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Petition to Justin Trudeau, Carolyn Bennett

Clean Water for Indigenous Communities in Canada Now!

This year, we have spent a great deal of time learning about the Indigenous water crisis that continues to affect Indigenous communities in Canada.   We are struggling to understand how it is possible that in 2021, in a first-world country, some Indigenous communities are still living in third-world conditions!  According to the June 16th report on Long-term drinking water advisories on public systems on reserves, there are 51 long-term water advisories in effect for 32 Indigenous communities in Canada.  This means that some kids in Canada do not have clean water to drink!    We understand that the federal government has worked to lift many advisories since 2015, but according to Indigenous Services Canada, the latest commitment is that some communities will not have access to water until 2023/2024!  Some of these communities haven’t had clean water for decades! We (Class 55) feel that it is shameful and unacceptable that this is happening in our country, on the land that belongs to Indigenous people! Clean water is a human right!  We need to do something about this now!  No child in Canada should be without clean water!  You have the power to do the right thing, Prime Minister Trudeau!  Indigenous communities in Canada deserve better, they have suffered enough!    Sources:

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Petition to Justin Trudeau

End the First Nations Water Crisis

Most Canadians are not aware of the water crisis happening within the First Nations communities in their own country. I mean who would think that a water-rich, first-world country could have a water crisis. Surely they would have the resources to stop it? Rest assured, they do have the resources. Alongside a strong pre-pandemic economy, Canada has 7% of the world's renewable water sources and 20% of the world's water. Yet 13.5% of First Nations people in all of Canada, and 40% in Ontario, do not have access to clean, safe drinking water. This is the definition of injustice. Water isn't an issue anywhere else in Canada, so why are the Indigenous communities in Canada being denied such a basic human right? Why have they been neglected by the Canadian government for this long? We should be raising issues with Canada's long history of systemic racism and negligence towards injustices towards the First Nations people (Highway of Tears, Residential Schools, the Indian Act).  Some communities, like the Neskantaga and Kashechewan Reserves, have been under boil-water advisories for over 25 years. They were denied a basic human right for a quarter of a century.  Admittedly, the government has recently put in more effort to end this crisis. They have put over 3 billion dollars into ending this crisis and between November 2015 and February 2021, the Trudeau Government was able to lift 99 boil water advisories. However, 58 boil water advisories (with varying levels of severity) still remain in effect within 39 communities. Progress has been made, but we cannot ignore the communities that continue to be impacted by this crisis. We cannot grow complacent. We cannot ignore the fact that people still suffer every day because of this issue.  I urge you to spread awareness on this issue and to continue to hold the Canadian government accountable for this injustice so that this country can head towards reconciliation. Thank You.

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Petition to Justin Trudeau, Doug Ford, United Nations, Mayor's Office, City of Toronto, CNN

Neskantaga First Nation's water crisis

We are appealing to the public regarding this urgent matter. Neskantaga First Nation community has been the longest standing boil-water advisory in Canada. About 200 people were evacuated from Neskantaga after the water plant was shut down on Oct 19 after an unknown substance was found in the reservoir. That left 300 people without any running water at all. It has been more than 25 years since the Neskantaga First Nation People had tap water safe to drink. Just recently, on October 26th, a new crisis occurred once again, leaving the community with no water service; thus, families were forced to evacuate their homes and community to seek shelter in Thunder Bay, Ontario, which is about 400 kilometres away. However, some residents of the Neskantaga community are reluctant to leave due to the threat of COVID-19. "No water to bathe. No water to flush toilets. No water servicing homes, the nursing station, the band office, the school," Nishnawbe Aski Nation Grand Chief Alvin Fiddler wrote in a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.  This First Nation in northwestern Ontario members feel depressed once again; members of this community see their most vulnerable members such as infants, children and elders being evacuated. However, what has kept this community resilient after 25 years is staying true to their traditional beliefs. Indigenous People, as well as First Nations, recognize water as sacredness, which is the interconnectedness of all life. How much longer will it take Canada's government to step up and help this community that needs clean water. Clean water is a human right, and Neskantaga First Nation peoples have dealt with this for over 25 years. There needs to be change; it is a matter of urgency. This is not the only community being affected; sixty more communities experience a lack of clean water access. Needless to say, most Canadians are privileged to have access to clean water. We are seeking the assistance of the public regarding this urgent matter to sign this petition. Ask yourself if these were your children, your parents, or grandparents, what will you do. Empathy is putting yourself in someone else's shoes. What we hope to achieve is for this community to have access to clean water after 25 years. Seek to restore the Neskantaga First Nation community members a sense of dignity. It is inhumane, dehumanizing and humiliating for First Nation community members to be living in third-world conditions. It is time for the federal government to intervene in this matter. It has been 25 years of lack of attention on this matter. We will not stop advocating for the restoration of clean water of the Neskantaga First Nation community. Join us by signing this petition as well as seeking social justice for a fundamental human right.  

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