADDITIONAL RATE HIKES for 2019   This Ordinance is crippling the current residents of Seaside Heights and will: 1. Drive out lower-income residents Lower income residents likely will not be able to afford this new burden on their monthly budget. This will make them pack up and MOVE OUT. The Mayor and the Council should be aware that our residents are still financially recovering after having to rebuild from Hurricane Sandy. Some homeowners are still in the rebuilding and construction phase. Seaside is indirectly targeting its financially-strapped residents to DRIVE THEM OUT. The Borough's hope is to drive in new and wealthier property owners and taxpayers to help combat the Borough's deficit, which was caused by poor fiscal management. 2. Close up small businesses With already high costs such as rent, workers' wages, and taxes, the last thing small business owners can afford is a large increase in their utilities. Something as basic as water should not be charged a premium. 3. Decrease property values The less money homeowners have in their pockets, the less money we're going to put into our homes. This will lead to more homes on the market at a lower price and a decrease in Seaside's curb appeal.   WE SIGN THIS PETITION TO TELL THE SEASIDE HEIGHTS OFFICIALS THAT WATER IS NOT A LUXURY.  After signing, visit us for STEP 2 at   If you wish to contact the Mayor or any of the Council Members, find their contact information below: Borough Hall Phone Number: 732-793-9100 Mayor Anthony E. Vaz: Council Members: Mike Carbone - Council President (Finance Subcommittee) Louis DiGuilio (Enterprise Subcommittee - Water & Sewer) Agnes Polhemus (Enterprise Subcommittee - Water & Sewer) Harry Smith (Enterprise Subcommittee - Water & Sewer) Richard Tompkins (Finance Subcommittee) Victoria Graichen Borough Administrator Christopher J. Vaz: 732-212-6806 and Borough Clerk Diane Stabley: 732-212-6813 and

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Petition to Kua Hawaii

Protect Kahikinui

I have concern that Kia Hawaii failed to provide thorough community outreach regarding The Kahikinui Project. I have concern that the Ka Ohana o Kahikinui board and membership does not include or represent all of the Kahikinui beneficiary lease holders. I have concern about the misconception that there was and are no beneficiary managed organizations for reforestation and ungulate control efforts in Kahikinui. I have concern about the misconception that there is no beneficiary organized forest management plan in place. I have concern about the falsified ultimatums put forth by Kia Hawaii that if they do not carry out their operation then “The State will conduct eradication via aerial shooting.” I have concern about Kia Hawaii being a company based out of the Hawai'i island, the epicenter of Rapid ‘Ohi’a Death fungal disease. I have concerns that Kia Hawaii may be greenwashing the public. I have concern with The Kahikinui Project’s cause related marketing which labels DHHL lease holder recipients of the meat distributions as “households in need”. I have concerns that Kia Hawaii’s concept is commodifying Maui’s wild food sources; threatening food security and prohibiting Kahikinui beneficiary accesses to their natural resources. I have concerns about Kia Hawaii’s lack of a sufficient policy on invasive species management and a lack of transparency in regard to their decontamination procedures. I have concern about Kia Hawaii's lack of a large animal mortality composting process. I have concern that the cattle claw net sling helicopter cattle transport mechanism of Kia Hawaii's is inhumane. I have concern with The Kahikinui Project’s overall lack of correspondence and transparency.  I oppose The Kahikinui Project being operated by Jake Muise of Kia Hawaii because it conflicts with the Kahikinui Forest Reserve Community Management Conceptual Plan which is a compilation of policies and procedures outlining the proper management of the Kahikinui forest by its own community. This plan was drafted by the Kahikinui Forest Partnership Working Group comprised of Kahikinui beneficiary lease holders. This plan was prepared for The Department of Hawaiian Homelands in 1995 and is undergoing updates for 2018. This is the plan that has been in place since 1995 and the plan that will continue to manage the ungulate removal and reforestation efforts needed.  I request that the Right of Entry (ROE) issued to KIA Hawaii by the Department of Hawaiian Homelands be immediately halted until an investigation and audit is conducted by an unaffiliated agency. Regarding the following concerns, but not limited to, decontamination procedures in regard to  Rapid Ohia Death specifically, the disregard for beneficiaries and lessees of Kahikinui and their current and prior attempts towards self management, potential capital gain produced and mismanaged by contracted lessees who are not being held accountable by the DHHL. I request KIA Hawaii cease and desist its operations in Kahikinui immediately.   

Membership Administrator
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